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  1. I read this as Console Church, which somehow seems more fitting...
  2. Pretty sure that deserves a meme:
  3. This is the gif url: "https://y.yarn.co/28b71f0a-2f06-404d-a766-814b8fd131dd_text_hi.gif" I went to this page, and right clicked on the image and copied image address, which is the address above. Ordo automatically converted it from the URL to the view-able gif. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/28b71f0a-2f06-404d-a766-814b8fd131dd/gif
  4. More in-depth deleting instructions. 1. Go to: https://www.ordofanaticus.com/attachments/ 2. Click on the link to the post associated with the attachment: 3. In the post I click Edit: 4. The delete button is a tiny garbage can on the image itself: 5. After deleting the image, I save the updated post. Also, I didn't select this particular host for the discussion board, but it's light years ahead of where we were. The 5 MB max for all attachments is pretty weak sauce though. Each image in this post is a screen shot that I ctrl+v pasted, no upload, no saving, just pasting.
  5. Yes, I can use your google image in my post! 🙂 The hard part is that google uses these shortened links that our discussion board doesn't like. I clicked your link and found this link to the image itself: Stupid google... There's probably an easier way...
  6. You have to edit the specific posts and then click the delete button for the specific attachment. I verified that it did remove if from my list of attachments and the total space used. Better hope there are just one or two culprits that are taking up the most of your space. Kind of tedious.
  7. This man believes what he is saying, and so do I. It's a soup... but it's not like any soup you've ever had...
  8. I was really surprised when the author wrote Patton out of the series. Wow, nobody is safe /s
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