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  1. Players went down to Power Word Kill, Finger of Death, and Multiple Fireballs, but they still won the day.
  2. From Tonight's game, last in the campaign lasting 6 years.
  3. "Pre-Babylon 5, Mira Furlan’s best role was in the Yugoslavian movie “When Father Was Away on Business,” where she played a glamorous female pilot. I always found that funny, because that’s a show where every other character is a pilot, and she’s the one character on that show who they never let pilot anything. Mira Furlan got the job on Babylon 5 because she’s a glamorous woman, but also has a genderless name, and was well known for Kusturica films (the Kurosawa of Yugoslavia), which are not well known in the US outside of film buffs and the Serbian American community. The fact she
  4. Mira Furlan aka Delenn passed away. She was only 65. The cast of Babylon 5 has been reduced again.
  5. The Mandolarian Season 2: If you don't like it. Don't listen to any endorsements by me. It is the best tv to watch.
  6. We played tonight 😀. The game progressed well. We found a series of leads leading us to a dungeon dive. We found an unknown under city with the good we were looking for hidden in a room, but not the missing owner. The problem player, on their last play date, wanted to leave immediately, since it was spooky, but the group went on. We found the city's ancient crypts, opened the skeletons missing. The group continued and saw movement ahead, we went to investigate, hoping to find more clues, people we could question, or follow, but found an a skeleton horde.Aafter killing 17 of dozens more, t
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