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  1. Walker Smash! Blood for the blood god.
  2. Sorry, meant to DM


    STLs and presupported chitubox files

  3. How does this scale with AT18? Still a third again bigger, or so? Edit: found answer, at18 is 1/4 scale compared to this half scale. Scott, can you DM me the link, please?
  4. Okay, I now have IK, Custodes, and SM books. Picked up a Primaris Gladiator, as well. Motivation to keep working on the garage so gaming can commence.
  5. Solar Opposites Season 2 I deleted hulu after watching it. I knew better. I knew it was going to be of the same calibre as Rise of Skywalker, only reaffirming my decision to not watch the later.
  6. Needs more blood of christ for the blood god.
  7. My fish disagree. We are building trust, using their food drive. Result is goldfish sucking on my hand while I'm trying to clean. The oscars are bright enough to recognize the lack of food. I mostly jest, no need to contaminate their skin biome with mine.
  8. Kongzilla Mechagodzilla, NERV HQ, and plug suit time was severely under used. I'm not a fan of the MV Godzilla design, nor mechazilla, but the fit each other. Turkey bats should have started singing. I am pretty sure that isn't how defibrillators work. Having the pilot talking out the forward windows to the deaf person to his rear, repeatedly, was old. Fun movie. Doesn't feel like a waste of time, unlike Rise of Skywalker.
  9. I've rescued two plecos, and 5 fancy goldfish in the past few weeks. I need more space.
  10. Eh, we haven't seen the ramifications of futzing with the stones, yet. Though, if the comics are any indication, there won't be. 🤣
  11. Being a contrarian put aside, my biggest gripe about the film, as mentioned previously, was using the same method as Superman The Movie to save the world.
  12. You mean you don't go caving on a bakers dozen of blotter?
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