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  1. Was doing some reading on the evolution of serfdom in Russia yesterday. It disgusts me, and disheartens me, how little has changed internationally in over 5k years.
  2. Ish, you say things in seriousness?
  3. Zach de la Rocha interviewing Chomsky is like Donald Trump interviewing Duke.
  4. Dedicated AA would have an easier time taking out Gargoyles or Winged Tyrants than an autocannon armed guardsman heavy weapon platoon.
  5. I hear you have to order them from China, they are that overused in the competitive scene.
  6. Agree with Scott, better aesthetics in the 30k Speeder. It fits the tanks in the Primaris range, nicely. Just give them primaris helms, and don't fret the size of the pilots.
  7. Vera Lynn's death out weighs Uncle Bens.
  8. Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember, how she said we'd meet again, some sunny day.
  9. 8th was a shooting edition. Saying shooting is hosed due to a change in Overwatch is just...
  10. My custodes are miffed about the bikes until given a reason not to be.
  11. They are a business first. I wouldn't expect a 20% reduction in New Army Costs°
  12. We knew it was a thing the moment Primaris were announced.
  13. Trader joes has cheescake kringles.
  14. Children are a renewable resource, oil is not.
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