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  1. (sorry our internet was out) congratulations, awesome job!
  2. Inquisitors in 28mm https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/resinlab/inquisitors-miniatures-in-28mm-heroic-scale-resin-and-stl
  3. (and for us out-of-towners, maybe a list? for those of us willing to pay shipping, it'd be a godsend!)
  4. Brother Glacius, The sergeant has both rifles, so respectfully passes. Good luck with the sales!
  5. Texting a sergeant I work with...
  6. El Camino on Netflix. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as did wifey poo. We felt it was a great ending for a great character.
  7. Geographically I live so far away (Canadian border, basically)! Is there a "hey, if you couldn't make it here's some stuff we're trying to sell" thread or website? I, too, wish to spend money!
  8. (I've been out of the game forever, but are those new Banshee models? I know the exarch gets like three weapon choices) (ditto for Incubi... new models?)
  9. I own all of the Punisher MAX run (love them Bradstreet covers) and am well aware of their history. Have all of the early Scarlet series, I get what you're saying. I'm also well aware of their current "let's make everyone happy and piss no one off." Bendis is gone to DC. Millar's gone too. I get what you're saying but I'm talking CURRENT Marvel. Not their universe. Their corporate stance on things. "Hey we need to be more inclusive" and "let's change things because of political correctness" doesn't bode well for how things read out in the 40k universe. That's all I'm saying.
  10. How in the world is Marvel Comics going to do anything grimdark? Maybe DC Black Label could've pulled it off... or if Vertigo didn't go bye bye... or maybe I'm just pessimistic. I don't see Marvel being on board with the "my armor is contempt" kinda vibe.
  11. (I believe it's the Mac operating system)
  12. Early guesstimates from across the water are 10k Yen, so $ 90+ dollars. Sad I'm out! (Unless they do a Dark Angels one, then maybe)
  13. The pack of 5 chibis are $ 21.99, so I bet mid- to upper-$30 range for this fella.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkoZzmBNMJE
  15. The Emperor's Gift by ADB (my fav Black Library writer, I think. Dunno. Close call) If you like the Space Wolves, you'll like this book. If you read the Ravenor series, you will have an *AHA!* moment I bet. I enjoyed the book. What's the greater good (not the Tau version) worth to folks? How much will folks sacrifice? Makes ya think...
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