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  1. I should be there for more escalation league and maybe some kill team
  2. I will be there with 1000 points of Crusade fun...and maybe try a quick game of kill team
  3. I will be there to befoul and putrefy the place...and I will bring my Death Guard for some escalation league!
  4. i will be there with (or without) 1000 pts of crusade goodness. 🙂
  5. I will be there for some crusade...if i can get anything together that is 😉
  6. I will be there for the Thanatosis Crusade Escalation League! with the...who knows what I'll bring but it will be fun!!!🙂
  7. @Tao Tsê-Mung is correct. your Order of Battle is a pool which you can create detachment(s) from. Detachment's are not locked in 🙂
  8. you can get one box of new boyz, because they are cool looking. then buy used ork boys on Ebay for cheep. and fill up your squads last I looked there were plenty of old school boys up there
  9. Redo on crusade fluff. "Skirmishes have been breaking out all over Kizmiaz. Death Guard and Necrons fighting in the north Valley. Orks running about fighting anything in their path and yesterday Thousand Sons ambushed us.” Castellan Crowe calmly reported to his assigned Astropath. “The Warp disturbance here seems to be real and it seems very much to be the unspoken enemy’s. Now it is a pity that some or the Emperor's loyal troops are hear as well…it troubles me to have to cull the faithful in order to keep the madness of Chaos at bay. But it will have to be done.” “We will begin to work our way to the abandoned city. The surge seems to be strongest there. I will report more soon” ... “Send that to Titan right away” Crowe told the pale, gaunt man before him. “I fear this expedition has just begun”
  10. holy monkey he does!...he's been an Ork this whole time lol
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