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  1. Un possible. I can play a one day event but leagues just aren't in the cards these days.
  2. The prices are for loose cartridges in good condition. Whether you sell to us or not I would just say make sure to hold out for good prices on legacy stuff. It's worth money. It appreciates over time. I use pricecharting.com for estimates.
  3. Bad Batch. Pretty extreme. Well done but not for the squeamish. The film features cannibalism so be warned. If you can get past the gruesome subject matter this is a pretty brilliant study in no budget film making. The story is sparse and understated. The hook is the locations and the extras and the atmosphere. I had to watch it twice because I was in disbelief at how a common trick got turned on its head. It's a must see for anyone interested in the subject of practical effects.
  4. If these are still for sale consult rgtwishlist.com. The GBA isn't super valuable but everything else is legacy.
  5. Make The Rotting World Go Round.
  6. Contrast paint with quickshade. I think I can finish up using gesso. No regular hobby paint. This is much easier.
  7. I don't yet own one but we've been 3d printing electronics components at work over the past year including some custom bits. Its reached the phase where it merits its own work space. Are there units that print multiple pieces simultaneously or would you just get multiple printers?
  8. I'm really against picketing. I just don't know how to show it.
  9. The ones who make food to a high standard will do well anywhere. Many of them make good use of social media to update customers about location.
  10. A little. Mainly I recommend getting some extra lights and doing some test videos to work the kinks out. I've found that every space has it's own unique challenges. Shadows, ambient noise, reflective surfaces. Editing software is great but it's way easier when you start with decent footage. What I definitely would not do is shoot a whole sequence in an untested space.
  11. Many of the better carts have already relocated due to security issues at that location. I think its fine. I prefer more, smaller pods that are nearer to parks and quieter neighborhoods.
  12. One of the greatest psychedelic rockers of all time.
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