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  1. Yeah, the way it affects different Factions differently is a big part of why it has issues. Wolf Guard Terminators are a prime example, ranging from 163 to 305 points for a Squad of 5, but they're PL13 either way. 12.5-23.5 Points per PL is a massive swing. I would note, tho, that for people who are relatively new to the game, who are just building Units with the options in the box rather than seeking out specific bits to equip everyone with the best options, it works a lot better. Further, it works much better for newer Units, which tend to have far fewer options than those from 5th ed or earlier. A Squad of 5 Intercessors, by comparison, varies in cost only from 85 to 100 points, so PL5 is a pretty reasonable approximation (17-20 Points per PL), regardless of loadout. As time goes by, and more and more of the older Units are discontinued, Power Level will probably become more and more usable.
  2. If someone has a partial colectomy, the remaining portion should be called a semicolon.
  3. I guess they couldn't find any playtester/tournament winner who was willing to have their name attached to positive statements about the Blood Angels?
  4. Harley Quinn, seasons 1 and 2: I really loved this. Basically the Venture Bros. meets Batman: The Animated Series. In some ways, it seems like a small thing, but it feels so much more right when the villains can actually swear properly and kill people. And talk about sex, for that matter*. Some cool plots, strong arcs in each season, and actual character development. Great cast, too, with Ivy, King Shark, Bane, and Clayface as the major standouts for me. Alan Tudyk actually holds his own in the inevitable comparison with Mark Hamill's Joker, which is impressive. My only real issue is, basically, that it ended where I wanted it to start. Or in other words, I really hope we get a couple more seasons. *Nothing explicit, but it's just that they can, for instance, actually say outright that Ivy and Kite Man are having sex, rather than just referring to it obliquely with the fact that they're dating.
  5. Winchester: Actually pretty solid. There's some pretty good tension in the earlier parts of the film, and it's visually amazing, plus there's some great casting. It does start falling apart a bit in the third act, But overall, it was solid, despite all the horrible reviews it got.
  6. I remember this being an issue with the Snap Shot rules in 6th and 7th as well. Invisible Airplane? Might as well move my Havocs to a better position while shooting it, it's not going to make things any worse. I'm trying to figure out how I would word it to make it so that it's at most a +/-1 from each side, so if the target had a -1 and the shooter had a -1, it would go to -2, but you couldn't get there just by stacking defensive buffs.
  7. I really like the way his tunic was sculpted to show it stretching with his motion. The Contrast paint brings out that detail perfectly, too.
  8. The Lake on Clinton Road: It manages a couple of semi-effective jump scares, but that's it. Not worth it.
  9. I'm hoping that the addition of Progressive Objectives will be enough to offset the plague of "go second, hide until the last turn, jump on all the Objectives at the last minute" that I ran into way too often the last time they did fixed game length.
  10. It was 3 in the morning. I get very literal at that time of day 😉
  11. Given that most hereditary titles were originally awarded for military accomplishments, they're basically just a fancy way of saying "my dad beat up your dad"
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