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  1. My August thread is to paint 6 more Underworlds warbands.
  2. I will be locking this thread tomorrow if anyone wants to throw a last minute result thread in for July by the end of today.
  3. Final month, new goals! Please post August goals and progress here. This thread will lock on Sep 1st. At the end I will do the prize drawing for a Guardian Games gift certificate. One of the artificers that participated this summer will get to restock theirs supplies.
  4. @Blustorm That is the plan. Although I don’t thing I will get to filling out all of them into working Warbands.
  5. Ok guys last couple days to update. For my goal I got quite a bit done. I really had a good time painting a little something different with each set.
  6. I’m aiming to get there by 5:30 so don’t rush on my account. 👍🏻
  7. @Amado Ok, I will be there. I will have all the minis and things needed to play. I can run you through a compressed basics boot camp like we used to run a few times a year.
  8. I may be there for Warcry league chat @ninefinger and if I do I can demo infinity for @Amado. I will update later today for sure.
  9. Well looks like all BB and 40k. I’m out. Y’all have fun.
  10. I will be there. Not sure what to bring. I’m not interested in 40k but I would play most other things.
  11. Sorry guys. Other errands stole my day.
  12. Anyone up for warcry or board games?
  13. So I did not get all the terrain done. I got most of the catacomb specific pieces done. I did paint both warbands.
  14. For July, I am working on a piece of a much larger goal which is to complete my projects before I buy more minis. So far I have stayed pretty rigid to this. The exception to this may be if I can finish an army or warband with a single additional purchase. So to begin I have five Underwolds boxes that I would like to paint as the basis for Warcry warbands. I have to complete painting all of them before I buy any boxes to build them out.
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