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  1. Yes, but has anyone played that small? I'm specifically asking for how it plays, do the rules scale down well?
  2. Any early reports how it plays for small games? I no longer have any interest in army sized battles.I like the idea of around 750 pts.
  3. Project here: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/26229
  4. Sometimes, despite what color theory says, opposite colors on the color wheel just look horrible. Rant complete.
  5. Beats me. Sounds like FAQ time. In completely unrelated news, my new product line of "Completely Unobtrusive Fight Stands" will be on sale exactly 1 minute after the FAQ is released.
  6. Regarding aircraft, seems like the typical basing is obsolete. Maybe a tripod cradle out of clear acrylic is the way to go. Or a GorillaPod?
  7. Today, my pee smells like cheerios.
  8. Bryan is the Prusa guy. I've got an Ender 3. I think the Prusa is prolly a better printer, but not by much. The price point is hard to beat, got my daughters on sale for $175, free shipping. But you need a glass bed upgrade.
  9. I managed to pick up a box, I can split with you.
  10. I'm trying to edit an STL, specifically it's a tower section that basically a box. All I'm trying to do is scale the bottom to be bigger that the top so the structure has sloping sides. Tried it in Tinkercad and Meshmixer.
  11. Anyone have a lonely Flamer ?
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