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  1. Since the normal theater isn't a good option right now. I added a small home theater setup to my art studio. Pretty close to entry level on each component including projector, screen, soundbar and an hdmi hub so I switch inputs easily. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm curious to pick the brains of anyone who has set this sort of thing up. How have you optimized picture and sound? Whats the best way to arrange seating? What else do I need to know?
  2. Picked this up yesterday. The lifted elements from Breath of the Wild are pretty obvious. But if your going to copy a game might as well copy a good one right? Puzzles are notably weaker which is my main complaint as I love puzzles but otherwise it's a solid game. The plot is that you are a mortal adventuring on behalf of greek gods... so not especially original but the delivery is almost entirely composed of dad jokes. Which some reviewers complained about but was my main motivation for picking it up. Exploration and combat are solid. Lots of skill tree options. Lots of neat gear
  3. I do pretty good until I hit a pebble.
  4. I have not roller skated for about thirty five years... until today. It was lots of fun.
  5. Anyone check out heroforge recently? I don't plan on ordering a lot of miniatures any time soon but I love the app.
  6. Dark Star Probably tied with They Live for the strangest of the John Carpenter projects. This movie lampoons the sci fi genre hilariously even before most of the familiar entries existed. I re watch periodically out of nostalgia. Really clever if you appreciate a combination of subtle references and low slapstick.
  7. Not if my space marines are life size.
  8. New Game Room Yo. Still needs insulation and furniture.
  9. Man, that's even worse. You've managed, somehow, to make me like this movie even less.
  10. Yeah. That's actually the worst aspect of this movie... the ostensible 'message'. Which, I think, would be something like 'no matter how good a guy is women will find a way to demonize and torture him for no reason'. I suspect it's very popular in certain, ahem, internet communities. All that said, there are movies I like with no redeeming moral value so I can't high horse about it. If you dig Roths stuff in general you may get something out of it that I didn't. Sometimes I miss the point.
  11. Knock, knock. Honestly, don't bother. Third rate thriller from mediocre director Eli Roth. Half credit for ditching the gore porn format and exploring a new theme but that's about it. None of the performances are remotely believable. Totally mis cast. None of the twists are remotely surprising. The 'money' lines get delivered in such phone in repetition that they lose all meaning. If you really need to see Keanus Reeves butt I guess give it a spin. But blecch.
  12. Sorry to welch. Hopefully gaming warms up again soon. Anyone want a game in cornelius?
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