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  1. Yes. This. The same way the federal government hires convicted hackers. Pay people smarter than you to work for you. Otherwise, you'll be pay anyway. There is no value added to your company in a legal battle, just money spent punishing people who are better than you at what you wish you were good at. Spend the same money to offer a better product.
  2. Rather than throw a bunch of money at a lawsuit to shut down a competitor, why not just buy Battlescribe and have a functional app? GW is a model company first, a rules creater second, and a software developer...uhh...somewhere way down the line. Stick to what you're good at, and pay someone else to do the stuff you're not good at.
  3. Where do I sign up for this?? Venus can't be any more toxic than this planet!
  4. This is definitely a great change for the direction of the game. If Crisis Suits are made to be core, but not riptides (or equivalent), then we might see a Tau army have a movement phase for the first time in 3 years!
  5. Yeah, some friends and I are starting a friendly Crusade campaign which I think will be a lot of fun. Although Drukhari also don't function at small points levels since each of their subfactions have gaping holes that are designed to be plugged with multiple detachments. So I'm using my unpainted harlequins. We've got 2 ork, and a tau player, too. Shockingly, our white scars player took a loss in week 1 to orks. That 3 CP strategem to replenish a unit of 30 boyz is so good at 25PL! I just have no interest in "competitive" 9th.
  6. I agree that it's part of why they're going this direction, the problem is it makes fragile things even extra more fragile. As a drukhari player, the extra damage makes our paltry defenses ever more useless. A 5++ on our vehicles is handy against high quality, low quantity attacks like lascannons and meltaguns. But if people are pouring damage 3 weapons into them, they're dead unless I roll hot. Having FNP 6+ across all my infantry is functionally useless against damage 2 weapons. 1/36 chance for it to matter. This edition is designed specifically to make glass-cannon armies bad sinc
  7. My apartment smells like a homeless cat's pooping space: Litter-alley
  8. I charged a razorback the other day with some mandrakes. Shock assault! Because space marine tanks are highly trained in hand-to-hand combat or something...who cares, have free bonuses!!
  9. Bolter drill was the first, army-wide attempt to make space marines feel trained in a way nobody else was, and it was pretty good. Then they came out with the doctrine system and it was so broken that they had to to re-write it and remove an entire stratagem just to try to keep it from continuing to ruin the game, as it had clearly done. Between auras, more auras, ridiculous stratagems, combat doctrines, chapter tactics, shock assault (IMO, the dumbest space marine rule), and bolter drill, the combo-stacking is fankly game deciding. You don't have to be good to win. Just play sp
  10. I don't see why they're mutually exclusive...
  11. Thanks for the link! It confirmed that all my baseline assumptions were all pretty spot on and I understood the concept in theory, but the conclusive math was (and still is) out of my reach. Turns out if you can do the math, it's probably possible to get a Jaeger to break the sound barrier! However, they were probably off by exactly where it would have occured, but who cares about that. Supersonic robots: 1, Munkie's gut-math: 0
  12. So this was supposed to be a comment in Rate the Last movie you saw, but then I started fixating on the math of a question, and I'm in over my head. Subject: Pacific Rim Uprising To get the preamble put of the way, it's a pretty good movie, I'd say definitely better than the first movie which I was VERY underwhelmed by. Pacific Rim had a boring plot, bland characters, and its action sequences were sparse and unimaginative. Way too much hype for an uninspired film. Uprising isn't going to blow your socks off, but the plot was better, the characters were better, and they had a var
  13. I love it because ironclad make basically no difference to me. Levi is scary though!
  14. Sweet. Dark Technomancer Talos with 2 haywire blasters and a double liquifier gun would be brutal for this. Granted, they can deal up to 3 mortal wounds to themselves, but he also might just one shot a dread with the ability to deal up to 54 wounds to a vehicle in the shooting phase.
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