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  1. They'd be nice for breaking up the monotony of Ironjawz Ardboys only having five heads on a sprue that makes four bodies... for a unit you need 10-30 bodies for.
  2. Totally legal list as far as I can see. I'd have to double check the rules to see if you can have duplicates of an Endless Spell, but I'm 90% certain that you can. I don't know the Seraphon well enough to say if its a good list or a bad one. Generally speaking, AoS tends to favor armies with large Battleline units, but there's certainly a lot of magical power in those two Slann, Carnosaurs are stompy-stompy brutes, and Saurus Knights are punch above their weight for medium cavalry. Should be fun, both to play as and play against. That's what really counts.
  3. Forbidden Planet was also made in the early-to-mid-Fifties (written in `52, filmed in `55). Many of the cast and crew were veterans of WWII and/or Korean War, so the casual-but-still-military attitude of much of the men probably owed as much to the behavior of the shipwrecked sailors in The Tempest as it does with real-world Navy crews in the Pacific Theater. The enlisted guys do a lot of grumbling and grousing, but pretty much hop to whenever the NCOs give them the stink eye. The officers are fairly casual with each other and can be freindly with the enlisted men, but its clear that's a one-way street, all of the enlisted men are always quite formal when talking to the officers. Well, until the giant id monster shows up and they start to panic. The officers and enlisted aboard the United Planets Cruiser C-57D are also kinda sexist horndogs towards Altaira... But, c'mon, it was a long space-flight and it's Anne Francis in a miniskirt. They're only human! There was talk about a decade back of J. Michael Straczynski writing a script for a remake. Seems to have vanished into Development Limbo. But, man, imagine how awesome that would be?
  4. So if you've been bitten by the Gaslands bug like I have (and if not, why not?) you've no doubt been scouring your kids' toy boxes, toy stores, and the internet looking for cool Hot Wheels. You no doubt came across Bone Shaker... Well, just to prove we're not the craziest Hot Wheels fans out there, behold: The real hard part about playing 1:1 scale Gaslands is getting the templates into position.
  5. There's a simple little online tool from GW themselves -- Warscroll Builder -- that can make list building a lot easier.
  6. Strictly speaking, Age of Sigmar defaults to "Open Play" with no formal force organization chart at all. If you own it, you can plop it down on the table. This is fine for totally new players who just want to start playing with whatever toy soldiers they got in their first box or casual friends that just want to muck about with a friendly game, but gets a little nuts when That Guy decides this means he can field 72 Nagash models as an army. However, since you're an Ordo Fanaticus member, I think its safe to assume you're not a complete newbie at wargaming. So, you're going to want to do things a little bit more advanced than just the entry level. You're going to want the "Matched Play rules," a.k.a. the tournament mode, a.a.k.a. the points system. For that you'll need to buy the most recent iteration of The General's Handbook in addition to your Battle Tome. In a nutshell, Matched Play assigns every unit in the army a point value and a battlefield role. The roles are Leader (roughly equivalent to WH40's HQ and Elite slot), Battleline (Troops), Behemoths (big stompy monsters), and Artillery (the big guns). In a standard 2,000 Points game, you'll need at least one Leader (maximum six), at least three Battleline choices (no limit), and can have 0-4 Behemoths and 0-4 Artillery. It should also be noted that unlike WH40k, it is possible for a unit to belong to two roles simultaneously, for example, the Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur is both a Leader and a Behemoth. He would therefore count as one of your Leader slots and one of your Behemoth slots. The Bastiladon, Carnosaur, Dread Saurian, Engine of the Gods, Stegadon, and Troglodon are all Behemoths. Those are the biggest, stompiest dinosaurs in the army. I'm afraid there aren't any big, stompy dinosaurs that count as Battleline. Saurus Knights, however count as Battleline and they're dino-men riding velociraptors. So that's nice.
  7. The Rules of Not Dying Like an Idiot in the Sixth World 1. Watch your back. 2. Shoot straight, conserve ammo. 3. Never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon. 4. Three reloads for your main, minimum. 5. Geek the mage first. 6. Geek the hacker next. 7. Violence is usually an answer, but not always a good answer, and rarely the best answer. 8. There is such thing as overkill, just not when Shedim and/or Insect Spirits are involved. 9. Mourn your teammate later, kill the bastards that killed him now. 10. Always try the mundane answer first. 10. a) Magic is not the answer to every problem. Magicians who keep their heads shoved up their own astral get geeked. (See Rule 5.) 10. b) Matrix is not the answer to every problem. Hackers who forget about the meat world get hacked into dead meat. (See Rule 6.) 10. c) Cyberware is not the answer to every problem. Street Samurai who shoot frist and ask questions never, get shot first. (See Rule 7.) 11. Grenades aren't just for killing. Cover destrution and area denial can be vital. 12. Always have a sidearm. That includes you, Sammy McKatanafist. 13. Save some space in your backpack. You never know. 14. When in doubt, cheat. (in character) 15. Be unpredictable. To your enemies. No one likes a "LOL! Randumb!" jerk on their team. 16. This list is subject to change without notice. Be flexible. 17. If you did it and lived, then you probably did it right. 18. You are who you know. Keep your Contacts happy, healthy, and be prepared for any one (or all) of them to turn on you. 19. Never relax. Your run might be over, but someone, somewhere, is just starting his, and the target could be you. 20. With the exception of Rules 1-3, feel free to disregard any and all rules if they for some reason impede your survival. BE FLEXIBLE.
  8. I’m planning to be there for Shadowrun, but I’ll bring some of my Gaslands stuff too.
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s crocodiles that are Catholic; Allahgators are Muslims. ... I’ll see myself out.
  10. Whaaa—!? They ain’t kosher. I can tell you that much.
  11. I think the fact that they're nine-foot tall (and growing) interdimensional murder-hobos outweighs ethical considerations.
  12. It's never been firmly established if AoS Orruks are fungus, like WH40k's Space Orks, or animals like WHFB's Orcs... But if they are, would eating Orruks be considered vegan?
  13. Tolkien’s elves can grow beards, Círdan the Shipwright and Mahtan (also called Aulendur) both had beards. According to Tolkien, it was mostly seen in elves who had entered the third cycle of their lives and was uncommon amongst elves in their second-cycle (such as Mahtan) and never seen in elves in their first-cycle... and since those are the elves most commonly encountered by Men and Hobbits, most Men and Hobbits assume all elves to be always beardless. Most Men and Hobbits have never seen female Dwarves, giving rise to rumors that they don’t exist and Dwarves are born from stone, so we have to accept a certain degree of unreliability in their writings about the other races.
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