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  1. Sadly i have other commitments this Sunday and Tuesday. Sorry, else would have loved to. Those look great!
  2. This is the post for the new league starting March 1st!
  3. Added another store to the event. Working on updating the rest of the stores nights and times too.
  4. I should be there to chat with Bosco, might try to pick up a board game or something. Maybe a 40k refresher game.
  5. It can be any night. As @ninefinger said. If someone wants to have a person willing to run a store's participation contact me, I'll send them everything they need. Missions, tracking, etc. I would just need to know day/time that contact is running at that store (this assumes that person already worked it out with the store for permission of course). On that note, anyone who knows a contact at a store or group that would like to participate. Please send me a PM soon. Hopefully before Feb 25th so I can coordinate them into the league. We're getting close! Who's ready to let loose the dogs of war!
  6. The requirement for a game store to participate is a main contact to do all mission distribution and score tracking. Likely no one has reached out, yet we also don't have a contact to run it there either.
  7. I'm gonna sit out. Too many side projects going on. Plus running the 40k escalation league.
  8. Show up, report your game to your site's Tournament Organizer (Me at Ordo/WoW on Tuesday), others on Sunday or if you visit a participating game store. No requirement to attend 'all' weeks, and can also do make up games after the fact with no issue. Very casual and The missions will be posted in a thread on the 40k forums here. I'll add a link to it in this thread too. The missions will have scoring and such to report.
  9. Nope, it's basically a 2v2, you cannot impact or help your allies army. Strategems and such only work for your army. But as you said, whatever each player brings.
  10. I'm gonna have to bow out tonight 😪
  11. Ah screw that TO guy! (Oh wait, that's me) 😁 I'm down to do some 40k learning games for you. You coming today at all? If not maybe one of these Tuesdays?
  12. Great looking model. The main thing is avoiding 90% 3d printed models, non-represented minis, etc. People want to play a game without cardboard cutouts. 😉 That's a very nice conversion and would totally be fine. As for WYSIWYG, that's your call. Definitely nice to be able to call something a CC weapon if she's armed with it (buzzsaw on the servo-skull?). However, WSYIWYG for this league is meant to be pretty lax (don't call a rhino a landraider, but you get the idea).
  13. I hope to be there. Also, be advised parking may be a bit of a challenge on nearby roads Tuesday.
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