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  1. Sure thing, custodes fights go fast. I've got time tomarrow.
  2. I plan on putting together my indomitus models tonight...want to do 1k of marine/guard vs. Cron?
  3. Barring unforeseen circumstances I will be opening on tuesday for august.
  4. Have you checked the bits box? There might be a thunder hammer in there
  5. I have a friend who is showing up, he'd probably like to learn some warcry, he has no models.
  6. GG still has a bunch of the faction cards, have you checked there?
  7. I will be there with warcry, waiting on 9th battlescribe drop before I start my crusade force.
  8. It's also in the the back of the core rulebook
  9. I think I'll stick with battlescribe till the app improves.
  10. Can you give a run down on how campaigns work in Warcry? I'll probably be down to participate with my unmade.
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