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  1. The only epic defilers I have seen are forumware...which when it comes to epic models, is a whole OTHER can of worms...
  2. This company has a ton of really cool stuff... https://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/
  3. I always WANT to play Epic...but time...time...yeah, its the lack of time and focus that kills me! Was just talking to someone at the club last week how awesome it would be to do the BFG/Epic/40K/Kill Team campaign thing....
  4. Hey guys, good to show up and have some fun, thanks for the Lords of Waterdeep game 🙂
  5. Fluger is an old friend of Ordo...thanks for posting this information up.
  6. Thanks for that link...it was a good write up. To me, these paints are to get everyone to start a Primaris Army 🙂 Seriously...you look at those pics of Marines with that major coat of contrast...how fast could you bust out an army of Primaris Marines with this...
  7. I've been enjoying the fact I completely gave up on GoT and have just been reading recaps...and watching everyone wish they hadn't bothered with it :)
  8. andozane

    RIP - Chewie :(

    Sad 😞 Bitter sweet May the 4th upon us....
  9. Yeah, felt that kid being there was sort of odd....since he was so unrecognizable. Literally everyone had to google who he was...makes you wonder if they are going to use him as a future Iron Man stand in.... (though I'm still holding out hope they meld Shuri with Ironheart as that would be bad ass)
  10. I assumed the Pym Suits were actual Stark tech with the pym particles built in. I guess it is all of Tony's tech that really bugged me. Yes, the stones consumption was a huge issue to me...I mean, it is his tech...why not just say he would retrieve the gauntlet...it is his armor right? The opening in his back to consume lightning from Thor. How the suit creates melee weapons (I think I'm blurring this from Infinity War). Probably a few things I'm forgetting already. When I finally watch it again I'm sure I will pick out more 🙂 Also, he didn't seem to feel the effects of taking on the stones so fast...just my opinion.
  11. Funny, a buddy of mine and I were joking about this very same thing...Evans stops his monster work out regime to keep his Captain America body, thins down, and reprises his role as Human Torch. How cool would that be? 🙂 As for Endgame...complaints first. First, I do not like Time Travel in movies. It drives me crazy and often to me is used as lazy / poor writing to just fix a scenario. Endgame is definitely a culprit. I knew going into it, they would be using time travel to fix the snap, as they had hinted at it already. But I think the overall story for their solution was just wonky. Second, I hate Iron Man's armor. It has basically become pure magic that is capable of almost anything. Wait, no, it is capable of anything. His tech surpasses what we see other advanced races that are star faring have. His armor is just a macguffin at this point that will do whatever it needs to do to fill a story plot. For the above two reasons, Endgame for me is far less of a movie than Infinity War. Now, that being said...Endgame was still a good ending to the series. Not great IMO. But good. Still way better than many of the other messy Marvel movies (Oh Age of Ultron you are so bad), as Endgame did have many great things that help make up for the above... Avengers Assemble! Holy crap, that scene was so epic...more epic than most things. To me the only more epic scene would be Return of the King when the Riders come over the ridge for the big battle. "That is America's Ass". Yeah, the Cap vs Cap fight was awesome. The dialogue throughout the movie was so great...so many great lines interwoven. The Captain America getting in the Elevator scene, priceless. Lebowski Thor hilarious. Rocket really shined for me in this movie...his character really grew I felt in this movie, which is great setup for the future (we hope) "Asgardians of the Galaxy" movie franchise 🙂 The sheer epic feeling of the final scenes, and blatant fan service somehow worked so well. When they should not have... Sad to see these end. It will be interesting to see where they go from here...
  12. Infinity War > Endgame Just saying 🙂 Sad its over...doubt they can make something so epic again. Meaning ten years of movies in one amazing universe.
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