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  1. I think bringing in painted minis for a competition could be problematic. Transportation is an issue for many - especially if the mini isn’t part of your army. And if it’s a large figure. The other issue I’d see is verification as to whom painted vs entered a mini into a competition. It’s already the case that some teams have just one or two folks paint all the armies on a team ... and the team scoring high in appearance because of this (not an issue if that’s the intent of the team paint score). I know they had a painting comp last year at OFCC - I didn’t witness it - but the painting took place as part of the event. ~d
  2. I was thinking about this last night again ... what about terrain? GW sells terrain specific for its games / IP. what does printing 3D terrain that matches the same “look and feel” mean? I don’t see an issue - but it’s in the same vein
  3. What if it’s something discontinued... like squats (yes I said it). ... 3d printing bodies and adding GW weapons and bits ... is that the same thing as a proxy? Or before recently... a sisters army?
  4. I guess as the others have said. It depends on where you play. I’ve seen 99% proxy armies played at OFCC. And at that point what’s the difference between a proxy and a 3d printed mini if most of it isn’t from GW? I guess if your going to be 3d printing parts - I’d try not to make them FW knockoffs and more of a custom- proxy feel.
  5. I watched a actual play on GMG and it seemed interesting enough. the minis look great. -d
  6. Just last week finished "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell" by Neal Stephenson... and I was kinda disappointed overall when compared to the last few books of his I have gone through. 3.75 out of 5 stars I guess. I'm not sure why it had to be so long and drawn out ... needless and directionless for a good chunk. Started "Star Wars: Maul"... as some research for my gaming group... whom don't know it yet... but Prison awaits them lol. So far so good - I didn't expect much from it ...and so far it is decent enough lol.
  7. Just wondering what the Ordo's think of this kickstarter? I am thinking of backing it based just on the minis that I could use with other sci-fi / cyberpunkish games. -d
  8. I wasn't sure if this was posted here yet. I have decided to back it just for the minis ...lol. Heck if I get back into Infinity these figs will come in handy as well. --d
  9. Seems to be the biggest issue setting up is folks not getting the plate flat and level - several methods out there for doing this. But I haven't had a problem after "upgrading" the build plate with an after market support replacement for the ball joint. You can print this out as well - available on thingiverse Easy Level. I've seen folks with the classic photon also upgrade to a 2 rail set up for the Z rail/screw. The dual rail set up was a change to the Photon S.
  10. Did you get the photon? I have a Photon S and haven't really noticed much of a power increase. what slicer are you using? I like to use cura... to hollow and get things started. Then use the Photon stock slicer to finish and slice the file to print. I am really new to this as well (since spring of this year). As such I am fairly uneducated aside from Facebook groups and poking around online as well. I haven't tried making anything myself yet. My wife build some ear-rings that I printed for her. But so far I haven't had the time to really dig into the design side. Best of luck! -d
  11. hmmm so far most of my STL's for Epic stuff in general has been from Thingiverse. Searching different variations of EPIC_40k and such. Looking at the creators of some epic stuff and then following them and looking through their collections you can find more. I have started following a couple patreon creators - but not for epic stuff. Although it is easy enough to scale stuff down - so just about anything can be used for EPIC lol. I also just completed a kickstarter for ELDAR Epic terrain (stl's)- so sometimes you can find stuff there. -d
  12. Hey — I know there are a few "Graphics" folks whom are part of Ordo... and I just wanted to let y'all know that I am changing jobs - (closer to home - still in prepress). SO... that means that International Paper Pre-Print out in Hillsboro, Oregon will be needing to fill my position. My last day here is the first week of November. I am not sure when they will post the job opening - but I know that my supervisor is keen on filling it. Anyhow, let me know if anyone you know is interested - I give them further information about the job. It is NOT a design gig - it is PRE-PRESS for the largest flexo press on the west coast lol. (ie. prepress - preparing and adjusting files to print on a specific medium or production specification. Technical printing knowledge of printing / Flexography / Litho / Digital. Work with Adobe Illustrator and ArtPro ... along with various other specialized applications - Mac based) This is not an ad for the job - as far as I know it isn't posted by HR yet - when it is it will likely start on the IP (International Paper) website. -don
  13. Hmmm well i start the new job in November. I will be sure to drop in and check out the scene. I'd like to give infinity a try again - although it is a bit crunchy for my tastes. But I love the minis and the theme of things in the game. Looking forward to trying it again actually. Blood bowl I have not played in over a year, but I have a couple teams ready to go. Kill Team is something I want to do as well. I'd also like to see about getting some Gaslands played. Frost Grave... and a couple other odd ball games as well. Is thursdays the normal night for all games of just table top stuff? I guess I will need to check out their schedule lol. -d
  14. I've been made an offer for a new job in the Sherwood / Tualatin area. The job is closer to home (only 14 miles) so instead of my current commute to Hillsboro (35 miles). Anyhow, in about 3 weeks I will be very close to Glimpses - and this will probably be my main hobby crack dealer. And I feel like I can get back to going to a regular weekly game night. I play 40k, but have dabbled in Infinity and other games as well. What is the mini game scene like over at Glimpses? 40k meta concerns, other games played beyond Infinity? I would like to give infinity another go before I completely give it up. Over the past couple years my schedule has really kept me from getting into WoW or anywhere else consistently. Anyhow, I am hoping to be a regular over there. -don
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