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  1. I'll be packing a 750 pts list and 1500 pts list, but I can always expand
  2. I would be down for another match or 2v2 if available. 1500 pts?
  3. I will be there and could do a casual game of 40k, I don't play bloodbowl though the bloodbowl scene here is pretty active normally
  4. We can just arrange things when we get there with some pre-made lists...but I believe Disruptive Conduct also follows the Star Gods so it could be a cool team up.....now to figure out how the Grey Knights team up with the Death Guard.
  5. A lot of their special weapons are rare or virtually non-existant. I will be turning all the sisters I get into special weapons, heavy weapons and banner bearers.
  6. The Inquisition is down with this
  7. Our Faith will finally be rewarded.
  8. I may be slightly late, should be no later than 5
  9. I normally get there around 4:30, I wouldn't want to start later than 6
  10. its supposed to be record hot tomarrow, the place does have the window ac units. I can be down for some 40k with you.
  11. I will be there for kill team, or 40k if someone wants, or maybe try warcry. I am down for whatever.
  12. Care to comment on how you felt about the various SoB units in general, both strong and weak? I am a returning SoB player, and would appreciate the knowledge from a veteran SoB player.
  13. It was indeed a good game. My first time encountering a Primarch on the field of battle. Look forward to our next game.
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