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  1. Looks goofy but you could plan the tank movement to reduce the rotational movement of the turret... All tanks need turret off to the side about 45 degrees
  2. Interesting thought... Rotate the turret as the tank moves so the barrel doesn't move at all...
  3. Or just be careful with the placement to limit the number of models in support range... Half inch will be limiting...
  4. The CP refund for the warlord was printed on the command benefits section of other detachments... I suspect the Titanic knights will expand the special rule of their character status to give the refunds. This will have interesting impacts on other Lords of war
  5. You don't have to cover... Just own and move on! Focus on their speedy stuff with shooting engage the slower stuff cut it apart! The mission expects lower unit counts, I was hoping for a tease of how control and force org slot interact... Just to feel secure in how much troops are needed or not as the case may be
  6. This is what I figured... As long as my Marine models have a ruleset I'll use it... Once it is only primaris structure I'll cobble squads together that way. Old Marines are everywhere so if the full replacement happens I'll just stock up on weapons and old bodies... This is kind of what happened to me with the third edition orks. The sculpts were so different I had to decide to either keep the old stuff and buy all I could to keep playing or sell my old stuff to those that were gonna cling to it. I got over fair market value back then in chaos marine models and the rest is history. I was too young and barely had 2k in 2nd Ed points to invest in keeping what would become a retro look. This time around loading up on retro will save me painting time!
  7. You can pry my Marines from my cold dead hands! Honestly though I'll field them as the sub par shlubs they are until they no longer exist. Then they'll be primaris Marines as I suspect primaris will be dropped from their name at the same time... So I'll always just play Marines!
  8. I played a single game of second... I do not look fondly at it...
  9. Digital gaming means no models to paint? Might be the answer to why do much 'Nid action.
  10. Hadn't considered varying the ratio depending on how stretched the sheer stuff was... <Slaps forehead> sounds kinda duh now that you typed it! That actually does sound very doable, simple and useful! Appreciation to you sir.
  11. About what ratio medium to color did you use for that sheer look? I've got some Malifaux rotten belles I've built but I'm afraid to paint due to visions of dresses matching stockings and this could be a super simple way... Paint dress no medium then add medium paint over already dry skin tones...
  12. Agreed, but in these uncertain times getting out of liability 100% to stay solvent is far better than risking it.
  13. I do but I'm in Bellingham...
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scale75/instant-colors-paints-for-gamers I love scale 75 and contrast paints have been my jam! These ones are formulated tough enough to skip the varnish step...
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