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  1. I printed some Valkyries for EPIC ...
  2. yeah - pulling out and dusting off my Epic stuff has solidified my intention not to bother picking up anything GW is doing with AT... Epic:Armageddon / NetEpic versions rules are all free online - lots of stuff on eBay or aftermarket proxies for all armies exist as well at reasonable prices. Couple that with a good quality resin 3D printer... (and a fist full of STLs). I don't see a point in sending GW any more $$$ for a good ruleset and minis (which already exist with Epic in spades). -d
  3. ugh - this week has turned busy - so I will not be available Thursday ... -d
  4. Hey sorry- last week was very busy at work - so I did not get a chance to get over there. But this week looks much better. I’ll see about dropping in Thursday - I’ll probably be early as I get off work at 4 lol. -don
  5. Well my main concern will be painting my figures - rule of cool typically dominates my hobby - so nothing new here. I have tried Infinity (I have a fully/mostly painted US Ariadna force). But I am thinking that perhaps it wasn't the right force to learn with. I have done some demo days at WOW of the game a few years ago - so I am rusty on things. I look forward to some good demo games - that's for sure. I have the ICESTORM box as well from a few years ago as well - so a basic PANo and Nomad (not painted) group as well. I'm looking to play and have fun and try to get regular games in to start with (over the next 4-6 months). After that ... just have some fun - and have another game that I can feel fairly confident with playing regularly. I will never be looking to play at a tourney level. Just having fun - painting, building terrain and playing when I can. -d p.s. I am off work at 4pm - and could meet up at glimpses by 4:30 easily most nights for some learning games. I live in Hubbard which is only about 25 minutes from glimpses (only takes me 20 minutes to get to work).
  6. Anyone have some Dark-Age gathering dust? Always looking for some collecting. Otherwise I have a few things to sell myself - but can't seem to get things in order in time for this sale. (bloodbowl, Necromunda - new ed stuff mostly -d
  7. OK - New job in November is about 5-6 minutes from Glimpses ... I have been I a couple times on my lunch hour and looked at the Operation Wildfire box more than a few times. Yesterday I bit the bullet and got it. I was told that Infinity is played Thursdays starting @ 6. I will try to drop in next week to refresh myself with the game. A few years ago I picked up Icestorm and US Ariadna. I had played a few demos - but then just didn't get back into it - or played more 40k at the time. Then it wasn't convenient to play at WoW or a shop after work. But things have changed now - to trying to get back into a regular gaming thing. Any local meta I need to be aware of? expectations? new books or materials? -d
  8. I just finished the new book "A Little Hatred" By Joe Abercrombie... was good - I am looking forward to the rest of this series which is yet to come. Very nicely done - and I enjoyed how things were put together - the world building and the rest. I hadn't read his other series - so I started "The Blade Itself" this week. -d
  9. A few things epic I am looking for ~ I’ll take a look at your site and see
  10. hmmm anyone bringing any EPIC 40k stuff to sell? or trade for that matter? -d
  11. Hmmm wondering if glimpses would be doing this? Wondering if I have time to play
  12. I think bringing in painted minis for a competition could be problematic. Transportation is an issue for many - especially if the mini isn’t part of your army. And if it’s a large figure. The other issue I’d see is verification as to whom painted vs entered a mini into a competition. It’s already the case that some teams have just one or two folks paint all the armies on a team ... and the team scoring high in appearance because of this (not an issue if that’s the intent of the team paint score). I know they had a painting comp last year at OFCC - I didn’t witness it - but the painting took place as part of the event. ~d
  13. I was thinking about this last night again ... what about terrain? GW sells terrain specific for its games / IP. what does printing 3D terrain that matches the same “look and feel” mean? I don’t see an issue - but it’s in the same vein
  14. What if it’s something discontinued... like squats (yes I said it). ... 3d printing bodies and adding GW weapons and bits ... is that the same thing as a proxy? Or before recently... a sisters army?
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