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  1. I don't care about updated kits, just weapons. Since Tesla and Gauss are likely their thing, it's not a big deal. Also why I wouldn't want to buy 10 more and 'not' magnetize them...
  2. Stupid politicians can't solve real problems. Balance your budget then see if we give a crap about their ability to fix things.
  3. Oh, i'll be there for some kill team around 4:30pm (anyone wanna throw down)? Then our D&D game at 6pm....should be all sorts of awesome!
  4. I agree, not the easiest, but means I store 10 models vs 20, saves money, just agree small magnets doesn't seem like it'd be solid either. Right now, just tossing ideas. I am not one to enjoy a HORDE of troops.
  5. It's $66 for 2 boxes (to get a squad), that's more than many vehicles. Needing 20 magnets is probably a couple bucks and time. But agree, magnetizing troops doesn't always seem worth the hassle. I'm considering some of those OLD metal warriors as immortals now. Since that weapon could count as both... I've seen info on warrior legs allowing building the other, i just don't have more warrior bodies.
  6. So I own a full immortal squad with gauss and one squad with tesla. I want to make a 3rd squad but magnetize them for gauss or tesla, so I can choose over time (like a swing vote). https://imgur.com/a/CUnbT Saw this, but anyone done this? Troops are usually a pain to magnetize, but looking for thoughts. The next thought goes into the 2 boxes of Lychgard/Praetorians I own...do I want to hassle magnetizing them, likely no.
  7. 4 on 4 free for all kill team, crazy awesome!
  8. 40k rewind is starting at 6pm, but like @Blustorm said easily someone there until 9, later just depends if a key is present to lock up. We've had some nights go 10, 11pm or more. Just not as frequently.
  9. I'll be there for KT and rewind too! I'll be there about 430/5, who's down to throw down KT? Then rewind after.
  10. Had some great games, thanks all!!
  11. I'll be there for D&D around 6pm, but interested in a KT game around 430/5pm before hand!
  12. If you're game, i'd happily throw down a learning game for you. It's quite easy, just need to make a list. 100pts is simple enough. I wouldn't worry about commanders or elites, etc. But all the stuff is in battlescribe. Pick 1 leader, 3 specialists, and the rest non specialist. The rest is practice of the game. Let me know one Tuesday night.
  13. Thanks for the games, had a blast! Great game night.
  14. Oh, it's time to bring on the Carnage (next week). I'll be trying to get a practice game in tonight to refresh my skills.
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