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  1. You spelled 'Princess' wrong. 🤣 I keed, I keed....I make a little joke. 🥴
  2. However, WoW's lease price is right. Keeps membership and game night costs very cheap. As much space as we have, compared to sqft elsewhere would be staggering (especially in Portland cost of living standards). It does help that WoW is also run by volunteers. Back on topic, Interested to see how this works out. I would think paying 'more' for a venue rather than buying product would be a wash? I mean, if I have to pay $10 to get into a place to play (to cover the lease), then I'd rather buy products from a store more frequently. Most of these higher end setups also sell products, drinks, and such? I get the feeling there's a cost comparison between store or your venue. I could see certain game types suffer from this. Just walking into a game store to play a 3hr session of D&D wouldn't help a store much, even if you bought a few minis. Trying to be open minded, but seems like this idea might cater to a small market, and that might hurt?
  3. I had a Dwarf Cleric named, Grum Pea 😁
  4. Agreed. This is why Malifaux gained a HUGE following. It changed the face of miniature wargaming because a limited amount of control could be had. Being able to cheat fate a 'little' really made the complete randomness controllable. Per turn you can only CP reroll once, so it's a balanced 'pick' the dice you choose to reroll. It's not really abusable. No one (not even pure casual players) like 100% random. Now, if a unit already allows re-rolls, there were rules to prevent re-rolling re-rolls in the rulebook. So long story short, no one likes that bad night where all you roll is 1's and it just goes sideways. You PAY for that re-roll. Personally my CP's are better used in normal strategies than a re-roll.
  5. Oh, i'm READY. Something about responsibility, life and crap. I'd much rather be nerding 🤓
  6. So sad, I had finally hoped to 40k again, yet busy tonight! I'll get a game in someday.
  7. So if I make a 500pt list, that would work for crusade (at least in the short run)? I literally haven't looked at anything GW in a while. I 'own' the newest Necron codex, but still has plastic wrap on it, ever even read it yet. 🥴 I would be needing some SERIOUS hand holding back into the fold. Assuming folks are up for that.
  8. I 'really' need to get back to throwing dice. This seems like a good way to get my first 40k game in 2 years (haven't even played the new edition yet). Heck, not even sure I can make a 500pt Necron force, not knowing what they all do yet. Is battlescribe still viable, or what online army builder works well? I have the codex, just hate paper/pencil. But, tomorrow, eh?
  9. What I mean is, you have to decide for yourself what you want from a game. Regardless of the outcome, remaining sportsmanly is critical. You claim that's hard for you sometimes. That's just a personal thing rather than a community/opponent aspect. Being open to all players will expand your horizons is what I'm saying. If you are open to both sides, then I don't see a reason for the thread, as it would mean you already understand it.
  10. And this is your final answer. If playing someone who isn't hardcore looking to stomp faces isn't your style, then you should avoid those matches. Simple. You know your style. The consequence will be fewer opponents as you're unable to interact with 100% of the audience, but at least you'll enjoy it more. It's that simple. Accepting players for who they are and being a sportsmanly player is huge and what the Ordo mentality is about. This person can be ROFLstomping hard lists or squishiness all the way. @Ish said it well, “socially awkward but friendly” versus “socially awkward and an asshole.” These are things people have to do for themselves, no one can tell or do it for you.
  11. This is a good point. I've played people who have heavy competitive lists (better than mine), but they know when to let up on the gas pedal. And I've played folks who wipe me off the table by turn 3 and don't care. Same with people who clearly communicate intentions, vs those who hide dice rolls and have a perceived impropriety, etc. I think this states the Ordo Philosophy best. Does the person have people skills or not.
  12. Best point ever! Games/hobbies=fun. I don't need stress and more 'work', I have enough of that at work where I get paid for that stress. Games are where I go to de-stress. Playing World of Warcraft back in the day, trying to get 40 peeps to raid and all that, finally realized. I'm done...this is not fun, the treadmill is not healthy for me, it's responsibility and work. Games are not supposed to be that, in my opinion (but that's just me).
  13. Fair question, this also comes down to different people and what different people want from the hobby. There's really 2 extremes to this. And most falls somewhere in the middle usually. One side are folks that LOVE GT style tournaments, love the challenge of making the most synnergy strategized and competitive lists. My Nephew is like this, he plays Magic and has won MANY tournaments, because the deck building synnergy and challenge is what he loves. He makes VERY competitive decks (win at all costs). Another example would be how I love my Necron destroyers, so I could bring 3 squads of 5 and maximize the leaf blower effect they can bring. The short answer here is this person is in it to win it. Period. Then there are the 'beer and pretzels' folks that love to socialize, interact, hang out, and just overall have a good time laughing, etc. This person might choose models because they LOOK cool (and on paper might suck really bad). They tend to focus on the painting side of the hobby, enjoy casual play more, etc. The Ordo philosophy is we want BOTH players to have fun, laugh, and enjoy themselves. You put these two people together and the 2nd type is going to get STOMPED and that's never fun unless player 1 scales back a bit. So it's all about understand what you and your opponent both want. If you're both type 1, go for it. Pre-arrange ahead of time competitive list is the goal, and go from there. Does your opponent have a soft list, total newb, or just doesn't strategize well? If so, this is where I 2 squads of those spammed Necron Destroyers and make it fun for them too. In all honestly, playing a softer list offers me more challenge because I have to work harder at the win too (I do love that feeling). My final thought if I were to simplify it, don't spam models unless your intent is to go full competitive. Certain models are just STRONG, a single HQ isn't going to be a problem, It's when I build those 15 destroyers around a 5++ bubble that also recovers wounds/models and more they become a tough nut to crack. The deathstar approach. It's not just about rolling dice to win, it's about having FUN for everyone involved. Know your opponent, and what they'd like to get from the game.
  14. Bryan led me to Carl's Golfland online, and I scored a GREAT deal last Black Friday on some super game improvement irons for my son. Got a full irons set of Wilson D200's 4hybrid to PW, for $199 on clearance. Bought the driver used on ebay separately. That said, they have some great pricing. https://www.carlsgolfland.com/golf-clubs
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