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  1. OH, I see 🙂. Awesome! Pretty excited to see what they can do with him with their new casting techniques.
  2. Wow, pretty ambitious! Im super excited to see where you take this one. Most iterations of this that I have seen go as far as lights in the body and then stop. If you’re able to get beyond that you’ll have out-stripped most of your peers 🙂 keep us posted 🙂
  3. From the video. Looks pretty sick. She was one of my favorites back in the day.
  4. Looking forward to this one 🙂
  5. Dan is the man, just say’n. Now I want to go back and reread them 🙂 The models look awesome! I’d love to see progress shots as they paint up.
  6. Happy Friday! With the boats complete I’ve moved onto the other fast(er) movers in the army. First coats on the diamonds, followed shortly by the other pre wash base colors. The bikes should be another good addition.
  7. I keep seeing the black and loving it. What color primer went on the ultra-watch marine? Contrast color?
  8. Just a little update. The ‘boats’ are coming along. I was able to do all of the undercoats on the gold bits and re-color the cockpit canopies to the new dark green. I followed that with the washes and wing markings to distinguish between each craft. Letting the washes dry, then onto highlights.
  9. Finished the next troupe master and got some group shots. Up next will be the completion of the star weavers so everybody has a ride. Hope everybody has a good weekend 🙂
  10. A dark seer joins the dance, followed shortly by a troupe master. Im glad my brain thinks it’s a good idea to paint while it’s a bajillion degrees out... Enjoy the weather all.
  11. Looking forward to this one 🙂 The weathering on the tank and the cult stencils over the Aquila look great. I also like the yellow lenses on the backpacks. Either your lighting is spot on (dad joke), or you glass/gem painting skills are excellent. More please.
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