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  1. Wedding happens On 20 August 3028 so we have time to fluff for that.... O.o if we use that timeframe I can get a Hatchetman! Oh and a Wolfhound....
  2. OH and I didnt lose a SINGLE mech... which was a close call because my Hunchback was getting ganged up on after blowing the arm off the Victor but he got off the map and then my Panter 8Z (best version btw) got off the table a few hours later after picking on people on and off and while taking some structural damage he wouldnt die for one reason or another... panther was MVP it seems...
  3. That was the issue @Ish Pete went in to grab a thing found out he DIDN'T have a hand... had to switch to his Victor to pick the thing up... after savaging his Victor with my Black Knight and Hunchback-4G he picks it up and then the Hunchback hits him with the AC20 blowing the EXACT arm with the Hand actuator right off... which led to a 4 hour game of him TRYING and for one reason or another failing to pick the item up... so...yea... I ended up salvaging an entire Command lance of a Victor, Grasshopper, Dragon, and Jenner.... It was the craziest thing and it ended with my Marauder getting a lucky Head shot to a Jenner when I needed 9's to hit... I mean his grasshopper pilot nearly killed himself trying to get back up after he lost a leg and couldn't roll a 10 to get up to save his life and then eventually went unconscious...
  4. heh...heh... funny thing.... This is from Mechwarrior 5 Mercs.... it has a hand there....
  5. What shenanigans is this pete! 20 month contract and better battle lost than me! pain... soul...
  6. Wonder if I can get away with this... I am taking orders for 3d printed Mechs. if you have a mech and I can find it I will resin print it for $3 a model. Want that specialized company? Well I can print in smooth resin the mechs you are looking for!
  7. ..... I sense more 3d printing in my future
  8. To: Capellan Confederation Planetary Command Subject: Reconnoiter in force in area of supposed landing Command Lance Alpha were sent out to reconnoiter the area of the supposed dropship landing area. Nothing was initially scanned though there was a picket of two light mechs keeping watch over the area. The light mechs harassed our lance and we did what we could to slow and pursue them. As they drew the lance in we found ourselves confronted by a Catapult, and a Kintaro. This forces the lance to take deliberate slow actions and eventually pulled us away from the UAL's objective. Unbeknownst to the lance the UAL had a hidden item at the location of the previous Option C. Ricardo in his Panther was able to record the Kintaro picking up something at the location of Option C. I have attached the video. We were able to force one of their Jenner's to shutdown and abandon the mech, we are now having our software techs run through the data on the Jenner for likely locations of bases. We did confirm that this Jenner was the one that lost an arm to Recon Lance Alpha. The fact it was in complete repair with no issues tells us they have a facility that is as good as the Houses Garrison facility. [Attached Panther video recording of what the Kintaro picked up] From: John "Rhipter" Gyrfalcon leader of Rhipter's Razors
  9. And if you need to replace that LRM or purchase the ammo? Speaking of which, I have updated the list with ammo costs.. This is all 3025 era fyi, so no clan tech or dark ages
  10. I have compiled the cost of weapons, armor and other items that may need to be replaced or used to modify a mech into an excel document...HERE... some things are quite expensive but I am compiling the list and updating everything as I go.
  11. To: Capellan Confederation Planetary Command Subject: Recon in force concerning potential Dropship sighting Recon Lance Alpha encountered an unaffiliated lance which we labeled UAL ( "enemy" lance compliment at end of report). UAL were shut down around reported sighting and consisted of 1 medium and 3 light mech's. We picked one of the lights on sensors early on and encountered their medium mech with an unexpected landing on its right arm which we shall now call "Option C" by Jenner pilot Lilia Konane whose designation is now Option C. Lilia did a blind jump over some hills into a forest for some defensive reconnaissance and instead landed right on the enemy as it was powering up. This lead to minor damage to the enemy and minor leg damage which would prove critical to the Jenner. This use of Option C let to the Recon lance spotting two other light mechs, one hiding in the forest and another powering up in the open. Lance Commander Hori (piloting PXH-1D) Jumped near Lilia and took a shot at the light mech in the open blowing its arm off at the shoulder. Declan (piloting WVR-6M) moved through the valley cutting off escape in that direction, while Senko (piloting VLK-QA) made his way on the left flank to scout the other side of the hills. A quick flurry of combat followed with the enemy medium mech making a jumping action after being banged around by our Option C but failing its landing into another set of trees and falling prone. This protected it overall from much retaliation. The other enemy light that had lost its arm took several hits that destroyed its much of its armor and parts of its internal structure. The enemy made use of a light mech with two LRM 5's to harass us as the enemy began to regroup. The following set of actions led to the enemy medium getting what could only be considered a lucky strike into the left leg of Lilia's Jenner blowing it completely off. The damage from the initial Option C seems to have weakened the structure JUST enough to cause this happenstance. The UAL then provided an ultimatum that if Lilia shut down they would not attack her and the Jenner further. As the Jenner teetered and right before striking back, LC Hori gave the ok and as a show of honor shut down before shooting back. Trying to take advantage of the wide flank Senko pushed too far and exposed his rear leading to two of the lights and the medium in the UAL to savage his rear armor on the VLK-QA destroying his LRM in the process. After a few strikes back the UAL provided a request for withdrawal. Lance Commander Hori Hitomi approved this. Mission parameters by the House stated to recon and see what was there and if there was signs of a Dropship. Having completed the mission requirements she determined that there would be little left to gain in further pursuit and attack. Recon Lance Composition: Phoenix Hawk PXH-1D (Hori Hitomi) Wolverine WVR-6M (Declan Robertson) Jenner JR7-D (Lilia "Option C" Konane) Valkyrie VLK-QA (Senko Kosygin) UAL Composition: Griffin GRF-1N Jenner JR7-D Locust LCT-1E Locust LCT-1M From: John "Rhipter" Gyrfalcon leader of Rhipter's Razors
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