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  1. From the Book I’d Face:
  2. Finished the Hulk in the wee hours Saturday morning, so I just barely squeezed him in under the wire for Week 3. Here’s a comparison shot with a standard Tactical Marine... How do you say “Absolute Unit” in High Gothic?
  3. Man, Sue Storm gets nasty if you cut her off in traffic...
  4. I never cease to be impressed by your ability to make the tinniest of tweaks and change a miniature from average to outstanding. You’ve got a great eye for these details and excellent sculpting skills. I’m a big believer in the “less is more” school of aesthetics and you always add just enough without going over the top.
  5. I’d be interested; Frostgrave is one of my favorite games of all time, if the new edition fixes the few bugs it has, then Frostgrave II: Post Corona Boogaloo should be outstanding.
  6. “Hulk want hair! Why puny Ish not paint Hulk hair yet!?” Still have to do some final touches, but the Hulk is mostly done. I’ve included a shot of him standing next to a Spess Mahreen for scale, the Hulk is basically a Dreadnaught.
  7. North Star Figures has announced that they are releasing Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age ahead of schedule. They are worried that if the U.K. government might force them into a total shut them, due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. So rather than sit on their hands for months, they've decided to get the product out early before. Oathmark is a fantasy, massed battle, "rank-n-flank" game in the vein of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, The Ninth Age, or Saga: Age of Magic. But I think it offers a simplicity that WHFB and T9A are lacking. I've been watching this games development with eager anticipation for a while now. Joseph A. McCullough is the guy that created Frostgrave and he's been wiring a design blog over at Osprey Publishing where he's talked about his design goals, the very clever combat system, and the really innovative kingdom creation system.
  8. Don’t touch me when my paint is wet. You wouldn’t like me when my paint is wet.
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