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  1. I'm liking the conscripts ... and the necro conscripts - they actually moved the scales on my hesitancy on backing this lol. -d
  2. SAME - 40$ level with several extras. I like that this is for physical metal figures. -d
  3. I got in on that one yesterday! lol - for exactly that reason
  4. oh sorry - ISH - where do you usually play? I liked the vikings - so I picked up a 6pt box - and I have a 4pt box for Ango-Saxon with an additional spear blister or 2 to get to 6. I have the battles book and the main Viking age books - dice and needed cards. I just need to work on painting and putting things together...lol
  5. I get my 2nd Covid shot Friday after next - so maybe by June - where is your usual game location? I have been playing 40k in my garage with a local friend whom also has been isolated down near me. -d
  6. Portland / Metroplex - south. Down near Aurora / Donald / Hubbard technically. Work in Tualatin / Sherwood. -d
  7. alas - I need to build my saga armies ... and at least primer them. I picked up Viking and Anglo-Saxon to learn to play. -d
  8. Cats in keyboards... seems likely
  9. I am not sure... how old is the current codex for custodes? I know that most 8th armies are not up to snuff when compared to 9th ed books. So - remember that sometimes its not you... its your codex lol. But like Dark Trainer was saying - you need to find out what kinda player you are - find out how you will most like to play - and then with experience under your belt plan to make additions to your army based on that natural play style. -d
  10. I’d find a way to play before investing too deeply - I know some game nights at stores and ORDO are going on. I’ve been playing in my garage (masked and distanced) for months. ypu need to play - at least with what you have or proxies. Get to know the rules. Do t worry about paint just yet. getting your head around rules - sequence and all that will help. The table top model and terrain are all alluring... but don’t let them distract
  11. these will be perfect for my Dark-Age bin of shame
  12. Where / particular location or shops? ? When - times? Interested- but busy schedule
  13. nice - I will probably back this tower kit... and add on some train cars for my existing set lol. I will try to get some good shots on my blog - nice heavy card stock - printed both sides. Went together really easy. -d
  14. I have the train depot (abandoned) set from the last kickstarter... great stuff. I will be taking a close look at this set. -d
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