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  1. Was attempting to post the how to play video, but it's not on youtube, yet, and the way they have it embedded, well, you get the picture. https://warhammer40000.com/apocalypse/
  2. Apocalypse: How To Play And Website Now Live! Eager to learn more about Apocalypse? We’ve got some great news – we’ve just finished work on our dedicated Apocalypse website. This is your essential online resource for the game of massive battles in the 41st Millennium. Discover the factions you’ll be able to use, pick up gameplay tips and learn to play ahead of the game’s release with a massive new video tutorial from none other than Becca Scott. We’ll also be storing all the Datasheets from the game here, free to download. Keep checking back for these daily, as we’ll be uploading them to the site soon! Come the official launch, you’ll be playing like a Warmaster before you’ve even opened the book! Check it out today.
  3. Faction Focus: Astra Militarum Welcome to our latest Faction Focus! In this Apocalypse rules preview, we’re checking out the indomitable Astra Militarum – an army with more tanks than some Factions have infantry. If you’ve got an army of Guardsmen you’ll be taking to Apocalypse, or if you’re looking to field a Detachment alongside the rest of your Imperium forces, read on… Play Style Astra Militarum armies in Apocalypse have some of the best and most varied armoured units in the game, capable of crushing their foes with a dizzying array of tanks and walkers of all shapes and sizes. With the scale of Apocalypse, you’ll be able to field an army of tanks where each unit fulfils a distinct role – columns of Bane Wolves and Devil Dogsincinerating infantry while Basilisks and Manticores devastate your foes at extreme range. One place the Astra Militarum really excel is in their Characters, who reward you for tactics and strategy rather than sheer shows of might. Many Characters possess the Officer special rule, which allows you to generate even more Command Asset cards in order to unleash even more of these powerful abilities on your foe. In Apocalypse, each Detachment gets a Warlord, so you’ll want as many as you can get in an Astra Militarum army! Several key support Characters allow you to enhance your army even further – a Master of Ordnancemakes Basilisks, Wyverns and Manticores even more terrifying, while a coordinated air-strike called in by an Officer of the Fleet will leave even the toughest enemies reeling! Of course, it’s not just about the heavy armour – the Astra Militarum have access to some very solid infantry. On the massive battlefields of Apocalypse, Tempestus Scions using their Deep Strike ability are perfect for picking off far-flung foes, while Guardsmen are superb for holding objectives. Don’t underestimate their lasguns, either – they might not be much on their own, but with enough of them, you’ll be able to down anyone who dares get in your way. Top Units The Leman Russ The Leman Russ is the tank all tanks wish they could be – a reliable stalwart that’s been part of Astra Militarum armies since… basically forever. As you’d expect, this classic battle tank is as much as a workhorse in Apocalypse as it is Warhammer 40,000, with a huge variety of weapons to choose from and the ability to fire its main weapon twice to boot. The Baneblade Well, it wouldn’t be Apocalypse without the Baneblade, would it? This massive war machine (and its various brethren) is just as deadly as it is in Warhammer 40,000, with its frankly dizzying array of weaponry allowing you to tangle with pretty much anything your opponents throw at you. With 5 Wounds and a 6+ Save, the Baneblade is incredibly tough by the standards of Apocalypse, too. With the new Baneblade box letting you build any variant out of one set, the only question is which you’ll choose. Deathstrike Loved. Feared. Laughed at. The Deathstrike is one of Warhammer’s most infamous units, and with good reason – they’re deadly, ridiculous and the perfect encapsulation of the Imperium’s rather extreme approach to warfare. In Apocalypse, the Deathstrike has the potential to deal utterly catastrophic damage should it be lucky enough to fire. With damage resolved at the end of the turn, your opponent may not even be able to shoot it off the table in time to stop you. Top Command Assets Psykers of all stripes have access to some awesome new powers in Apocalypse, allowing you to harness game-changing Command Assets. Any Astra Militarum army is going to want to grab a Primaris Psyker for the purposes of harnessing Psychic Barrier – the perfect way to render any wall of armour even harder to breach. One of the most thematic Command Assets available to the Astra Militarum is Brutal Strength. Available to Catachan forces, this makes an entire Detachment utterly lethal in close combat. Just wait until Colonel Straken punches out a Khorne Lord of Skulls… Will you be taking your Astra Militarum force into the battlefields of Apocalypse? It never hurts to grab a few more Leman Russes. In the meantime, more Faction Focuses are on the way – check out everything so far in the Apocalypse Index.
  4. Apocalypse Faction Focus: Orks Waaagh! Far too many ‘umies in these Faction Focuses so far, eh? We’ve looked at da Beakies, da Spiky Beakies – now, it’s the turn of the 41st Millennium’s most warlike xenos (and that really is saying something) – the Orks! In Apocalypse, the green tide swells to a tsunami of bodies, rusty steel and dakka! Playstyle In Apocalypse, Orks have an incredible numerical advantage over their foes. There are few problems they can’t solve with enough bodies. Indeed, their Faction ability allows them to capitalise on their vast volume by giving you free attacks whenever you roll a 6 to hit, in shooting or in melee. Of course, it’s not just the footsoldiers – a key advantage of Orks in Apocalypse is their dizzying array of vehicles, walkers and war machines. Generally speaking, units in Apocalypse need a higher roll for SAT (Strength Against Tanks) than SAP (Strength Against Personnel) – you can learn more about how these work in our first rules preview. In practice, this makes low-Power vehicles like Killa Kans, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggiesand the humble Trukk especially awesome – your enemy will have to use more firepower than average to destroy them, and you’ll have suffered no great loss when they’re destroyed. Dread Mobs and Speedwaaaghs! alike will both be great in Apocalypse forces. Orks have access to some nifty Characters, too. Painboyz, Meks, Nobz with Waaagh! banners – you’ll be able to stack up aura abilities, kustom force fields and so on to transform even the most meagre units into a force to be reckoned with. Top Units Killa Kans Choppy, shooty and only costing a handful of Power, Killa Kans are perfect for Apocalypse. As we’ve pointed out above, these guys are very durable against anti-infantry firepower, while their weapons allow them to go toe-to-toe with pretty much anything in the game and come out on top. We’d recommend stocking up on rokkit launchas to make the best use of their decent (by Ork standards) Ballistic Skill of 4+. Big Mek With Shokk Attack Gun How do you get a Snotling to kill a Titan? Simple – it’s all a matter of the force with which you throw it. Big Meks with Shokk Attack Guns are among Apocalypse’s deadliest shooting units, capable of dropping two shots with Destroyer (causing two blast markers on a successful roll to wound) up to 60” away! That’s enough to nearly scrap an Imperial Knight! What’s more, Big Meks will help keep your vehicles up and running with their Big Mekaniak rule. If you’ve got a few Power to spare and need some extra dakka, this guy is a top choice. The Stompa This is it – the Orkiest Orks model to ever Ork. The Stompa truly shines in Apocalypse, armed with a terrifying array of weaponry, incredibly difficult to put down and capable of delivering 20 of your killiest models straight to the heart of the battle. The Stompa is awesome because of its ability to go the distance in your biggest games, softening enemies up at extreme range… …before getting stuck in with its mega-choppa, perhaps one of the best melee weapons in the 41st Millennium. Our recommendation? Get two* – it’ll be worth it for the expression on your opponent’s face alone. Top Command Assets While the Orks are brutally strong, they’ve got plenty of kunnin’ tricks up their sleeves too. We love Grot Shields – an option that lets you take blast markers off your most precious units, and reassigns them to some unfortunate Grots – perfect for keeping your Characters safe in the biggest of battles. Everyone knows that while Orks have some great firepower, their accuracy leaves a little to be desired. We’d recommend putting your shootiest units into a single Bad Moons Detachment to make maximal use of Armed To Da Teef, which allows them to re-roll hit rolls. Talk about Dakka! If you’re looking to unleash carnage with your Orks on a larger scale than ever before, Apocalypse is for you! Just make sure to pre-order your set on June 29th – and, if you’re in need of some more Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, make sure to grab the Orks Spearhead Detachment! * One for Gork, one for Mork.
  5. Prepare for the Apocalypse – Part 3 In our latest peek at Apocalypse, we’re exploring how your massed ranks of warriors cause damage to anyone foolish enough to oppose them and we’re taking a closer look at how Command Assets can make your army more flexible and deadly. Damage As you’d expect when massive armies and deadly war machines clash, devastation is the outcome. The scale of such destruction can’t be represented by six-sided dice alone and so Apocalypse uses twelve-sided dice too. Of course, this can just mean that there are even more sides that ignore the whispered prayer, “anything but a 1”! When attacking, you use a D6 to see if you’ve hit the target, just as you would in Warhammer 40,000. However, to represent the larger scale of Apocalypse battles and the masses of deadly weapons, you use a D12 to see if you’ve caused a wound. If you roll above the SAP or SAT for the weapon that you’re using, then the target unit gets a small blast marker (we looked at SAP and SAT in our last preview – catch up now if you missed it). If a unit already has a small blast marker at this point, it is removed and replaced with a large blast marker. At the end of each turn, in the Damage phase, you then take a saving throw for each blast marker that a unit has but you roll a D12 for each small blast marker and a D6 for each large blast marker! For each failed saving throw the unit gets a damage marker, and when the number of damage markers equals the unit’s Wounds characteristic the unit is destroyed. So, let’s say that Guilliman is fighting a Khorne Lord of Skulls, and the Lord of Skulls attacks with its great cleaver of Khorne. If it gets four hits, then you’d roll four D12s and compare the scores to the SAT of the weapon (the Primarch of the Ultramarines is so large that he counts as a tank). Now let’s say that you roll 3, 8, 10 and 11 – that’s three successes, so you’d normally put three small blast markers next to Guilliman. However, since the weapon has the Destroyer trait, the number of blast markers is doubled! Also, since you place the markers one at a time, this would mean that Guilliman would get three LARGE blast markers instead. Assuming that he takes no further damage in the Action phase, this means that Guilliman needs to take three saves in the Damage phase, each with a D6. If he rolls 2, 3 and 5, then he would get a single damage marker and so he lives to fight for another turn! In general, the more blast markers that you can assign to an enemy unit the better! Command Assets Command Assets are cards that can have a massive impact on your games of Apocalypse and we’ve already taken a look at a few of them in our Apocalypse Faction Focus previews. They represent you being in control of the battlefield, issuing extra instructions to your troops and using esoteric weaponry to defeat your foes! There are two kinds of Command Asset – universal (which say “Apocalypse” on them and can be used by anyone) and Faction specific (which will have the name of the Faction they are for). There are also some Command Assets, such as the psychic powers, that can only be used if your army contains certain units – if you don’t have any Psykers, you’re not going to be firing any mental bullets at the enemy. How They Work Before the game starts, you construct a deck of 30 Command Asset cards that are available to your army and shuffle them. Then, in the Orders phase, draw one card plus one additional card for each Warlord in your army, up to a maximum of 10. The text on each card tells you the effect of the card and when it can be played. Awesome Assets With 400 Command Assets to choose from, there are bound to be some that you want to include in your decks. Some are very straightforward and do things such as increase the survivability of a unit. Some Command Assets let your units take a free action. For example, Honour the Chapter allows a unit to Fight when you play it, meaning that they could Fight after making a Shoot action (which is normally only allowed for Super-heavy units) or letting them Fight twice! Psychic powers can be particularly gruesome for your opponent. Even if you roll badly with Gift of Chaos, for example, you’ll put a blast marker next to an enemy Character, meaning that they could take damage in the Damage phase, but if you roll well, you’ll replace them with a Chaos Spawn! Of course, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to bring back some old favourites such as the vortex grenade. These are just a small selection of the Command Assets available. You can really build a deck that helps to emphasise the strengths of your army (or the weaknesses of your opponent’s) and playing the right card at the right time can change the game. Join us again tomorrow as we bombard you with even more Apocalypse content. With all of those blast markers flying around, you’re going to need plenty of units to soak them up – we recommend Start Collecting!boxes as the perfect place to find new recruits for your Apocalypse army.
  6. Faction Focus: Chaos Space Marines It’s time for another Apocalypse Faction Focus! In our previous rules-packed preview, we looked at the indomitable Adeptus Astartes, while today, we’re looking at their heretical cousins – the Chaos Space Marines. Playstyle In Apocalypse, the Chaos Space Marines are a deadly “hybrid” force, capable of dealing superb damage at mid-range and in melee. Using overlapping aura abilities from key support characters like the Exalted Champion and Dark Apostle, even Cultists can be transformed into brutal killing machines – particularly when combined with the Let the Galaxy Burn Faction ability. Chaos Space Marines offer loads of choices when it comes to how you want to play them. Let loose your inner Warsmith and feed hordes of Cultists into the meat grinder, unleash terrifying hordes of Daemon Engines under the command of the malefic overlords of the Word Bearers, or launch devastating high-speed assaults with Raptors, Warp Talons and Chaos Bikers – the choice is yours! Top Units Khorne Lord of Skulls This is Warhammer 40,000 at its most extreme – a living embodiment of a power metal solo with enough skulls to make the Blood God say “steady on there”.* This is the Khorne Lord of Skulls – a brutal engine of destruction that is utterly incredible in Apocalypse. You see, the Khorne Lord of Skulls gets stronger as you damage it, meaning that your foes risk empowering you by attacking you! It’s a tactical nightmare for them – and a gloriously deadly unit for you. As if that wasn’t enough, they also benefit from all sorts of Daemon synergies from Greater Possessed and Khorne Daemon allies, making it simple to supercharge. If you’re looking for a solution to problems like your enemies being alive, this is it. Abaddon The Despoiler In Apocalypse, the overall leader of your forces is known as the Warmaster, Given this guy is the Warmaster, it only feels fitting he should lead your army to conquest and glory! Providing re-rolls to hit for all nearby Black Legion models, and immunity to morale to the Heretic Astartes, he’s a key lynchpin for Chaos Space Marines of all stripes. What’s more, Abaddon is exceptionally hard to kill thanks to his 3+ save… on a D12! We’ll be going into how damage is resolved in Apocalypse tomorrow, but rest assured that Abaddon’s Dark Destiny ability makes him exceptionally hard to kill. For a truly awesome Warmaster, you can’t go wrong with Abaddon. Chaos Space Marines Big guns win battles – troops win Long Wars. If you’re building an Apocalypse force, you’ll want to take a few squads of Chaos Space Marines, who work as superb objective grabbers. Armed with bolters, they’ll be able to mow down enemy infantry at midrange. Alternatively, try a full-sized squad of 20 with chainswords, and use them to mulch Boyz, infantry squads and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in their way! Top Command Assets Chaos Space Marine Command Assets allow them to unleash tactical ploys and malefic powers that have some incredible effects on the battlefield. Delightful Agonies, for instance, allows you to supercharge a damaged unit and is particularly nifty when combined with multi-wound models with solid close combat profiles like Daemon Princes and Defilers. Other Command Assets let you harness the might of the Chaos Legions with powerful options representing their preferred tactics. Black Crusaders, for example, lets a Black Legion Detachment Advance up the table, Shoot their foe, then Fight in the same activation, making for a devastating combined strike! If you’re looking to bring your Chaos collection to their biggest battles ever, make sure to pre-order Apocalypse next weekend. If you’re looking to reinforce your Chaos army right now, why not grab Abaddon? * Only joking. Khorne has never, ever told anyone to “steady on” about anything.
  7. Endgame Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, mostly because it didn't carry on at the end like Return of the King. The majority of the fight scenes were fun bubblegum. Asgardians of the Galaxy 3 will be a great movie. Dr Strange is almost as big of a dick as Superman. The time travel was very comic book-like, and that made it easier to swallow.
  8. Captain Marvel Meh. It was alright. The fight scenes were cinematic. The acting was good. The dialogue sucked. Still better than Catwoman
  9. It sounded like the majority of the body was. I'm not sure about coverage on the wings. Body coverage included windows, but I don't know the full extent of the coverage. And I haven't asked Wikipedia yet lol
  10. The "problem" is, Toho is still making Gojira flicks the way they have always made them, see my review on Shin Godzilla as an example. Compared to the most recent set of Hollywood Godzilla flicks, they are "comical." As rudra stated, Gojira always has been, and always will be interpreted as specific world events unfurled with or without Japans involvement. I don't believe the American flicks to have any of this sort of thing in mind. Unless King Ghidorah is the North Korea, China, and Russia.
  11. Hmm. Do we have a release date for SoB? Could it coincide?
  12. Apocalypse Faction Focus: Space Marines Welcome to the first in our shiny new Apocalypse Faction Focus series! To prepare you for your biggest battles ever, we’re running through the different factions with an in-depth look at tactics, top units and play style. We’re kicking off with a look at none other than the Adeptus Astartes… Play Style At Apocalypse scale, a Space Marine army can flex its muscles at full Battle Company strength (or beyond), combining hard-as-nails, super-versatile infantry with a vast host of deadly Characters and versatile war machines. If you’re looking for a traditional army, battalions of Intercessors and Tactical Marines are capable of tackling most anything the game can throw at you. What’s more, Adeptus Astartes armies are more resilient to morale than most thanks to their And They Shall Know No Fear Faction ability, awarded to Detachments made purely of these superhuman guardians. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, however, the massive roster available to Space Marines opens up all sorts of armies never before possible in standard Warhammer 40,000. Ever wanted to field a lore-accurate Battle Company in full strength? A crusading force of Iron Hands Dreadnoughts? An Air Wing of Stormravens, Stormhawk Interceptors and Thunderhawks? Whatever kind of army you want and however you want to play, Space Marines have you covered. Top Units Intercessors Troops are just as useful in Apocalypse as they are Warhammer 40,000. After all, destroying the enemy is one thing, but you’ll need to capture objectives and hold ground to win! Intercessors are incredibly useful for their durability and versatility. Against infantry, they’re capable of scything down squads with bolt rifle fire and respectable close-combat attacks, and they can even threaten tanks in a pinch. When the dust settles after the battle’s ended, you’ll thank yourself for having taken a few of these. Roboute Guilliman Commander, bastion of inspiration and close-combat beast – you can’t go wrong with Roboute Guilliman. Even on the vast battlefields of Apocalypse, the Ultramarines Primarch makes for a terrifying force. Thanks to the Destroyer trait – which doubles the blast markers placed on units you wound – and excellent SAP (Strength Against Personnel) and SAT (Strength Against Tanks) stats. You can learn more about how these work in our rules preview, but it’s fair to say that the Emperor’s Sword will make light work of pretty much anything in your way… Meanwhile, Guilliman possesses a suite of invaluable tactical abilities. Author of the Codex Astartes gives you more Command Assets to choose from, while Master of Battle gives you the ability to change which Order has been issued to an Imperium Detachment, allowing you to react to your opponent’s plans. In short, Apocalypse gives Guilliman a battlefield worthy of his (well-deserved) reputation. Repulsor Executioner Arriving just in time for Apocalypse, this new battle tank offers the Space Marines truly terrifying firepower. Both the heavy laser destroyer and the macro plasma incinerator boast superb stats to match their awesome names… …and each can fire twice provided the Repulsor Executioner moves less than half of its full allowance. The only question is – which will you pick? With Knights, Baneblades, Lords of Skulls and even Titans running around, you’re going to want at least one of these onside to deal with them. Top Command Assets In Apocalypse, every army has access to Command Assets – tactical plays that represent your grand strategy that can change the tide of battle. Each Faction can use universal Command Assets, or Faction-specific choices that represent their distinctive abilities and the character of their sub-factions. Flamecraft, for example, lets you unleash devastating fusillades of Small Arms (a weapon category in Apocalypse) and is perfect for the Salamanders’ mastery of short-range warfare. In Apocalypse, Psychic Powers take effect on a much larger scale. Taking the form of Psyker-specific Command Assets, each has devastating effect. Null Zone is an excellent Adeptus Astartes option that can strip swathes of the enemy army of their saves, allowing you to unleash some devastatingly effective attacks. We’ll be looking into how Command Assets work in more detail on Wednesday, so stay tuned. In short, in Apocalypse, your Space Marines are utterly deadly! Check back soon for more Apocalypse previews – we’ll be posting all of them to this nifty index for your convenience. If you’re looking to conquer the most epic battlefields of the 41st Millennium with the Adeptus Astartes, pre-order your copy of Apocalypse on the 29th of June – aka Warhammer Day!
  13. If I'm going to be in the habit of only playing a couple times a year, playing with all my toys at once is very worth picking up for myself.
  14. NAOC ABNCP has a Faraday Cage encasing it. I wonder if this allows continued flight in EMP conditions, or if it only protects the electronics in the Staff Cabins.
  15. I'm liking the direction this is going. Interested to see if the intercessor example is 10 wounds, or if the 5 models counts as 2 wounds total. I would think the former, otherwise guardsmen at 1 wound would be severally imbalanced.
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