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  1. Foiled! But I still want to try sevens with tomb kings.
  2. I'd be down for board games. Also could work on blood bowl team assembly.
  3. I'm curious if coaches have played around much with the rules for special stadiums, seasonal weather tables and the various other conditions in the death zone rulebook. I really like the idea of greater world-immersion and change ups. Part of why I'm on hiatus from blood bowl is because it had gotten a bit too predictable and repetitive. I think a league using the full range of options sounds like a great re entry. Anyone know if sponsored tournaments plan on doing this?
  4. So I got the Deathzone book and I’m digging all the zany Options but I was disappointed that the missing teams were not represented as they had been in previous editions. Any idea if this is en route?
  5. In my top five teams of all time. Thanks michaels!
  6. Awesome. Thanks. I'll try and research as much of that info as I can in the meantime.
  7. Is resin generally considered the best medium for these prints? I was planning to use hero forge stl files if that works.
  8. Oh nice. I'm thinking of doing a BB team like this. Is flash drive ok?
  9. We've been looking into it. The only possibility that I see is buying a license to sell 3d printed stuff. It would not recoup any other way.
  10. Any of it really. Blood Bowl in particular.
  11. I notice the WarStore is gone. Is there a decent US distributor currently?
  12. The RN Estudios figures are cool too... but also seem unavailable.
  13. I'm hesitantly considering a return to miniature gaming. Does anyone know a source for the Punga Khemri team? It's not listed for sale on their website and the kick starter is expired. Ebay also comes up dry. Thanks!
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