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  1. The game is not supposed to be random though. There is supposed to be a sense of some reliability. GW also removed MOST rerolls. Orks have almost zero rerolling outside of a charge and even then its all dice rolled so still random. Space Marines are just silly because everything gets core. Hell, my Thousand Sons only get rerolls from a few sources
  2. 50 or so... if I got creative and did multi layers, over 100
  3. Had my last game tonight. Was a great game against Oscar. Thank you for everything!
  4. I will be there. I should have up to 750pts of Crusade. Will be my last night
  5. HAHAHA until you find that person who enjoys smashing your face in. I think CSM can be fun to play against. Games done need to be insta defeats. Just something interesting. That is the most difficult to achieve though
  6. As some may know already, I am moving out to Florida. For some this will be older news but for others it will be new. I have been in Portland almost 10 years. It is the longest I have stayed in one place in my entire life. There have been moves throughout Portland but it has still been me here. For various reasons, that I will not go into, life has tossed me another curve ball as it does and I have decided to move somewhere with family. Now I am not moving back in with my parents. First off it would be a race between who would commit homicide faster, my mother or I so that is not an option but I do have family in Florida. As of September 5th I will no longer be in the state of Oregon. I may visit at some point in the future but it wont be any time soon. I will treasure the lessons I learned here, especially at Ordo and I will treasure the people I have met along the way. Thank you one and all, for each of you have helped me learn a lesson, good or bad, it still helped this Asperger addled brain to be a somewhat better person. I will still be on the forums but next Thursday will be the last game of 40k for me at Ordo, and Tuesday I will be picking up my Adeptus Titanicus titans ( @Jay I know you thought that would never happen 😛 ). Thank you all again for everything. I hope I left a better impression than when I first started going to this club but I know for some that is not the case. Still, it will be sad to leave.
  7. I play Brian, he isn't a hard core gamer BUT he wants to improve and gets better with every game. That makes me want to play him more. It's fun to watch his growth and what he will come up with next. To watch that mixmash of fun playstyle plus the desire to be a better player. Not just for competitive play or anything but for normal games as well.
  8. Hmmmm should I post my crusade roster here for people to see and critique. I really don't want to be accused of being competitive. Especially since my codex has only 24 data sheets to pull from (2 are special characters, most I don't own yet.... I will have you some day 5++ rhinos.... some day)
  9. I personally recommend combat patrol games (500pts or less) on the 44x30 while everything larger is on the 60x44. 1000pts is too tight on the smaller board and it makes it just a game of who charges first.
  10. Its crusade, the games get unbalanced regardless
  11. 1000% this. You encapsulated my feelings on this
  12. But that is not what it says and makes no sense when you are dealing with games at 500 and 1000pts. Sure, your interpretation would be correct IF the games were 2000pts by at 500? At 1000?
  13. I have no issue dialing a list down if it will led to a good game, the issue comes in when there is not that communication and people say "Yea I will play you" but nothing else. One can learn from using a sub par list, in this threads context though we have the new Crusade League which has a line I am sorry but.... what?
  14. See the issue is people think I just want to win. I just want a challenge. Give me a tough battle that has lot to learn. If I lose I learn far more than when I win but improvement as a player is vital to me enjoying this game. The me of now isn't the same person as a year ago, and I hope the me in the future will be better still as a player. For anyone who may get that co fused, a player is one who does all things mentioned here, strives to improve, strives to have fun, and strives to be a good sport about the game.
  15. I understand that but you are adding in a sea of different shades of Grey and you don't seem to understand the basic issue. The issue is simple. If there are grey in how people play, how can I as a player know what is or is not allowed? Please go back to page one and refer to Munkie's post on here.
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