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  1. war on cancer? WAAAAGH On Cancer? WAAAGH for a Cure? ... still thinking on it
  2. hmmm i will keep my calendar open for this... thanks LH -d
  3. hmmm I finally picked up a 3D printer... (any cubic photon S (2nd gen)) purely for figures... and smaller high detail items. As well as multi-part detail models. I simply couldn't justify spending more on lower consistent resolution. But so far its working great... although I have only printed a couple tests prints thus far. I have started following a few patreon blogs looking at some good quality figures. -d
  4. Torg

    GG got sold....

    Ahhh ok. I knew I got my wires crossed somehow lol. looking at MOX website - seems like it may be nice for a one-off night out with friends and family of gamers perhaps. I don't see it as a regular stop for me just based on location. Guardian Games has a nice location ... parking can be fussy but street parking in off hours seems easy enough. Although I only go in there a couple times a year. Their are lots of game store options in town these days - which is nice to see. Back in the 80's-90's it was hard to find a consistent place to go and get stuff lol (still miss you military corner / bridgetown 😞 ). As long as Guardian and Mox don't overlap to much (food, spirits and game environment) I could see them doing ok... Otherwise I'm not so sure there is room for them both. Considering all the other options around town for game / hobby stores... even Guardian isn't a must go to location to get stuff. -d
  5. in that area ('couv) I have played at Fate and Fury games. Did some Apoc there most recently. But I don't live anywhere close to that area lol. -d
  6. Torg

    GG got sold....

    OK ... wait I thought MOX was the one to purchase GG... this is an entirely different store opening? ok... not what I was thinking was happening. I don't go to GG often (aside from the yard sales :)... ) And I probably won't get to MOX at all if its on the west side. -d
  7. just waiting for it to be done... and ... over. The last few shows have had many WTF moments- plot holes and just lazy writing. But the visuals are good - and I enjoy watching. Until, I start thinking about it too much lol. At this point I am really just trying to get r' done lol. One more show - and its over ... so just trying to enjoy it. -d
  8. After listening I am thinking I need to pull out my available units and start toying around with lists. I am still imagining my Harlequin - DE- CE team up flying assault-ish force... that has been on my brain for the better part of a decade lol. If I am lucky I will get it together so I can play test it before OFCC lol. Harlequin (RT Era bikes) as revers, hellions, and a unit of Wyches as "mimes". More RT Harlequin jet bikes conversions for shining spears, sky weavers included along with other flying weapon platforms. Counts as Autarch on jet bike as Baron Sathonyx... with that new NICE blade from the Ynnari artifacts... for starters. Just have to settle on whom of Triumvirate I would take as well.. leaning on Yncarne possibly as a laughing god conversion (I have one I made from the old Necron deceiver already made). I's a start - I will have to see how the points work out lol. -d
  9. Listening now - getting some good ideas 😄
  10. hmmm I had started collecting stuff for Garlands last year... even have the MICRO garlands set :)] Trying to find a way to make myself available to do this. -d
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