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  1. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Bear in mind, as well, that it’s always possible to say “No.” when someone asks you for a game. If someone has consistently been That Guy in the past, just decline to play him in the future.
  2. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    And that’s why I play 40k at Ordo and not at Guardian Games.
  3. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Bear in mind as well that a unit listed on your Crusade’s Order of Battle has their unit size and equipment load-out fixed in place unless you spend additional Resource Points on it. If the pool of players is diverse enough, you’re eventually going to run into scenarios where your squad that’s been fine tuned for MEQ killing is going to get drowned in a sea of ‘gaunts or stepped on by a Knight. The best way to optimize a Crusade force seems to be to lean into “Take All Comers” and not “WAAC.”
  4. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Can we table the Heroic Intervention argument until we have the complete rulebook in hand? It’s quite possible that this is addressed in the full rules and was simply left out of the slimmed down basic rules PDF as a space saver. It’s also possible it’s not mentioned in the rulebook at all (it’s very rare for non-characters to be able to make Heroic Interventions) but will be addressed in one of the FAQs, Errata, or other such supplement. At the moment, you two are just kinda arguing about what each you said, what you thought the other person said, what you meant when you said it, and what the other person really meant when they said it... and if I wanted to be part of that sort of conversation, I’d go talk to my husband about which of us was supposed to put the trash out for garbage day.
  5. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Yup, the non-Crusade player gets extra Command Points in exchange. Seems pretty fair to me. This is the same mechanism used to balance Crusade games between two Crusade players who have different levels of experience for their forces.
  6. Ish

    Ill-advised adventure

    It’s 706 miles to Salt Lake City. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pot of Nuln Oil, it’s broad daylight, and we’re wearing cargo shorts. Hit it!
  7. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    They’re all still hiding the shame of having jumped on the Baal-pattern Bandwagon during the Slam-guinius heyday.
  8. We need @Hodor to work his spreadsheet magic like he did with Necromunda: Dark Uprising...
  9. Brunhilde’s face and neck are one piece, the left and right halves of her hair are two additional pieces... and even all assembled they are smaller than GW’s human-sized heads. The finished models are great, don’t get me wrong, but they do require a greater degree of concentration during assembly than most GW models
  10. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Well, that’s why I said “perhaps we should all agree” to doing it. Which would always leave open the option of not doing it... Let’s say Adam, Betty, Carl, Diana, and Ed are all playing Crusade games every week. After having been in Timbuktu for work for the last ten years, Franklin drops into Ordo for a game night during his one week back in town before heading back to Timbuktu. Adam and Franklin agree to have a game. Franklin doesn’t have a Crusade record sheet, Adam does. So they just say “heck with it” and play a regular game of one-off 40k. On the other hand, the Crusade system expressly has a balancing mechanism for players with different Crusade scores. So, if Adam, Betty, Carl, Diana, and Ed are all playing Crusade games every week and Geoff decides to jump in during week three... Geoff’s force will have 0 Crusade Points, Betty’s force might have 15 Crusade Points. Geoff is given a pool of bonus Command Points to help level the playing field during their match. (It’s basically Blood Bowl’s inducements system!) I’m not gonna pretend Crusade is perfectly mechanically balanced. I haven’t even read the full rules for it, so there’s no possibility of my even knowing for sure. My gut feeling is that it’s probably close enough to balanced to work, but will still have quirks and flaws. I wouldn’t want to see Crusade used in a tournament environment, but it seems perfect as a fun little bonus to tack on to weekly pick-up game nights. Like a nice alternative to a Ladder or a Camapign.
  11. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Thankfully, they switched to a much more sensible system where Command Points are a fixed pool tied to the game level. So no more stuffing the “Loyal 32” into every list just to gain an extra 9,999 CP...
  12. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Goonhammer just put out a very nice explanation of the Crusade system. Perhaps we should all just agree to spend the remainder of 2020 playing our games as informal pickup games, but with everyone using the Crusade rules?
  13. Hmm... I’d been wondering what to do for an Apprentice.
  14. Valkyrie is finished, although I need to do some clean-up on her base and I might go back and touch up her swords: Loki is nearly done, just waiting for the first layers on his base to dry before I go back and finish them off. His horns need some touch-up too that I just noticed: This leaves Hela as the only remaining Asgardian. She’s assembled, but I haven’t started painting her yet. I hope Atomic Mass Games eventually adds more Asgardians to the game, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three seem like natural choices. So does the Enchantress and her Exectioner. We’ll probably get a Thor (Jane Foster) when her movie comes out...
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