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  1. The Miracle Dice are a great mechanic. Nothing else here really jumps out at me, but GW isn't always great at picking what to show off in the previews.
  2. I could actually using a couple of them for Nurgle stuff. There are also a few that make me think they really should have gone all the way and done a Mad Max Fury Road one.
  3. Yeah, it was clearly a case of being a product of its time. It's not something inherently bad in the film, and I understand why it ended up like that. I just didn't, personally, enjoy watching it because of that. Straczynski said somewhere that it had fallen apart, and wasn't in progress as far as he knew. Unfortunate, I think he could have done amazing things with a remake.
  4. I'm familiar with The Tempest, I got that part. It was more just that all the Space Patrol (or whatever their organization was) guys seemed pretty much like jerks. I kept thinking how much better it would have been as an original series Star Trek thing.
  5. It's to make an exception to the Catholic requirement for abstinence from eating meat during certain times, like Lent. Most of the classifications for that purpose seem to be determined by behaviour rather than the actual physical attributes of the creature in question. Beavers and Alligators are considered fish for those purposes as well.
  6. Forbidden Planet: I didn't actually enjoy it hugely as a film, but it's a great one for historical perspective. The influence on Star Trek alone was immense. Honestly, this feels more like most of the stereotypical depictions of Star Trek than any actual episode of Star Trek that I've seen. Also, Leslie Nielsen before his hair went white. That kept weirding me out the whole time.
  7. So, sort of the same kind of thing as how Capybaras are considered fish for purposes of some dietary restrictions?
  8. "...outweighs other ethical considerations." Placing a value on "interdimensional murder-hobos" in order to be able to weigh them against ethical considerations is, itself, an ethical consideration.
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