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  1. I think your posts are hidden, but I am not sure why?

  2. Someone in Admin keeps deleting posts of mine.
  3. In response to c19, publisher is releasing pdfs of a few products to... encourage social distancing? What ever, free books, get on it. https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/free_frostgrave_ebook_2020
  4. Yeah, I'm seeing that. Pretty sweet deal, $200, get full access. I may go that route. French is what I'm looking into, but having access for basic travel primers for Russian, Portuguese, and Mandarin would be wonderful, too.
  5. Any of our frequent fliers have a recommendation on language primers?
  6. My current group is trying to use Discord to be able to track notes and OOC stuff. Looks like they've used it instead of Skype for playing with a couple long distance party members. I'm not really a fan of discord, but I don't know if it is a custom interface thing, or what. Reminds me of old IRC chats.
  7. Oh yeah, and you can assign visibility ranges, fog of war, Darkvision, spell effects, etc. I had only started to fiddle around with that, but it was impressive for a free environment. My roomie prefers a dungeon engine. he got through steam via Kickstarter, I think. That said, the things he has as a result of paid purchase is pretty impressive. Beyond that, the GUIs look pretty similar. A bunch of preloaded stuff or support for various games.
  8. I played using roll20 when I was in Kentucky. Decent interface. Some free things. Private rolls. Ability to set up macros (eg. SWORD ATTACK (roll:1d20+PROF+STR:display result). White board can be drawn on, or import pics from. And we know you have ample pics to import, buddy.
  9. Check out the King of Comedy.
  10. Pretty sure it's part of the Eurasian tectonic plate. But truth is subjective these days. And I'm not a geologist. And continental drift from riding plates isn't the same as saying plates and continents are synonymous.
  11. You'd be amazed how many heads you can consume after using industrial equipment to pulverize them to a pulp.
  12. As Ish said, this was a very loose and broad stroke, abstract on Eurasian anthropology. It's why I started off teasing, due to Angles and Saxons being Germanic tribes, even though Ish has expressly stated being an Anglophile previously. ^_^ The minutiae, although super fascinating, surely, is a far deeper treatise than being afforded by Random Thoughts, and deserves more. The gist of it was establishing that Mediterranean Europe considered non Mediterranean Europe uncivilized Barbarians. I think I had largely assumed it was the Huns and Moors, but that wasn't standing up to even my own admittedly ignorant scrutiny.
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