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  1. It wasn't just girls who watched the tv show...
  2. I turned 13 in 1980 so this movie is aimed squarely at me. This is perhaps the most 80's movie ever made by people born during or after the 80's. Think of it as the Back to the Future of super hero movies. It is bright, hopeful, and full of glorious excess. Pedro Pascal's character is the living embodiment of the Me Generation. Kristen Wiig's character felt superfluous but she did a great job as the anti-Diana. Also, dang, I had no idea she could look THAT good! The director is clearly also trying chart her own course when making these movies. It would have so easy to dren
  3. I will be writing a full rebuttal of your review once the pecan pie wears off.
  4. Will be watching later today!
  5. Yarbicus


    Price drop. If you want it shipped, let's talk.
  6. Yarbicus


    $250 for the lot Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine 20 Standard Tactical Marines 16 Scouts 25 Heavy Weapon Marines 10 Assault Marines 10 Jump Pack Marines 6 Leaders 8 Terminators 11 Sternguard 2 Rinos (one can be converted to a Razoback) 1 Vindicator 2 Drop Pods 3 Centurians 1 Primaris Captain 2 Primaris Lieutenants 10 Intessors 3 Inceptors 5 Hellblasters Partially built Storm Raven (original box and all pieces) Partially built Storm Talon (original box and all pieces) Tons of bitz
  7. My bones and muscles ache just thinking about it.
  8. Guitar builder I know has a similar app for different guitar options. I have spent many hours dreaming as a result.
  9. Thinking about coming for a visit this weekend. Anything interesting happening?
  10. I just noticed that I have almost 6,000 posts but only about 700 Reputation. I have no idea what that means but I hope it is like golf and a lower score is better.
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