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  1. It's still very much on the fence, but i'll let you know 😁
  2. I might get to show up this Sunday. I'll let you know, but maybe time for that Infinity learning game? What would I need to bring, haven't assembled my dudes yet.
  3. Hire some cheerleaders, misuse them, then fire them. 😈
  4. Yeah, this! Vinyl is fine for smaller mats. I have 3 different blood bowl pitches, some kill team mats, etc. Plus, vinyl is cheap enough to get printed custom too. The kill team mats we got from https://www.aprintco.com/ were a steal.
  5. Neoprene is superior because it will always lay flat after being rolled. A huge vinyl mat can sometimes have waves after unrolling. Sure it's cheaper, but the neoprene is an invenstment for a reason. I agree, I wish neoprene wasn't so expensive. I also like how neoprene deadens dice bouncing and rolling all over. It's minor, but makes for cleaner play.
  6. I always pictured Disturbed "Indestructible" as perfect for a space marine army. The lyrics are PERFECT... 😅 P.S. Man, whoever edited this video can't spell for crap!
  7. This!! The final trilogy was a pile of [big bad swear word], the last at least ended it decently. All 3 movies were not a Lucas envisioned story.
  8. Apparently this includes Asmodee games too?
  9. I really liked Battlelore on Android. Guess it might not have sold huge amounts. Not sure what huge HIT board games would be good for a mobile platform.
  10. Sad they didn't even keep their digital games crew. Seems like digital board games (at least big hits) are a gold mine?
  11. Hah, i'll raise you one! My 6 year old at the time BEATING me! Yes, I lost that game.The tie swarm ran into a can of raid...
  12. As DC said above, definitely 9-10, our group will be there til before 10, maybe a little earlier at least. We can work out at least 10pm for ya 😁
  13. The corsairs are a separate army from the witch elves, which are a separate army from the core spearmen, etc. My pre AOS army was 2 hydras, 2 blocks of spearmen, cauldron of blood, a couple of sorceresses, 2 repeater ballista, blackguard, harpies, etc. The way the book made it out is all those units are split out across multiple armies now and makes them pieces of a once whole army. That said, haven't dug deeper in AOS, but haven't seen models I can use in Warcry from what i own yet.
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