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  1. I will be there for either kt or a game of 40k
  2. I will give it a shot, 2k pts of deathwatch
  3. I thought it was rather fun too.
  4. For sale 1 x Wrath and Glory main RPG book. Asking price $40 or best offer. I frequent the club house.
  5. I wonder how well this would scale down. Thinking faster games at the 2-3k pts level.
  6. I will be there for kill team
  7. I should be there for some KT
  8. I too shall be there for a game of kill team + rewind. Bringing a new 40k force with me for rewind..or most of a new force.
  9. I am totally down for beer after too
  10. I will be in attendance, likely just for KT though
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