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  1. I have not, so I just have the show as my base of reference.
  2. Altered Carbon S2 - The sophomore slump is alive and well! - 6/10 I knew based on how much I loved season 1, some level of disappointment was coming in season 2. That level was measurable, but not overbearing (like True Detectives.) I finished the season and found I had more complaints that praises. Without giving away anything, I will say that there was just too much effort made in looking back that looking forward. I am looking forward to see if season 3 brings redemption or death to this series.
  3. @scottshoemaker Another PLA+ that I have had great success with is SUNLU PLA+ It also has the advantage of selling in 2 packs for ~$15 per spool - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TDJRBJT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  4. Oh yeah, the table was completed and used at this year's OFCC Here are some pics of the table in use 🙂
  5. The reason I recommend the 105 over others (of which I have 6-7) is due to how much abuse it will take and continue to function. I baby many of my other brushes, but just beat that 105 to death. It is more tolerant to heavy use, poor cleaning, and paint variety than anything else I have used. Just make sure if you buy the 105, you do NOT get the 105 Extreme. Although the extreme has a nicer trigger (which you can buy separately and install in your 105), the MAC valve at the bottom of that brush sucks! It is loose, it leaks, and it is prone to falling out...and the airbrush will not o
  6. Curious how many people completed the various achievements? Well, I was and since I had all the data it was just a matter of counting (...and counting and counting and counting.) 🙂 Below are the results of all of that counting! As it appeared on the form: Sorting by most to least popular:
  7. I am so glad we got you on a team and you were able to play. There is no official requirement for a gift exchange, but it is becoming more common due to the relaxed nature of this team event.🙂
  8. Yeah, my secondary objectives need some help. 🙂 I have thought about going back and reworking last year's and this year's missions with regards to scoring.
  9. Well, I was able to get a few days rest until someone pinged me for results. 🙂 @Manethak Okay, let's start at the top with Best Overall: Next, we go to Best Sports: On to Best Painted: Finally, we have Best Spirit: If we had an award for Best General (which we no longer have), it would look like this:
  10. I would like to list all the people I owe a thanks to, but at my advanced age it is hard to remember them all. 🙂
  11. Here is a link to the 200+ pictures I took during the 2019 OFCC https://photos.app.goo.gl/2Jv6zp7BYexekaZaA We will see you for OFCC 2020 on July 24-26
  12. Update - The challenge window is being extended to end of day Wednesday (August 14th) Here are the all the challenges I have recorded at this point: Team Diversity - Captain: Xavier319 (Sean) Warhamsters Goin' Xenos Ordo East - Captain: Craeat (Robert) Get off my LAN Team Fury Team Fate - Captain: Ash (Mike) Team Fury Kill, Maim, Beer Silence of the Warp Team Fury - Captain: zcaust83 (Chris) Silence of the Warp Team Fate Ordo East
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