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  1. A coworker of mine was at the cascade station before 6am....he said it was about 125 people in front of him. He got a 3060 still though, which was amazing for how far back he was.
  2. And hopefully your friends that invited you to join, if they are regulars at it, they will have spare gear for you to use to make your character better.
  3. I did a TD run years ago at Gencon...it was a lot of fun. Tips and Tricks....it was very evident the players who played a lot (ie did multiple runs) had more gear, and could handle the challenges far better. There was definitely an aspect of "the more you spend the better you do" to it IMO. That being said, it was a ton of fun even for a newb...and I know some folks in Portland will attend Gencon (when that was possible) just to do TD runs over and over....
  4. Yeah....actually I'm gonna check out MASKS, which is PbtA driven super hero game... Besides, we really have til 2023 to even think about this new Marvel RPG.
  5. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/marvel-multiverse-roleplaying-game-announcement/
  6. Well, the good news is it wasn't a big run of books, and they are pretty common on trading sites.
  7. Also, https://www.starfrontiers.com/ has pretty much everything for free. Well scratch that, that site used to have pretty much all the books in pdf for free, guess Wizards finally told them to stop, as now all the links direct you to DTRPG 😞 I may have a tattered box of Knight Hawks in the dungeon...
  8. That makes Aero almost tempting! I already have far too many games tho...
  9. Awwww, I miss seeing Emmie at work 😞 We acquired a couple of "covid cats". Re-homed to our house from a home that couldn't keep them any longer... Nori and Thorin
  10. The play through videos I've seen make it look easier than Blackstone Fortress. But, the models look killer. I get my copy next week so can't really speak to it yet.
  11. It is indeed the right place, but adding some pictures and an asking price will help you a lot on the sale 🙂 Happy selling...
  12. @scottshoemaker Check your PM's please 🙂
  13. Exactly! and that is a super good thing IMO 🙂
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