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  1. I can be there about 4:30ish ... I have to at least pretend I have a job these days 🙂 I hope that's cool and ill see ya there
  2. I'd be up for a 1250pt 40k game I been itching to play my new Thousand Sons
  3. Winters SEO posted a pretty good 9th edition rules outline video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI4KGcz6v70 For anyone who hates reading like i do 😉
  4. Basing is not my forte, so Im trying to contrast yet not distract from my current Hermetic Blades project 🙂
  5. got a saucy little tau warrior done in will under time...just gotta love contrast paints for quick work 🙂
  6. finished this week the big cheese himself, Ahriman!
  7. I'm kinda envious of the organization of everyone's space so far...here is mine Compete organization 😉
  8. goal this week is to finish dez tzangors...Tzeench be praised
  9. I tried some new techniques...but they didn't work very well 🤣 but I did finish 1000pts of Warcry maddness...Kharadron Overlords! Who doesn't like Steampunk dwarf pirates 😉
  10. Too much time on my hands so i also finished my Dire Azathoth / Giant Chaos Spawn
  11. thanks..but i have to admit chaos spawn are like painting orks...it's not about the details 😉
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