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  1. Only 2 special weapons in those blobs of 20?! Why not 5 liquifiers in each, to really liquify!
  2. Craftworlds have unfortunately been left behind. Like pre-9th Ed drukhari book, they are very much designed for 8th edition. They're best when taking multiple detachments, encouraged in 8th but discouraged in 9th. Secondly, with the Primaris takeover, the game has changed. There is a pretty clear demarcation between 1 damage/1 wound units and those who offer more. They don't have the quantity of attacks to make up for the lack of quality. But most of all, 9th is an edition where objectives are nearly everything so taking them and holding them requires the trading of assets. The age-
  3. Yeah, the razorflail build is likely to get FAQ'd out of relevance, IMO. It'll still be good against primaris and the like, but not bonkers. The Triptych/Precision Blows is about flexibility and that's why I like it. There's nothing it doesn't threaten. Because as cool as the whip is, it's also a poison weapon. Only wounds dreads on 6s, so they aren't particularly worried. More dice, sure, but less likely to do much damage. Or if she's fighting a character and they have a 4++, it might just bounce off. Having a decent chance of just slamming 4 mortal wounds home at the top makes character
  4. Oops, scratch the above! Well, not entirely. Just any reference to attacking twice with a succubus. She does not have the wych keyword and so she cannot attack twice with the stratagem. It's for wyches/bloodbrides only. So the razorflail build maxes out at 42 attacks, assuming the first 14 don't wound. A mere 56 potential damage per turn.
  5. I just watched the combo video you posted. He's on the right track but there are a few Succubi that are nastier than what he has. The one I have been running is Triptych Whip, Precision Blows, and Adrenalight drug. She has 10 attacks (as opposed to the 12 of his version of it). The trade-off is any 6s to hit cancel the attack and apply the damage of the weapon (2) as mortal wounds. Lower damage ceiling, but it sidesteps invuls, -1 damage effects, and she can even threaten vehicles in a pinch. So nasty. The other one I need to convert and play with is a pair of Razorflails, Competitiv
  6. The Succubi, in particular, are what I'm concerned about. I played some garagehammer with a friend today and had my Succubus kill 17 necron warriors in one combat phase. Sure it costs 2 CP to fight twice, but for a 60 point model (actually 75, but she didn't need her Master ability to do what she did), that is just an insane amount of damage.
  7. I ran a Raiding Force triple patrol at a small (8 person, 3 round) tournament yesterday for my first 3 battles with the new book. My goodness it's a monster. Game 1, Tabled Imperial Fists in 3 turns. Game 2 we somehow finished only 2 rounds so I technically lost to a 6 Valkyrie Scion list. If we had had 1 more turn, I would've killed everything but 1 Valkyrie (who was off the table at the time). Game 3 I tabled Alpha Legion/1K Sons in 2 turns, including zoning out the entire table, so his 10 terminators in deep strike had nowhere to drop and just died. I fear the nerfbat m
  8. You're getting very worked up about this, but whatever. I'm not complaining that the snap was undone. My point is there is never any tension in any MCU movie. The snap did not matter at all. Half of all life was wiped out and there was no emotional impact whatsoever. Because not only do you know the snap will be undone, there will be no moral questions about whether undoing it is right, no debate about what the consequences might be, and it turns out there will be no consequences so it's a good thing they didn't waste time wondering if there might be. It could have been an interestin
  9. Batman was able to fight Superman because he was familiar with him and was able to exploit his weaknesses. Batman is a master tactician. He wasn't capable of beating him though. Superman died by compromising his own invulnerability to kill a creature of similar power and with the same weakness. ZSJL Batman was constantly in over his head. He brought out all of his best tech and it was consistently overmatched. Cyborg had to get the Nightcrawler going after it got beat, and the Batmobile got destroyed by grunts. He says over and over again in the movie that his best way to contribute is t
  10. I liked the Snyder cut more than the 6 hour movie that was the last 2 Avenger movies. It took me 2 sittings: 3hr/1hr. Everything in the MCU is just incredibly low stakes no matter what's happening. Half of all life wiped out? No worries, they'll all be brought back. There was never any doubt that things would end up hunky dory. Every fight is scaled to be relative to the cinematic moment that is required. Sometimes we're supposed to believe Cpt America has his work cut out for him while fighting a French mercenary protecting a freighter, but he equally has his work cut out for him when he
  11. If there's one thing I know, it's my beloved, pointy-eared space jerks. I chalk it up to people being reliant on battlescribe/not obsessing over the codex to an unhealthy degree. It has never been allowed on BS, since I've used it anyway.
  12. It's actually always been that way...or at least more often than not. I'd have to go back and read through all editions to be sure. But the language was always "one model may..." and not "one Reaver may..." I've been running blasters and grav talons/cluster caltrops on the squad leader for many years 😉
  13. Quite possibly my favorite aspect of the new Hellions is the stratagem they can pull if there is also a squad of Reavers within 12" and LoS. Basically they compete to show who is better at aerial murdering and each squad gets bonus to their movement and re-rolls in combat. That's the kind of personality that has been slowly filtered out of the faction after their 5th edition re-launch.
  14. I am so unbelievably excited for this codex! They replaced hoops, red tape, and dull scissors with a system of actual choices! It is no longer "do this, or your army is illegal" but "do this to gain benefits, but understand you'll have to make compromises too." And hellions are good. For the very first time, they're actually good! They were usable in 5th since Baron Sathonyx made them into troops, but they weren't great. Now they're [big bad swear word]ing mean. +1A, +1T, +1W, and -1AP?? I want this codex in my hands!!! Those turbo-dork paints should speed up the process, I'm cu
  15. I thought my last tetra, affectionately named "Last Fish" because this mother[big bad swear word]er is unkillable, had died. He had outlasted everything else in the tank by 2 years. I was planning on cleaning the tank out, installing a mix of fake and low maintenance plants and putting painted models of aquatic things warring. Such a nerd. Then after about a week, Last Fish popped up and was like "food now?" I swear he's immortal.
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