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  1. 'Easy' The premise doesn't seem especially interesting at first pass. Urban gen Xers deal with day to day life in the city including the fallout of promiscuity and infidelity. It works because the writing is really good and the performances are believable. The third season especially got to me because of it how it portrays unintended consequences.
  2. I’m shopping. What should I know?
  3. Great to get some gaming in after many months of no games.
  4. Not super important. Something that would allow for passing I think.
  5. I'd like to play the new blood bowl. I have the rule book but I'm not sure if I have figures.
  6. According to the new rules when would I get use the modifier for mighty blow? 1. Both Down result. I have block, opponent does not. 2. Both Down result. Neither player has block. 3. Any situation an opponent falls during their own turn.
  7. Is there a team with both goblins and snotlings now?
  8. The most exciting bit in the new rules for me was the option of random skills. Mainly just for the surprise and novelty factor. The most fun I ever had playing was in a league where all skills were randomized. But how does this play out in a league? Is there an argument for a competitive edge here? Certainly your team will skill up faster this way. And of course you can retire players who aren't compatible. I feel like this could be strong in a league where everyone starts at 100, with a bit of luck. Less so as teams advance long term.
  9. Since the normal theater isn't a good option right now. I added a small home theater setup to my art studio. Pretty close to entry level on each component including projector, screen, soundbar and an hdmi hub so I switch inputs easily. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm curious to pick the brains of anyone who has set this sort of thing up. How have you optimized picture and sound? Whats the best way to arrange seating? What else do I need to know?
  10. Picked this up yesterday. The lifted elements from Breath of the Wild are pretty obvious. But if your going to copy a game might as well copy a good one right? Puzzles are notably weaker which is my main complaint as I love puzzles but otherwise it's a solid game. The plot is that you are a mortal adventuring on behalf of greek gods... so not especially original but the delivery is almost entirely composed of dad jokes. Which some reviewers complained about but was my main motivation for picking it up. Exploration and combat are solid. Lots of skill tree options. Lots of neat gear
  11. I do pretty good until I hit a pebble.
  12. I have not roller skated for about thirty five years... until today. It was lots of fun.
  13. Anyone check out heroforge recently? I don't plan on ordering a lot of miniatures any time soon but I love the app.
  14. Dark Star Probably tied with They Live for the strangest of the John Carpenter projects. This movie lampoons the sci fi genre hilariously even before most of the familiar entries existed. I re watch periodically out of nostalgia. Really clever if you appreciate a combination of subtle references and low slapstick.
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