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  1. My Eldar will gather dust till then... I have been thinking I will be lucky to get a codex by mid next year (2021)... but I wouldn't be surprised if that slid till Q4. Until then I will probably try some Ad Mech... and some Infinity N4 -d
  2. I will have to look for that podcast... I learned of Monster of the week on another podcast I listen to "Role Playing Public Radio"
  3. I have some of these somewhere... gathering dust... if I find them I will post them up to sell. -d
  4. D&D 5e is a pretty good set up to start back into things - and it is played world wide. Another of my more recent discoveries is "Monster of the week" which is light and fun. -d
  5. Torg

    Sad News

    oh I'm late with my condolences ... but I remember Tombking 😞
  6. His is the same as a Dire Avenger Catapult... nothing new there as far as I can tell... hmmm except for the 2 damage I almost missed that.
  7. Admech army is coming along lol
  8. For me... it almost seems like I need to shelve my 40k armies (Eldar flavors) and wait for GW to "balance" things with a new codex... which could be a year... or two from now? OR play some other army that isn't as hamstrung by the current situation GW has created ... yet again (every edition of course). -d
  9. I have been playing with my Eldar... trying various forces and the glass cannon is really fragile lol... is an understatement. I find the primaris and new ed Marines pretty hard to deal with. They hit really hard - and are really tough. I have been trying various Eldar army lists - and really the only equal I can come up with is my Wraithwall list - just for pure staying power and killing power. It gets boring - so I only have played that list a few times before changing things up. I am working on my AdMech for a change of pace. But I am really hoping for a good Xeno codex update in
  10. getting my Anycubic Photon S required a little adjustment - but after everything was level and I got good exposure times things were good until I got into different resin bottles / manufacturers. Then again some test prints to get adjusted. The FEP (the film at the bottom of the resin tray) wears out - or sometimes needs to be replace - and getting things dialed in after that change can be tedious as well. But I think the support on the inter webs is pretty good with the forums and facebook groups for help. Fumes - if your inventive - its not a big deal to work out some sort of exhaust
  11. I couldn't toss my money at this fast enough. I have several of their games - and free league does a great job. (I have Tales from the Loop, after the flood ... & Aliens). My friends and I played lots of Twilight 2000 back in the day. -d
  12. I have the photon S... it is a really nice little printer. I love it for detail work and bits _ and epic army stuff lol. The new photon mono x is due out soon - which will have a much larger print area. -d
  13. yeah last weekend I seemed to have noticed it was different on my phone... then when I finally got to my laptop browser I noticed the "polished" look and feel a bit cleaner and simplified. Although, don't ignore those voices Brother G... you know they are right... -d
  14. Filament - where does everyone get supplies? I have a few spools I had picked up - and I have ordered some direct from Prusa when I picked up the printer. But now I am running low and am looking for options. I am considering Amazon - and I had thought my local Fry's (wilsonville) had a decent supply - but yesterday I found their shelves bare. Brands, suppliers... suggestions welcome -d
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