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  1. What brand of filiment are you using? And What color? I've found I can only run grey, high quality through my ender. And I have to change my nozzle usually 2-3 times per spool.
  2. What about a game of 5-10 vehicles per side, based on an existing rules set? 22x30" table Horus Heresy/7th? 9th ed? An amalgamation?
  3. I love tanks. My first foray into wargaming was 1/285 WW2 tank battles. I really prefer 15mm for this sort of gaming I love 40k, but playing tank battles is too big and unwieldy. Horus Heresy is a great setting, but I'm really over armies of infantry. So what about "skirmish" sized tank battles? I really enjoy the Kill Team/Warcry games sizes, but I'm missing the vehicles. Epic doesn't really put enough detail on the vehicles. At this scale it's shoot, save, die. How about 1/2 scale (15-18mm) 40k? I've been doinking around with some proxy files I've collected and
  4. Phrozen Sonic Mini. This thing is friggin awesome. That is all.
  5. Sonic Phrozen Mini bought and in hand. more to come...
  6. I’d say disconnect comparing to Kill Team. The systems are just different enough to not be a good comparison. Shooting for most gangs is just a component in their gameplay. You have to assume that it really is just a prelude to getting close and personal. If you are leaning into a shooting focused gang, then you have to think in terms of fire teams. And don’t forget the power of grenades and other blast weapons. A model that’s hit, just hit by a shooting attack gets pinned. So they are not going to charge that turn. most of all, Necromunda is a game that playing to the mission is
  7. Sourcing replacement parts for monoprice products is tough. My mainboard went out on 2 printers and no replacements are available. Monoprice is def a lowend printer. If you want to get a taste for printing and it's really cheap, then go for it. I'd consider it disposable. There is lots of community support and you tube help for the ender 3, which has a good middle price point.
  8. We’ve found Orlocks to be the all-arounders, but they suffer not being exceptional at any one thing. The most important thing with Necromunda is to play a gang that you like that also matches your play style. If you like Cawdor, you’re more likely to be motivated to play them. Individually they are a bit crap, but work well wolf packing enemies. Many missions limit combatant numbers, so keep in mind that you can’t assume you’ll outnumber your opponent. They are a close range firestorm kind of gang. Since their gear tends to be unreliable you want to get up close, unload as m
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