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  1. I'm getting a box and want the Marines and rules. If anyone wants to split for the Necrons, or trade Marines for Necrons. PM if interested! 😀
  2. You got Beaky helms. I want Beaky helms. Think we can do business?
  3. This does not help at all. Lots of people (myself included) come to OFCC for the Team Event. It is a relaxed and fun event. Telling people that they can play in a standard smash face tournament is like telling people "Hey I know you came prepped for , and were looking forward to some boozy kickball. But we do have this UFC cage match tournament set up just in case you can't meet the kickball requirements. " This does not help. Again, not helping. You want to know what helping looks like, this is not it. Yes there are 31 factions listed. I have one army: Space Marines. My Team Captain has one army: Space Marines. And while I may be lucky enough to be able to afford buying the models for a new army, I don't have anything close to the time to paint a 2,000 point army. And what about all the theme teams that come every year? They prepped all year to bring a theme. To make such a drastic change with three months to go, I don't think is appropriate. This sums it up. What makes the Team Event so attractive to a lot of players is the fluff aspect. Its why I show up. If given enough time, I know our community can come up with fluffy themes and armies that fit the aforementioned criteria. I think a faction limit is a fine thing to do for OFCC 2021. But not for 2020. Please reconsider.
  4. This is awesome. Stuff is looking great guys.
  5. Don't do that. For all you know her favorite part of the hobby might be assembling and converting her minis.
  6. Has anyone in the area been playing Warcry? I would love to give it a try.
  7. That's why I'm looking forward to OFCC. I want to see the awesome themes and narratives people come up with for their forces, instead of netlisting FTW. I have had the awesome luck of playing the most awesome narrative driven games ever at OFCC. 😄
  8. I look forward to seeing some Sister of Battle armies at OFCC.
  9. I don't know. I'm pretty happy with the state of the game. WD is full of kitbshing articles, and lots of blog posts on the community site as well. However, now you don't HAVE to kitbash if you don't want to. Yes, there aren't as many options as there used to be. But then again, for me at least, that isn't a problem. I wasn't a bog fan of kitbashing all the time anyway. Maybe you were, and that's cool. So you now have rules for those options. They just won't be the latest and greatest any more. But just because something is old doesn't mean you can't use it. I mean, I use missions from old editions all the time. Heck, I even field my WHFB dwarfs army using *gasp* 7th or 8th edition rules! It turns out the rule books didn't get repossessed and I could still get games in. You don't have to be constrained by the ITC/Competitive Tournament rules meta. You can just play fun matches with your friends, and forge an awesome narrative on the tabletop. Just sayin'.
  10. Awesome! I'm stoked for you. :D
  11. Kings of War was around at the same time as WFB, and 9th Age uses different names for everything to avoid IP violations. So they'll served them right after McDonald's wins a case against Burger King for having similar food.
  12. Wait, wut?! Pax, is happy with change?! With a change that is GW doing?! This might truly be the End Times.
  13. PAX hit the nail on the head. ITC attracts a certain type of player. Most lovingly referred to as the WAAC (Win At All Costs) player. ITC is a TOURNAMENT system. The very core of the system is to run a tournament with players arriving to get onto the podium. They aren't there for a lore friendly match with a narrative goal in mind. It is matched points, go for the win. I don't like that style of play. I prefer narrative play. If the scenario doesn't favor me for narrative reasons. It's cool. If my side has more or less power level, that's cool too. I have made tactical decisions for my armies on the table not based on what was the best thing to win, but based on what I thought that character would do. I treat each game as a mass combat version of D&D. So when someone tells me they are playing ITC, they are telling me that they are WAAC. And I don't have time for it. To me it is the same as if someone started telling me about the latest thing on Infowars. Full stop. Hard pass. Have a good day, sir. I SAIDGOODDAY! Now, maybe you have enough time in your life where you can afford to go into a match knowing you are going to hate every minute of it. I don't. You enjoy playing 40K at a competitive high level. I don't. And while you don't like ITC, it is still a system and a community geared towards your interests. Those are not my interests. This is a hobby. This is something I spend money on to have fun. And I will not be forced to waste what little time I have to play a competitive match for someone else's benefit. You might be the exception to the rule. But in order for you to be the exception, there has to be a rule. I mean think about it. OFCC is the perfect example. It is a goofy fun event that lots of people enjoy. Lot's of people who never go to ITC events work on their armies all year for this one weekend. People come from all over the US and Canada in order to play in an event where the most coveted prize are favored opponent pins. It doesn't enroll itself into the ITC circuit. Why not? If it did there would be a ton more player's showing up. It would like NOVA or the Guardian Cup. Because if it did, it wouldn't be the fun goofy event anymore. Those people would be chasing the podium, and not favored opponent pins. It would be another WAAC tournament.
  14. No. It's not. We're all working adults with busy lives. Our hobby is awesome, but time consuming. So it has to take a back seat to work obligations, family commitments, community engagements, etc.. So when I do make time to play a game I have to respect my time and play in a way that I will enjoy. Because of I don't find fulfillment in the hobby then what's the point? And for me, being on the business end of a BS ITC soup army designed to put my opponent on a podium, and ruin my fun is not an example of respecting my time. That's a waste of my time; and I'm not interested in doing that anymore. I'm here for the beer and pretzels. For the lore and laughs. I spend hours painting my army because I LOVE telling fun, funny, stories on the table top with toy soldiers. Over the last year I've been able to make time for one full 40K match, and a handful of Kill Team matches. I had to cancel OFCC for work. So no, I don't have time to be someone's gaming punching bag. And no, it's not harsh to say, up front, "nope not interested".
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