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  1. I'm available to get a start on the 40k Crusade campaign. if anyone is up for some combat patrol size crusade game(s) or I might be able to scrape together 1000pts for a little bigger game
  2. I have decided to go with something completely different! Space Marines, The Star Dragons are coming (Raven Guard) That's right, im done getting my a** handed to me by them so Im gonna join em I feel a bit dirty joining the imperials but it should be fun, haven't played them for a long...long time πŸ™‚
  3. Reapers are a great gun but the 12" range can be a bit of a problem, I've been running a squad of each and without veil of darkness, it can be a task to get them in range
  4. I understand where @Lyraeus is coming from, I played a couple games last year with chaos using the free demon summoning and with certain chaos factions they can summon a poop load of deamons in a round...and if people take advantage it could get really out of hand. example: thousand sons can use there 1cp strat "sorcerous pact" to add a dice to their summoning roll with no penalitys for doubles or triples. making it real easy to summon a 185pt/10pl daemon prince or a 240pts/12pl for 30 pink horrors I for one would find it hard to play a 500pt game if have my opponent summon an extra
  5. ok Im not taking Chaos cuz....my mind is chaos lol πŸ™‚
  6. Change of plans on my army for this, but it will be ready soon!...I know @Lyraeus will hate it but I think it’ll be more fun... at least for me I hope ;)
  7. The Hetet are uploaded and ready for war!
  8. Awesome! I'm totally up for this
  9. I think Im going to try some cursed city, but its way to early for me to say it I can make it yet...
  10. I had a great time last night, @Commissar Chask is a good guy and i look forward to many beatings from him in the future...in a purely gaming sense that is πŸ™‚
  11. I'm up for some tabletop shenanigans if there's room for a game or just to raid the bitz box...daddy needs a jumppack
  12. scary! also I really like the purple you got going. I looks very sharp!
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