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  1. We’ve found Orlocks to be the all-arounders, but they suffer not being exceptional at any one thing. The most important thing with Necromunda is to play a gang that you like that also matches your play style. If you like Cawdor, you’re more likely to be motivated to play them. Individually they are a bit crap, but work well wolf packing enemies. Many missions limit combatant numbers, so keep in mind that you can’t assume you’ll outnumber your opponent. They are a close range firestorm kind of gang. Since their gear tends to be unreliable you want to get up close, unload as m
  2. I’ve lent this 22x30 set to the club while I’m moving. It’s still WIP but I figured rather than pack it away 3-6 months I’d have it there. Feel free to use it, just please treat it nicely and put it back.
  3. Maybe there's a new Talons book in the works and it's being mainlined to plastic...
  4. I have some terrain I’d like to lend the club for a while. 22x30 board and matching scenery. I’ll mark it and bring it by. Either that or it gets packed away.
  5. These are free. Portland area. Fantasy and old 40k bits. I’m taking them to the club on Sunday if no one wants them.
  6. https://boingboing.net/2020/10/20/acting-student-lisa-gilroy-performed-doctor-evils-monologue-in-class-and-nobody-noticed.html
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