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  1. YES! They got Queelock!!
  2. Jiu Jitsu - 7/10? - like I get it, but what?? What's up with so many openings to be done early and magically no one "finish him"? It was good, but confused
  3. Monster Hunter - 8/10 - Rushed, great ending teaser, I like what they went for, just sorry it was so dam'd rushed.
  4. No fish, yet tons of amphibians. We've got one of the best poison dart frogs right here in Lakewood, WA: Rainforest Poison Dart Frogs & Exotics https://www.facebook.com/Rainforestdartfrogs/ There's always 2~4 Axolotl breeders, hehe Arachnids April is Hillsboro, OR Aug is PDX
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLATf4JMsJ0/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Aug 21'21 Nah, it's all contained in 1 bedroom. Reptiles do NOT have to take up a LOT of space. Everything we have is in one bedroom.
  6. It's SO much F'ing fun!!! I played tested it at PAX
  7. https://photos.app.goo.gl/T5711M4Nn8N8ePQX9 Just a normal day at Costco... right? Had an employee just randomly ask if I like bourbon after watching me pick up the Rye... And then he offered me Pappy's 10 year. I am no dummy, but who randomly gets offered Pappy's?? PLEASE DO IT AGAIN!!!
  8. Oh please.... 1.1 Leachies (only duds last year) 😞 Chahoua 1.3 Gargoyles and sadly our breeder female is on the way out 😞 (Thankfully we have 2 daughters so one will replace her... sadly we didn't keep the nicest baby) 2.0 Australian Leaf Tail Bearded Great White Northern Blue Tongue Skink 3 Royal Pythons (Leopard Candino, Black Pastel Albino, Excalibur Line Lavender Albino, & a friend tells me I need an Ultramel to complete my Bino collection) Locality boas... What started as a basic collection of my favorite has turned into 2 breeding projects also Males: Pok
  9. I believe they are predicting late May!!!
  10. Remember fish and frogs are not handle-able.
  11. another online solution for D&D lovers
  12. I'm living this right now. I'm accountable for everything the newb does while being told I'm not responsible
  13. I think you mean 45% cheaper as 55% is $19.8-36 = $16.2... Mathematically you're offering a 45% discount, not 55%
  14. Wicked! Glad it was THAT easy... I was thinking drivers...
  15. Merry Christmas & Make it a Happy New Year!! Blessings y'all
  16. Bill & Ted Face the Music - So much fun ... some really strange parts, but glad to finally see the dream realized. Tenet - That was crazy. Liked it and what an ending!
  17. I get asked daily at the Health Department: "Do you have any of these symptoms?" Like duh, it's called asthma, now get a life
  18. Romans832

    Chuck Yeager

    Wow! What a legacy!
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