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  1. HeroQuest relaunch from Hasbro / Avalon Hill https://hasbropulse.com/products/heroquest-game-system Back In Time Machine...
  2. Oh Nostalgia Heart Strings stop being pulled!
  3. You guys need to delve into Dungeon World and Freebooters on the Frontier 🙂 https://lampblack-and-brimstone.com/shop/freebooters-on-the-frontier/
  4. As someone who doesn't know...how would one describe Moldvay D&D vs Allston Rules D&D? I do know I picked up Old School Essentials core book last year at Gencon, and I almost bought even though I had no intention of playing it....it was a gorgeous book.
  5. Sam Sorry only two spares from that lot Plus some other oldies...
  6. Oooh, is #9 Skragg ? That is by far one of my favorite from this range. 5, 10, 12 and 14 are also some of my favorites.
  7. Hey I'm currently out of town...will be back next week. But fairly certain I have a couple of duplicates. I'm assuming this is the set you are speaking of? (I just recently completed it, finally tracked down the stupid Mutant that wasn't a recast) f
  8. I was down in Medford Oregon, and a game store down there had a table full of copies...I'd guess at least 8 boxes. These aren't near as hard to find as many of the whiners have made it out to be 🙂 I almost bought one just to resell....
  9. Hi there, I have a spare set of the 4 Characters for the Indominitus Marines for sale, $45 I will be at WOW tonight between 6:15PM and 6:30PM if you are interested in picking them up. Please let me know, thanks...
  10. Maybe that plastic Primaris Thunderhawk will become a thing 🙂
  11. Thought this over some more...$80 is too high... How about $60 for the Death Guard half of Dark Imperium? Any takers?
  12. Yeah, I did not want a bare headed sergeant either, so had to do the same...shave the helmet off the hip piece. Was an easy cut though at least.
  13. The Warden was finnicky on his little cape whatever it is that was both on his arm and torso pieces...but I still found him easier than the Overlord.
  14. Nope overlord yeah he was a pain 😡
  15. I think he means the Warden, I heard that guy is a PITA to assemble. And thank you for the color sprues...those are awesome!
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