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  1. How are they attached to the base now? Superglue or plastic glue to a base, you might be able to salvage it it your careful with a scalpel. Pinned or attached via a slottabase, you're probably out of luck.
  2. Pretty much everything Ork-y is fun to build... But I'm really looking to the pirate hats. Yarrr.
  3. I’ve been pondering my next wargaming project, even though I have like ninety already in various stages of incompleteness... Because, well, that’s just how it’s done. I’m kinda leaning towards Orks. Because, well, Orks. ‘Nuff said. I’ve been successful with my Ironjawz over in AoSland, but that’s an army with a mere three units to choose from. They’re dead simple. WH40k’s Space Orks on the other hand have no shortage of options, so I’ve decided to artificially limit my choices: (a) Freebooterz Kultur; Because Space Pirate Orks are just fun. (b) 1,000 Points; Although it will
  4. New preview for the Catacombs release; Sounds like they’ve listened to some of feedback that the terrain isn’t interacted with enough in the current game... This seems like a decent way to fix that without adding some of the needlessly complicated rules for terrain seen in AoS and WH40k.
  5. Ish

    D+D Maps

    No fair, I already made a Charlie Brown joke.
  6. Wrymwood's stuff is absolutely gorgeous, but I would feel like such a pretentious jerk carrying around what is, essentially, a $100 dice bag.
  7. 🎼 She’s got legs, she knows how to use ‘em... 🎶
  8. Holy shazbot, these are awesome. The Kickstarter isn't live, yet, but he's posted a video over on r/Warhammer40k.
  9. Ish

    D+D Maps

    It’s a random encounter, Charlie Brown!
  10. It's classic crack dealer sales tactics, introduce a new product as a loss leader, get the customers hooked, and then raise the prices later on.
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