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  1. *Intercepted message: unknown recipient/unknown source* “Report 114-20A... My men have failed me. It appears that they have lost their discipline…this will soon be remedied Red Mike was sent to retrieve some worthy tributes for our friend, The Shadow, and he failed. His task was simple. He was to capture some locals and a warrior to offer to The Shadow. Instead he led my men on a slaughter campaign, killing everything he came across. What’s worse his madness lost us control of the Manufactorum Level, this is just a minor set back. On that note, It seems we underestimated these gangers and the vile machine they brought to bear. The 'Ambot' ripped through my men sending 2 to recovery and when Arotha arrived on scene to put the men back on task, she too was nearly killed by that ponderous metal beast… maybe I should look into finding one of those. To top off last night’s failures there are rumors that the inquisitor has a man in the area… this is vexing to say the least. … Tonight is the first ritual, the beast want’s his tribute of blood and he will have it. Red Mike is a strong warrior, I only hope that his failure does not taint his sacrifice. With all of these trials my resolve on our path is still strong. For only when your destiny is true does fate seek to challenge you so strongly. The Shadow will be appeased and our plans go forward. Zero ” ***** In short Thomas's Orlock gangers kicked the S*&% out of me, kicked me like a rented mule 😉
  2. "The Shadow commands tribute and, as always, the beast must be fed. So tonight we hunt and spill as much blood as we can to satiate the beast. Then we prepare for the first ritual and begin out ascent" - Commander Zero
  3. “It was years ago, when the shadow came to me…though I will admit it was years before that when I first began to see the lie that is the Empire of man. During this time I worked my way up to commander of the 333rd Cadian Regiment based off of Cadia Prime. I hid my feelings, hid them deep. The Shadow often warned me that Inquisitors and their ilk were everywhere, for their mission is to keep the lie going. With time the lies became too much and it became harder and harder to keep it hidden. The Shadow helped me see truth and often gave me insight to battle. For the Empire craves victory over all things. So the better I did the less scrutiny I got. Even has my tactics grew more and more “creative”. But it was when Cadia Prime fell that part of my mind fell too. We were off fighting Tau in some forsaken part of the Galaxy when we heard. And when we were recalled we were not sent to support another parts of Cadia, as we should have! No we were sent here, to Necromunda. The insult is too much to bare. Me and my men began to show more and more that we seen through the lies…and the Inquisition came and they came hard. It didn’t take long til I realized that we were out matched. The Inquisition and their astarties cut through my men with a precision I’ve never seen before. Within a month I found myself trapped in a bunker near some hive city on the planet. My closest advisor, Agotha the Wight, agreed that a retreat was needed. One of my most resourceful men, Riggs, was able to find a refuse tunnel that led deep into the Hive. I gathered 20 of my best and had the rest of the men hold the bunker. At least they died honest men, as Red Mike took what large munitions we had left and blew that bunker to hell, covering out escape…or so I thought. It wasn’t long until the Inquisitor was on our trail again. Chasing us deeper and deeper into the dregs of the hive…until we arrived here. It’s been months since we last seen the inquisitor. What’s left of my men were tasked with learning the terrain and the players in this disgusting game that plays down here. Rats fighting for scraps upon a pile of detritus so foul every minute here is agony. But I have a found purpose. The Shadow has shown me a path out. A promise that will lead me out of this cesspool and once again give me the tools to raise my army and get revenge on the Empire of Man. I assume the Shadow is as much a liar as everyone but if you need a viper’s venom you will have to handle it…” - Commander Zero Very Chaos aligned. Our goals are to · Slay the Hive · Fulfill The Shadow's rituals to call forth his dark needs to feed both the Shadow's & the Commander's power · ‘Scape the Hive · Of course if things go awry or that damn inquisitor catches out trail we might just have to stir up enough chaos to make an escape.
  4. I will be there for some Necomunda!!! and Ill bring some kill team & toy cars if i got time for another quick game 🙂
  5. Ha! I should see a doctor about my inability to spell Czech
  6. Awesome! I should be around about 4:30-5
  7. The Prophets of Nix are painted and ready to goon the 11th!
  8. Commander Zero is ready claim his place in the underhive!
  9. I will be there for some Kill Team or learning Necromunda game if anyone is interested - I can also bring my cars for some Gaslands!!!
  10. I had the same problem and I had to delete and redo a bunch. Time consuming but its a great tool to build on 🙂
  11. I replyed to the request...I think let me know 🙂 Also I updated/ customized my startling list https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/gang/88934?i=0&r=0 Basicly dropped a couple of basic cultists picked up a grenade laucher and a krak grenade for my disciples and customized my other cultists a bit :). Thanks for the advice from both of you 🙂
  12. @Ish & @ninefinger thanks for the feedback. when you purchase grenades are they considered one and done or is it like other range weapons? Also what is your opinions on grenade launchers...I found one today while mucking about 😉
  13. The Prophets of Nix (WIP) - A traitor guard themed chaos cult Background: The leader of this band calls himself Commander Zero and rumor is that he and his band are deserters on the run..and found themselves here. It is unknown if they are actually traitor guardsmen or if they are just gangers who found a bunch of imperial weaponry. But the Commander runs his men like troops with the advice of a withered old witch known as Arotha the Wight. His 'troops' tend to keep tight ranks only occasionally mixing with locals... List so far: (1000pts) Commander Zero - Demagogue: Mesh armor sword & long rifle (skill: commanding presence) 165 creds Arotha the Wight - witch: mesh armor, laspistol & chaos familiar (spell skill: dark shield) 120 creds Riggs - Disciple: Mesh armor laspistol & chainsword (skill: infiltrate) 110 creds Red Mike - Disciple: Mesh armor fighting knife & lasgun (Skill: True Grit) 105 creds Troops: 2x cultist w/ club & laspistol (55 creds each) 2x cultist w/ laspistol (45 creds each) 6x cultist w/ lasgun (50 creds each) This is my first Necromunda list. Going with numbers (like a good guard list should 😉 ) & I would appreciate any feedback / advice you have
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