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  1. Got this guy mostly done last week Still needs some work, but I like how its going
  2. Welcome to the end of the Third Month of the Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge!!!!!!! This weeks special challenge is to work on your basing skills. Get creative and make an awesome base for a model(that may or may not be painted). Good luck and happy hobbying.! I'm going to leave this thread as the last thread, so keep posting your progress here. I look forward to seeing you all again. It is my hope that when the club reopens when might be able gather all of our freshly painted models into a giant diorama of progress!! I'd like to point out that there are some painting competitions out there that have actual prize support. https://www.goonhammer.com/the-goonhammer-annual-painting-contest-official-rules-and-information/
  3. I think the problem is that decreasing points is more fun for players than increasing them. If my crappy unit gets better I might try and use it again and be happy. If your strong units gets expensive, I might not notice and you will be sad.
  4. They had some wraith things on clearance at the Portland game store earlier today. Don't know much about eldar.
  5. Looking for deathwatch shoulder pads.
  6. I think, if they are making objective holding more important, ala itc, that objective secured rules should make troops valuable outside of there killing power. Tanks take ground, troops hold it
  7. I kinda hope they reduce the #of stratagems available to an army for each game. Maybe pick a hand of 10 from all those available to your force before each game. I can't keep track of all the things I can do.
  8. Its week 11, almost 3 months. For this week the challenge does not require you to paint anything new. This week show off what you have done for this challenge, post a cool picture showing off everything you have done so far all at once!!
  9. I dunno, reivers have combat knives that do the same thing and they don't really help much
  10. Another week another challenge. Since I was late putting up the post we'll need a quick challenge. Thus the special challenge for thus week is another speed painting competition!! Go from primed to as painted as you can in 30 minutes!!! Feel free to paint disassembled if you prefer, only time spent painting counts. Post your results here.
  11. Just finished these guys up, new high standard for myself
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