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  1. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    I'm good to go whenever.
  2. OK, if we're doing the pics thing, fear the neon green speedos of the northmen!
  3. Orks are pretty much his core thing, but he does branch out.
  4. I'd heard he had to drop from this year's OFCC, but not why. That's a real shame. Best wishes to him and his family.
  5. It stuck with a lot of people, but the title is kind of hard to remember, so there are an amusingly large number of results from even a very loose description of it on Googls 😉
  6. I know exactly the story you're talking about. The Quest for the ‘Blank Claveringi’, by Patricia Highsmith. Hitchcock edited the collection. That one really stuck with me, too. I still feel a bit uncomfortable about snails to this day.
  7. Just got around to reading these. Really cool stuff, thanks for sharing! "The most recent animal recorded is the cave's only snail, which has inhabited the cave for slightly more than 2 million years." I like to deliberately misread this as referring to a single snail, rather than a species 😄
  8. I hadn't realized it was available for Mac. For some reason, I thought it was just Windows and mobile. Got it installing on my laptop right now. So yeah, I should be in for an Ordo league. Dibs on the wooden spoon! 😉 EDIT: Whoa, this is funky. Feels like my first couple of games on the tablet, when I felt like I was playing against the interface more than the other team. Good thing there's the campaign mode so I can at least sort of get the hang of the controls before I'm playing on someone else's time.
  9. I'm not sure I'm comfortable jumping into a more broadspread league, but if the Android version is compatible, I'd definitely be interested in dipping my toes in with an Ordo League.
  10. Raven Guard do also have a CC tendency. It's been emphasized more in past editions, but there are still elements of it there, in their Warlord Trait, Special Character, and Relic. But I also looked back at their old entry in Badab War vol.2, and their Chapter Tactic in there was basically Furious Charge, same as the Blood Angels had at that time, so BA might be worth consideration as well. That said, the Red Brethren special rule that they also had would fit very nicely with Grey Hunter rules. Finally, the original fluff for the SW, from Rogue Trader, didn't really have any particular wolfy aesthetic to them beyond the chapter symbol, and they were a much nicer grey back then, too.
  11. Those are looking more and more awesome every time you update! Like I said before, I really hope I get a chance to play on that table at some point during the weekend.
  12. Just watch out for the rounds where you have to work over black primer!😈
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