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  1. GREAT ideas. You can use the Gorkamorka moving terrain rules for the chase scenario.
  2. That's 48" of Train...
  3. One thing that has been overwhelming is since my cancer diagnosis, lots of people have been generously giving to me and my family in so many ways. It genuinely has been too much to even process the love and support that has come from this community. It has gone to real, tangible things (I can pay bills!) and mental health breaks like getting take out when we're so stressed out. But there has also been a lot of anonymous goodies that have shown up, and these keep lifting my spirits. I'm not sure who did this, but someone sent me a train! And the sector mechanicus lifters! WOW! There's been other stuff, but I thought I'd post this as it pertains to Necromunda!
  4. Wow, what a ride! Crazy impressive stuff as usual, Shawn!
  5. Got a bit of work done for the first time in a while. Got a ton of priming done and experimented with smoke effects.
  6. I'll have free time after the 20th when school gets out. Maybe I could drive up the next Monday, just gotta get back in time for radiation at 4:45.
  7. Oh sure! Hmmm, gotta think of a day! What's your time frame? Thanks, Romans!
  8. They should be, right now my only symptoms are a gimpy hand.
  9. I plan on being there! look forward to seeing everyone!
  10. Thanks everyone! I've been, understandably, buried. This event means the world to me, I appreciate you all so much. Really feeling the love.
  11. Sheen Birds are in the Ravenor Books. Props on your crew!
  12. I spent too long trying to figure out a similar rendition using, "You're in here with me!", but I'm not clever enough.
  13. Got a lot done with terrain, but first had to clear out my garage to make my gaming space. Had to rip out a bunch of insulation... No I could set up my table and put out my work... I did more priming since this and I still have two of these to build...
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