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  1. I'd like to see it as an Italian pho-sion place in New York or Portland.
  2. I'm rewatching Star Trekula, and god damn if they don't love showcasing T'pol's tits. She also can't play a Vulcan to save her life; stop smiling! At least Scott is there to act for the entire cast.
  3. Crisis on Infinite Earths So, we have cross overs from Titans, Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Superman Returns, Batman The Animated Series, Adam West Batman, etc etc etc As such, there is a lot of great fan service. Having Kevin Conroy play old Bruce Wayne was awesome. Brandon Routh reprising Superman from Superman Returns, while continuing to play Ray Palmer, and that getting addressed was amazing, as well. I am among the supposed minority whom enjoyed Superman Returns, so yeah. I stopped watching Arrow, Legends, and Flash several seasons ago. Batwoman and Titans I have stayed current on. Black Lightning and Supergirl I may have seen an episode of at some point, perhaps a previous Supergirl/Arrowverse crossover. For Crisis, I went ahead and watched most of the relevant episodes in each separate show, forgoing the majority of Road to Crisis, as it wasn't sufficiently engaging for me to get engrossed in it. Once we get to Crisis, it is enjoyable enough. I enjoyed all the tie ins, and how things were handled. The Black Lightning Episode is probably one of my favorite in the whole event. Some of the practical effects, and cgi are pretty crappy, which is pretty par for the course with these DC titles. A couple of the fights involving the Kryptonians, I feel were a bit underwhelming considering the cousins abilities. If you like DC, Watch it. If you enjoy this level of juggling in shows, watch it. If you enjoy a few specific aspects, you can largely be selective with episodes and not miss out on too much exposition. Overall, it's what one has come to expect from WB/DC. With that in mind, I'd give it as a story arch 4/5 When compared to TV shows as a whole, 2.5-3/5 (as with most of the DC live action shows, due to production quality, story writing, acting)
  4. One gate per 5 buildings is required by the Office of Securing Heroic Adventurers.
  5. I mean, she's thin, I don't think that is the same as being in good shape. Her muscle definition is quite lacking in the photo, which suggests to my potato ass that she is in fact, not in "good shape," just a typical skinny person. Going toe to toe with Luke Cage, and showing him or her (don't recall which) stretch a Steel I-beam in seconds (taking ~40k # psi) suggests that both Luke and Jess are on par, or at least playing in the same game as their counterparts.
  6. It's one of those sleepers that got overshadowed by Return of the King, Finding Nemo, Pirates, I think a Matrix.
  7. Would highly recommend. One of my favorite movies, and comes up frequently in discussions for examples of awesome, practical effects, noir film, that John, especially, thrives in. One of those movies I know I've watched close to 2 dozen times. The atmosphere is similar to Dark City, or other 90s noir inspired films, without being a comic book. Great fking movie.
  8. It happens. Another good resource for WEG SWRPG is thetrove.net https://thetrove.net/Books/Star Wars/SWD6/
  9. If I could play the 5th Ed Templar in 8th ed, that would get me playing hoard armies again.
  10. No, rather it is cynical observation, that is all. ^_^ Hell yeah, it rocks to be those guys, or their children. Not meaning to undersell that, by any means.
  11. Really, when I lament what Chaos used to be, I mean Khorne and the World Eaters, by and far. It feels as though GW is treating the World Eaters as if they were Irish children from their spouses previous marriage.
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