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  1. I made a really bad pho pun in a Vietnamese restaurant and the owner threatened to bahn mi.
  2. “Faux Pho” serving only vegan pho.
  3. The trick to enjoying Enterprise is to watch the pilot episode (“Broken Bow, Pt. I” and “Broken Bow, Pt. II”) and then skip immediately to the third episode of Season 4 (“Home”) and watch the remainder of the series... You don’t miss out on all that much good stuff, but you skip a lot of bad stuff. Or just save a lot of time and hassle and just watch Deep Space 9 on a continuous loop.
  4. Well, start painting more Saga: Age of Crusades stuff so I can nerd out over swords.
  5. Even better if you can also find a compatible handgun, so you only have to haul around one type of ammo. A scoped Winchester Model 1894C carbine chambered for .357 Magnum, a Colt Python on the hip, and a tiny J-Frame snubbie in an ankle holster might just be my ideal post-apocalypse "walking around" kit. A .375 will punch through a car door or other hard (but not hardened) cover, it's got a nice flat trajectory out to middle-to-longish ranges, it's not ideal for deer (but it'll do it) but works great on rabbits or hogs, and it'll certainly do well against humans/zombies. Plus, the revolver and lever-action designs are robust as hell... and you can scrounge `em up at nearly any sporting goods store.
  6. Bah! Who needs ventilation and proper safety standards!? Prime eternal! Shiny and chrome! (or matte... maybe a nice satin?)
  7. Said it before and I’ll say it again: A scoped, bolt-action rifle with a detachable box magazine is just about as close to perfect as you can ask for in a post-apocalyptic rifle, if you ask me. I really like that most of these TNT miniatures manage to keep a strong sense of Bad Ass but also have realistic weapons, clothing, and equipment.
  8. As many fond memories as I have for Mordheim, all things considered I think that Frostgrave does the medieval-fantasy skirmish campaign game a lot better. Plus, the rules are still in print and still being supported.
  9. Those acursed scriveners from the Workshop of Games in perfidious Albion ne’er did make fair Bretonnia into an “official” warband for Mordheim. Leaving us stuck in the limbo of Town Crier magazine...
  10. As of October 2019, according to Variety, the Marvel Studios films have a worldwide box office revenue of over $22.55 Billion-with-a-B USD. That’s before you consider the tv shows, streaming shows, comics, and other tie-ins.
  11. Villain! Cur! Rapscallion! I demand satisfaction for thy impertinence! What ho!
  12. Can you narrow that down, Lord Andrew of Geddon? In my Questing Knight days, I hath born witness to a lot of Celestial Wizards throwing a lot of Comets of Cassandora at a lot of different cities...
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