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  1. I second D&D 5th ed, and DND Beyond subscription is plain AWESOME (if 1 person bought the books, because you can digitally share it). D&D 5e is super easy to learn (compared to pathfinder) Digital sites like DND Beyond take away all the book reading to building characters. Being able to search everything, and have your choices reflected, and dice rolling with modifiers automatic, is just powerful. Especially for newer players. I own 5 books on DND beyond, and pay the master $6/mo subscription. I run a campaign for my sons friends, as well as participate in another that use
  2. Same! Gaslands is a blast! Especially that last 4 man game we played. So much carnage. No winners, just losers...everywhere! 😄
  3. Napster was sued and shutdown. They never posted the files and we're decentralized too, however the lynch pin was they hosted the files. Battlescribe hosts the files, I would imagine precedent applies here. The article I read, eluded to GW trying to release its own subscription model app and taking away competition. However, good to hear not true?
  4. Was reading an article the battle scribe got a cease and desist from Games workshop. Much as it's within their territory there's nothing as good or as quick to get a digital army building tool. So for the time being the older stuff is being ignored but no ninth edition to compete with their new app which I hear sucks. Thoughts?
  5. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I skipped around in the video, but is his math off? $40 to $175 is a 435% increase...not 138%?
  6. Not that it's right, but when was the last time Marines were the powerhouse? Never really hit that stride. So this will be their time to shine like many factions get. Is it over the top? Maybe, time will tell. But every time we've seen power shifts, each following codex usually does a decent job of adjusting power creep up too. Long story short, totally agree. But I don't play 40k as a competitive win at all costs game. Thus, the games I do play will be great regardless of that power creep.
  7. @Burk, thanks for the thought, I'll have to pass this round too.
  8. I'm surprised at myself not buying the Necron half, just not sold I need more...
  9. Sounds like we need to run some kind of Faux'FCC league at the clubhouse. 🤣
  10. Making sure you're in Macro mode makes a huge difference. Then lighting and such. I liked Dan's portable studio which was a white background with ambient light.
  11. Yeah, i'm considering splitting and taking a Necron side of that box. Don't really need more warriors and scarabs though. Thinking about it...
  12. Did we get any hint of a 9th ed release date or pre-orders yet? Rumor said July (ish), but wasn't sure if something solidified yet?
  13. That's what Tau have done in every edition 😁 And moving? a squad of cheap kroot make for objective grabbing. Shoot them, please. You'd be doing the Tau a favor.
  14. I should have clarified Java OR better together cross platform PC version
  15. I too have a 13 old son playing minecraft and such. You looking for public servers like Hypixel and such, or others? My son recently did the VIP account on Hypixel as he plays there a lot. But there's a lot of options depending on what you want to get out of it. Also PC, Console, or Mobile version? (i.e. Java edition or the cross platform version).
  16. Just need box set details, release date, and all necron model info. Then i'd be set 😁 I'm not asking for much, just everything!
  17. I'll pass this season. Too much going on lately.
  18. Until we get further notice around social distancing. I'll be rescheduling a new one once we can resume the league and such. it's just not happening this weekend.
  19. Thank you sir, may I have another? 😁
  20. I want to thank everyone for their opinion. I'm sure an arrangement can be made, and @Huffnpuff will come up with a solution. I agree being 3 months to the event isn't much time to shift entire teams/armies that have probably been building over the last year. I think it sounds like everyone should do their best to spread out teams and try not to duplicate factions. This isn't anything new honestly, and always been something captains should be considering as OFCC is about flavor and providing good match-ups. IMO, i think something like above being mentions should attempt to get no du
  21. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. As of now this league is 'cancelled' indefinitely. With the shelter indoors rules and being a class C crime until May 1st I can't see this in the foreseeable future. There's a high chance I won't be able to continue the league when this resumes and likely wouldn't have time for the culminating tournament. We'll have to see how this plays out. I will update more if/when things change. Stay safe and try this out while locked inside:
  22. Yeah, I enjoyed Borderlands 3 a lot. BL2 Tiny Tina's DLC remains the best content EVER, but BL3 is solid. The DLC is good too. Working through the latest DLC now. That said, agree that it's more linear and accessible. However, I love the multiplayer aspect now where your level 50 buddy can still play with you (the level scaling). Cooperation mode is awesome, and coopetition allows power leveling. It's a win win.
  23. With great sadness, game nights will be canceled until the bans lift as they are now. I'm going to work on postponing the league, or post all the missions and allow people to play at home, etc. Sorry for the bad news. One of those tough decisions.
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