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  1. Just messaged you, but here are some examples
  2. Apparently everything is made of gold on eBay. Unfortunately no one is buying for those prices do they just sit there convincing everyone that they are worth a mint.
  3. Specifically I’m hunting for the horny skinny 5th Ed black Orcs. Metal preferred but bare plastic is acceptable. Lmk what you got.
  4. For sure let me know if you have any physical copies laying around. I had some stuff as a kid and I’m kicking around the idea of collecting the whole run.
  5. Looking to start a star frontiers collection. If anyone is holding anything that they’d like to part with, please let me know.
  6. Shoot me a pm if you have an old MTG collection that you may be looking to move. also hunting other ccgs as well.
  7. My interests are all over the place. For toys I’m really into late 70’s to early 90’s stuff, but have some interests out side of that. Looking for Star Wars and Ninja Turtles comics, but again, I collect a ton of stuff and love to dig through boxes of stuff. Let me know what you have and we can work something out.
  8. I will keep an eye open.
  9. That would be great. I’d love to take a gander.
  10. Looking to pick up some comic and action figure collections as we move into 2021. If you have some stuff and want to make some room, let me know. I’m also looking for a ton of random 80’s items.
  11. I saw a sale that may be of interest to some of you. Gabi’s is having a big GW overstock sale on 11/11. It’s a great shop if you’ve never been. Hope some of you may be able to take advantage of it.
  12. Definitely. Anything specific you looking for? How many cards are you talking? I'm not sure all what I have 40kwise but there is some.
  13. I've fallen back into my old sports card hobby and am looking for people's old collections. If you have any lying around, let me know how much you want or what you are looking for in trade. I have a ton of games and minis available. Also have some old 2nd Ed ad&d books. And as always, I am looking for vintage RPG's, Comic Books, Toys, Nintendo Stuff and CCGs. Thanks for looking. Chris
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