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  1. I’m interested in trying Grimdark Future, I mean, even if the rules are terrible you can’t beat the price. However, a lot of people who’s opinions on these sorts of things I generally trust have had very positive things to say about Grimdark Future. I’m less interested in their fantasy offering, since I generally prefer “rank and flank” to “individual base” for mass combat games.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me that, despite having basically made the Ranger into a cornerstone of fantasy fiction, the Dungeons & Dragons game is consistently terrible at making the Ranger into a good class.
  3. So, I at the last game night we were talking about the possibility of an all-mounted knightly army. I poked around Fireforge Games’ website and came up with the following 2,000 Point army for under $100. This list uses one box of Templar Knights and two boxes of Teutonic Knights; the Teutonic Knights come twelve to a box and all their horses have barding; the Templar Knights also come twelve to a box, but with a 6/6 mix of barded and unbarded horses. Use the barded mounts for Heavy Cavalry and the Human Prince (give him a nice hat); use five of the unbarded mounts for the Cavalry; and the final guy takes the sixth unbarded horse and is converted to hold a holy symbol in one hand and a morningstar in the other, he’s your battle cleric. Deus vult! ++ Army Roster [1,980 Points] ++ + Characters + Human Prince [175 Points] (Mounted) Mounted Human Spellcaster [130 Points]: (Level 2, Mounted, Sunblind, Shift) + Units + • Human Cavalry [225 Points]: 5x Figures • Human Heavy Cavalry [450 Points]: 9x Figures • Human Heavy Cavalry [500 Points]: 10x Figures • Human Heavy Cavalry [500 Points]: 10x Figures
  4. Try to track down a copy of the old Rogue Trader era sourcebooks Waaargh! The Orks from 1990 and 1991’s Ere We Go. Both are filled to bursting with Ork background and modeling. Information included the Ork castes and clans, various banners, glyphs, ork language, and (of course) colors. Physical copies sell for a lot of teef on eBay and Amazon, but if you do some googling, you can find PDFs that have been uploaded by various freebooterz.
  5. I was intrigued by the sort of hybrid between Epic 40,000 and Warhammer 40,000 that they used in the most recent iteration of Apocalypse. Basically, when a unit took damage from smaller weapons they rolled their save on a D12; against bigger weapons they rolled their save on a D6. Maybe something similar could be done, where instead of re-rolling dice, you just replace a die with a larger one? So instead of an aura of re-rolling ones, a shooty command character’s aura could make one model in a friendly unit within range replace their D6 to hit with a D12. Likewise, a super-strong mêlée weapon might roll a D12 to wound rather than re-rolling. (Of course, the other sacred cow that needs to be slaughtered is the “roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save” trifecta. Back when WH40k was a game much smaller in scope [20-30 models per player] then it was a nice bit of granular distinction between accurate-but-weak weapons, tough-but-poorly-armored troops, and so forth. Nowadays, with the much larger scope of the game, it feels like needless faffing about for no real benefit.)
  6. A guide to Saga: Age of Vikings factions.
  7. We few, we happy few, we herd of nerds; For he today that rolls his dice with me Shall be my brother; even if he be a newb, This day shall thin his paints! And gentlemen in galaxy now grimdark, Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their dice unlucky whiles any speaks, That gamed with us upon Oathmark Day!
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