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  1. I got sidelined by responsibility. So my feedback would be for me to be less responsible, and go to the garage sale! Bummed I missed it. 😞
  2. I'll be there to D&D, might have time to peak over your gaslands shoulder.
  3. I was thinking wood too, but hadn't considered cutting plywood to give the 'arch' approach. Maybe 3/4" to give it thickness.
  4. Resin is always superior in detail. However older style PLA is 'cheaper' per model. Resin gets expensive with models costing what, like $1-$3 for a mini. PLA is like $.15 for that same mini (but with worse detail). Terrain I would also never print in resin. Depends on what you want to do with it.
  5. I'd say it's fair for the photon, as the photon S is their current model. $279 for a resin printer is good. That said, they had some clearances and refurbs at one point as low as $150, and i've seen them on sale as low as $240 new. Also, black Friday is a month away...usually good deals! Bear in mind, resin is toxic and be sure to use gloves and keep the vapor door closed.
  6. I didn't bring anything with me this week. Got room for a bum to see this game in action? Do I need anything, mats wise? I'd also be open for a gaslands demo (didn't bring cars), or even watching someone play. There's also a chance I might not make it this week, hoping that's not the case. If i'm not there by 5pm, you'll know.
  7. I don't think i'll make it this Tuesday. Will play it by ear.
  8. I just want to play, not sure where to start. Other than making some cars. Also I saw some NICE plastic movement templates, dice, etc. I know they're not required, but I am thinking it's an investment in the game and quality of play. Just not sure which ones are needed. Dice and movement templates, is there others? Markers for stress, etc.
  9. Isn't the book free to download too or do I need to get a hardback? I need to get the new book, forgot it had the update. Is refueled replacing original book, or is it an add-on?
  10. Hoping to be there, to get rid of some dead presidents 😂
  11. I will be there for D&D, while getting interrupted to take a work call in the room of NOPE...
  12. Bought Borderlands 3. Enjoying it. It feels 'safe' as it's not too innovative. Worth a play, but it's not game breakingly funny like BL2 was. It is better than the pre-sequel though with some good new mechanics. Fl4k and Zane are the two I tried.
  13. That would be cool. I'm not sure when i'd get the chance, but i'll try to hit you up in PM sometime if that works. No rush.
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