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  1. I am looking at 40k. I would like more Crusade games but can do 2k
  2. I have added this weeks missions
  3. Chask and I discussed this on the discord (Join us!), @Shupid I would love to play Crusade vs you. My Ravenwing would like a second game... Got to get as many as possible because once orks drop I will likely have 4 different Ork Crusades going (The Grot Revolution needs its own Krusade). @ImperialTrooper Chask will be playing you but will be at the clubhouse closer to 5pm. Cant wait to get a game in. OH I will have my hyper friendly Red Husky with me. He is getting close to being acclimated but may need a walk in the middle of the crusade.
  4. I would like to get a game of 40k in. Either Crusade of 2k
  5. You cant declare a charge at something Over 12" but if you roll 18" on 3d6 you can go the full 18 as long as the first model gets within Engagement range of the charged unit
  6. https://pastebin.com/tW8BKA4a That is what I am looking to bring. It is a departure from my standard list which removes the outriders, adds in another set of attack bikes, and another Land Speeder Vengeance....
  7. My Drukhari is an all rounder, my Ravenwing is more hard hitting and then trying to survive... I am better with the Drukhari so Ravenwing it is!
  8. ohhhhh Sounds fun. Would you like to play against Ravenwing or Drukhari? Nothing hyper serious
  9. I just started my Youtube Channel, its not great but it is a start and that is what makes me happy about it. There are only a few videos so far but I will be doing more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQYSFPizXT1zkaR2olFLqYA
  10. Finish painting my 2000 points of Dark Angels
  11. I will be looking for 40k games. Crusade would be nice for my dark angels
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