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  1. Raindog

    New Faction Advice

    The Onyx Box is a good start for a rounded force. Morats are more aggressive and lack as many tricks.
  2. Play the Card. There will a special deck of cards. Three cards will be face up at the start of each turn. They will read: Dodge, Lay a Mine, Climb. One card can be discarded with a new card selected each player turn. The goal to achieve the card before your opponent. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. 200 Points WoW 3 Pm Bring your newly painted models to show off! Bring a friend. See you soon.
  3. I have seen players use Szalmandra and Geckos mostly. TAGS are hard to master. They are a eggs in one basket type unit. They are meant to be used like a tank, but end up getting in too close.
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