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  1. Dam, I'm sorry man Down here in Graham, I'm no value to you... plus I'm activated with the Health Department. 😞 Not helpful at all, I'm sorry 😞
  2. I thought I was the only one who saw the lictor... crap. Anyone spot the ShadowSeer yet? I know Veil of Tears got a little funny these days
  3. Killer bro I hope you love the deal you got... but yeah, no recouping those costs. What we pay for our models are lost leaders, we'll never see that blood, sweat, and tears back
  4. Ghostbusters (2016): 6/10 - I was overly underwhelmed. I LOVED the jokes made against the original & Cameos. But it's like they half @$$ed character development. The women were underplayed. I really wasn't happy with how they portrayed some of the ladies and how bizarre some of their behaviour was. (forgive me if explanation sucks) Needless to say, I can't wait for Ghostbusters: Afterlife to come out! Joker: 8/10 - Wow! Phoenix did a bang up job! Really like how and what they did with it. Super deep mental movie. Though I wonder if it was the realization of Suicide Squad. Or at least how I understood what they said was the direction Suicide Squad was supposed to go and eventually didn't... very interesting look at Joker.
  5. Great idea! Sadly I'm stuck at work as the local tech while the rest of my team works from home
  6. Thank you so much "2 bees" or "not 2 bees"
  7. Outlaw King - 9/10 - that was an excellent movie. Friend commented they did a decent job staying true to the story... cool! Found the hard to get between King & Queen quite interesting
  8. Dad just got off a cruise ship, while at sea he overheard a guy on his cell phone, "When looking towards the back of the boat, I'm on the Starboard side" Really genius?
  9. Those are sick, can't wait to see them painted!
  10. Tolkien - 9/10 - we really enjoyed the movie. Blown away he died 2 years before my birth. Sometimes it's mind blowing finding out some of these legends weren't so long ago.
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