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  1. Sign me up! I got two cars and a pocket full of dreams
  2. Also does Essence start at 6.0 as it did in previous editions or has that changed?...6e rule book doesn't mention it.
  3. I have a question about character creation. If you choose a metatype do you pay Karma for the racial qualities? i.e. Elves have racial quality of Low-light vision. In qualities the cost is 6 karma. does this come out of your starting karma or is it bonus?
  4. I will be there to test out some Narrative Kill Team with @LoneRowsdower anyone interested is welcome to try it out with us Im up to try out some gaslands if we get a chance @Ish
  5. I guess I meant this as more of a concept question than a painting question...I guess worded it wrong. The pics were just meant to be a visual for the concept not finished product. Thank you for the feed back on the painting though. I can use all the help i can get in that area 😉
  6. Still working on details...I haven't deceived if I'm going to keep at it or if I'm gonna strip them and start over
  7. Im working on my next Chaos and Im thinking Alpha Legion...but I have Chaos Painting A.D.D So I had an idea to paint squads of marines and Chaos marines in their normal colors but just adding the hydra to show their real allegiance. Kind of a chaotic mash of army looks to cause confusion on the battle field... but they would be Alpha Legion (in concept) A Red Corsair terminator example below let me know if you think it works or if it's Crap 🙂
  8. oooh you just wait! I got the rule book and a mind full of nonsense
  9. I blame you for this...I have too much 40k to paint as it is but now i keep getting distracted by converting toy cars 😉
  10. I was painting Orks but then this happened!
  11. I'm up to giver it a go if you got room. I got time since @CryptekCrezlyn forgot to fill his gas tank or whatever...that's about all I know about car maintenance 😉
  12. Nice! I get there about 5 see ya there
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