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  1. The irony is Salty Monkey’s Necron scheme looks more like my original plan...but here’s what I came up with as I went through the actual steps. Yes it really is an entirely different Necron scheme and army from the one I played back in February...
  2. It is mainly for two things. Large orders over $399 and GW webstore exclusives which provided GW has in stock, can be ordered with the discount applied.
  3. I am not affiliated, just thought this might be of interest. The Annual DICEHEAD.COM SUMMER SALE is Here!EVERY ITEM that is offered from GW is ON SALE!!!All GW Orders will receive 20% OFF the Full Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and as always, most orders over $99 AFTER discounts are applied will also receive FREE SHIPPING!!!*See the HOW TO ORDER section below and email us to take advantage of this Super Sale!HOW TO ORDER:Just send us an email with "ORDER" in the subject line.Include all items and quantity that you want and BE SURE TO INCLUDE your name and mailing address!You will receive a
  4. If you are splitting, I would be interested in. Could meet even today/tomorrow for Portland pick up. 1 original model necron overlord: $15 1 triarch stalker: $35 5 death marks: $22
  5. I've been pretty upset for a whole bunch of reasons, but if there was ever a time to be upset, it's during a Covid year when I'm STILL painting terrain anyway. For good news, Saturnine is amazing.
  6. I never posted anything because I felt like the stuff was never finished. It actually still isn't quite done, but just going to weather a little more and add some barricades for better LOS block. Close enough to at least show some pictures.
  7. Yeah. I realized (again) that despite my generally verbose nature online, it is difficult to convey nuance and intent. Basically, I strongly prefer to just sell it slowly over the next few months with a bidding system that takes control away and just lets the market work without direct negotiation. So why did I even post here? The last two local purchases that happened (through Ebay) were people semi down on their luck (aren't we all these days?) and when they asked me about where to play, my heart just sank. I did recommend OF, but I felt like a bad person to shake their hands from 6 fee
  8. To confirm, I have nothing left unless someone drops out. I'm not asking or hoping for that. It does look like it is made to order now, but might not see the box until...winter.
  9. Ebay i assume noone is interested in those kind of prices. I am just offering to work out a lower priced deal on other items that arent there yet. The reason for no list is I dont have a full inventory. I am not really planning to make one unless someone shows serious interest in a large purchase. My default plan is to take 10-15 models/squads a week and just list them online over time, not do a full inventory. My intention isnt exactly to tease but was just to save myself time and effort. I will leave this up another day and then just remove it. I apologize if it sounds
  10. Going to the default Ebay over time. Just ignore the thread. Sorry for any confusion. I'm in the process of preparing to Ebay a great deal of my Tyranid collection. Some of it is already listed. It has been boxed up for over a year, and I have decided to focus on well..the other three 40k armies I have. I may push Genestealer Cult more into guard or just buy more rockgrinders/cars, but anyway... So if I'm preparing for Ebay what am I doing here? Basically soliciting interest in a bulk buy of the swarm component and some of the monsters I haven't listed yet. I have probably aro
  11. I will PM buyers my phone number now.
  12. @Lyraeus confirmed getting the rest. Please read my post above about where to pay and requesting pick up. That closes out the 3 boxes.
  13. @Goldleader marines confirmed. To recap...at this point what is available is 2x Necrons 1x Rulebook.
  14. @blackvigil marines confirmed. That's Box 1 complete.
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