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  1. Another map, this time from my perspective as a player.
  2. The session was not fun. My wife threaten to quit the game.
  3. Smoking will kill you. Bacon will kill you too. But smoking bacon will cure it.
  4. One of my campaign maps
  5. Two more sessions and disaster: First, the party looked around the village of Kant. It is owned by the same guy as Stahl and most of the west of the Ullirim States. The town has stores of magic items components, but not the captured Changelings. As the party is about to leave, a legion of undead, flaming dwarf spirits attack the town. Since there is a bunch of cannon fodder peasants, we try to intervene, but no matter how many how many we kill, the boss cast a single spell and KO's the party, except Badger. The party is captured and taken to a dark black hole and put in a floating cage o
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