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  1. I'm a teacher so my instinct is turn the question back on the asker: "Well, what do YOU think is the answer?"
  2. Agreed. You mean super powers don't automatically fix a lifetime of abuse? Shocking. I remember enjoying S1 but as the episodes went on, I had the growing horror of realizing exactly what it meant for JJ to Killgrave's slave for so long. The fact that she doesn't go full-on killdozer and destroy entire city blocks out of rage shows her strength of character.
  3. I haven't even find a 3e rulebook yet
  4. Yarbicus


    Guild is all I have played. I loves me some fascist gunslingers.
  5. Yarbicus


    I actually know very little about 3e. Just started listening to Third Floor Wars to get into it. I used to use Dashiel extensively but his 3e version might not be my cuppa. Maybe Hoffman?
  6. So which ones do you suggest?
  7. That I beat him at OFCC? Seems worthy of note.
  8. Yarbicus


    Malifaux is the only have that would seduce me away from 9th Age.
  9. That unit had 31 modes when it broke. That was a LOT of dice throws.
  10. My friend's band Contrarian:
  11. Ha! Another fantastic weekend! Always great to see old friends and make new ones.
  12. I'll be the guy with Orcs and Goblins. Nothing ride. Just lots and lots of greenskins.
  13. I should be around Friday evening and could use the practice.
  14. Yarbicus


    Anyone up for some Malifaux this weekend? I'll bring my crew just in case!
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