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  1. This. Most of models are pretty old since my army started with a 3rd ed army box but I don't know when each model was made. Post a pic of wanted minis and I will see what I have.
  2. I might but I'm not sure which ones they are. Pics?
  3. I'm guessing that the new Codex will coincide with the new Kill Team release since it includes Kommandos and "orky" terrain. We have been playing lots of Kill Team lately and I am excite.
  4. Butt kicking! For justice
  5. So, it is zombie hamsters vs brussel sprouts with collanders on thier heads?
  6. Walpurgis needs to return to its homeland.
  7. I hope they buried him in a white belt. I loved that show and his character in particular. RIP
  8. I have noticed that they don't do this for every model.
  9. Is there a chart or something that shows official base size for units, specifically for Crafworlds?
  10. Interesting. I actually thought that it was better.
  11. Early in 8th, I bought a ton of Aeldari intendeing to build an Iyanden list. Never went anywhere and now, in 9th, my son has decided he wants to build his own Death Guard army so I have been finally building my army. Reading up online and, oh lawdy, are Iyanden really THAT bad? So, what do I do? My current "fix" is to just do a custom Craftworld to keep from totally sucking. What other options?
  12. When they showed the human warriors burying the box I thought that Peter Jackson needed to get some royalties.
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