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  1. Whoosh. (The sound Brad makes will gracefully arcing from one trapeze to another)
  2. Congrats Andy! (And how did your circus performance go, Brad?)
  3. He's great. Have you seen Game Night? He's absolutely hilarious in that too.
  4. Agreed. I was pretty apprehensive, but I got pulled in. It was clearly a fan service piece but didn't feel that way. It stood on its own merrits.
  5. We'll just have to do it faster 😉 Replying to myself here! Looks like I may be wrong. There's a rumored points change for the Ynnari characters. About 55 points less for Yncarne, about 30 point drop for Yvraine, and a 40ish (and verrrry necessary) drop for the Visarch. My OFCC 2020 senses are tingling...
  6. It's a bit disappointing that they didn't do anything to make Ynnari armies easier to take. The stratagem they highlight in the article (United in Death) will never, ever be used. But yes, it would be cool if someone paid 589 points in special characters alone (and all 3 must be in separate detachments for it to work, so you've still likely got more HQs to pay for), and you've got a combat capable unit from each of Harlequin, Drukhari, and Craftworld all in combat at the same time, then pop this stratagem and look out! It's a stratagem that you have to build an entire list around, the list will be worse than one not built around this stratagem, and even if you do pull it off, the result likely isn't game winning. It's unuseably bad, unfortunately. Ynnari are still stuck being a single detachment for all intents and purposes. It seems like they really want people to bring the triumvirate, but there's no real incentive to do it. You have to bend over backwards to force them all in, and you end up with a bad list.
  7. I had no idea Drazhar is getting an update! He's no longer a total joke either! He used to be just an Incubi sergeant with an irrelevant aura (+1 to hit for Incubi (which all DE get on turn 3+ anyway)) that could attack twice but he cost as much as a squad of 7 Incubi! Now he has a (ever so slightly) better stat line, better weapons, and an aura that matters! Hopefully he went down in cost a little too...
  8. "Now, Ish, you know it's poor manners to put an axe on your vocabulary."
  9. If you're stuffing your face, is that called snacksidermy?
  10. You'll have to wait for the Primaris Centurions.
  11. I don't even know what's in the latest Haemonculus box, I've been playing them so long. Who needs another haemonculus?
  12. You'll see nothing of the sort!
  13. Definitely not Apple. That would be forbidden.
  14. It wouldn't work. It would make armies that can fit neatly into a Brigade way too good. A single brigade would give you 21 CPs.
  15. There's another important advantage the bike has over the jump pack--base size. Having the old biker base gives you somewhere around 18 more square inches of aura according to my guesstimations. Out of curiosity, how does this apply to Index weapon choices? I don't do anything index except one. I hate being required to pay 5 points for a 2+ poison pistol for my haemonculi. I'll take the free 4+ poison pistol, thank you!
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