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  1. Similar issue for me, summer is gonna be tough. Good luck with the league though!
  2. I believe Chessex charges per custom logo. Might be spendy. If you do 3d print, make sure to 100% infill. You'd want the weight.
  3. It's not local, but doesn't Chessex do custom dice? Or not sure what the club orders ours from.
  4. @jollyork, huge thanks for hosting this league! Feels great to get games in again. As stated, first night was great fun. Good to see so many faces after so long. @Burk deserved the win, but my luck with dice got him and I pulled a draw. I will admit, pretty low odds for some of the rolls I succeeded on (for example, three 4+ dodges in a row, followed by two 2+ sprints, no problem...😁). Also grabbing a bouncing ball on a 6. Burk's Morg also proved to do very little most of the game (last 5 turns he started knocking dudes out). It must have been a Die by the Big guys night. I did learn I was much more accepting of putting guys are risk, knowing they would respawn (tournament rules), vs normal league progression. I might have been less (feed my Troll to Morg) feeling.
  5. I'll be your huckleberry. I might lose horribly, but I'll be there. 5pm, or so? What time works? There a good tournament roster building tool at all?
  6. This means just 6 games, not 6 full tournaments? Might be interested, not sure how to read the rules/team building. Also concerned about availability for a couple weeks in July.
  7. Sorry for your loss, and dealing with things like that is rough. That said, also not uncommon around middle age and starting to experience those things. As well as more responsibility, less time for fun, etc. There's no magic answer, but over time you will find your way to enjoy the little things again. It's what your friend would want, as well as family. Regarding thinning the herd, don't get rid of it unless you plan to truly never use it again. I hadn't played fantasy since like 2007, and didn't intend to play again thus made sense. Blood bowl is an example where i leave it, then come back to it often enough. I play my Necrons all the time, thus will keep them I have an entire army of Orks acquired in trade, sometimes fun to just have silly games (Kill team or 40k) I got rid of space Smurfs, because they don't make me happy at all. If you have no storage problems, keeping it is fine. Don't thin the herd and regret it is what I'm hinting at.
  8. And get rid of the useless stuff weighing you down 🤣
  9. I think it's simple. I've played Necrons since 4th ed, I'll always play them (good or bad). Solutions: Never declutter, nerds forever! Unless you don't have storage space for it (or need cash, but sell when it's hot). If forced to declutter or choosing to, sell those things you have never used, or haven't used in many years. That's how I viewed it. I sold an entire painted Dark Elf army and entire Space Marine army recently. I might sell off my Orks too, but we'll see. However, you do you. 😁
  10. I'll be there to get my Blood Bowl match on 😁
  11. Being transparent, much of the 'old' senate has become more of a player than active senator (but still around). We have a lot of new blood in our senate, and it's great to see such active people running Ordo. I haven't seen so much activity in the Ordo Clubhouse for a long time, lots of events, tournaments, and more. As for old OFCC style, without a HOG (Head of Gaming) to run it the old style, there's a chance it won't return in the same fashion (maybe a hybrid). That hasn't been set in stone, but that's the reason there was a doubles event last year. Simply because no one who volunteered knew how to run it in the old OFCC style. We were very lucky to have any 40k representation, thanks to those who did step up and run it. We're always seeking volunteers 😁
  12. I'd be interested too. Haven't touched 40k in a long while.
  13. I have three (new on sprue), Armiger Warglaives. These were from the Forgebane set. Includes 3 bases, and all sprues like new. Shoot me an offer. Ideally near Portland or the Ordo Clubhouse for a meet up.
  14. This is a pretty good opinion here. 3d printing is FAR from plug and play. I got LOTS of help from people getting my Ender 3 Neo v2 dialed in, now it prints amazing with 2 upgrades. That said, I wouldn't wager on a kickstarter 3d printer. Let others find the pain points. It's like buying a year 1 new car, just don't do it 😁 One additional piece about Filament fumes, PLA fumes aren't toxic. ABS or others can be if you use different filaments. Not as bad as resin, but can have issues too. PLA is your standard filament, in fact I use the PLA+ from eSun. Great stuff.
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