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  2. All 3d printing is going to take tinker time. I spent the same time with filament printers as I do with resin. I just get higher quantity of higher quality with resin. Both have their frustrations and logistics. Dialing it in is so satisfying and productive, either way. A good day with an FDM printer. The mech turned out great! (Older Monoprice Ultimaker iiiP) Trying so hard with FDM for clean 1/100 Abrams... not great. Never what I was really hoping for... Then it was Resin T-55AMs all day!! (Elegoo Mars2 Pro, here) Add T-72s and Leopards... Resin printing is where I will focus my 3d printing energy until something else comes along... I'm rooting for you to go for the Saturn, but man is Jupiter sweet!
  3. •Posted by u/newcoders Tabletopy - bring some ambience to your DnD campaigns, but also to your studying or working sessions. tabletopy.com/
  4. I finally have one! Also, I may have been the 2nd panel just a few months ago...
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