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  1. Contrast me impressed. 😉 For real your work is great, thank you for sharing.
  2. This has improved my day. Thank you 😁
  3. A rotor hammer would likely do what you’re after. I think Home Depot may have a tool rental department that could help you out. I would recommend a drill bit (3/4”) to first drill lines into the stone. Then a sledge to shatter them off the top. Cleanup and fine work with a chisel bit. Be sure to use a respirator or well fitted 3m fiber mask. The silica generated by breaking concrete or stone is bad for your lungs. Good luck 🙂
  4. The Fenrisians have been spotted after a long absence. Primaries, wash, drybrush, reds and blacks, with the start of highlights on the bolt guns.
  5. Maybe a quick overspray and a drybrush on the bases. The matt black with the tan stone makes them look incomplete. If they were all 1 color(s) it might sharpen them up. I’m always a fan of cork bases though, so either way works 🙂 I like the gray on the warriors, and the brass has a nice pop. Have you tried washes? They improved my painting by light years. Looking forward to more.
  6. The palette looks amazing. My harlequins are jealous 😁
  7. Oh, I like the idea of the white markings. Give ‘em some pop. And the purple here and there sounds like a good idea as well. Something else I’ve been noodling is their bases. Most folks I see try to add in puzzle pieces or diamonds and the like. I was going to go in the opposite direction with some patches of static grass and other natural tones. I’m hoping the contrast between the ‘loud’ colors on the models and the muted natural tones on the bases will make for a good combo. We’ll see. Started preliminary work on the last group.
  8. Bikes: As larger models these guys suffered similarly to the clown cars. Same as above in regards to a revisit to try to tie them in with the rest of the army. Perhaps if I pick up another batch I’ll find my muse.
  9. Boats: Vehicles in general are my bane to paint, not sure why. The big planes/plates drive me crazy. These sorta fell into the same category. I plowed through them to get them done and fieldable, but think they’re missing something. My wife pointed out that they don’t fit the purple found on most everything else, and lack the white highlights. I’ll likely revisit these when the mood strikes.
  10. Players: Still very happy with these guys and gals. Their movement and color make them fun to work with. Ill need to find a good source for fusion pistols so I can wysiwyg ‘em. I at least want to put that effort in so when the are melting primaris’s faces off everyone can feel good about it... You smell something burning? 😉
  11. Solitare: This guy looks like he got some nice buffs with the new WD content, I’ll be looking forward to blasting him across the tables once the world gets back to “normal”.
  12. Jesters: These guys ended up bland compared to the rest of the force, as they stuck to their fluffs black and white scheme. About the only thing of interest is the one bone colored cannon. As previously mentioned I’ll use him to denote the relic (which is a BAMF 😎).
  13. Seers: The first model for the army was the gray fellow with blue accents. From him (and some interwebs skimming) the rest of the scheme for the army took shape. The green seer is my fave out of the three. The black and white (and gold) was and attempt at something outside the ‘normal’.
  14. Been awhile 🙂 Along with lots of other folks I’ve been motivated by the upcoming release of 9th Ed. In that necro’d vein (Ynnead is stirring after all) I thought I’d update on the Harlies. The majority of the army is complete, with just a few players left to work on. Once those last few are complete I’ll likely start leaning in with a second unit of bikes. More pics to follow.
  15. Layers look great, the fleshy bits and the ‘ard bits are blending nicely. How do you intend to bring ‘up’ your details? Drybrush? Edge highlights? What will your general pallet be for straps/tabards/nipples/nipples/nipples? 😉 A good overhead light with either a white or black background would help us see details, right now the shadowed parts are hard to observe. Looking forward to this project :)
  16. The gangers will be cool for bits 🙂 Looking forward to your progress pics
  17. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/12/white-dwarf-new-harlequins-rulesgw-homepage-post-3/ Looks like some fun stuff. I’m excited to see the rest.
  18. If you haven’t seen it, take a moment. 13 minutes. Best I’ve seen.
  19. This post actually makes me feel better. 😊
  20. Annngrey shark do do - do do do do. You’re welcome. Muhahahahaha!
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