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  1. Dave's gone Skiing is an awesome song. Anyone listen to Toto enough to recommend an album like this, or is it a one off amazingness?
  2. It's cuz the marine crew jumps out, duh.
  3. "If my opponent can play the game..."
  4. 'Pumped up Kicks' is just an Indie cover of 'Jeremy'
  5. That's what you get for judging an audiobook by its reader.
  6. Kinda my point. 😞 he was an inspiring individual.
  7. And not [big bad swear word] for coverage mentioning it.
  8. Grant Imahara passed away a few days ago. The world is amiss without him, and is better for having had him.
  9. You've never been to a youth recital, have you? Gotta start training them young.
  10. As a 710er, I support adding another to out ranks. Shared with greats such as Nicola Tesla.
  11. It was at 6. I wonder if this is to create a false narrative of huge demand.
  12. Clearly, it's function is to represent season 2 of Discovery, which means Necrons are Human Time Cops?
  13. That's the Laziest Doomrider to date. pffft The Void Dragon and the Tech Primaris are lit as frump
  14. Was doing some reading on the evolution of serfdom in Russia yesterday. It disgusts me, and disheartens me, how little has changed internationally in over 5k years.
  15. Ish, you say things in seriousness?
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