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  1. Happy Friday! With the boats complete I’ve moved onto the other fast(er) movers in the army. First coats on the diamonds, followed shortly by the other pre wash base colors. The bikes should be another good addition.
  2. I keep seeing the black and loving it. What color primer went on the ultra-watch marine? Contrast color?
  3. Just a little update. The ‘boats’ are coming along. I was able to do all of the undercoats on the gold bits and re-color the cockpit canopies to the new dark green. I followed that with the washes and wing markings to distinguish between each craft. Letting the washes dry, then onto highlights.
  4. Finished the next troupe master and got some group shots. Up next will be the completion of the star weavers so everybody has a ride. Hope everybody has a good weekend 🙂
  5. A dark seer joins the dance, followed shortly by a troupe master. Im glad my brain thinks it’s a good idea to paint while it’s a bajillion degrees out... Enjoy the weather all.
  6. Looking forward to this one 🙂 The weathering on the tank and the cult stencils over the Aquila look great. I also like the yellow lenses on the backpacks. Either your lighting is spot on (dad joke), or you glass/gem painting skills are excellent. More please.
  7. In general yes. There are lots of factors that play into it: Work stresses Family health (my little ones are little so come home with colds often) Other hobby or entertainment distractions When I do get the painting bug it helps me personally to have little wins (a unit or model at a time) rather than try to do a big chunk of an army and feel like I’m making no progress. Something else that has really helped motivate me while working on paint is reading related fiction. It really drove me for the Vlka, and is doing the same for the Harlies. Thank you for asking 🙂 Here are a few more clowns who have come out to play. I like the black and white a lot, fits well with the fluff. I tried a new paint pen for the highlights (craft warehouse) the tip has ended up too wide. Was worth a shot. I’ll address the base/stone work once I pick a theme.
  8. Sounds like life and the universe in full force 😀 All the hard times lead to the good ones. Rebasing sounds like a good project, a little bit of zen with some old friends.
  9. Just a quick update: I’ve been able to add a few more players, and started in heavy on their rides. Im looking forward to having these mainiacs flipping around on some tables. Have a good day.
  10. With a long weekend to recharge “the batteries” I was able to dip a brush in some paint and return to the Harlies. I had two players leftover from an old evening (base colors ‘n washes done) and I was able to bring up their highlights. Quite by accident I think I found “it” for the armies scheme. On this evenings pair I went with a bolder, hard white, highlight instead of the more subtle color gradient. It’s a little jarring up close but as with a few of my other armies I think it will “pop” from table ranges. I’ll update the rest of the girls and boys and do some group shots at some point. Hope everyone is well.
  11. Hard news for any family. Good thoughts from mine to his. Any armies he favors in particular?
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