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  1. All good, next time. It turned out well and had fun. We did end up running long, and found 4 games at 1.5hrs to be quite a 'long' event. I'd either shorten to 100pt 4 games, or 125pt 3 games next time. Lessons learned 😀
  2. Yeah, i'd love this! If you're not needing the sprue, you can put it in a bag and leave it at the club sometime. I'd happily pick it up on a game night. You can mark it with my name (Matt). No rush either, so you can wait until you have a large quantity, or do 2 drop offs. Just make it easy for yourself.
  3. Btw, if anyone had just SPRUE they don't want. I'd happily collect it. Looking to make some scatter terrain and bits just filler stuff from it. Not a big deal, but figured game night might be a good ask for it.
  4. Not a problem. Sounds good. And thanks for the heads up. Looks like I'm also not making it until 5:30/6 for D&D only too.
  5. Just concerned with my 6pm hard stop we might not finish.
  6. In hope to be there. For D&D, but would love to squeak in a gaslands game before around 430
  7. @savion47 @Burk or anyone. We had a blast, event ended, this thread can have the sticky post removed.
  8. Game on! Can't wait to see everyone today at 11am for sign in! Come ready for some fun, laughs, dice shenanigans, food, and more!!! Don't forget to look at the early achievements post below ahead of time!
  9. Thanks. So it really does sound like the extra setup and extra rules for battlelore are pretty minor and really just comes down to which theme we'd want. Do you feel Memoir missions and Battlelore missions are all balanced well? I don't plan to do much around 'expanding' at all. Really just looking at a core set, something to kill time (likely less than 10 plays), done. Plus with Battlelore being clearanced, miniature market has it for $27+$6 shipping, that's cheap. My real drive was, as a kid I remember owning and playing battlemasters. Was a blast. These seems like that on a small scale.
  10. I'm looking to keep it contained in a board game that comes as one. Blood bowld doesn't fit yet, and Gaslands is a full table top, not board game.
  11. Still torn here. The suggested above work, but looking for larger than skirmish type games. I'm actually considering Battlelore now, but purely out of theme (plus it's on sale). Really can't decide between memoir 44 or Battlelore. Other than themed.
  12. He's kidding. And it's really just about being decently WYSIWYG. So if a gun looks like a gun, sure. Kill Team is small enough though that legit models are not hard to get (mindtaker.org?). Also, books aren't really needed for players, as plenty seem to have it already or pdf's. Kill team is one of those casual awesome pockets imo.
  13. So I've been trying to get my son more interested into wargaming. We play chess and such. I'm looking at things like Memoir 44, or Battlelore, or any other suggestions. I am told Battlelore is more complex and Memoir 44 is easy to learn/play. I'm leaning toward easier to adopt and play, but FUN as well. My son is 12, so he's sharp and doesn't need an 'easy' game. However, being accessible would be huge! Also a game being 1 hour or LESS would be ideal too to avoid pressing attention spans. Let the ideas flow! Memoir 44 doesn't seem to go on sale ever. The idea is a miniatures strategy wargame with a board basically. I also heard memoir 44 operation overlord expansion adds more players and fun (later on).
  14. There's 2 Kill Team events coming up. One this Saturday the 30th in Troutdale at Goin Gaming (full player packet, prizes, beer, food, achievements, 4 rounds, will be a blast!). The other is Dec 8th at Guardian Games. That said. I have not discussed running another KT league, but you're right it would be easy to do. Depends on interest? It's hard with the holidays coming up to start something up, and I don't know if we'd have room in Jan to set something up between the Bolt action league and Gaslands in spring. Let's see if we can get some interest? @ninefinger I'd be game to help run a KT campaign again if we've got interest.
  15. @SarcasticSocialScience @Kelbesq @ZeroStride Wasn't sure if you guys were aware, but we're running a Kill Team tournament this Saturday Nov 30th. Event pages are below. Figured you might be interested. Also saw Zero's Dec 8th tournament. I'll make sure to promote it with those who I can! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/401433367429913/ &
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