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  1. Sheen Birds are in the Ravenor Books. Props on your crew!
  2. I spent too long trying to figure out a similar rendition using, "You're in here with me!", but I'm not clever enough.
  3. Got a lot done with terrain, but first had to clear out my garage to make my gaming space. Had to rip out a bunch of insulation... No I could set up my table and put out my work... I did more priming since this and I still have two of these to build...
  4. I too was looking at the venators and Artel W for an arbites band... I was thinking a Leader, a champ, and then gangers. Shotguns/Combat Shotguns, Stubguns, Shock Mauls, Autoguns, and Carapace Armor. Could convert to bolt pistols as a swap.
  5. 4 single can towers, 4 connector bridges, 2 triple can towers, and two generators and its all built. @PourSpelur is coming to help paint on Saturday.
  6. Moved operations into the garage... Here's all the stuff in boxes Tried this out to get some texture on the smooth pipes. Hard to see the subtle results Still gotta clear out all this bad insulation to make the nerd cave complete.
  7. You can hide a Stompa behind this thing!
  8. Ya know... I'm trying to set up a monthly Necromunda campaign with some folks...
  9. I finally found it!
  10. 😊 I really like the aesthetic of pipes kn the battlefield. I had to trim them down with a dremel to get the height right so they work as barricades. My other plan was to use big PVC pipes as smoke/steam stacks/vents. I need to get some batting from Michael's but this steel wool gives the idea. I have these fake candle led tea light things that'll go inside to complete the look. Got a bit more work done on my buildings and Ezra started another can tower. A while back, Ordo donated a bunch of terrain to Warporch and I decided I could bump up the quality of this one by adding some armorcast stuff. And the base of this was a special 711 mug for Cowboys and Aliens that I've been meaning to use as terrain for forever.
  11. GIJoe taught me to be wary of twins...
  12. 3 buildings, a bunch of pipes, 4 upright can towers (like the one above) and then all the walkways, plus so armorcast resin pipe walls, and I think it should be dense enough.
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