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  1. I can... make them 😛
  2. Hahaha I remember the last time we had this argument. Alas CP is a precious resource and some armies actually lose a lot if everything is not from the same group. I think marines lose doctrines or super doctrines, sisters of battle lose their Rites, so GW is going that way
  3. You do have to spend the CP per detachment
  4. My friend code is 46817465 Just go to friends and Add friend
  5. I really want to get into Van Saar. Once I move I think I will try this out.
  6. I have it for PC and enjoy it. They just released Van Saar which interests me. I do wish there was more variation in weapon diversity but its fun none the less
  7. Ohhh best way to start both armies currently
  8. You will want Ctans as they are power houses. Scarabs are fantastic. This codex is very Silvertide so large blobs of warriors are great. Crypteks are interesting but expensive. Silent King is expensive in all ways but fantastic to use.
  9. Here use this. I made it not expire. https://discord.gg/G3eJP8eSj8
  10. Meltas as strong but not invincible. Salamanders is one of the tougher marine armies. Not invincible but definitely hard to take down. It should be fine.
  11. The one in my signature or the banner at the top of this Form Page
  12. Was. I created one for TTS crusade and it turns out they made one over a year ago. Who knew 😛
  13. Its been an on going thing with them. They have about a dozen rule layers and it drive me mad at times.
  14. TTT is still active. We are using the Ordo senate ran discord though
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