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  1. Yeah. Watching Family Guy, it can be easy to forget.
  2. You should learn to drive, regardless of actively owning a vehicle. May I encourage starting with your Sports Engine Pilots License?
  3. "The Senate voted 17-12 to prohibit grocery stores and restaurants from providing plastic checkout bags. Stores will still able to offer recyclable plastic and paper bags for a minimum 5-cent fee. The bill will go to the governor after the House approves some technical changes." https://www.ktvz.com/news/oregon-lawmakers-ban-single-use-plastic-bags/1085349430
  4. I'll be the third to assert this. Bring your namesake, B$ 😁
  5. Me, too! I'm heading down to storage to grab my 40k and AT18 stuff. Hoping to play my single detachment IK list on Sunday. IK's IK lol
  6. BroG, to that point, it's not the models/rules, it's the book keeping that you find distasteful, correct?
  7. That is why we live in a republic, and not a democracy. Ehh, it was taxation of merchants and land owners, while purportedly not receiving the rights due all Englishmen; which tells you that it was rich men complaining about other rich men, a trend that had become quite a common theme by the 16-1800s. It wasn't until things like the Haymarket Massacre, or other violent actions taken or endorsed by government against workers that you see "equal rights" start happening domestically. Don't forget, the constitution and related documents were set up to maintain the Republic, not democracy. /RoCtoc
  8. "Is that a one or a six? where's my glasses" - Once per game, instead of a re-roll, you may change the facing of one die to that of your choice.
  9. Update: Fred Meyer South in Medford does, I repeat, does have plastic bags.
  10. I don't believe in "sin," Pax. It is an imaginary guilt complex developed for social control. Big Industry is doing what it can to pass this sort of thing off on consumers, instead of their bottom line. California's drought, for example.
  11. Good Omens Good, until the last episode. Never read book. Can see both writers influence, however.
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