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  1. Bro G - Resin printing isn't that hard - just use gloves ... and dispose of waste properly. it has a learning curve but there is tons of online help, tutorials and etc. on YouTube. As well as user groups on many of the social media venues. I have a resin printer (any cubic photon S) and a Filament printer. Both methods have advantages, disadvantages and a learning curve. But the 3d printing hobby is very rewarding - and mind expanding. I recently jumped onto the Photon Ultra kickstarter... but yesterday I dropped out of it. Mostly because I am unsure as to the real quality differences from the current 4k standard stuff and the new DLP they are doing. And the actual size of the build plates for what I am looking to do as prints. I dropped out mostly because I won't be saving that much if do the kickstarter vs. waiting 6 months or till next summer to make a choice. I have the smaller older resin printer - and it works for me now - although I do want a larger print area at some point. one suggestion - if you unsure about the resin printer as a whole... drop from the kickstarter - and pick up one of the cheaper smaller resin printers - just to get a basic fell for resin and the hobby as a whole. for less than 300$ you can get a decent starter resin printer for figures. Later after your comfortable with the resin process - then jump into a bigger printer. The prices (like many things in tech) are constantly dropping... in a year everything will be different. -d
  2. I went ahead and jumped in on the Anycubic Kickstarter for the DLP Photon Ultra. Feeling like a good miniature printer upgrade from my photon S.
  3. I may give it a try - my son is playing it with the (possibly future father in law) and perhaps after I clear some projects off my plate. Currently, I have been bit by the slot car but (1:32 Scalextric) lol -d
  4. I just don't know ... I am not sure I need another pile of 28mm minis to paint and take room on my shelf. I will have to see a demo... but so far I find nothing intriguing about WW2 at 28mm. -d
  5. My Son's Girlfriend and her fathers deal (out of Hubbard) - they keep leaning on me to try the game - but I have yet to get a demo though. -d
  6. yeah - I would rather see GW go with alternating activations before I would worry about re-rolls. But back to the OP - a lot more games exist than 40k... so many - and many IMO better. - maybe 40k just isn't fun for you anymore... because 40k just isn't that fun to begin with? Beyond the Fluff (which changes / gets re-imagined or re-tooled every few years) - that fluff is awesome - the minis are really really nice. But the game system has never been its strong suit lol.
  7. Sad Jay - this totally sucks. I know how you feel though. It’s one of the things that worries me about playing infinity on a regular basis. -d
  8. I find this to be an interesting (if not annual topic). I play to have a fun game with whom I hope is a friend or will be a friend. The game is secondary to all of my hobby enjoyment. I like to paint, plan, create terrain, meet new folks and to catch up with long time friends. ... oh... and to play a game and roll some dice. Tactics? whatever... I'm not that invested LOL. I don't go out to loose games by not thinking - I think as the game is set up and as it unfolds about my tactical decisions - based on my opponent, the opponents list, terrain and whatever other random things that happen or with the game. Tactics are in my mind when I make a list - just about how I COULD do things and why I need to paint or build this or that for the army. But to "win games" isn't on the radar - its a game - with dice and sometimes thoughtful decision making. Casual games that I play - are nearly all of the thoughtful replies already posted here. I share my idea of my list when planning to play a game ahead of time. OR I spend extra time talking though my list before the game if it is a random game in the last minute schedule (or tourney). But it is casual - so it is not really about the game or the meta or what I can or cannot take. (I take whatever I want lol - rule of cool). In a casual game I expect my opponent to be playing for fun and enjoyment of just hanging out rolling dice. Of course we are playing to win - but for the fun is why we are playing. As far as someone explaining tactics to me after I loose? no thank you - if I wanted a class or some instruction I would ask for it (IMO). I painted and build my own army - I can learn from my mistakes (either my army build, my strategies, or my choice of a "fun" opponent ). If my opponents or the local meta was win at all costs ... I wouldn't be playing 40k at all. Luckily, WACC and Casual play never seems to dominate for too long - after 30 some years ... I can remember lots of things changing with GW ... 40k, the rules and the fluff. But one thing that hasn't really changed is this exact discussion lol. -d
  9. Nope - south of portland folk … hoping to stir up some games down here
  10. I’ve picked up two factions for 6pt battle per side (Vikings and Norman) - Viking age book. But yet to actually play. Looking for a reason to assemble and paint lol -d
  11. Dropped into the store at lunch today - they have rearranged things for gaming to happen. Store dude said they are ready for open gaming as of last week. anyone know of any infinity being started again at this location?
  12. I have not played my Ad Mech since the new codex dropped - They changed quite a bit for me - and my existing army is invalid now. I shelved them until I am done with finishing up my Dark Eldar - which are fantastically fun to play. -d
  13. I should probably update my info on this thread ... (I have had my COVID vaccinations - and its has been past 2-3 weeks since the 2nd shot) Name: Don Game: Warhammer 40k, Apoc, Epic, Dark-Age, Infinity, Armada, BFG - others to learn (GasLands, Saga, StarGrave...) Armies - 40k: 2000+ pts of Ad Mech, 2000+ pts Drukhari, 10,000+ Eldar/Craftworlds/Harlequins / Epic: Marines & IG ready to go - Eldar, Orks, Nids, Squats, Necron (all needs work). / Dark-Age: Most All factions - CORE, OutCast, Drgyri-Shadow, Brood - all painted. - rest of factions in progress. / Infinity: Pano & US Ariadna Painted, Nomads working on (collecting Combined, O-12) Location: Hubbard, OR Availability: I work in Tualatin / Sherwood - so M-F after 6pm - weekends flexible. Preferred Location to play: I can host - in my workshop - I have a table and lots of terrain for variety. Contact: PM
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