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  1. OOPS! Sorry about the delay, here's week 2's mission! Google Doc Version for printing here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xA-oV5Bb1SHCmHr3mH4Tb3jKrt7LrpSo League week 2, Mission 2, Secure & defend NARRATIVE Alright lads. Now that we’ve scouted this sector properly, we need to secure a base of operations so we can land the rest of our forces. Unfortunately we’re not the only ones interested in this planet. Our patrols ran into a nearby enemy fortification not far from our landing site. We’ve already lost a number of patrols in that sector! It’s time to
  2. I haven't solidified the full details. But it will be a 1750 point ITC tournament using their latest round of rules. 3 rounds, starting around 9am (maybe 10, not set yet) at the Ordo clubhouse. It'll probably be a $15 tournament fee, and $10 for Ordo champions that paid their 2020 dues (warlord, emperor, etc). If you play at least 5 missions in the league and renew your Ordo dues, the tournament is FREE and slots open to league members 'first'. We have 18-20 player slots we should be able to make due with. Maybe 22. Yes, there will be prize support 😎
  3. Hopefully week 1 at Ordo (Sun/Tues) was fun! Some stores still have yet to play if you want to get more games in! Next week is 750 points, starting Saturday (since one store plays on Saturdays), should have started 2/29! Also, YES, you can do make-up games even if people have already played. Meaning if you missed 500 point week, grab someone and get a game in (make sure to pass on the results). That said, keep on escalating! Week 6, 7, 8 will be ITC missions preparing for the ITC tournament on April 25th! So looking forward to it!
  4. I should be there around 430/5pm looking for that 40k escalation game (or 2v2)!
  5. There is no approval for the Xenos infestation that will arrive! 😈
  6. There are also stores hosting too on various days. But yes, home games can count just fine. Ordo/WoW clubhouse: (Tuesdays 5pm+ and Sundays 3pm+) Goin' Gaming: (Sundays, starts at noon) Gambit's Cards & Hobbies: (Thursdays, starts at 5:30pm). Play at their league night and receive 10% off product, food, & drinks. Fate & Fury games: (Saturdays, call ahead for time) Geeks and Games: (Mondays, call ahead for time). Come enjoy a beer and have a great game!
  7. Btw, please PM me any scores if you get a game in on a Sunday, or I miss your scores on a Tuesday, etc.
  8. I am hoping to be there for some 40k escalating! First mission is ready, I'd be down to teach 40k if anyone needs it, else a 2v2 would be cool too! First mission has been posted here:
  9. I posted this week's mission up early! Starts this weekend! Let loose the dogs of war...
  10. Google Doc printable version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LqeKyIGJSh6QsMwt6MaqXpTMtI_Yp9cO League week 1, Mission 1, No Mercy NARRATIVE "Commanders...facts are, this planet is going to hell and we're the solution. It's cold, soldiers are dying, and did you hear? Them damn bugs just landed in the south. Add to that those damn robots with their gauss weapons searing men to death. Plus those damn Orks appear to be here in force...things are tough. But who's tougher than us? NO ONE. We've been sent here in advance to recon this frozen wasteland of a pl
  11. Thanks for posting this. Sadly I will not make this months Senate meeting. HOWEVER, I did receive the sample shirt and will bring it for discussion next time.
  12. I'll also be bringing chocolate bars and Tillamook meat sticks for my Son's fundraiser. Help support him. It's $2 for candy and $1 for the meat sticks! Load up!
  13. I'll be there for our D&D. Sadly won't be early to get another game in prior.
  14. Sadly i have other commitments this Sunday and Tuesday. Sorry, else would have loved to. Those look great!
  15. This is the post for the new league starting March 1st!
  16. Added another store to the event. Working on updating the rest of the stores nights and times too.
  17. I should be there to chat with Bosco, might try to pick up a board game or something. Maybe a 40k refresher game.
  18. It can be any night. As @ninefinger said. If someone wants to have a person willing to run a store's participation contact me, I'll send them everything they need. Missions, tracking, etc. I would just need to know day/time that contact is running at that store (this assumes that person already worked it out with the store for permission of course). On that note, anyone who knows a contact at a store or group that would like to participate. Please send me a PM soon. Hopefully before Feb 25th so I can coordinate them into the league. We're getting close! Who's ready to
  19. The requirement for a game store to participate is a main contact to do all mission distribution and score tracking. Likely no one has reached out, yet we also don't have a contact to run it there either.
  20. I'm gonna sit out. Too many side projects going on. Plus running the 40k escalation league.
  21. Show up, report your game to your site's Tournament Organizer (Me at Ordo/WoW on Tuesday), others on Sunday or if you visit a participating game store. No requirement to attend 'all' weeks, and can also do make up games after the fact with no issue. Very casual and The missions will be posted in a thread on the 40k forums here. I'll add a link to it in this thread too. The missions will have scoring and such to report.
  22. Nope, it's basically a 2v2, you cannot impact or help your allies army. Strategems and such only work for your army. But as you said, whatever each player brings.
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