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  1. 🤷‍♂️ you'd have to check the stats. It prints the volume I'm wanting/needing, so I bit after exploring other 305mm+ for a few days. I don't recall hearing it mentioned one way or the other in any of the reviews I watched. Best I can tell, it is likely a 5 with a larger build plate. The 5 Pro may address it. Not sure the diff between 5 and 5pro, since neither were large enough.
  2. I think we are all well aware of how his helmet looks. What I am saying is the beskar that is protruded, protecting the more vulnerable visor, will protect it from lightsaber to the face, or most things. A direct shot in the inch/inch and a half is a far cry from the 3/4 helmet that Dredd wears. A glory hole.
  3. Otherwise, you are talking about adding a glory hole to Mandos helm, not going Judge Dread.
  4. Good thing we are talking about the helmet and face guard, not the visor.
  5. I was at Barnes and Noble, and saw models I was slightly interested in. I thought they were going to sell that stuff at Tar-get or Wally World. I feel for the FLGS that is now having to add 40k/AoS to the things they have to compete with BN over.
  6. "When your greeds combine, I am ChinaCast!" - Me, probably
  7. Watched Ep 5 at midnight, and again earlier this morning. The pacing is feeling drawn out, which is shiddy, cuz the episodes are already clearly primed for the 1hr syndication slot on ABC. So much of this episode is also dark as zuck. Squinting in the dark, 4 feet from a 55" uhd 'dark' ya dig? Probably my least favorite episode to date.
  8. It can withstand contact with Lightsabers, and gave the Mandalorians an edge over Jedi that other Planetary Systems didn't have.
  9. GW could have a far more aggressive business model.
  10. How long did you play in MTG tourny scene for, Pax?
  11. In the Land of Polynya Where the parents lie
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