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  1. Great! My schedule just kind of blew up but let's see what we can figure out.
  2. Anyone in the Seattle/Eastside area up for some practice games? I haven't played since 8th first hit and could use some practice.
  3. Timeless advice! I have actually been playing longer than many of my opponents have been alive. I am in the Seattle area and the scene here is a lot less organized.
  4. New Ghost Ship Octavius.
  5. I have decided to take 3 5-man Assault Squads, one with Jump Packs and 2 sharing a Rhino. How should I kit them?
  6. And Kirkland. We have been without plastic bags for a couple of years now and the world has failed to end.
  7. Great start! That blue really pops. I have a ton of the original Kev Adams O&G sculpts from the Kickstarter that I hope to get painted in time.
  8. Pretty much how I feel. I feel dirty with less than 10 man squads.
  9. Are there advantages beyond CP to having only one detachment?
  10. Thanks! That is excellent advice.
  11. Your advice is solid, for sure. I might look into adding some bikes.
  12. I haz no attack bikes.
  13. First list try: 2000 Pts - Space Marines Roster Battalion Detachment (34#, 671 pts) 1 Imperial Fists Captain 1 Imperial Fists Lieutenants 1 Imperial Fists Rhino 10 Imperial Fists Tactical Squad 10 Imperial Fists Scout Squad w/Combat Knife 10 Imperial Fists Scout Squad w/Sniper Rifles Spearhead Detachment (24#, 762 pts) 1 Imperial Fists Thunderfire Cannon 10 Imperial Fists Devastator Squad w/4 Lascannons 1 Imperial Fists Drop Pod (for two small Dev Squads) 5 Imperial Fists Devastator Squad w/4 Hvy Bolters 5 Imperial Fists Devastator Squad w/4 MulitMelta 1 Imperial Fists Captain Vanguard Detachment (15#, 510 pts) 8 Sternguard Veteran Squad 1 Imperial Fists Drop Pod 1 Imperial Fists Apothecary 5 Imperial Fists Terminator Assault Squad w/3 Light Claws, 2 Hammer/Shield 1 Captain Lysander, 130 pts (Fists of Dorn; Storm Shield; Iron Halo; And They Shall Know No Fear; Icon of Obstinacy; Rites of Battle; Teleport Strike)
  14. My Imperial Fists need to multimelt some faces! What have you got?
  15. So, is it now legal to charge out of Drop Pod as soon as it lands?
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