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  1. The premise is that a medieval japanese village is being encroached upon by evil spirits. The players each take the role of a mystical samurai warrior trying to defend their home. Each samurai has a particular color and associated special ability. The village consists of nine tiles each with a special ability arranged, at random into a square. Each side of the square has a color that corresponds to one of the samurai. The spirits are represented by a deck of cards including a boss card that is inserted into a specific position. The other cards are random. The spirits also have colors which determines their placement. Spirits have an array of attributes that often work in conjunction with each other. One spirit is drawn at the start of each players phase. Without going fully into the turn sequence the game is one by defeating the boss spirit after having survived all the preceding spirits. They tend to overwhelm the board pretty quickly and players will need to cooperate closely and make calculated sacrifices in order to keep from being over run. I've played two games so far. Given the level of randomization, difficulty scale and synergy I think the replay value is pretty high. Cool art too.
  2. Sort of. Each wrestler has a unique 'crowd pleaser' action they can perform in any given turn. I figure this represents things like entrance theme or signature dances or whatever shtick is associated with that character. Many of the special moves also obligate you to roll for crowd reacts. This is good silly fun but its also essential strategy. Crowd pleasers give you access to special team bonuses. They are also the healing mechanic of the game and the way that you can remove negative effects in time to save a wrestler from being eliminated.
  3. Reading the rules now... It seems pretty well written. There is a strong emphasis on initiative. The best moves require coordination and manipulation of bonuses. The special dice allow for some highly volatile swings in fortune. More so than games with traditional dice. Pretty much every convention of professional wrestling is present. Not simply present but balanced in function and utility. Using the ropes and turnbuckles is essential. Showboating for the crowd is also required. There is a nice mechanic for representing the difference between heroes and heels. There is a shade of games like robo rally in that a carefully planned strategy will need to contend with chaotic changes. I'm pretty excited to try it out.
  4. I'm bringing rumbleslam! Who wants to wrastle!
  5. It's a bit similar to blitz ball. I'm reading reviews. I'll most likely pickup the starter and bring it down.
  6. Anyone play this? Wrestling has an interesting prehistory at Ordofanaticus. Maybe it's time.
  7. Do particular strategies start to emerge? I didn't really appreciate the possibilities during the first game. A few things occur to me now. -The police are not to be avoided. Especially mid to late game. Paying the fine is easily worth the protection this affords. Keeping ones corruption low for the privilege of moving the officer to ones most lucrative racket is well worth it. In most cases. -Gambling is better that it appears on first pass. The average payoff with the available rerolls and bonuses should meet or exceed the other rackets.
  8. For the first time in quite a while
  9. I'd attach them with rocks intact but then add some subtle details to suggest integration with the bases. Angular chips of plasticard. Maybe a piece of broken pipe. Less is more in these situations. It's also helpful to add just a touch of scattered debris elsewhere to sell the concept. Or not. I actually think those bases would look terrific with some organic details for contrast. You could leave the rock. Add a few more rocks. Maybe some flowers popping up through a crevice in the plating. I really appreciate when bases are detailed to a high standard with their own color scheme.
  10. If such a thing were done I'd rather see it integrated into the existing competition. No extra submission necessary. The whole event could just feature a 'best model' category but it would be a model already in play. A player wanting to be considered for the award could simply display their chosen model front and center on their army display. Any player not using figures they painted themselves shouldn't be eligible for any kind of 'best appearance' points. In my view. That said, I definitely endorse any and all efforts to encourage more painting and more quality painting. No matter how it's arranged. That's my favorite part of the whole hobby.
  11. Finally saw it tonight. I thought it was fine. It had all the stiff acting, implausible plot twists and explosions I look for in a space opera. I liked all the backhanded two-word plot reveals. I hope that was an intentional joke. Also the awkwardly long close ups on Adam Drivers sweaty face. Did he have sith flu? My sneaking suspicion is that these movies are made to be intentionally ridiculous. First because that's fundamental to the genre. Look up the comic book titles referenced by Lucas if you doubt that. These plots were never supposed to be coherent. But also because nerd outrage is an important part of the experience. JJ Abrams especially has injected this into the meta of previous projects already. He knows what will piss stars wars scholars off. He's seen The Simpsons.
  12. Probably my favorite game of the last two or three years. At its core its a retro styled platform adventure game in the style of the original playstation. But it then integrates almost every gaming concept that characterized the 1990's. Both technically and thematically. Style and story wise its straight surrealism. The references will frequently catch you totally sideways. The amount of secret easter egg content is astonishing. A real work of art. If you like games that are driven by concept and originality you really need to check it out. On PC for now. Coming soon on Switch.
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