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  1. Well done! Yeah thinning with medium helps keep it bright and the primer matters.
  2. I agree with dark trainer, I have both vinyl and neoprene. But my vinyl mat is only 3x3 never considered replacing my front line gaming 6x4 mats.
  3. The Malifaux community loves Mats by Mars and they are good. The vinyl feels just fine the roll up easier and are lighter to transport than neoprene. Plenty tough as well. I will caution that I've never rolled dice on them and I doubt they muffle the dice clatter. Final point Mats by Mars does overlays which are super cool for games with pre measuring and hidden objectives like Malifaux. The overlays are optional as the mats seem basically printed on demand.
  4. Agreed we in the north have doubled our player base recently and encourage inquiries to play this wonderful new edition.
  5. Did any one look at the Inquisition one? It will actually require the index as it is only an update to it!
  6. Malifaux you say!? Sadly I have plans Saturday morning I might have some time in the afternoon. Feel free to plan whatever but if you end up with a gap in plans 2 ish to dinner (what 5) I'd totally give ya a game.
  7. I didn't my first time but the general idea is remember only three turns... And point a squig ridden by a grot at something and eat it. Rolling triples helps with this! Initiative is a wild ride you'll see.
  8. Not I, already buy too many things to conceivably play...
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/GvVtJ4DzVoMHkQsq6
  10. I'd be interested in a set of the printed materials. Book, cards, tokens etc. I'm gonna buy my own box but I like having two copies of the materials for speed of learning and identical sets of cards (enforcer v enforcer anyone?)
  11. Regular cleaning helps keep the glue flowing... I've definitely done this pattern with thicker or old glue: dip in glue, touch model, dip in candle flame to eliminate glue then rinse repeat.
  12. I have yet to break one. I use a Zippo lighter to clean it as CA glue is very flammable, for long glueing sessions I light a candle. As for the glue itself I put a puddle in what ever handy piece of trash lid I have. Hope these tips help.
  13. Zombie horde trope is awesome for Necromunda. There is a disease already in the fluff that breaks out occasionally.
  14. All I can say is YES! and use contrast paints for the yellow. They will be up and running in no time.
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