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  1. If such a thing were done I'd rather see it integrated into the existing competition. No extra submission necessary. The whole event could just feature a 'best model' category but it would be a model already in play. A player wanting to be considered for the award could simply display their chosen model front and center on their army display. Any player not using figures they painted themselves shouldn't be eligible for any kind of 'best appearance' points. In my view. That said, I definitely endorse any and all efforts to encourage more painting and more quality painting. No matter how it's arranged. That's my favorite part of the whole hobby.
  2. Finally saw it tonight. I thought it was fine. It had all the stiff acting, implausible plot twists and explosions I look for in a space opera. I liked all the backhanded two-word plot reveals. I hope that was an intentional joke. Also the awkwardly long close ups on Adam Drivers sweaty face. Did he have sith flu? My sneaking suspicion is that these movies are made to be intentionally ridiculous. First because that's fundamental to the genre. Look up the comic book titles referenced by Lucas if you doubt that. These plots were never supposed to be coherent. But also because nerd outrage is an important part of the experience. JJ Abrams especially has injected this into the meta of previous projects already. He knows what will piss stars wars scholars off. He's seen The Simpsons.
  3. Probably my favorite game of the last two or three years. At its core its a retro styled platform adventure game in the style of the original playstation. But it then integrates almost every gaming concept that characterized the 1990's. Both technically and thematically. Style and story wise its straight surrealism. The references will frequently catch you totally sideways. The amount of secret easter egg content is astonishing. A real work of art. If you like games that are driven by concept and originality you really need to check it out. On PC for now. Coming soon on Switch.
  4. Brick Bungalow


    But he can still play right?
  5. We call that the greater good.
  6. I like to drink bubble tea while I watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian... You might say. I have. A Boba Fetish.
  7. This is actually a whole series of games. I bought the whole run since it was cheap. It hearkens to heroes of might and magic. More dynamic graphically. Enemies are visible on the main map and move around. There is actually an element of dexterity and timing. Battles are turn based on a hex map. Plenty of creative synergy combining unit types, ability and sequence. Lots of upgrades. Fairly casual on normal difficulty. I especially like the way the maps unfold. There is quite a bit of backtracking but you don't mind because the quest chains naturally draw you back to resources from all points. Low level troops (mostly) stay useful even further in because of the unique combinations.
  8. In blokus each player starts with an identical set of geometric pieces that are placed on a common board. The player must place a piece caddy corner to their own piece without sharing an edge. It can touch an opposing piece in any manner which does not overlap. A player who cannot place must pass. The game ends when no player can place further pieces. The pieces are all composed of squares like tetris pieces. The player with the fewest remaining squares rather than individual pieces at the end is the winner. I'm still figuring out the strategy. A few things are apparent: Player larger pieces early. Block enemy corners. Don't create easy openings. Create open corners for your own pieces. Control the center. Identify spots for your own problematic pieces that are safe from opponents expansion and reserve them for endgame. Force your opponents to create space for you. It plays super fast. No math. No reading. No lengthy explanations. Recommended for all ages.
  9. Looks promising for the first time in a while. I'll bring a board game and hope.
  10. I really want to like this series. I dig the homages and the costumes and the tie ins and the cameos and the jokes. The main character though... I respect the chutzpah it takes to put your leading man in an immobile steel mask. There is some cinematic history to drawn on. I feel like the writers and director are letting everyone down by not giving an actor with the panache of Pedro Pascal more to work with. Virtually all his dialogue is plot driven exposition delivered with no color. I get that he's a grizzled burnout but this just isn't good writing. I feel like Star Wars works best when it has lead characters with real magnetism. I think Mark Hamill carried The Last Jedi about as well as he could given it's flaws. Han Solo, even in prequel form makes mediocre cinema fairly entertaining. The prequels, whatever else was wrong with them still had banter, motivation and pathos. The Mandalorian makes its main guy a mono syllabic straight man. Which has worked from time to time with the right screen presence. Combining this concept with a full body armor and a main sidekick who doesn't speak at all... It's just not much to chew on. Maybe I'm missing something.
  11. We tried for more than a year to host warhammer events with no real traction. Our current store is basically wall to wall with magic players every night now. We do have a new Tigard location but it won't be ready for a while. We could definitely host tabletop if attendance was steady.
  12. I use pink for a warm purple. Sky blue for a cool purple.
  13. Brick Bungalow


    New ogre team. Got me thinking about ogres. I've not played an ogre team but I have a few thoughts about how I would play them: *Ogres need rerolls. Two minimum. Use very sparingly. Mostly for bonehead-on-the-blitz. *Do you need to move? If you haven't yet failed a bonehead and haven't moved you have a secure tackle zone on a strength five player during the next turn. If you can get the job standing still, stand still. *Don't cluster. Usually. You will have guard-spam as quick or quicker than other strength teams if you want it. You want your big guys in a screen controlling the center with one covering the back field. *Throw team mate. You need it. For scoring and also as a second blitz. For cage breaking it will normally precede the regular blitz. *Starting with side step is pretty awesome... assuming you don't get removed from the field. Even when prone the runts can effectively block a gap and preserve the screen. *Frequent chances at triple block dice mean good odds on crowd surfs. Multiple big guys allow you to surf a whole cage if your opponent puts it near the sideline. *Run the ball with an Ogre. (mostly) Unless you plan to throw team mate. The runt is just too vulnerable. As well as being no faster. *Surround a loose ball as best you can before attempting a pickup. On your possession make sure lanes are blocked off since your odds of dropping it are good. *You need to inflict casualties. They are your primary source for SPP's. Your team sucks at covering the field without a numerical advantage. Role play. *Ogre skills in rough order of priority: Normal-Break Tackle, Juggernaut, Stand Firm, Guard (mostly to foil dauntless players) Double: Block, Dodge, Sure Hands *Runt skills in rough order of priority: Normal- Sprint, Sure Feet. Double: Dirty Player, Fend, Block, Kick Off Return *Once you get a few break tackles the strategy opens up dramatically. You can now break cages and pass through opposing screens with relative ease.
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