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  1. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    And you have not to be dead tired, too!
  2. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    Okay, This weekend was a blessing. @George celebrated his birthday by having an Infinity Tournament. Shockingly, I was able to attend. Saturday, I headed out, drove three miles only to realize I had left my army home. I drove back and made it to the event. I played always amazing @Gremlin King, James from the Glimpses crew, and @Pyre Warden I could not have better opponents. @Fate & Fury Games is a great place to play. It is a place you can yell “biscuits, “ and not be scolded. Beer is a plus. Plenty of space to play and it is quiet even with me there. I went 2-1 for the win. Pyre Warden beat me by one army point in the last game. Red Deck games are super hard. Some games it is better ignoring the classified and using your orders elsewhere. As missions go, if you think Power Pack is hard, Frostbyte is worse. It is Biotechvore is sheep’s clothing . Fate & Fury now has a direct link to Corvus Belli, so I ordered the Dakini SWC box. If the order comes in quickly, it will be my new auto place to buy models. I get to support a local store. The hardest part of playing right now is finding models in stores. This might be the best if both worlds. Then, George gave me a monsterously huge birthday present by giving me his Rose City Raid ticket. I cannot thank him enough. Sunday, I sat out so @PaladinX and @dataentity could play Frostbyte. It was educational to watch. Joel’s luck was bad. Bermen had a few crushing rolls. Sunday Night, I sprayed my army box and fixed a few model issues.
  3. GENTS, It is Raid time! Next Sunday we are prepping for Rose City Raid. Everybody is welcome. 300 Points! See you there.
  4. Tomorrow is @George‘s Birthday tournament at Fate & Fury. The Fun starts at 10. Be there. I will. It will be the first tournament I have played in since ECI. @Exile @PaladinX @Sgt. Rock @dataentity @Andrewc @rudra34 @Pyre Warden
  5. Good games are found at Dice Age and Fate and Fury in Vancouver. Portland Games Store in N. Portland. Guardian is a no brainer. Glimpses of Wonder is good in Sherwood. I hear the store in Oregon City is okay, but I have not been there.
  6. Frostbyte on Sunday! Prep for Rose City Raid! 300 points!
  7. My wife's birthday is the same as your son's! Congrats! You will be a great dad!
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