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  1. An outfit change for every game seems excessive...
  2. I disagree with the notion that it would be too complicated. Just use different colored dice or gems for each source. I have hard time believing that would be the bookkeeping that breaks this game's back. I don't think this approach is bad, by any means, I just wonder how well it would apply to other armies. For instance, what would be lost for souping eldar? Battle Focus/Rising Crescendo/Power From Pain? If so, harlequins would be unusably bad, while the other 2 could easily be built to not really care much. The harlequin lore is that they work alongside other Eldar all the time. Punishing that badly for souping would make them trash. So do you add some extra benefit for non-soup on the next round of codices?
  3. The solution is simple. Make it so detachments from different sources can only use the CPs that detachment generates as well as the 3 battleforged CPs. You can still use a minimum battalion if IG with your knights, the only question is what those IG would like to spend their 5 CPs on.
  4. The missions were unique and a lot of fun, definitely. I enjoyed the hell out of them and appreciate @evil_bryan for his work (and putting up with my nitpicking!) Echoing @VonVilkee far above, the only feedback I'd offer is the secondary scoring usually rewarded you for performing well at the primary scoring--particularly mission 5. That said, I loved the "embrace the randomness" theme throughout them, very OFCC! The one thing ITC does offer in this regard is alternative paths to victory. Some armies are good at killing/more than their opponents, some armies are better than others at capturing/more. I'm not advocating cloning their mission structure, but that spirit is great for OFCC missions. Maybe the primary scoring isn't going your way, but at least you're accomplishing this other random task while your soldiers are being slaughtered.
  5. Sherbert is so bad at fantasy that snakes call it "rolling Sherbert eyes."
  6. The only land raider I ever feared. On topic: the Born in the Saddle rule is kinda odd conceptually. You can shoot after advancing, okay, makes sense. For heavy weapons, they'll still fire at -1 because they moved, makes sense. Rapid fire weapons will fire at their regular BS because there is no provision in that rule or the BRB that their BS would be impacted. That's fine, I guess, if that's what was intended, but what's weird to me is that assault weapons will still be hitting at -1 BS because they already have existing rules for advancing and shooting, and nothing about Born in the Saddle overrides that. So basically, White Scars are good at using more stationary guns on the move, but no better than anyone else at using weapons designed to be fired on the move.
  7. To be fair, Landraiders have been bad in every edition for exactly the above reason. They're just worse now because they lost their immunity to everything str 7 and lower.
  8. They still make that show?!
  9. Did he, though? That's just, like, your opinion, man!
  10. Well...except for those pecs...
  11. True. But Gollum was a toxic enabler, trying to lead Sam's "best friend" down a self-destructive path in order to justify and reinforce his own choices. Too bad he couldn't save one and punt the other into the lava.
  12. Okay, one more follow up question. If I move one unit off, and then another unit onto the objective in the same movement phase do I maintain control or lose it? Thank you!
  13. @evil_bryan We played mission 5: Press Your Luck last night and a few questions came up. 1) Could you clarify what you mean by: Do you lose control, simply by not being on it for any amount of time, or does your opponent need to actually claim it? (Ex: I choose hold an objective, my opponent shoots me off of it in his turn but moves nothing on it. In my next turn, I move something back to the objective and score it). 2) RE: bonus scoring. Is choosing to hold at least 2 objectives enough to score the bonus point, or do you actually have to hold AND score? 3) Also RE: bonus scoring. This is maybe the same answer as question 1, but what entails "preventing" your opponent from scoring? Things like capturing a held objective with Troops are obvious, but there are a lot of esoteric examples. For instance, if I'm using the Yncarne and choose to hold an objective with him, my opponent shoots and destroys something else, and I choose to teleport the Yncarne into that spot. Did my opponent "prevent" me from scoring it, or did I choose to leave it? Also questions regarding game setup in general: 1) Since deployment types are pre-set and missions 1, 3, and 5 all have either no objectives or fixed objectives, do we just roll off at the beginning to see who chooses what deployment zone? 2) Once deployment zones are selected, are we doing alternating deployment beginning with the player who did not choose their zone and whomever is done first gets +1 to go first; or one side deploys everything first and goes first (unless seized on)? 2a) If we're doing alternating with the +1 to go first, are we also doing seize the initiative? Thanks!
  14. Which is exactly what it was trying to do to that puppet! It knows that puppets are creepy and puppet masters are perverts.
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