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  1. Ab😉so😉lute😉ly😉not😉 No soda for me, thank you. I'll just have the free shot of rum.
  2. It may conflict with the absolute exemplary service the hotel extends us... If you create a "soda when you want it" precedent, how is the hotel supposed to compete with their "you'll get your drink eventually, if at all" policy?
  3. RE: Mission 4. Any range restrictions for tokens beyond the zones mentioned? 12" from each other, 6" from board edge? Or just by zones? @evil_bryan
  4. For sure. Didn't mean to derail the thread. The ratio was just striking to me.
  5. Well I'm going to insist on a scatter die in my games! I'll be happy to teach newer players the mysteries of the scatter die.
  6. That all looks fine to me. I don't really know what Orikan does but whatevs. The only that stands out is the large disparity between points and power level! Wowwy! Usually 20:1 is about right, most 2k lists finishing <110 PL.
  7. I now realize I have made the same Curtainfall points twice...
  8. The combination of the Shrieking Doom and An Example Made (Dreaming Shadow specific) stratagems on the Curtainfall Relic makes it an insane sniper rifle. 30" range, hits on 2+, causes two str 8 hits at -3 AP and D3 damage. The shrieker profile with An Example Made is also good for killing squads of single wound models. Hit on 2+ causes two str 7, AP -3 hits. For each one that kills a model, they take D3 mortal wounds. That's a potential 8 wounds and an extra -2 leadership! You've got a lot of leadership draining mechanics as it is, and Dreaming Shadow Jesters are really good at it too. I think you've got the tools to drop leadership by -6 (although really -7 because the shrieker has to actually kill someone to work)! 😄
  9. I would recommend the 5+ CP regen on the Ynnari WL. It's a really good trait if you don't forget. Have you considered Dreaming Shadow for the harlies? Soaring Spite is good for bikes but so is shooting a haywire cannon if you die. Also, Curtainfall is an amazing relic for the Death Jester and can really go nuts if you spend either or both stratagems that enhance it.
  10. Was the Medusa a FW model before it was a plastic kit? Because the Medusa, as far as I remember, didn't come out until the 5th edition book ~2010ish.
  11. Yep! We had an all knight list on our team last year and he bagged 3 favorite opponent pins! I'm the mean(ish) list for our team this year. It's got the triple ravagers that's a staple for competitive Drukhari, but since I'm running Ynnari, I don't have the relic, warlord trait, or stratagem that makes them so competitive. I'd happily fight that Tau list, not sure how it would go!
  12. I'm not super familiar with tau anymore, but 2 stormsurges and a riptide seems like a lot for the OFCC. That said, I'm not about telling a new player that he can't come or to buy/paint a new list to be allowed in (not that I have a say in that, but in spirit.). If you can vouch for his personality, and understand that it could make match-making more difficult and that sportsmanship may take a hit, I bet it'll work out.
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