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  1. We are opening on time. Doors will be open a little before 3:00.
  2. Hey guys. The club is once again open for Infinity players. Read about how we are handling our game nights here. And then pop over to the game night threads to post up to find an opponent or see what other games are being played. We will also be open Tuesday and Thursday if you want to play those nights. I look forward to see y'all again.
  3. I’m planing being there with my AoS and Warcry stuff.
  4. I’m planing being there with my AoS and Warcry stuff.
  5. I have to come to really enjoy AoS. I think it is way more fun than 40k. I'm building my 3rd and 4rth AoS armies while quarantine is going. Im really looking forward to play more of it and some warcry. Anyone who wants to play at the clubhouse, hit me up.
  6. Looking for Nighthaunt on sprue or possibly assembled but no paint please.
  7. I have one NIS for you. Free if you can pick it up or I you can pay for shipping.
  8. Pretre has a good guide on his site: https://www.mindtaker.org/packing/
  9. So I’ve painted way more than I manage to take pictures of. Somethings I did this week...
  10. Hey guys, I’m looking for some models than I can get my hands on while this quarantine is on. im looking for NOS or built but nothing painted. For Tzeentch I’m interested in mortals over demons, arcanites, beastmen, and such For the sky dwarfs, I’m open to most anything. I really need some battleline dudes. Show me what you got. 😉
  11. My son is in the hospital with a respiratory virus (non-corona) so I will not be at game night.
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