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  1. I've seen it done... but I have not tried it myself as of yet.
  2. I'll need to go back to my opponent list at OFCC - one of them told me about which builders or producers to buy from on the Ender 3... and I can't remember if it was Comgrow or someone else lol.
  3. I've been printing stuff for epic ... which the photon has been wonderful for. I also printed items for mini's (different heads or weapons) with no issues on the resin printer. Currently I have a stack of items to detail out my mining rig build - doors, hatches, big dish and a couple logos along with a slew of digging buckets to make a bucket wheel thing. But it would be nice to build some of the less critical items for the build (like tracks for under this behemoth) on a FDM printer with a larger volume and cheaper cost. -d
  4. Well I have the resin printer...(Photon S) - it works really well for figures / minis and greebles for adding more detail to less detailed builds. I'm not really looking to print minis with an Ender 3 or something like that. I am looking at larger terrain and other table top model builds. If I needed more details in areas I would print those additions on the resin printer and add them in per part needed. But mostly - just big cheap prints is what I am looking for the FDM/PLA printer to do. I see a need for an FDM printer for larger parts of things (I am currently building a large mining rig as a set piece for terrain). An FDM printer would allow me to cheaply make the "big boned" parts I need to replicate rather than building those elements from scratch (plastic sheets / rods and card stock). Less labor - more detail lol. And repeatable. Another example... a crashed large vehicle or ship (there is a gothic cruiser on Thingiverse in multiple parts to dominate a table) - would be something I could print on an FDM printer - then add details with my resin printer as needed. Or a large dragon... with maybe the head printed on my resin printer... but the rest of the parts on the FDM printer. I have to many ideas in my head lol... but you get the idea. -d
  5. I seem to have gotten my Photon S dialed in pretty decently - and I am starting to look at FDM printers... Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro mainly for a cheap start. I had heard that there were specific builders or sellers of the Ender to look for or avoid. I have looked at the Ender 3 Pro as well - not really sure if the difference is something to worry about. And I have also started seeing stuff about the Ender 5 (with the larger build area (taller). Advise in sussing out my target would be appreciated. I want an FDM for bigger items - as my Photon will take care of smaller high detailed items. I want to stay under 400$ or even 300$ if possible ( or lower looking at black friday as well). I have already replaced my motherboard on my Photon so I'm not worried about tinkering with a machine. I have looked at the Prursa i3 MK3 - but I just don't see the advantage of spending that kind of $$ on what fundamentally is a geek toy to my wife lol. -d
  6. Saw this today.... for those blood bowl players... kickstart - dugout thing
  7. This is basically how I stand on the subject of ITC format. I don't play competitively ... I play purely to put my painted little minis on the table to justify spending so much time painting them lol. I don't research strategies beyond building a list that isn't a complete waste. I want the list I build to be competitive - so the games are not one sided for me or my opponent. But thats back to the basic theme - I play for the enjoyment of the hobby. If I see ITC listed as part of a league or a tournament I simply avoid it. Not that I am trying to avoid WAAC or anything... I just don't care to play in that environment or "level". Although I think OFCC style of fun environment ... Fav. Opponent type stuff is the higher "level" of the spirit of the game IMO. I am not being discriminatory to ITC events... it is just not my thing... and I know that. Those whom enjoy or don't mind ITC either way ... good for them - have fun the way you want to play. -d
  8. its on my radar.... but not sure as to what will happen on any given weekend. I think that is the day of the Great Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin - so time will be tight. -d
  9. I have a set of templates ... and a copy of the blue book and this new book... I may have another copy of the blue book as well. I think a copy came with a set for MICRO-Gaslands I picked up. So if someone needs a copy of the original blue book - let me know. -d
  10. When I had pre-ordered it I had thought it was an update along with a compiling of all the extra stuff they created. But I have yet to compare it looking for differences. -d
  11. just got my pre-ordered "Refueled" book on saturday ... no time to review it yet. -d
  12. I used Ubuntu on my old mac laptop for a bit - it seemed stable and smooth enough. I later switched it to Mint Linux - which seems to be snappy and stable on my old powerbook. I used it as my main computer in my hobby zone. Really, linux is well supported - lots of tools and help and a ton of help online. Just be sure to check the build options when downloading ... so it fits the hardware stats your installing it on. Document all your special bits on your workstation - so you can track down drivers (or just make sure someone has made drivers for it in linux). Just my two cents... I'm far from a power user - just want things to work lol -d
  13. If anyone missed it... here is a link to my last blog post with photos from this army. I had lots of fun with the list, but I realize I need way more than 5 great games to get the hang of playing it. I look forward to playing this list (with slight variations) over the next year and bringing a close version of it to next years OFCC (possibly) My Blog Post - army in pictures -d
  14. that makes the most sense really - you have 2 different detachments - no reason to over complicate the matter. -d
  15. I am looking into getting these new rules - We are planning another Black Friday Apoc game (November 29th) at Fate and Fury Games in Vancouver, WA. We are just starting to realize that maybe we should use these new rules lol. -d
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