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  1. Shipping Method USPS Standard Shipping Products Unit Price Quantity Total D101-N52 $14.00 1 Pack of 100 $14.00 D11-N52 $1.10 1 Pack of 10 $1.10 D12-N52 $1.40 1 Pack of 10 $1.40 D14-N52 $2.00 1 Pack of 10 $2.00 D201-N52 $1.10 1 Pack of 10 $1.10 D21B-N52 $1.40 1 Pack of 10 $1.40 D22-N52 $0.20 5 $1.00 D24-N52 $0.32 4 $1.28 D42-N52 $0.43 10 $4.30 Sub Total: $27.58 Shipping: $5.00 Grand Total: $32.58
  2. That is the reason I went with a FW Chaos Knight, Neo-Chaos Knight Kit, and Kytan instead of taking a leap to a Porphyrion or Warhound Titan, yet. I don't play enough to justify units that are going to collect dust. Those three will fold in nicely, and are reasonable for casual play. I still intend to use the AT18 stuff for a counts as army, just not sold on what, yet. I do want to use it for actual games of Titanicus, but I'm not sure anyone down here is playing. If I get a Photon 3d printer, I intend to go full bore into 6-8 mm models to play TIny Hammer. Perhaps with Apoc Rules. That makes the most sense, rules wise. Then I can get my Board Gaming group into playing Mini-Apocalypse. Gonna jump in the shower, and head down to the LGS to assemble models, see if anyone shows to game. Not gonna game, but I should socialize with the locals. Maybe set up some games during the week. I put away everything that is non-Knight, non-AT18, to focus on getting all these sprues taken care of. I bought the models to hobby and game, not to hoard them in boxes and not assemble them. Need to figure out Airbrush station, too. Pick up primer on way home. Bringing with me to assemble to priming stage: 2 Mini Porphys, 6 Mini Knights, 2 Mini Warlords, 1 Mini Reaver, 4 Armigers, 1 Knight Desecrator. A few of them are in various stages of completion, already. The KD has lower torso (minus plates) and most of upper torso (minus plates) complete, haven't touched arms yet. 1 of the mini porphys is almost done. Same with a couple of the Mini Knights, that I've posted pics of previously. Haven't touched them since those photos.
  3. I picked up the Adeptus Titanicus Porphyrion Knight kit, and Ironbelcher Air at the LGS. The kit came with two sprues, one knight on each, with weapons. I have one mostly assembled, have a lil more pre-assembly to do before priming it. I'd also like to magnetize it in 3 places, the guns at the elbow, the shoulder, and the waist. I don't have any small enough, so I'm that much closer to ordering. May do some research and see what sizes I should get, since I know other people have already done the hard part. The Mini Porphy is looking to be about the same size as an Aggressor, maybe a lil larger, I don't own any, and it's not completely glued together.
  4. Have you done any "master sprue" prints with the photon, and made two part mold for recasting with cheaper materials?
  5. Printing 6-8mm for AT18 is the biggest reason I'm looking at the Photon, otherwise I'm with you, torg, wanting that larger volume.
  6. Yeah, even $230 is more than I'd drop for fairies. Does this box hold that value for our Eldar players?
  7. Is $279 for a Photon a good price? I mean, 20 less than Amazon, and it is direct from Anycubic.
  8. My goal is to have the 4 Armigers done, and the Desecrater all but done when the resin arrives. Then I can decide how I want to mix and match armor. I haven't glued the armor on my other knights, either. This will give me a great opportunity to spread the 2 sets of Chaos leaning armor throughout the force. >_> And time for magnets to arrive. Can't find mine, and LGS isn't stocking at the moment. Need to get some for my AT18 stuff, too. I did locate a small bit of Insta mold. I may order more, if I'm going to be ordering magnets. I think I'll use the Desecrater Chassis as my Lord Commander. Then, all I need is a Preceptor for that cluster of 5. The Acheron, Castigator, and Kytan will need the Lancer and the Atrapos. Hmm, I didn't think of the Magaera or the Styrix on the standard Knight Chassis. And another Desecrater/Rampager Kit, round it off at 8 of those guys for the time being. I think I'm way off in wish listing now, as is I have 12 super heavies. Oh, one of the guys I play with is interested in Apocalypse, as am I. Plenty of opportunity to utilize. I'm thinking about getting super familiar with that ruleset and get people playing that. It's a win-win, I get to play with my knights, they don't feel so intimidated. I'm so close to BattleTech, I'm mclovin it.
  9. Whelp. So, I am looking at getting a Kytan, and a Chaos Knight Conversion Kit. I did, however, pick up the new Chaos Knight Kit from the LGS this morning. Rough inventory including all the above would be at: 4 Armigers 3 Knights 2 Cerastus Knights 1 Desecrator 1 Kytan 1 Lord of Skulls I'm hoping to be able to do some Kit bashing with Armor plates and the like. Get the most bang for my buck outta the Spikey bits, so I won't be doing any armor on the Desecrator until the Conversion kit comes in. Try to find my insta mold so I can green stuff some of the rivets and battle damage.
  10. Exodite vehicles leave tracks, ergo, they are tracked vehicles, emirite. 😉
  11. I can't help but feel as though still running on 7th ed is detrimental to HH.
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