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  1. Ditto for Midnight Run
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVkwxqHzm78
  3. Sorry I'm having trouble linking. Ghostbrush came out with new fine detail brushes HeresyLab came out with a bunch of fantasy-themed models Soon Shieldwolf Miniatures will be releasing the not-Tallarn range and re-release the not-DKOK range
  4. I *think* i attached the excel file Comics list.xlsx
  5. I just did a quick purge of my comics room and phase one has 702 comics I'm going to move out. Mainly newer stuff, but ya never know. I have an Excel file, holler if you want to browse. there will be more, too so holler if you have specifics
  6. My wife and I watched TENET. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting story line and lots of roles held true.
  7. I would take the Dark Eldar models and split it... only sad part is that I'm way up north so it would be a shipping thing. If that's okay with you, I'd be down. If you're looking for a local to split, I totally understand.
  8. Copy that, everything's gone... thank you so much! VonVilkee, PM me how you want me to do it, since we're local. I don't mind mailing it, either... no worries on this end, just lemme know. Thanks folks!
  9. No price, needed. Just PM me a shipping address and I'll send em off. I found some more gobbos and black orc torsos so are tossing those in, too. Stay safe, don
  10. Hello there, I have a few small piles of miniatures/bits if anyone wants them. Just let me know what you want and PM me a shipping address and I'll send em. No charge, I figure I'd ask here before I toss em. If you need pics let me know where I can send em via phone. Caveat: I am destashing so no clue where these came from, but probably from old army purchases/lots or whatnot. I didn't build em, didn't paint em and make no claims. But they're free 1. (6) night goblin fanatics (the ball and chain guys) 2. (13) night goblins or goblins... many missing arms, hands, etc
  11. Hello there, All the books are gone... I do not know how to delete the thread, however. My apologies. Stay safe, don
  12. Hello there, Was cleaning out some of the bookshelf and have some books for free if anyone wants them: * Horus Heresy book 47 - Old Earth by Nick Kyme (brand new I somehow have two). Mass media (little) version * Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe - (brand new, no idea how I got it). Mass media version * Path of the Eldar Omnibus by Gav Thorpe - (brand new, no idea how I got it). Paperback version * Ultramarines Omnibus by Graham McNeill - I never read it but not brand new, I can see spine creases. Paperback version * Horus Heresy book 52 - Heralds of the Sieg
  13. Heresy Lab "not Tau" https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresylab2/heresylab-greater-god-28mm-resin-miniatures-and-stl-files?ref=discovery_category_newest
  14. Thank you SO much for that website link, I just bought a ton of stuff
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