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  1. Xavier319


    Orkz is nevva beaten in battle. You touched my life in ways I can never express. Rest in peace my little grotty buddy.
  2. Thank you Huffy Puffy Burk, your over-use of periods is driving me crazy. Use one, or three (also known as an ellipses), not four, you heathen.
  3. You should capitalize English. It's a.... never mind. I see what you did there. Nah, it's not a product of the times at all. Like I said, I know you guys are doing what you feel is best, what was asked for, and what is best for the club. I SUPPORT you guys. Just the time table that I think is questionable. I love you too sweetums. <3
  4. My man, @Sugarlessllama while I agree with the spirit of your objections, stoking the fire and riling up folks wont solve anything. Let's come together and have a discussion, not a fight. I hear you brother, and I'm with you. 🙂
  5. That would not really be a Pollyanna, but perhaps an optimistic perspective from a single (and perchance privileged) point of view. There may be 31 factions to choose from, but your assumption is that each player at OFCC has access to all 31 of those factions, and enough time and money to prepare a brand new army from now until the end of July. Additionally, we have multiple teams (mine included) that travel over 2,000 miles at great personal expense to attend an event that we believe in, an event that I have pushed and recruited people for over a decade and a half. The ability to simply 'find
  6. Eager to come back for my 14th year at OFCC! Or is it 15th? I can't remember at this point. While this new team limitation doesn't affect Team Diversity very much (we always bring different armies for each person, hence the diversity), I feel that this will be quite a blow to a large number of teams that cannot afford to buy and make a new army at such a short notice. This announcement needed to come back in January, not April. With that said, I LIKE the change and what it is trying to do, don't get me wrong. My issue is the timing and the fact that there are many older gamers who cannot affor
  7. SOrry, i'm being silly. I think my second challenge is Ash if SOtW isn't taking their third slot, and Dark Trainer and I wanted to challenge each other's teams.
  8. wait.. who challenged me?! I do what where who when? How die this do what now? Who wants to fight!?
  9. Huh. Never thought of it that way. I guess I'll just run you out of town on Sunday night or Monday morning, whichever is most convenient for you. 😄
  10. Gosh darn it @VonVilkee. I'll take you to task, take you down, take you out and run you out of town. You're on!
  11. YEah, around here money is thin on the ground, so they have to wait and save for about a year to go.
  12. Hah. It looks like two teams this year, with Don joining one of them. And... four more people talking about saving up to go next year. People are super excited.
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