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  1. I think it was the previous issue. I saw it at gg a few weeks ago. There were no real changes from the index
  2. I will be there to run some Shadowun RPGs, feel free to join in
  3. Sounds good to me. Gonna give the new inquisition a try.
  4. Anyone down for a smaller 40k game, like 1500 pts. I will also have it with me
  5. I sn pushing the next game back 1 week to 12/3
  6. I am down for some 40k, I wanna try out a grey knight and guard list
  7. The next session would be on the 22nd, but we at is Thanksgiving week. I am available, message me if you plan on attending, otherwise I will push the next session back a week.
  8. Session 1: the players are hired to find an Orc decker and bring him, or his implanted commlink home. Rewards: 13000 Nguyen per player 10 karma per player Bonus: 5 bonus karma for a summary of the session from a players perspective.
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