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  1. If anyone is interested in trying this out let me know. I'm looking to helping folks get some models to use. Keep in mind the selection is limited.
  2. Are there different eras? What countries are represented? How often to people play? Where do people play? Do MBTs suck? Cause I really just want to push tanks around.
  3. Im in for the city of the cursing, plus all the things
  4. I'm in for Curse of the City and 15mm playtesting.
  5. I make no claim to making a new game, just mashing choice old stuff with new. Just be glad I'm not trying to resurrect Turning Radius from Rogue Trader. Ouch.
  6. I run Chitubox off my $100 laptop I got from Freegeek. You really need just RAM and patience. I'd start by downloading Chitubox and trying to slice a generic stl you download from Thingiverse.
  7. I'll take the job. I am limited on my build plate size, can you show me what you are printing?
  8. Oi. I'll come and bring Smallhammer 40k Tanks!
  9. I fear I'm normalizing. I'm printing a paper towel holder on the Ender.
  10. I'll talk about all the other stuff you need: Space. You need a dedicated space with decent ventilation. Even with water based resin it still has a smell. This space needs to be at least 65 deg while printing. If your resin gets cold it gets thick, and it will cause failures. Protection. Remember you are dealing with liquid. It will get away from you, no matter how careful you are. Put down something to protect your worksurface that has a rim to contain spills. Large baking sheet, oil change pan, silicone pet station, just something. Solvent. You'll need cleanup solvent,
  11. I've been noodling over rules and come up with this: Keep in mind this is for "skirmish" sized battles. Maybe 6-10 tanks per side. Power rating works well here. 50-75 PR? 9th ed basic mechanics, using the current datasheets. All the info is right there. However more vehicle detail rules are needed- Rather than full "You go, then I go" turns, each vehicle "unit" has an activation, just as in Warcry. So you activate a tank and complete all it's actions, then I activate a tank and complete all it's action, and so on until all units have been activated. Movement is halve
  12. Sorry, meant to DM


    STLs and presupported chitubox files

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