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  1. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    That works. See you on the pitch!
  2. The current Hellbrute Model represents one that has been heavily mutated and warped, but it's still fundamentally a Chaos Marine wired into a machine. Same as a lot of depictions of Chaos Marines themselves show them with warped armour and various mutations, but they're still distinct from actual Possessed Marines, who do get the Daemon Keyword.
  3. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    Sunday morning works. Just give me a time, so I can be sure to be up and have my coffee ready by kickoff.
  4. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    The rest of this week is kind of busy. Saturday evening or pretty much any time on Sunday, I could manage. Next week, Tuesday is probably best, but I can make pretty much anything work if we get it nailed down soon enough.
  5. It is water based, but that doesn't mean there's nothing nasty in there. Plenty of uncool stuff is water soluble. It does thin better with a medium of some sort (I use GW's, but I assume Vallejo's would work just as well) than with water. Using soft tone instead of thinning down the strong tone will keep that protective layer more solid as well, even if still not as well as a proper sealing coat. Another thing I like about using the Army Painter washes or something like that over the whole Model is that they give it a uniform finish, without some parts being shinier or duller than others.
  6. When you say "Strong Tone", are you talking the stuff in a can, or the ink wash? If the stuff in the can, try just the ink wash on the shields. Or, in either case, try the corresponding Soft Tone. I haven't had an opportunity where it would have been useful to try this, but a tip I heard for masking stuff like this is after you lay down the masking tape, lay down another thin coat of the colour that's underneath it. It's supposed to help seal the edges of the tape down so the colour you're applying next doesn't leak under.
  7. I liked a couple of the additional ideas here. Like limiting it to only half of each Player's deck being on the Tier 1 list on that page, and banning History of Violence and Dangerous Footing.
  8. Yeah, her show could be thought of as a horror series just as easily as a super hero show. The mental/emotional beating she takes actually keeps getting worse as it goes on.
  9. So, I'm looking for this book, and the cover was blue? or maybe green? I think? 😉
  10. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    Not to mention the only way I've managed to win a game 😉 Seriously, this league has given me a whole new appreciation for just how bad the AI is, and how far I have to go as a coach. It's been an excellent learning experience (lesson 1: Don't play Norse until you actually know what you're doing 😉 ), and I look forward to future games against real opponents.
  11. That is looking really good now it's enough to really see the whole form of it. The smaller bits were cool to see, but like this, it comes together better as a whole.
  12. See, that's what I like about JJ. She's someone I can identify with pretty well, other than the super strength. Different strokes for different folks. It did get a bit overwhelming in this season at points, but in general, it's something I like.
  13. Yeah, this is correct. I got a chance to look through the book, and there are no restrictions on which Factions can be on the same side.
  14. WestRider

    Ordo BB2 League

    A little, but mostly I think any uneveness was more the result of me basically still having a starter team at this point in the league. It's been a real learning experience, tho, so I think all the losses have been worth it.
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