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  1. BOLS actually had an interesting theory. Perhaps they are inspired by this Mark Gibbons (the best GW artist ever) art from the 2nd Ed codex. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2019/11/warhammer-40k-taking-a-closer-look-at-mephistons-mini.html If so, more please!
  2. Another trick is to use a sewing needle backwards, so the eye is out. Surface tension will keep a drop worth of CA in the eyehole.
  3. The trick is to place the baking soda first, pack the gap, use a brush to brush it away from where it shouldn't be, then use a needle or fishing line to act as a drip guide for the CA glue. The glue should be as thin a possible.
  4. The best gap filler is baking soda and thin CA glue
  5. Necromunda, and I have some Gaslands scale MGs for the masses.
  6. If you breathe in deeply, you can smell an upcoming campaign. and fries, definitely fries.
  7. https://www.feastoflegends.com/
  8. Here's the funny part. I showed the first one to my daughter (15), she's my nerdling. The kind of kid who pounds down books. I figured she'd want to be a writer, as she and her friends write fantasy stories for fun (!). She comes back to me with "solid story, but lots of grammatical errors" Turns out she wants to be an editor.
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