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  1. FIFY. Whirling dervish Yoda was an abominable piece of hacky CG gaggery. It is unfortunate that he was the opposite for that stupid scene. But otherwise, good.
  2. You know, he wouldn't block the light so much if he were a...oh..... ...nevermind
  3. With mission specific ones where heavy support/fast attack/elites are scoring, but give up a bonus point if killed.
  4. Pope Gregory, the 10-and-changeth.
  5. Oh interesting, I hadn't thought about adding to saves...hmm. My fear is it would just discourage the use of basic weaponry, and therefore troops. Everything else going down in power would definitely make saves more valuable, but people would shy away from basic troops.
  6. I'm not sure I fully understand this. To clarify, you'd be advocating a 5th edition AP system, but slightly worse AP values (i.e. bolters, shurikens, would all be AP 6) to reduce their effectiveness against light troops? Or an 8th edition AP system but with basic weapons having AP -1 to increase their effectiveness? I read it as the former, but this implies the latter. I'm a confuzzled munkie...
  7. Anybody not blood bowling?
  8. He's speaking the language of demons! Burn him!
  9. One thousand and 10 years, 1 month and one day before superbowl LIV was the date 01011010. That's binary for Z. Z for zombie! Coincidence?! I think not!
  10. I know. That was pretty much a comprehensive list I posted. Under Siege just immediately came to mind when you first alluded to the rule. It seems odd that there's a rule that precludes probably his best film and certaintly one of the most signature ones. But there is definitely a trend there. Of his 59 appearances on IMDB, I count 25 (26 if we generously grant you Under Siege 2). So a wee bit under half. But Steven Seagal is a remarkable piece of [big bad swear word] and has broken just about every moral, ethical, and legal code there is, so breaking this titling rule more often than not certainly isn't out of the question. The one bit of satisfaction we can glean from such a monstrous human being proving that fame grants you a pretty long rope 58 times, is that he is is the butt of a joke that everyone but he has gotten for 3 decades.
  11. So close. Since it doesn't have a preposition in the title... Under Siege Above the Law Beyond the Law On Deadly Ground Out for Justice Half Past Dead Fire Down Below Out of Reach Into the Sun End of a Gun is also spacially aware, but not technically a preposition.
  12. I actually thought we were in the random thought thread! 😄
  13. Like when people say "drownded" for the past tense of drown. I want to slap them, but have resisted the urge thus far.
  14. Truth. That's one I randomly own but don't know why. Maybe my parents got it for me as a random buy Christmas present...? Anyway, I think I've watched it 3 times as well. I know that I have, and I remember the occasions that I watched it, but I only remember the twist/last scene. And she wears a fur hat at one point. And there's an interrogation room. And I'm pretty sure she leaps out a window too. Beyond that....🤷‍♂️
  15. I still cannot, for the life of me, remember if I've seen Aquaman or not. I'm pretty sure I did and immediately then forgot almost every single detail of it. Some days I'm not so sure I watched it because surely I'd remember something...right? Now I'm scared to watch it (again?). Because I don't want to be stuck in a loop of watching and forgetting a movie I don't like. But maybe I would like it (this time?).
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