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  1. Hi there, I have the 15 Corpse Grinders from the Big Box I don't want, and would prefer to trade them to someone for the new Delaque minis? Maybe Cawdor...but definitely prefer Delaque. Please let me know if anyone wants to trade...
  2. New KS for Nemesis. I have played the core game a few times and found it really fun, and it gives a very narrative/theatrical feel. Very much feels like you are playing a game of Alien, and you probably won't survive...
  3. I'm really sorry to hear this...hope you find your buddy...gamer loves from PDX.
  4. Got that spreadsheet yet? :)
  5. Wow, this is awesome stuff....I just found this...can I offer up my dudes I finished last night? Cuz here they are...
  6. Anyone play Star Realms? Always thought about picking it up, this seems like a good way to do so...
  7. There is already a Star Wars Black series of this figure, and Hot Toys has announced they are making the "Heavy Infantry" model as well.. I can only imagine the rubbing of hands together greedily at the idea of the merchandising storm that "Baby Yoda" will create...
  8. Uh, yeah, no, FFG through that other company already have that license. https://www.atomicmassgames.com/
  9. For Italian... http://www.piazzaportland.com/ https://www.justapasta.com/ https://gildasitalianrestaurant.com/ https://www.3doorsdowncafe.com/#comein (this one is probably the closest to where you are staying) http://cibopdx.com/
  10. Olive Garden? Old Chicago? OSF? stay at home and open a can of spagetti-o's, you will eat just as fine.... Those are seriously three of the worst places you could eat 🙂
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