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  1. Righteous Gemstones S1: Holy snap this cast is amazing. John Goodman is universally loved, Walton Goggins has stolen every scene he's ever been in, Danny McBride is a legitimately good actor (way more than just his arrogant imbecile tom-foolery), Edi Patterson is a hilarious improv comedian, and Adam Devine always delights me. Brought to you by Danny McBride/Jody Hill who also did Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals for HBO, the show follows an extremely wealthy televangelist family as they sort through life after losing their matriarch, the rudder that steered this band of hypocr
  2. Just ran the last 2k Drukhari list I used....somewhere during the late Neolithic period if I recall correctly. Possibly 6 months ago. Who knows? It's now 1850 almost on the nose. Yowza! Wracks dropped 4 points per model and can be taken in groups of 20 now (previously 10). Prophets of Flesh wracks near a haemonculus are T5, 4++, 6+++ and have a 2 CP strat to remove/replenish the squad and bring them in from any table edge. That's a huge pain in the ass for 160 points.
  3. Munkie


    Soil?! Nutrients?! We were raised on dirt! The stuff snobs like you tossed away like trash once you'd absorbed all that you could!
  4. I agree that's probably true, but I just can't imagine how they'd justify 2 wounds T4 for, and crazy fast movement for 10 points. I can't imagine jetbikes losing a wound or a toughness, or getting much slower. Their stats already aren't amazing so I don't think they could get worse. I'm hoping Hellions become more useful, they've never been good. They were usable in 5th when the Baron made them troops, but otherwise they're just faster wyches for a whole lot more and they aren't troops.
  5. Pretty sure there's a mistake in the Drukhari book. Our reaver jetbikes went for 20 to 10 points, but Hellions went from 15 (way overpriced) to 17 (worst unit in the codex, don't even look at them). The prevailing theory is hellions were supposed to go to 10, jetbikes to 17 which makes way more sense. Mv 18", auto 8" advance, 2 wounds T4, 4+ armor, 2 Str 4, AP -1, D1 attacks for 10 points? Or Mv 14", 1 wound, T3, 5+ save, 2 str 4, AP 0, D2 for 17? There isn't a debate to be had. Reaver jetbikes are absolutely insane for 10 points! 360 points for 3 squads of 12, all that hav
  6. Apparently there's a movie called Love and Monsters and it's coming out on blu-ray (no, I'm not in the wrong thread). The hook line of the commercial is "When the monster uprising happened, I lost everyone." A decent hook, though I'd cut monster. It's vagueness makes it hookier. But what an absurd thing for an in-universe person to say! Who's he talking to, and what are the chances they aren't thinking "yeah, we all did, asshole"? Read the room, bro. Everyone's everyone is dead!
  7. Famous line "Ttommm Crooozz"
  8. Munkie


    Now we were too poor, and we had to eat all our Xs, we had nothing but Os! And that's how we invented the game of checkers.
  9. Well, if you read the title of the book in the bottom right, it starts to make a little more sense. Or maybe less...because the POV player certainly doesn't need a book to beat this rube.
  10. I own it. ...still in its shrink wrap.
  11. My mom was a big Wonder Woman fan too. She wanted to be Linda Carter when she grew up. She love, love, LOVED the first movie and watches it all the time. She's a big Chris Pine fan too. By the end of the first act, she said "well at least we're watching this for free." By the end of the second "free might be too much." By the end of the movie "this shouldn't have been made." Part of my frustration with the movie is how much it let her down.
  12. The 80s aesthetic was about the only part the movie got right. It was an 80s nostalgia movie. Oh and also it's a Wonder Woman movie too. That felt like the approach by the filmmakers. Start with the look, then, if there's time, construct a story to fit within that look. Thematically, it tries to draw elements of 80s movies like a wish-granting artifact ala "Big." Except it does a really bad job about setting up the rules. It grants everybody 1 wish, unless your name is Kristen Wiig, then you get 2 wishes for some reason. They had a whole scene about Pascal's son not wasting his one wish,
  13. I'm sorry. You deserve better.
  14. Wonderwoman 1984: This is a very, very bad movie. There is very little action and none of it is good. The emotional punch of the movie is almost entirely reliant on child actors who are not good. The plot is incoherent. Pedro Pascal (who is usually great) plays an absurd, entirely over the top character. Chris Pine is back for no reason whatsoever. Bad script, poor acting, and boring as all get out. Kristen Wigg turns into Rum Tum Tugger for some reason and that's supposed to be scary. I'd tell you not to bother, be we both know you will anyway. It's bad.
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