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  1. ROFL As if 5th edition Apoc wasn't enough? How lovely of them to release a box of what I just finished purchasing... Why another Apoc series?
  2. Dude, I'm right there behind you on that one! Great news though, the cards will not change shape just because it's themed Sigmar
  3. https://www.facebook.com/sjgames/photos/pcb.10157125918826007/10157125917776007/?type=3&theater
  4. Today Steve Jackson Games leaked they will be releasing Munchkin Age of Sigmar in November 2019!!
  5. Thank you thank you, I'll have to play with that next!!!
  6. Oh hell yeah, I got that power... ooh that'd be fun!
  7. I'm down with that... but how many Quins do I need to make that? I don't think I got the model count
  8. In the Portland area you are begging hard to have no excuse for not having re-usable shopping bags. There's been SO many free bag drives that you have no excuse not to have picked some up. That's how I've grocery shopped for the last 2 decades... really easy... but then screws you for garbage bags 😉
  9. LOL hell no, just been list building I'm trying to have fun. Do something totally cookey you can only get away with at OFCC. I'm so detached from 40K I don't have a clue what I'm getting into... at this point all I know is I can play with lists trying to find something that speaks to me. Very few have theoryhammered with me. I had thought about using the Web Way Strategim but had it suggested you want Wraith on the board, not trying to drop them in at some random moment
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