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  1. I'm down for Cursed city. I'll be available for anything else if that falls through
  2. The empty man Dont watch the trailer go watch the movie. Subtle-ish horror movie that blends a lot of the common tropes together in unexpected ways to create something interesting and effective.
  3. What's the minimum point size going to be at the end? I've only got 1k of demons total so far.
  4. So, people have this in their hands...what do you think?
  5. Not going to make it thus week, forgot about a schedule conflict
  6. I intend to be there for a variety of games. AoS, 40k and or warcry
  7. We'll figure out some way to get everyone a game of somthing
  8. There is a large collection of blood Angel's available for use if you want to play 40k
  9. How does 1500 points sound. I think I have enough guns for that.
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