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  1. Look in the Artificer's Forge section at "Koyote's Britons and other SAGA stuff." He looks like he is a green stuff artist for sure
  2. Got my minis today, thanks for a no-hassle trade. Hope you got your packages safe and sound!
  3. I just got the new Kill Team box, but only for the minis. Does any of that stuff come in the box (sorry haven't looked at it)?
  4. Argel Tal has a new Forge World model preview up. If someone can post the pic you'll get an idea, but here's a linky: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/11/get-to-know-argel-tal-the-word-bearer-who-really-changed-on-his-gap-year/
  5. Don't mean to "back in the day," but the mention of the Last Chancers is too much to resist. Back when I played (3rd edition), I competed in the Grand Tournament in Vancouver, BC and a fella took as his "army" the Last Chancers. It was amazing to see someone field it, hearing the cheers go up when literally anything went his way. Anyways, sorry if I interrupted.
  6. (I haven't seen some of the Bham regulars post anywhere on the forum for a long time)
  7. PM sent on kind of a related thing.
  8. Ditto for Midnight Run
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVkwxqHzm78
  10. Sorry I'm having trouble linking. Ghostbrush came out with new fine detail brushes HeresyLab came out with a bunch of fantasy-themed models Soon Shieldwolf Miniatures will be releasing the not-Tallarn range and re-release the not-DKOK range
  11. I *think* i attached the excel file Comics list.xlsx
  12. I just did a quick purge of my comics room and phase one has 702 comics I'm going to move out. Mainly newer stuff, but ya never know. I have an Excel file, holler if you want to browse. there will be more, too so holler if you have specifics
  13. My wife and I watched TENET. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting story line and lots of roles held true.
  14. I would take the Dark Eldar models and split it... only sad part is that I'm way up north so it would be a shipping thing. If that's okay with you, I'd be down. If you're looking for a local to split, I totally understand.
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