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  1. Its the Juicy pajamas I wear on Sundays. I figured not everyone would like them.
  2. I’m bringing free range Warcry and terrain projects
  3. I have the Core Campaign rules packet available. Contact me if you’d like it.
  4. To summarize: Make a warband Pick a quest. The 8 warcry warbands have access to multiple quests. All other factions have only one. Fight. Mark progress on the tracker after each battle. Convergence battles must be won to advance. Aftermath sequence. I will put together the Campaign packet that has all the details. You will need your Faction Cards. If you do not have cards let me know.
  5. As this is the first campaign, we will be using the Core Campaign Rules. At the heart of every Warcry campaign is the quest your warband is striving to achieve. This is referred to as a campaign quest. You can find a whole array of different campaign quests to choose from in the campaign section of the core book. Each campaign quest has one or more faction runemarks to denote which warbands can embark upon it. After choosing a campaign quest, you will need to fill out a warband roster. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Warcry-Warband-Roster.pdf Before your fir
  6. Yes, finally starting. The campaign will be fast and loose to accommodate our collective situation. All warbands are welcome. No allies or mercenaries. posting of results of each battle along with a short narrative encouraged. More details to come. Post here with name and warband.Games are not limited to the clubhouse.
  7. Wood and brass barrel golems
  8. Yes, but has anyone played that small? I'm specifically asking for how it plays, do the rules scale down well?
  9. Any early reports how it plays for small games? I no longer have any interest in army sized battles.I like the idea of around 750 pts.
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