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  1. She’s finally here! Nicely detailed sculpt, but the paint application is really minimal... It’s well done, with no visible “slop” and given that a lot of it is white paint over black plastic, the fact that there’s little to no “see through” is impressive. But, I dunno... Kinda wish it was more than just “table top” quality. Overall, I’m happy with her. But not quite a five-star rating.
  2. It’s called the “Pile of Shame” for a reason. I kind of figure my afterlife will be spent, like Sisyphus, ever toiling away at a task that will never be finished... with the Erinyes swooping in every so often to spill my paint pots and ruin the points of my brushes.
  3. Invincible is the animated adaptation of the comic book series of the same name; They’ve made a lot of changes to the specifics of the comic’s initial story arcs, but haven’t changed the tone, characterization, or the themes. Keeps things surprising, even though I have a general idea of what’s going to happen (since I read the comic) I don’t necessarily know when or how. The animation quality is top notch, the voice actors are wonderful (J.K. Simmons is perfectly cast as Omni-Man) and the music is great too. However, I feel that it must be noted that just because it’s and animated su
  4. They’re all literally sitting in a box unassembled and unpainted.
  5. The Anglo-Saxon battle board encourages large units of Warriors and Levies, which with good positioning, can screen a Warlord from being engaged in mêlée since it takes longer for the enemy to move around them. That’s the theory, anyway. Like I said, I don’t get to play since no one here in Portland plays. I’m waiting for the eventual release of “Age of the Pharaohs” or whatever they call the game set in antiquity, so I can build an army of Israelites and their Jewish Space Laser.
  6. On foot, makes him easier to hide behind the big blocks of Spearmen.
  7. I have a Anglo-Saxons warband for Age of Vikings, although I never really get to play. I’ve got tentative plans to build a Crusaders army, but haven’t gotten around to it.
  8. Larry Elmore is a dimension-hopping wizard. He paints portraits of heroes in those dimensions, sells the originals to the adventurers, and brings copies back to our dimension to sell to TSR, Bantam Books, etc.
  9. When I win the PowerBall, I'm going to force you to break your "no commissions" policy!
  10. I'm probably just going to display her "as is." I don't feel like my painting skills are up to snuff to make it into a really standout piece, so I might as well just leave her be...
  11. Dianna Rigg designed her “Queen of Sin” costume personally.
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