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  1. But true... Shock assault is counter intuitive too as it pretty much always applies instead of when they charge.
  2. anvil industry.co.uk, good selection, good quality and dependability.
  3. Are you looking for alabaster type white? How glossy you looking to go? I really like super matte scale color paints (scale 75) but monument is out of Arizona and built the brand on white paint. Bought a bottle haven't used it yet... https://monumenthobbies.com/ https://scale75usa.com/
  4. Finally found my Warhammer fantasy bits box and the ogre isn't there 😢. I have no idea where he would have gotten to unless I co opted him for blood bowl. I'll check that next... I did find some golgfag's ogres and metal dragon ogres.
  5. Both are acceptable depending on nation of origin. As you typically speak of scotch whisky auto correct has learned your preferred reference.
  6. I think they fixed it! A friendly unit that contains 1 or more Vehicle or Monster models with a Wounds characteristic of 10 or more A friendly non-Character unit that contains 1 or more Vehicle or Monster models A friendly non-Character unit that contains 3 or more models
  7. I'm to lazy for the full whisk(e)y and my phone won't learn it as a word 😝
  8. The best whiskey is the one you like the way you like to drink it. I keep planning to make smoked ice but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. Still have this on the list of todos... Find fantasy bits to take a look...
  10. Yeah it's been a disappointing time watching meat prices... Get some pecan pellets, cast iron pans and start baking cookies and or muffins!
  11. The relic bolter is kinda awesome on a tech Marine keeps him cheap but doing something. Full servo harness gives you a plasma shot to use artisan rerolls on. I'd heartily approve of a tech Marine addition especially as it could be a tiny diorama of grots fighting over the guns!
  12. I might have a number nine kicking around my bits bin still...
  13. I've always found double shooting dreads to have huge weak spots as a result. I've always wanted a crushing combat attack. You pay a fair chunk of points for those attacks might as well make them mean something.
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