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  1. Once you’ve got a good primer layer down, you’re golden. Just be prepared to spend extra time on that step... My advice is to give it two or three thin coats of primer, then walk away for 24 hours. Come back after it’s had time to dry and “drink” and apply some specific spot touch ups.
  2. You can usually find a 24-pack of store brand bottled water at Wal-Mart, Costco, or even 7-11 for under $10... Sometimes under $5! If I were organizing an event like this in the warmer months of the year, I’d probably make picking one up a standard part of event prep. Probably not such a big deal In February... The Guardian Games staff are all pretty on the ball and genuinely helpful people. I’m sure most of the locals coming will know what to do already and any out-of-towners who accidentally bring an outside beverage will get a “Hey, excuse me, but...” rather than a “EXTERMINATE THE HERETIC!”
  3. Going solely by the fluff, a Battle Company of White Scars Space Marines will commonly be fielded with all six of its Tactical Squads mounted on Bikes with the extra Marines formed into ad hoc Attack Bike Squads, it’s two Assault Squads deploying via Thunderhawk with Jump Packs or in Rhinos, and it’s two Devastator Squads in Rhinos or Razorbacks. The Rule of Three means this cannot be fielded.
  4. I just want to see White Scars and Ravenwing armies with lots of bike squads, Imperial Guard armies with loads of Leman Russ squadrons, and other thematic armies that the ‘Rule of Three’ squishes flat. It was a chainsaw instead of a scalpel.
  5. Preventing people from furnishing alcohol to minors was one reason we were given in my DPSST course, the other was to prevent people from taking alcohol out for themselves. You’re allowed to drink in a bar, not your car or out in public, and there are indeed people who would pour a couple of shots into a water bottle and then leave the bar... Because people are dumb and alcohol makes dumb people even dumber. These laws also have to be written in a uniform way and applied equally to everyone. Every rule that Guardian Games has to comply with also applies to McMennamin’s, Red Robin, the Kit Kat Club, and the VFW Hall. A rule that makes a lot of sense in one venue might seem counterproductive or flat-out nonsensical in another. There’s a whole big section on “minor entertainers,” for example, that is meant to cover 17-20 year old strippers, but it’s also going to have to be applied to the 19 year old drummer in the bar band, because that’s how the law works. Bottomline, for people patronizing these places and not running them, is just comply with the posted rules or anything you’re asked to do by the staff. The OLCC comes down hard on any violations they catch and it came mean financial ruin for a small business. Wargaming is an expensive hobby to begin with, we should all be able to set aside $10 to buy bottled water from the store throughout the course of the day.
  6. People put way too much energy into worrying about “balance.”
  7. It took him 35 years to learn how to button his shirt.
  8. You could fit six in an Outrider Detachment for 960 Points plus whatever you spend on the mandatory HQ... A Damocles Command Rhino would be hilarious.
  9. That would be almost equal to the epic that is This Guy.
  10. Yep, based on that wording, it should shoot everything.
  11. Do you mean the Tachikoma? I can kinda see the similarities, but really, anything robotic and spider-shaped is going to look vaguely like anything else robotic and spider-shaped.
  12. Not Liedfeld, but strong overtones of the character design from Arkham Asylum
  13. A model’s Characteristics are defined on its Datasheet (BRB, p. 174), amongst them is the Save. Saving Throw modifiers like AP and Cover affect the die roll not the base Characteristic (BRB, p. 181). A Chaos Space Marine has a Save Characteristic of 3+, he gets hit with a Bolt Rifle with AP -1. The player now needs to roll a four or more to succeed on the Saving Throw, but that’s because the die roll is modified, the stat line for the model remains the same.
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