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  1. I should be there with an army as a ringer 😎
  2. Be kind, REWIND 😎 Crap, my age is showing...
  3. I'll be there, likely bringing some crons in tow...
  4. Once human league is over, i'm down to convert and get some gaslands in between D&D weeks!
  5. Which did you get? I don't know what all is needed. I figure movement templates and dice would be a must. Then the tokens would be a nice to have, saw some tokens that used dials rather than spamming multiple markers.
  6. Yeah, definitely interested in playing! This set looks complete (maybe not, missing dice)? https://www.hammerheadgames.net/product-page/pre-order-gaslands-template-and-token-set They have a store linking to all the swag people sell: https://gaslands.com/store/
  7. I'll be there to kick some names and take some @$$. 😁
  8. Kinda sad all vehicle bolters are removed, that's sad. Razorbacks and such became useful with it. Hurricane bolters were their only problem, they should just limit it to rapid fire 2 max.
  9. I don't know if I will make it tonight.
  10. That's awesome. And here I was excited to bring 1-2 teams from my local store this year. You win this round! 😃
  11. I have to admit, this game makes me very interested to try it. I smell a league?
  12. I am hoping to be there, likely repairing models, but showing up!
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