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  1. I'm gonna be there with some new shinny Orks. @ImperialTrooper im ready for a rematch if you are
  2. great game @Lyraeus and @Blustorm is just killing it in the organization of the terrain room....looks like Tuesday night dance parties are ready
  3. The slow advance of the Ork is making progress for July
  4. I will be there for some good ol' fasion Ork vs Ork krumpin if you make it
  5. that makes sense...don't let it go to your head 😉
  6. I here ya. especially since it seems you can take Kommandos with the Greenskins force...seems a bit redundant but we'll have to see
  7. Id be interested in trying it out some time....love me some storm troopers
  8. that's pretty cool. scary, but cool. I think a kill team of one custondes taking on a 12 man kill team of guardsmen will be pretty funny
  9. I'll bet they will have an independent rule book...not much, but I'll bet anyway 😉 That said the box does have it's appeal. Dem komandos are awesome!
  10. Is it just me or is anyone else kinda excited about new kill team!
  11. cool, I got 1500 pts of "so so" Orkz if your up for it should be a good smash fest
  12. yes, gees I got new glasses...your worse than my wife 😉
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