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  1. I might have taken screen shots of the pages while a youtuber did a review... they are pretty clear as well
  2. Have fun! I will be printing more Grot Tanks! or painting... new airbrush incoming
  3. I will be starting it up in a few weeks. Give people time to get new minis with their next codices and such. It will be at the club house and the season will go for 3 months but it will be every other week so 6 games minimum but this crusade you can play as many games as you want.
  4. Forgot to select them or just decided not too? I am guessing your commanders were doing very well? I am willing to bet a single Nightbringer model would of fixed a lot of the issues but it is just theory
  5. SHHHHHH da 'umies will neva figa it out
  6. So I came up with a reason theme and chapter to emulate that does not make me feel bad. I will be building First Born Black Templar and as they play more games they will grow and grow...odd that...it is almost like they are Greenskins...but that cant be right they are the Loyal, most fervent, and always zealous Black Templar Space Marine Chapter. As they grow they will get access to Primaris models to represent the growth of the "Space Marines" This is what I am thinking of building to start with. Black Templar Crusade idea 1: 65 PL HQ Emperor's Champion 5PL Warlor
  7. I feel so conflicted... I have wanted a Ork Count as Marines army for about a year and a half now and thought I killed the urge but then I saw this.... /sigh the urge is back...
  8. Almost Army Wide. It is only on Infantry so not the Ravenwing units thankfully or anything selected from the standard Space Marine codex
  9. If I had the plasticard I would but alas I don't thankfully the greenstuff can be made to look like metal sheeting pounded into shape which is what I will be going for
  10. At least they affected your units. 😛
  11. Well after today's bombshells of space marines I have found out how not to be so upset at marines... just build necron and ork lists
  12. Give me more time to print. had some issues with turrets and I am running out of resin...
  13. @Salty MonkeyYou up for revenge now that your full dex is out well previewed 😛
  14. HAHAHAHA fluff... how many chapter masters of the Salamanders are there now 😛
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