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  1. Sorry for the short notice, but tonight isn't going to work for me. Coming down with something, it's got me all feverish and I can't pay attention enough to deal with BB2's interface. Next couple of days probably aren't going to be much better, the way these things tend to go for me. When's you next good time?
  2. That was one of my fave things about the previous AP/Cover system. It didn't work in all regards, but it did perfectly capture that aspect of Space Marine operations.
  3. I just wish they had non-video guides and tutorials. I can never get anything from videos.
  4. Somewhere, there apparently is a Vietnamese place called Viet Nom Nom.
  5. There's a Chinese restaurant around here called Pau's. Every time I see it, I think it should be T'pau's.
  6. I'm kinda curious what this would look like today. The MCU in particular has turned out some record-setting flicks over the last seven years.
  7. I think as much as anything, it's the way she carries herself. Manson, at least in Doom, just gives off this vibe of fragility, while Ritter can sell it when JJ's punching a moving vehicle hard enough to stop it or something. Also, like I said, something about the neck to head proportions. I really do need to get around to watching Veronica Mars at some point. EDIT: Shark Night: Way heavier than what I was looking for. One of the big reasons I like shark flicks, and other creature features, is that there's generally no intentionality, no malice. There's just something hungry, and a bunch of poor fools who have the misfortune of being delicious. This one has a human behind it all, and malice aplenty. That's not inherently a problem, but when I'm in the mood for one, getting the other doesn't work well.
  8. Keep in mind, I've only seen Ritter as Jessica Jones, but yeah, Amy Manson comes pretty close to that. Her neck looks too skinny to hold up her head with the extra weight of a helmet on it. As I said, it does have its good points, and it's on Netflix right now. There are definitely worse things you could watch to pass an hour and half or so. The Ring: Watching it today, the true horror is in the reminder of what searching the internet was like in '02. Not to mention just VHS tapes in general. Ugh. Joking aside, it's a good flick, and its success and fame are fully justified.
  9. Monday evening would be better for me. 7PM PST sounds great.
  10. Doom: Annihilation: Very hit and miss, in nearly all aspects. The fact that I watched it shortly after re-watching Event Horizon, and it fell short in basically every regard to a movie more than 20 years older, certainly did not help my impression of it. I thought some of the acting was actually quite good, particularly the banter and camaraderie within the Marine squad, but most of the stuff that was supposed to be more emotional was pretty bad. A lot of the props looked fairly cheesy and cheapo, and many of the fight scenes felt too "video game-y", for lack of a better term coming to mind. Also, I felt like the lead needed to be someone less fragile-looking. Krysten Ritter came to mind immediately as a better alternative to Amy Manson, while still having a similar appearance and vibe. In the final analysis, altho it did have its good points, I really can't recommend it.
  11. @BoscoWhen's a good time for you to play? I probably shouldn't schedule anything internet-related for the next couple of days, because we're expecting a storm to knock the power out, but from the weekend on, it should be alright.
  12. I've done that a few times. If you have it at appropriate volume levels, tho, it's sometimes sort of hard to follow what's going on in the game 😉
  13. 5th definitely had a lot to recommend it. I enjoyed it more early on in the edition, before the Codex Creep kind of got out of hand, but the core 5th Ed rule set is very solid.
  14. Not usually anything specific for 40K, but I like putting on the Conan and/or 300 Soundtrack while playing WarCry.
  15. Tremors, Tremors 2: Not high cinema, by any means, but they are a whole lot of fun. (I do think the first one would have been better with Christian Kane instead of Kevin Bacon, but the timeline couldn't have worked out for that.) The second one is way better than any direct-to-video sequel has any right to be. A clear addition to the list of properties that didn't suffer from sequelitis.
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