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  1. So does Warcry require new models? I didn't see a Dark Elf faction (other than Sisters of Khaine). I have to admit, this has me interested in dabbling in AoS.
  2. Dark Trainer


    As for a Malifaux event, just takes someone willing to do the leg work as a HOG and market it. If you pulled in 4-6 people at least, that's enough to run an event. Something to consider if you'd like to see it run. You've got the option for a smaller scale Friday event, or larger Weekend event. Plenty of time to think about it.
  3. We still thinking this? When are we thinking of starting?
  4. Just realized this is a necro'd thread from well before this year's OFCC. OFCC's missions are meant to have a FUN flavor to them, without being broken. We've had some years ago that were crazy shenanigans (Vortex grenades, etc)! But those were also some of the most memorable.
  5. We'll forgive you this time. But definitely not something you could get away with a year ago! 😏
  6. All good, thanks for the info.
  7. Do you come to the Ordo Clubhouse ever? I could do $20 for the rest. Don't really need it, but hey why not get 10 burnas (only own 2 right now). Rest is duplicates and meh.
  8. All good, just passing on the ask. Linking the SJGames tag doesn't leak it to their thread that way? Or not how it works, not a twitter user, see no purpose for it.
  9. I got a sponsor request for us to link photos on twitter with this tag @SJGames. @Weav that in our wheel house? Not required, just said if we did Twitter that would be great.
  10. It's official! July 24th -July 26th 2020 for next year's OFCC 2020! Same venue, the Vancouver WA Hilton 🤪 @evil_bryan made the announcement Sunday! More info to come, but dates are set!
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