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  1. found these two in the back of a drawer...Necrons are cool 😜 Before After Progress so far: Leviathan dreadnaught chaos lord in terminator armor chaos havocs of doom Exalted Sorcerer Rubrics marines and 2 tomb blades
  2. Exalted Sorcerer & some Rubrics done this week...The Rise of the Hermetic Blades!!!
  3. The social distancing must be straining the wife, she keeps asking me if I have minis to paint...I know it couldn't be the company...she loves my company...right.?. 😉
  4. Unfortunately I will not be able to make hte escalation league this week 😞
  5. Well week 2 has ended...and that' s the best I got to report 😉 league game was against the Tzeench deamons and they punished me for my lack of faith Got a 2nd non league game against the Tau and they showed me that my lack of greater good also will not stand Good news is that the games were awesome and and both opponents are very fun to play. I'm looking forward to next week!
  6. That is a problem! But at least it seems you like giving GW lots of money anyway so that's good 😉
  7. I got the one for Chaos a couple months back and I literally use 5 pages out of the book, but its a really good content in those 5 pages. if you have an army to run in the book it's kinda worth it. There's a a bunch of story stuff too if you like that...otherwise around the release date leaks will abound. That damn interwebs will be full of it, so you can check the leaks to see if its worth the money for what you like to play 🙂
  8. Reinforcements have been delayed but we have enough men to go forward. Besides sabotage works best in small groups. Hopefully those damn Tzeench Deamons keep out of our way...or we'll have to deal with them as well. 749pts of Alpha Legion Goodness!!! HQ: Warlord: Chaos Lord w/ jump pack (6pl, 138pts): Thunder Hammer, plasma pistol, krak & frag grenades. Relic: Drakescale Plate WL trait: clandestine (-1 to hit) Chaos Lord (5pl, 80pts): Combi-bolter* <relic Hydra’s wail>, Power Maul, krak & frag grenades, Sigel of corruption & lord of chaos Troops: 10 chaos cultists (3pl, 40ts): w/ autoguns 10 chaos cultists (3pl, 40pts): w/ brutal assault weapon & autopistols, 5 Chaos Space Marines (4pl, 55pts): All with boltguns , bolt pistols and frag & Krak grenades Elites: 5 Chaos Terminators (10pl, 166pts): Champion w/ combi bolter powerfist, 2x combi bolter power axe, 1x combi-bolter chain axe, 1x Heavy flamer powerfist *Mark of Slaanesh 5 Plague Marines (6pl, 80pts): All with Boltgun, plague knives, blight & krak grenades *Mark of Nurgle Heavy Support: 5 Havocs (7pl, 150pts): Champion with boltgun, bolt pistol frag & krak grenades 4x Missles launchers *Mark of Slaanesh
  9. I will be there for the escalation league!!!
  10. Week one 500 points of Alpha Legion: Batallion - Chaos lord & chaos sorcerer, 2x 10 man units of cultists, 5 Chaos Marines, 1 rhino & 1 Venom crawler Initial Recon Report: - -Teamed up with the Tau to root out some Astartes ...The fools actually thought we would convert to the greater good. I will say the battle would not have gone as well without them. We were not expecting Khan to head the charge and he is as viscous as reported. The Crimson Fist were with him as well and they brought a lot of firepower for such a small group. Fortunately our new 'allies' took the brunt of their wrath. The Tau Commanders are just as powerful as reported...when we turn on them we will have to find a way to counter their speed & blistering fire power. We should use the enemy of our enemy as long as we can. --- p.s. I also got a quick game against @kb10r Tzeench deamons...but we wont talk about that beating 😉
  11. I will be there for the Winter Warzone League!!! My Alpha Legion may or may not...
  12. I will be there to test out some new 40k Alpha Legion nonsense for the up coming escalation league!!!
  13. cool beans, Knights are out!...but if someone brings a baneblade there will be hell to pay 😉 I have other chaotic nonsense to get the job done.
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