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  1. I think I'm going to have to spend some more time with them. I like your results.
  2. Always remember to name your squads. Mathammer is Sadhammer, but Beerhammer is Funhammer. Thin your paints. Lore for the lore God! And remember that sometimes you have someone across from you who is just annoying the heck out of you, it's ok to just say "good game" and walk away. If you're in the Portland area I couldn't recommend the game night at ordo enough! So much fun! I really miss those guys. ...If you're a WAAC player, then you can also try Guardian Games. Play your army the way you want. Don't let people try and bully you into playing or painting the way they want.
  3. Are there events where I bring only one force org chart? Yes. All of them. 😃
  4. Run them as using Space Wolves rules. I wouldn't even worry about converting special units like wulfen, etc.. They are your army, and if you want to include those units in a Charcaradons army, then I say do it! Maybe they have been SW successors this entire time, and the tearing of the galaxy in two activated their latent wolfiness? Maybe they have been hiding the mutated marines away this entire. time. Who knows?! But don't let people tell you how to model or run your army. There lies the path to sadness. I look forward to seeing this project. 😄
  5. Well, Mox has online sales, multiple locations; and each location has a full restaurant and bar. Think of a nice brew pub with a Red Castle Games attached. They are always packed, and the magins on spirits is large. Especially when the only competition they have in that area in Portland is the GG kegorator. In terms of square footage, GG is larger in a single location. But given that Mox has multiple locations, online sales, and are present in a much larger metro area, they likely do much more in sales that GG. Not to mention the love Mox gets from Penny arcade and PvP. In other words, I think Mox is going to do just fine with their expansion into Portland.
  6. This is likely a good call. With Mox Public House expanding into PDX, it's going to be good to get, while the getting is good.
  7. So in preparing for OFCC I have been painting up my Space Marine army to OFCC standard, and building a single detachment list (as it should be). However, I have run into a slight problem: Shadowspear. As it stands, "Old School" means single codex. Now, CSM has had a re-issue of their codex in order to include the contents of Shadowspear, but not so much with SM. GW has shown their intent to include the contents of Shadowspear into the base codices for both CSM and SM (as illustrated with the publication of a version 2 of the CSM). Would it be fair to say that the contents of Shadowspear be considered as part of the base SM codex for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the "Old School" achievement?
  8. Into the Spider-Verse. I was amazing. I loved it! The Highwaymen. Also a great movie.
  9. I would have to say either Dark Angels or Ultramarines. Ultramarines are a fun faction in that they are simple, and the ability for everyone to be able to fall back out of combat and still shoot is really nice for a gun line. Dark Angels have the advantage of better overwatch (which lends itself well to a take and hold style of play), and with three sub-factions in one book you have lots of different ways to play. Which I think lends itself well to the longevity of an army.
  10. I would say, your first question should always be "what is more important to me: winning, or everyone having fun." Because if you want to win all your games, then bring soup and who cares what you bring. But if you favor everyone having a good time, don't bring soup. Don't nitpick about efficiency, or "what's best in slot". Scribble something out using the "rule of cool" and start working on the hobby part of OFCC prep. But that's my two cents.
  11. TL;DNR: the problem isn't knights, the problem is frankenarmies. Long version: It was indeed out last year. The Knight codex introduced the castellan, and the mini knights. I brought a four Knight list last year, and I think we had five fun games.... The issue with knights isn't knights, it's how they are supported. A single codex Knight army is tough, but not unstoppable. But knights in an Imperial soup army.... That's another animal. When I plan to play my Knight army, I always consider if I want to play solo or combined arms. If I'm playing combined arms, then I leave the castellan at home in favor of either a paladin or an errant. A lone paladin and or errant is just enough to make it interesting, but not enough to overwhelm. In a solo codex army, a lone castellan supported by smaller knights isn't too bad. Multiple castellan chassis knights would be overwhelming I think. But then again, it really depends on your opponent.
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