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  1. Looking to pick up some comic and action figure collections as we move into 2021. If you have some stuff and want to make some room, let me know. I’m also looking for a ton of random 80’s items.
  2. I saw a sale that may be of interest to some of you. Gabi’s is having a big GW overstock sale on 11/11. It’s a great shop if you’ve never been. Hope some of you may be able to take advantage of it.
  3. Definitely. Anything specific you looking for? How many cards are you talking? I'm not sure all what I have 40kwise but there is some.
  4. I've fallen back into my old sports card hobby and am looking for people's old collections. If you have any lying around, let me know how much you want or what you are looking for in trade. I have a ton of games and minis available. Also have some old 2nd Ed ad&d books. And as always, I am looking for vintage RPG's, Comic Books, Toys, Nintendo Stuff and CCGs. Thanks for looking. Chris
  5. Cool. Can you pm me so we can work out some details
  6. That is a big box. What are you wanting for them?
  7. Sweet! What do you want for them?
  8. Yeah, I’ve seen some stuff out there. Unfortunately I’ve been afflicted with the collector gene and need everything to be original. It’s all good though. They aren’t super rare, I was just hoping to find some here locally before hitting up the interwebs. A lot of old fantasy players would have a few hiding in their collections from time to time.
  9. Sweet. I’m relatively sure I need a few orcs and goblins, but don’t have a complete list yet
  10. I’ll have to check. I’m looking for spares as well in case we want to do custom boards.
  11. Hey all, I’m working on painting up and renovating my Heroquest set and am in need of some replacement piece due to damaged parts. If anyone has loose minis or accessories for this game, please lmk what you have and what you are looking for. thanks
  12. I am super interested in these. Let me know what you are looking for.
  13. Heck yeah. I don't collect them heavily, but my kids have been getting into all my old hobby stuff so I'm trying to relearn old games and build decks to teach them. lol
  14. Oops. Days you can’t receive pms. Lmk what you want for them. Definitely interested
  15. Hey all. Still on the hunt for various collectible. Card games. Interested in picking up collections primarily. Looking for both sealed and loose cards from the following lines, in order of preference: Star Wars CCG (decipher) Battletech Magic the gathering Dragonball Z (score) Ani mayhem wildstorms Raw Deal GI Joe this is by no means a comprehensive list . lmk what you got and let’s make a deal
  16. Sorry. I jut saw this. I’m going to pm you. Chris
  17. Hey Ish, Frankensteins comic swap will be going on at the Eagles lodge on Hawthorne on the 29th. May be worth checking out if you can swing it. I’ll also keep an eye out for you.
  18. I’m pretty varied in what I collect. Really into 70’s and 80’s stuff. Currently hunting original run of Mister Miracle, Kamandi, Conan, Amazing Spider-Man, and various action figure and toy related titles.
  19. As much as I like hunting for old toys, I collect comics as well. If anyone has comics that they’d like to part with, shoot me a message and let’s talk. Thanks! Chris
  20. Sure. Let me know what you want for it.
  21. Lmao I’m patient. I’ll just wait until you need money for one of your other toys. Lol
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