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  1. @PumpkinHead I wanna challenge you, and I guess your team!
  2. Hey! I challenged team imperial krusaders @Lyraeus quite awhile ago in their thread here is a reminder... @evil_bryan
  3. Good pros and cons list here... At least one chance to use the big fancy is what I'm excited about... Back and forth activations seems possibly difficult to track... @Munkie after I read all the rules I'll clue you in on how different it is and possibly include you in a BBQ game day...
  4. I'm working on it! The demo models I did over the weekend were to find very specific colors for projects I have 😃. I finished a devestator Cherub from grey plastic (unprimed) in 1.5 hours varnished and everything. I'll post him tonight. He is in my OFCC army of you wanna see in person in August. I'm currently painting a Goliath necromunda gang I'll post when done.
  5. You are spot on! I'm also intrigued by the idea of zenithal priming using both... Who knows what crazy things are possible...
  6. Or just know this guy...😝 And be in Bellingham
  7. @Edosaurus Rex or @Gorgosaurusrex If you still need somebody cuz I'm a horrible person...
  8. There are some awesome greens that would one thick coat their skin amazingly well. You have to put them over a light primer that flows right. The GW rattle cans for the system are pretty amazing 15 minutes to dry to paintable is slick and no odor I could detect after about 5 minutes. I prefer the wraith bone warmer more vibrant to the grey seer but most others I see defaulting to grey seer as it looks more "white". Test if you can as the base matters heavily.
  9. I have and I find them to be really cool and save me time on skin. The orange also is very good. I'm not sure I'll replace my entire style with them but they do very much cater to the way I already painted and eliminate some steps for me. I've gotten 6 Goliath gangers half painted in a couple hours. To get to this step before it would have taken triple the time for me. I'm done with the skin, leather and orange jump suit pants. Some of the colors are very dark/heavy but with a little of the medium they thin out super nice. I found that a half shyish purple half contrast medium is pretty equal to druki Violet the current shade over the grey base I was using but it's way faster as the paint dries quicker than the wash...
  10. I would but I'm helping Brendan avoid painting. BTW I'll have your shirt with me most of the time. I'm meeting up with Mike from our team today for a game 11am (dark tower) to whenever and I'm usually home during the week before you leave work so the hand off should be easy on your schedule.
  11. @SigurdBC play him this week and play me next week when I'm in town!
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