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  1. "I don't like snooping around down here, the firelanes are too tight" thought Arliss. "Stay together, don't advance until I say so" he voxed into the subdermal. It was a decent crew. Thank the makers he had Yvette here, he knew she was ready to unsling those pistols of hers. Bram, on the other hand, too fresh, clean from the uphive. What's that smell? "Yvette, keep these three with you, the rest with me" Too late did he realize the trap, they had already moved up the corridor. "Goliaths!" He should have known that particular stink, sweat and stupidity. Small arms fire was punctuated with the blast from the grenade after the whoomp from the firing tube. Shrapnel punctured his armor, but not too deep. The whine from Hurst's Rad Cannon was barely different from the ringing in his ears, but it was still comforting. Hurst's shot was beautiful, dropping the uglies pinning down his fire team. "The rad induced runoff from their arses for the next 10 day will be historic" he yelled to Hurst. "Two down!" as Yvette crashed into him, strafing as she went. "I managed to show one of the brutes the working end of my plasma though" A quick tactical assessment only confirmed his fear. Boxed in, with fighters down, no firelanes, juiced up muscle-heads closing in. "Time for plan B, out the vents" he voxed the crew. Karl, as badly cut up as he was, managed to get to the vent, but Bram was moving too slow. "They got Bram, should we go back?" asked Yvette. Taking his crew back into that slaughter for one shiney? "Frel him" was Arliss' response.
  2. Taking me to dinner is always a solid plan.
  3. Make it, why yes! Im down for learning Warcry or getting in Kill Team
  4. I have 3 of these for sale at $25 each, plus $5 shipping if out of PDX/Vanc. I am missing one base.
  5. Shall I consign through you? Or are finished minis tough to move?
  6. You can own the semi-famous Bashed Beasts Warband! Painted and ready to play! No cards though, just minis. Asking $30, more if it needs to be shipped out of PDX/VANC
  7. Mostly just mucking about- I start with the brightest silver I have. (Vallejo Steel) I then wash it with black ink. I then mix Vallejo Black glaze with Black ink and put on heavily. Usually Im done there, but this time I messed with Contrast medium with black, and thinned matte medium with black. Basically Each layer of black is to achieve a different effect. One gets the deep crannies, another tints the metal, the next would add pooled black, etc. The other thing to note is I worked wet with all of it this time, so I could blend as need and wiper it away for instant edge highlight. Whats not showing up in the pics is the thinned flesh wash after the black was dry. I has intended to get a slightly rusty patina, but it was more like a slight bronzing, it really warmed the metal to compliment the overall theme of BROWN. This was mostly a speed project, so there are some things that are a bit too sloppy, but I really don't care for this project. I have too much half finished stuff already, so I wanted to see if I could be ahead of the curve on this one.
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