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  1. AT pricing would gag a horse. It's really too bad.
  2. Ish, the newest Apoc is a different game. WestRider is dead on. There are no individual troopers, only units. I've looked into it, it takes a lot of cues from Space Marine and Epic 40,000. Noop. The Apoc rules are the Apoc rules. Not 40k 8th Ed. I'd suggest checking out some how to play videos to see the similarities, but...
  3. Allow me to clarify Use the Apoc rules with 6mm minis. Convert the ranges to centimeters
  4. Where's your picture? Must have picture in post
  5. I just so happen to be Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 531... https://boingboing.net/2020/01/30/adulting-merit-badges.html
  6. Necro. Munda. I'll have sample territory tiles.
  7. Based on @evil_bryan 's recommendation i tried using eSun PLA+ for a while. I then switched back to Hatchbox PLA. I'll be switching back to eSun PLA+ Personal Observations: I won't be using anyone's black filament ever again. I have horrible nozzle clogging problems and adhesion issues. I've tried many different temps, flow, settings etc and I hate it. Nothing anyone will say here will get me to use it again. I gave my 1/2 full spool away. I know it's weird, but there it is. I don't know if it's the composition or the manufacturer but I get better consistency with the eSun PLA+ in Grey. I get horrible stringing with the Hatchbox PLA, again in grey, but even that's all over the place. On one print it's fine, on a different one with the same settings I go fuzzy. Hatchbox PLA white seems to be a bit more stable, but again it's not consistent. Conclusion: It's not an exhaustive test set, as I'm way more interested in printing for my hobby, rather than printing as my hobby. I just want to find what works for me and stick with it. So, back to the eSun. Speculation: Would clear PLA+ be even more consistent? Less additives?
  8. So none of the responses above are a yes. im trying to gauge interest to see if it's worth my time to develop. The key is Mordheim Light. It's in the title.
  9. Anyone interested? It would be super easy to make human only factionsby cherry picking from the different warbands. Tome of Champions has a more in depth campaign system.
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