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  2. Colin, I can come get it any time this week. Let me know when
  3. Rust City Territories These are the territories the Raver's are using for their latest Necromunda Campaign. They are non-standard and set for a specific campaign. Please use them as you like. The Abode (Escher) Nestled in the northern stacks of Rusty City, The Abode is series of shops and stores selling exotic pets and rare goods. Reward: 2d6+10 creds. Boon: Any pet is 10 credits cheaper. The Ash Farm (Open) Due to peculiarities in the atmospherics, ash from Rust City’s manufactorums falls in heaps in an inhospitable section of the Gothic Sector. Enterprising hivers sift and collect the finest ash for making glass. Reward: D6+5 credits Boon: One ganger per game, has a 6+ save against all gas attacks. The Boys Club Marked by the sign of a neon club hitting a man’s head, The Boys Club is a punk rock venue and fashion house popular with the House of Knives. Reward: 1d6+10 credits Boon: The owner of this territory can randomly pick an opponent’s juvie. That juvie during set the deployment phase is deployed last and on a table edge. The Breakwater (Open) Once the rock lined shore of Rust City, The Breakwater has been built on the infill of a millennia. Habs are haphazardly stacked to resemble the ruins of ancient step-pyramids. Rewards: 2d6 + 10 credits Boons: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a six, the controlling gang recruits a juvie. The Church of the Golden Sepulcher (Cawdor) The Church is the oldest and most massive church still in operation in Rust City. Sooted stained and ash coated, the crumbling cathedral in the Gothic sector is home to the Emperor’s faithful. Rewards: 2d6+10 credits Boon: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a six, the church attracts a juvie armed with 5 credits of gear. Fort Redemption The most dangerous Enforcer post in the DownDraft, Fort Redemption attempts to mollify the turmoil and chaos of the neighborhoods between the Sump Sea and the center of Rust City. The life of an Enforcer at the bastion is precious and harsh. Qwelling roots and shoot-outs are daily occurrence for the Enforcers. Reward: 2d6+15 credits Boon: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a 6, the Fort recruits a Hive Miltiaman armed with on autopistol. On the roll of 2 sixes, the militiaman may be armed with 25 credits of armor, equipment, or weapons at no cost. Fort Redoubt (Enforcer) Separating the Rust City from the great lifts leading to the Green Level, Fort Doubt is a towering bastion of Imperial might. In truth, the fort is undermanned and underfunded, several gun emplacements hold non-functional weapons. Despite its deficits, the reputation and dedication of the fort’s defenders , attract hive militia hoping to become new Enforcers. Rewards: 2d6+20 creds. Boon: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a six, the Fort attracts a Hive Militia armed with an auto pistol. If a second six is rolled, the Hive Militia is equipped with up to 25 creds of weapons, armor, and gear. Grenskor Mining Harth (Ironhead Squats) Experts in excavating collapsed domes, the Grenskor Mining Consortium offers their services to the houses of the DownDraft. The Mining Harth is where the Ironheads meet with clients from the under-hive. Reward: D6+15 Credits Boon: The gang who possesses this territory may place one pitfall on the battlefield. The Harbor House (Open) Charged with inspecting the ships and their cargos seeking from the Sump Sea. Reward: D6+10 Credits Boon: When owning this territory, the gang may purchase a cyber mastiff at half price. Iron Rock Foundries (Open) The Iron Rock is a reclaimed metal factorum employing over a million Rust City Inhabitants. Reward: d6+15 credits Boon: Any juvie recruited by the gang controlling this territory is given at flak jacket at no cost. The Tunnels (Orlocks) Given access to maintain the conduits and pipe paths of Rust City, the gang holding this territory is given the following bonus. Reward: None Boon: The gang holding this territory may place a single tunnel way on the battlefield. However, both gangs have access to this terrain feature. Jarl Harth (Ironhead Squats) Built under the rumble foot hills of the collapsed dome known as the Tor, Jarl Harth is the vault hold of the Greenskor clan of Ironhead Squats in the under-hive of the DownDraft. Non-squats are said never to be let inside. Reward: 2D6 + 15 credits Boon: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a 6, the gang holding this territory recruits a new juvie. On the roll of a second two, the ganger is equipped with 20 credits of gear at no cost. The Kieft (Open) One of the least important things for the minor noble houses, House Kieft has positioned itself to have a hand in most of the valuable, legal, trade in Rust City. The House’s twin mini-Spires are close to Fort Redoubt and the Green Gate. Rewards: 2d6+10 creds. Boon: When purchasing an item over, 100 credits, the gang owning this territory receives 15 credits off. The Knife Block. (Open) A stacked labyrinth of habs built around a great system of pipes and conduits leading upwards to the rest of the DownDraft. Reward: 2d6+20 credits Boon: Roll 2d6. On the a roll of 6, the gang recruits a new juvie. If a second six is rolled, the recruit is equipped with 25 credits of gear at no cost. Ole Jorgi’s Bullet Barn (Open) An Ironhead Squat who found his way to the under-hive of DownDraft after years of wandering the Ash Wastes. Ole Jorgi is an eccentric gunsmith of exceptional skill. He loves fixing broken weapons and improving the design of standard hiver guns. Reward: D6+10 credits Boon: The gang who holds this territory may re-roll one failed check per game. Precinct 99 (Enforcer) Overlooking the docks of Rot Harbor, Precinct 99 is the most dangerous precinct in Enforcer stronghold in the DownDraft. Rewards: 2D6+10 credits Boon: Due to the traumatic injuries most Enforcers suffer, the Precinct has the best medical care in the under-hive. When rolling on the Lasting Injury Table, the owner of this territory may select the injury one higher in the chart. The Quay (Open) The Quay is district of warehouse, store vaults, and small factories in Rot Harbor. Reward: D6+10 credits Boon: There are plenty of places to hide contraband. +1 Reputation. The Rat’s Nest (Cawdor) A poor and plague ridden slum in Rust City, the Rat’s Nest is the home to the most miserable and pious of citizens. Reward: D6+5 credits Boon: Roll a D6, on the roll of a six, the church attracts a juvie. The Rock Box (Open) Not far from the main entrance to the Iron Rock Foundries and the Green Gate, millions of members gathered for the House of Iron live in stacks of the least soiled habs. Reward: 2d6+20 Credits Boon: Roll 2d6, on the roll of a 6, the gang holding this territory recruits a new juvie. The Rouster House (Orlocks) The largest union of teamsters, grips, hauler, and dock workers in Rust City, The Rouster House is located the center of Rot Harbor. Rewards: 2d6 +5 credits Boon: The gang holding this territory can hired on brute per game at half price. The Scrapyard (Open) A massive yard of metal scrap gathered for reclamation and reforging, the Scrapyard is source of wealth for the gang controlling the territory. Reward: 2d6 + 10 Credits Boon: None. Shaddy Joe’s Meats (Open) A renown seller of authentic meats from questionable means, Shaddy Joe’s Meats is the most popular source of protein in The Shadow’s Lair. Rewards: D6+10 Credits Boon: One ganger in convalescence, can be returned to full health. The Shadow Lair (Open) A dark and foggy sector in the shadows of Precinct 99, The Shadow Lair is a neighborhood of winding alleys and narrow causeways. Reward: 2D6+20 credits. Boon: Roll 2d6, if a 6 is rolled, the gang controlling the territory successfully recruits a juvie. If a 2nd six is rolled, the juvie is equipped with 15 credits worth of gear, weapons, or equipment. Shadow Shanties (Open) Between and the Lair and Feather Run lies a dark ghetto of scum hiding in the shadows of the Strangers gang for protection and opportunities. Reward: 2d6 + 5 credits Boon: Residents scout out good scrap and salvage rumors for the gang. Add one loot crate to any scenario. The Stacks (Open) Great stockpiles of containers heading to and from the lifts at the Green Gate creates The Stacks. Rewards: 1d6+10 credits Boon: +1 reputation The Stinger Stairs (Open) Along the rise of the Feather Run leading up to the Downdraft Falls, the local have created terraced mushroom farms that thrive in the environment. The mushrooms are grown for food and their medicinal properties. Reward: D6+5 credits Boon: When rolling on lasting injuries for one injury, reduce the number by one. The Shrine of Cups (Cawdor) Under the white water of Condensation Falls is an ever growing collection of metal cups. The water collected in the cups is considered to be blessed. Reward: None. Boon: Choose one ganger per game. That ganger , on the roll of a 6 on a D6, ignores the hit. The Sump Barge -The Whelk (Enforcer) A refitted sump barge designed to deter Sump Beasts, piracy, and smuggling. Reward: D6+5 credits Boon: Add +5 credits to any bounty collected. Trench Coat (Open) In the nooks and corners in a former series of secure vaults, the Trench Coat is a never closing social club in The Shadow Lair. Rumored to be run by The Strangers, the club runs music acts, serves stiff drinks, and offers a relatively ‘safe’ place for residents of the under-hive to blow off steam. Reward: D6 +10 credits Boon: When deciding deployment zones, add+1 to determine sides. The Whisper Gate (Orlocks, Palantine Enforcer) Controlling the causeway over the Feather Run from Rot Harbor to Feather Falls, the Whisper Gate controls the commerce between the two communities and the access to the Nails beyond. Reward: D6+5 credits Boon: The owner of this territory adds one to the first priority roll of the game. Viklund Brewing (Ironhead Sqauts) Making the finest beer in the under-hive, the Viklund Brewery is an Ironhead Squat owned brewery created to make beer their Kyn demand. Occasionally, the brewery has surplus and sells their casks to notable bars and drinking houses. Reward: D6 + 10 Credits Boon: +1 Reputation Way Out (Orlocks, Enforcers) The Way Out is the main check point on the beginning of the Scummer highway leading to Scum City. It helps control trade and repel the occasional Sump Monster attempting to find easy meals on the streets of Rust City. Rewards: 1d6+5 creds. Boon: +1 on the first priority roll in the game.
  4. First Out The Mox, Escher Loot Crates 0 Credits 45 Lilith 4xp Anya 1xp Ava 1xp Raven 2xp No Convalescence _________________________________ 3rd Out -tie Hive City Bravo, Palantine Enforcers Total loot crates = 6. 30 credits. Gang Leader Holt: 5 XP Jeffords: 6xp Santiago: 5xp Diaz: 1xp __________________________________ 3rd Out -tie Toe Cutters, Orlocks 2 loot crates 10 credits Road Captain +3 xp Road Sergeant +1xp Arms Master +4xp Gunner +2xp _______________________________________ Winners -Lasted to Round 7. Eco’s Enforcers, Palantine Enforcers 15 Credits 9 Credits Eco : 2 xp McRuff* Dog: 1 xp Ollie Subjugator: 1 xp Sfen Subjugator: 1 xp Callahan: 1 xp ___________________ Eorl’s Hive Crew, Ironhead Squats 4 loot caskets 30 credits Eorl: 8 xp *** Uhtred: 2 xp - Convalescence Brahn: 2 xp Ganger Gorm: 4xp * ___________________________________________________ Fraternal Order of the Gilded Sepulcher, Cawdor 6 crates 6 xp for the humble servant of the Golden throne, the mighty and merciful, the pilgrim of death, the thane of the Gilded Sepulcher and blessed father to his children, Pater Lorenzius 1 xp, Katerina Ulanti 1xp Malador 5xp Rotte 2xp Crane 2xp Holfmar the Elder 2 divine miracles performed Brought the word of the blessed death and hallowed tomb to some wayward sisters of the house of Escher _______________________________________________________ Eorl’s Hive Crew, Ironhead Squats 4 loot caskets 30 credits Eorl: 8 xp *** Uhtred: 2 xp - Convalescence Brahn: 2 xp Ganger Gorm: 4xp * ___________________________________________________ The Strangers, Delaque 6 Crates 25 Credits Mr Book: +6 Exp. Went into Convalescence Mr Hand: +7 exp. Mr Gribbles: +7exp. Mr Wall: +3 exp
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