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  1. Done they are mid second season. I don't vassal but we used the discord for organizing for events too.
  2. Pretty sure it has some newer players. We've got a good friendly discord for it.
  3. HBO max was misbehaving today preventing us from watching it. Thank you for making the decision to go to bed instead of trying again! Watched Netflix Sleepover instead slap stick coming of age dealing with parents movie. Really fun great humor actors and actresses are great in the roles. Played just seriously enough but crazy over the top, excellent if that's your cup of tea.
  4. Hello there sir! I'd love those fanatics and catachans.
  5. I can still rollerblade/ice skate impressively. Given I played hockey for about a decade it shouldn't be surprising. Everytime I lace up it is wonderful.🥺
  6. Yep, but so super cool for shoulder icons and stuff.
  7. Pssst...https://popgoesthemonkey.com/collections/deathwatch Icon add ons for just about any kit.
  8. Haven't gotten the new book yet but regardless of if they can or can't you don't want to. If you want standard squads don't deathwatch. If you deathwatch you take the kill teams and veterans. As for buying boxes you can buy any of those power armors and use them as the stuff you want. Devastators box physical purchase is a veterans squad when building the list.
  9. Correct to the above. That "glue" is a solvent and it is awesome! Many say you can make a gap filling version by dropping sprues into the bit left at the end but I've preferred to just force very small amounts of green stuff in or slices of sprue and then let the solvent work to marry the sprue sliver to the rest.
  10. I linked the cheaper one... So that it fit the dining room aesthetic better I've actually got the big one... It is super nice I've been using greenstuff world texture rollers with air dry clay, glazes, perfect clear glue on translucent plastic among other things. I've found more and more reasons to use it since I've got it.
  11. I added a drying booth to my hobby area. It was focused on contrast but has been helpful for all kinds of hobby things. Greenstuff sculpting, basing and glueing in general
  12. It is tied to the little icons on your post like laugh whatever it all gets you a rep point.
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