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  1. This the jack of all trades master of none shtick that Marines have leave them competing but not really able to capitalize on anything. I feel like with the little things that I'll be able to leverage the just keep rolling dice in every phase that works for the Marines. Those doctrines! So looking forward playing around with when to aim for what weapons getting a -1 ap. Heavy bolters at -2 is gonna be entertaining.
  2. Hey there ordo! Kinda surprised there hasn't been a thread opened up on this yet... Then again OFCC did just happen! Either way what ya all think? Lots of little buffs I'm finding. Dread strategem for half damage, points reductions, drop pod being actually useful, centurions getting additional attack and wound, tech Marine Gunner and thunder fire getting better stats, double shoot thunder fire strategem, warlord traits getting better, more relics, Chaplin litanies and baller relic. Redid my OFCC list and wow did it get better!
  3. I'll be circling back with more details but. Game one: Acribus (librarian) perfectly over watching overcharged plasma at charger. Slayed himself (preventing secondary chargers getting the extra movement) and hit with the other die giving me extra damage to capitalize on! Game two: Khan cookies... Some how finished 7 turns. Pretty sure we just played the same 5 turns late game but we rolled lots of dice and did stuff. Game three: having to advance my devestator centurions AND my thunder fire Cannon out of my deploy zone. Mission point random and came up be out of your deployment. Kinda figured this would happen but still managed to deploy these two slow pokes just to far back. I even ended up command point re rolling the thunder fire advance just to clear the base. Got my point tho! Game four: almost killing Magnus the red through all his defense in a single turn. Stupid reroll misses mechanic! 3 separate mortal wound things rolling 3 denying me the reroll then -1 hit means swing and a miss. Magnus had 2 wounds left after that flank hit him hard. Also the reaction on my opponents face when all of my Marines on the left flank charged into tzangors he was not expecting that! This was in competition for my fav game. I also kept ” warming up” my paltry single two die deny the witch dice, bringing a chuckle to him, and not working at all. Game five: my 6 scouts spending 4 turns effectively in his deployment zone on an objective and surviving! The army supported them just right killing just enough and it slowing down vehicles enough to let them hide and avoid assaults. This was my favorite opponent.
  4. Totally cool he can just have it no purchase required. @pretre @Huffnpuff I do reserve the right to consider @Huffnpuff my champion and claim part of the accolades he wins! 😋
  5. @Huffnpuff I bought a ticket but it is super unlikely I'll be attending. If you want my spot post and I will definitely not be on time
  6. VonVilkee


    I still don't have my 3rd Ed stuff sadly... Nor the time to track down printables. I'll watch any game that does happen!
  7. Something is gonna die first turn... Best you can do is force a poor choice on your opponent. If the whole force is phobos equivalent who cares! It is still wounds on the table. Difference between T6 and T7 with the new chart is pretty negligible.
  8. Can I get some more pictures in here? I'm gonna try... Success!
  9. Let's make it official! @Edosaurus Rex @evil_bryan We danced around this challenge earlier in the year time to make it official since I got one left!
  10. That is some practiced control application there. Very doable but skillfully done!
  11. Time frames are looking difficult for me, might not be able to make it in time to the venue... Keep my ticket but also feel free to replace me 😣
  12. Seems like it but only if you want unique units. The base codex still seems like it will be plenty for those that rail against special characters.
  13. I took it as preferred enemy could be a studied and research heavy style therefore they are always ready or it could be the more narrative they have fought the particular faction so much they are good at it. Could be either so I'm not bothered even narratively by changing it up...
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