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  1. Did any one look at the Inquisition one? It will actually require the index as it is only an update to it!
  2. Malifaux you say!? Sadly I have plans Saturday morning I might have some time in the afternoon. Feel free to plan whatever but if you end up with a gap in plans 2 ish to dinner (what 5) I'd totally give ya a game.
  3. I didn't my first time but the general idea is remember only three turns... And point a squig ridden by a grot at something and eat it. Rolling triples helps with this! Initiative is a wild ride you'll see.
  4. Not I, already buy too many things to conceivably play...
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/GvVtJ4DzVoMHkQsq6
  6. I'd be interested in a set of the printed materials. Book, cards, tokens etc. I'm gonna buy my own box but I like having two copies of the materials for speed of learning and identical sets of cards (enforcer v enforcer anyone?)
  7. Regular cleaning helps keep the glue flowing... I've definitely done this pattern with thicker or old glue: dip in glue, touch model, dip in candle flame to eliminate glue then rinse repeat.
  8. I have yet to break one. I use a Zippo lighter to clean it as CA glue is very flammable, for long glueing sessions I light a candle. As for the glue itself I put a puddle in what ever handy piece of trash lid I have. Hope these tips help.
  9. Zombie horde trope is awesome for Necromunda. There is a disease already in the fluff that breaks out occasionally.
  10. All I can say is YES! and use contrast paints for the yellow. They will be up and running in no time.
  11. I'm not sure GW even knows what's in those boxes it's been so long 😇
  12. They already have their own detachment rules ... To fit with the spit balling I'd say assign actual force orgs to them and say that Lords of war occupy three slots each... This would solve other Lord of wars as well. You want a Lord of war HQ? You are spending CP, other slots you are just fine.
  13. When a more casual player agrees to ITC it is a different social contract... Gamers have never been good at clearly communicating with one another. Infested was totally right with the Goodwin principal thing. Edit: I think I'm actually gonna walk away now, feeling satisfied that if others read through this they will have a better understanding of ITC than what was spouted in ignorance.
  14. Which is why I'm trying to educate you so you can turn back the tide in your area my man. ITC is only a circuit the Frontline gaming guys added a few "house rules" and put together a generic tournament pack. Gamers are lazy and started referring to it as ITC. ITC is only a tournament circuit, report to them and get your players points, bigger turn out better points for the leader board. As a tournament organizer you can actually run whatever crazy style event you want as long as there is a ranking to the final standings submit it for points. That is actually ITC. Their house rules apply at their event and they made them available freely to others to use. It then took off cuz competition loves consistency. Once there was heavy consistency in tournaments, the general player pack started to see use in practice games, which lead to pickup games, which lead to this, in the Portland area anyway, casual gaming use of tournament rules. I love seeing casual gamers avoid using ITC norms as it allows those more competitive players know that it is either a game to dial back and just have fun or to find someone to actually sharpen their skills with. Those that abuse ITC norms would just abuse the book rules too but funny thing about the book rules is that they are harder to abuse due to the sheer variance of missions and scoring... Avoid getting tabled and it is really anybody's game.
  15. False! ITC is literally tourney, it stands for Independent Tournament Circuit. It is players wanting to practice so much that has bought it to the weekly what have you games. ITC should never be casual play, saying it is would be like playing Ard Boyz casually. Could it happen yes? Did it in those bygone days? Nope. This is down to the contract between players and that some players want to play ITC and some don't. Edit: and a third group not caring/just wanting a game. The ITC guys just ask more often and then it follows that ITC is played more often.
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