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  1. Things are...ok? I've been hella depressed for a good 2+ years and been dealing with financial and health catastrophes. Just barely getting by and navigating job issues while being disabled and old(er). Its been rough. But, outside of that, lots of great things going on and I'm emotionally so much better off now. Trying to get some dopamine with Necromunda and it's mostly working.
  2. Incidentally, I actually made rules for this!
  3. Hey yall, I'm not going to try and catch up everything here, but I have been working on Necromunda! You can see it all here: https://www.instagram.com/flugerhousegaming?igsh=MTRmcmF5OXZ5bGMxbA== I got the can terrain like 80% done and then lost steam to finish it completely, but it still looks great! My big project has been custom made zone mortalis tiles. been playing in my garage running a few campaigns and it's great!
  4. fluger

    Sad News

    Yes! That's it.
  5. fluger

    Sad News

    First of all, wanted to let you all know I still think of Ordo and all y'all did for me last year when I got diagnosed with cancer. I was hoping to make OFCC this year and get back in now that my masters is done. Anyway, I have tragic news to share. A great member of the Seattle wargaming community, Tobin Lathrope, has been fighting his own cancer battle. Sadly, he is now terminal and decided not to continue chemo. I forget his handle here, but he was known in the Seattle 40k scene and its pretty rough. Tobin has been a force of positivity in the scene for ages and its really upsetting. Anyway, just passing the news on.
  6. GREAT ideas. You can use the Gorkamorka moving terrain rules for the chase scenario.
  7. That's 48" of Train...
  8. One thing that has been overwhelming is since my cancer diagnosis, lots of people have been generously giving to me and my family in so many ways. It genuinely has been too much to even process the love and support that has come from this community. It has gone to real, tangible things (I can pay bills!) and mental health breaks like getting take out when we're so stressed out. But there has also been a lot of anonymous goodies that have shown up, and these keep lifting my spirits. I'm not sure who did this, but someone sent me a train! And the sector mechanicus lifters! WOW! There's been other stuff, but I thought I'd post this as it pertains to Necromunda!
  9. Wow, what a ride! Crazy impressive stuff as usual, Shawn!
  10. Got a bit of work done for the first time in a while. Got a ton of priming done and experimented with smoke effects.
  11. I'll have free time after the 20th when school gets out. Maybe I could drive up the next Monday, just gotta get back in time for radiation at 4:45.
  12. Oh sure! Hmmm, gotta think of a day! What's your time frame? Thanks, Romans!
  13. They should be, right now my only symptoms are a gimpy hand.
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