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  1. I will be there for some necromunda
  2. I actually dislike cover giving s +1. I liked how some armies would cower in cover while space marines and their ilk could advance in the open without fear unless big guns abounded
  3. I will be there with Necromunda. I should also be there around 4
  4. Unfortunately somthing as come up and I won't be able to attend tuesday
  5. I may actually be there, I will bring some infinity and necromunda
  6. Inquisitor66


    Model pic
  7. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/cards/87460?i=0&r=0 Made my first gang. I might ditch some swords for smoke grenades, and I have to argue with myself to keep the skinner at all. I am hoping my decent armor saves can save me despite having only 7 guys, but I'm not sure on a decent size for a starting gang.
  8. Follow up question: does lack of line of sight have any effect on melee? For example charging or attacking within or through smoke? I didn't see anything in the rules.
  9. Question that came up in our demo game. Do I need to charge to become engaged when using a versatile weapon?
  10. I am down for some 40k or necromunda practice
  11. Do I need to start with 3 cutters? Could I hff have 1 or 2 and then buy the 3rd later? Or is there s disadvantage to buying a cutter mid campaign? I am guessing that a butcher 1 or 2 cutters 3 skinners and 3 initiate models would suffice for the first 2 missions. About how many models should I expect to field early on?
  12. So I'd like to get into this necromunda thing. I would like to go with corpse grinders, I figure I can use them in kill team as heretic astartes or cultists. How many models will I need for a campaign? 5 or 10. I have 6 cultists who should make fine juves already.
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