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  1. I am interested in a rulebook from the box if anyone has extras after all of this mayhem lol. -d
  2. What phone app are you using - I have almost exclusively been using my phone (currently iPhone R) - and find that the right app makes a nice difference. That and decent lightning. -d
  3. I’d love to try my hand at BFG again
  4. It’ will be my 2nd. I have a resin printer
  5. Well I bit the bullet and ordered the Prusa mk3s today ... hope it arrives sometime before fall lol
  6. looks like a possible option on thingiverse... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4038184 - d
  7. I may have some of these items (harlequin's bikes) in various stages of on and off sprue - not painted or just premiered. I will look tonight and get back to you. -d
  8. depending on what your looking for - I have 3 assembled/base painted that I got on a trade a few years ago... but I am not looking to collect any additional 40k / GW stuff.
  9. I’ve been collecting bits and parts for a Mechanicus/ Skitarii army for a few years - I’ve decided not to build this army now and will be selling all the stuff off. Here is a basic list - of the stuff - NIB or still on sprue ... nothing assembled. Looking for 20% off of retail on this ... I’ll listen to bundle offers as well. Not looking for trades. • Forgebane - adeptus mechanicus half - including decals • Belisarus Cawl • Start collecting Skitarii Box w/ iron strider tossed in - on sprue as well • Kastelan Robots box • A Recast Termite Mole (similar /same as the Forge world one) • Current codex for Mechanicus/ Skitarii I may add more to this list as I locate them. I know I have a Mechanicus strider somewhere as well.
  10. Torg

    40K 9th ed

    At first blush ... seems like a good place for me to shift gears away from playing 40k. maybe that will change.
  11. In my research I have started to look into the Prusa Mini as a viable option for my needs of an FDM printer. 7" cube printing area seems like it would be enough - anyone else look at this machine? Prusa being behind this option makes me feel better lol. -d
  12. I was pretty lazy on the hobby front this weekend - do you have this STL already? I would need to see if it will fit... to try to print it as large as possible. Before going to the cut it up route. -d
  13. Hmmm I have a photon S - resin printer ... I’m pretty sure that size is possible... 6” x 3x3.75. I can double check exactly this weekend. It will be tight though. depending on the file - it will probably need to be angled to squeeze every mm out of it. The 2.5” dimension- the depth front to back on the printer can be limiting. But sometimes depending on the file it can be tipped just right. something to experiment with maybe -d
  14. I have a few more things to sell on eBay to fund this ... but I will probably go with the ender 3 pro as well in a few weeks. -d
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