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  1. Okay, time for a massive update! First, I did print a ton of barrels for scatter terrain Next, I decided this table would be more manageable as a whole if I built six 2x2 tiles. So I began the process of assembling and arranging everything printed to date. Here is Tile #1 (each tile has two images): Here is Tile #2: Tile #3: Tile #4 Tile #5: The final tile is still in process (I am reworking the pipe tile), but here is a shot of the everything done to date. FYI - Pete is in the shot for scale purposes only, I did not print him. 🙂
  2. OFCC Teams!!! I am soliciting for digital banners to represent your team. These banners would be used during the event, on this site, on social media, and anywhere else chosen to display the glory of your team. The banner parameters are as follows: The banner must be a JPG or PNG file The banner dimensions must be at least 500x600 or a multiple of that (1000x1200, 1500x1800, etc.) The banner must be family friendly (if you need to ask what means, PM me) Here is an example: Now, let those creative juices flow and show me those banners!
  3. Congratulations on earning the Roll For Initiative achievement!
  4. In the 3 months I have had it, I have had it running non-stop and burned through more than a dozen spools of filament. Here is nearly everything I have printed for terrain (its a lot) 🙂
  5. I say play what you want, and just come to have fun. If you ever worry about winning, achievements, scoring, or anything like that then let me share an important life lesson I learned 40 years ago. 🙂
  6. If that is a full on mini-dex, then it would not qualify for the Old School achievement.
  7. It look like that flowchart is part of the Designer Commentary, which is a current errata listed on the GW site. It is allowed! 🙂 Regarding points, I would defer to the top of that document which states; "Note that regardless of which datasheet you use, if you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, you should always use the most recently published points for your models and their weapons and wargear."
  8. Right now, I am leaning toward "no" on the bolter discipline. I will give it some additional time before making that call. For the Vanguard Primaris, I would need to see the Shadowspear booklet to know for sure. I'll try and track one down.
  9. I may need a specific example on this or more details (since the reference to the "flowchart" was lost on me.) 🙂
  10. We have an update to the guide! The beta Adeptus Custodes rules from Forgeworld have been approved for use 🙂
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