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  1. I got a 1000pts of Orks if your up for it or I can bump it up if you want but I will need to stop at home so let me know 🙂
  2. I will be there for some kill team & Ill bring 1000pts of death guard (w/baby knight) if anyone wants a quick 40k game
  3. I will be there with 2000 points of Orky goodness and hopefully get a quick kill team in before with some new Death Guard
  4. I will be there for some kill team and ill bring 1250 pts of Orks if anyone wants a small 40k game
  5. I will be there for a quick Kill team before the 40k Rewind The Squig-Trukk is ready for some 40k Krumpin!!!
  6. Super fun this past Tuesday. The Crimson Fist won the day but the Orks will be back for more...WAAAGH!!!
  7. I will be there for some KILL TEAM! And Ill bring some Orks in case anyone wants to get a 40k game in Also the new Iron Warriors will be making their Kill Team debut!
  8. I will be there hoping to get a kill team game in before the Rewind. New Kill Team coming...no more muckin' about
  9. sounds good. I should be there about 5
  10. I will be there for some kill team, 40k and/or all things in between
  11. I will be there...hopefully with a bunch of those wacky Orkz!
  12. sorry man. I thought you had another game so I took off. lol
  13. I will be there for some sweet 40k action!
  14. I will be there with all the 40k Chaos I can fit in my bag!
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