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  1. Um, i was born July 12, 1967 and if you have played against me...well...let's just say sharing a birthday with a historical figure is not all that meaningful.
  2. Agreed! Hinterland, Happy Valley, and Shetland are among my favorite show of any genre.
  3. One of the greatest nerds to walk the Earth. Thank you for the worlds you created with music. RIP
  4. Have you read the books? She is described as more Samoan than Kiwi but the character is very well written in both the books and show. And Avasarala is even better in the books now that I have a voice in my head.
  5. Those two are examples of how perfect casting can really elevate a show.
  6. S3 was when SyFy gave up on it and S4 is based upon the weakest book in the series imnsho. Really looking forward to S5 since that is my favorite of the books.
  7. I think that I love you in a mostly platonic fashion.
  8. Last minute plan change. Looks like I won't be coming after all. Sad panda.
  9. I'll end up at Dark Tower around 11:30 and see who is around. We'll just go from there!
  10. 'Sup, liches? I should be hitting town about 11 am. Who's up for lunch? And then meet at Dark Tower? Somewhere else?
  11. Maybe I'm actually a sacrifice...
  12. The only issue I take is that anyone would choose me as an emissary for anything. I am up for playing pretty much anything. For minis, I am ready to go with 40K or 9th Age. I would love to play Malifaux but I haven't done anything with 3e yet. I have Infinity but have never played. So, you, typical Yarb BS.
  13. Ray Donovan 4.5/5Amazon Prime has S1 available until December 1 so I gave it a shot. I loved so I signed up for the 7 days free with Showtime so that I can binge the rest.It is like a contemporary Sopranos. I liked the Sopranos but there were so many pointless plot lines that went nowhere. Plus, Tony was, at the end of the day, just a sociopath. Ray Donovan is much tighter and more focused. Ray is also much more nuanced and complicated.
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