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  1. Romans832

    Sad News

    Tobin, so sorry to hear, but so hopeful that you and your family have found peace. God bless and keep you. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for being so positive through it all
  2. Hard Kill - 7/10 - Kind of expected a Die Hard feeling... definitely not! It was fun, definitely some bizarre, overall a good movie. The Outpost - 9/10 - Epic movie... I could rant for days about all the stupidity of setting up a base in a fishbowl... I won't rant...
  3. Picked up 4 West German WW2 Steins: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DgKKAjvRrQU8La419 I have the opportunity to buy 12 Avery Steins from the 70s at $10 a piece... haven't received permission yet... Though I bet I could flip a few... Took my Pokigron Surinam out for a climb and photos for a calendar competition https://photos.app.goo.gl/5TQ9uV1gBcmwWkGP8
  4. Ironically, I've had people get mad at me for sharing via google photos... how bizarre. Thanks for sharing Westy!
  5. Great idea, thank you!
  6. The other piece pointed out was you need a way to anker it, else it's just another run away box... No matter how heavy it is. We're not sure we have an anker point for it... Yep, totally agree with you
  7. Trying to figure out if this is worth or not...
  8. Oh no, that stinks! 😞
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