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  1. That's pretty much how I feel about every movie in the SnyderVerse. It all looks pretty is so empty and unsatisfying. Kinda like eating an entire bag of gummi bears in one sitting.
  2. Doesn't really matter. Metal or plastic work. Thanks
  3. I need 15 Rangers in pretty much any condition as long as they are complete.
  4. Just finished The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larson's new biography if Churchill's first year as prime minister. Like all of his books, he masterfully uses "normal " people to illustrate his primary subject. And Churchill is such a bizarre character. However, it is not as compelling as Dead Wake or Devil in the White City. Once the US enters the war, the just abruptly stops.
  5. Another legend gone. RIP
  6. Sicario: Day of the Soledad I poor sequel to an awesome original that is made infinitely better when you know that Isabel Reyes is actually the live action Dora the Explorer and imagine that Benicio del Toro is a heavily armed Boots.
  7. They are pure pulp. Fun pulp. No real deep exploration of class inequality beyond "rich people are selfish bastards." Mostly, all characters are selfish bastards.
  8. I have. S1 was mostly the first book with a mishmash of the other books with a massively altered ending. S2 has almost nothing to do with the books.
  9. Episode 5 of Altered Carbon s2 and I'm out. It is just plain boring. The first season was unique and exciting. This one is none of those.
  10. You had me at "Clancy Brown. "
  11. Um, i was born July 12, 1967 and if you have played against me...well...let's just say sharing a birthday with a historical figure is not all that meaningful.
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