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  1. Hire some cheerleaders, misuse them, then fire them. 😈
  2. Yeah, this! Vinyl is fine for smaller mats. I have 3 different blood bowl pitches, some kill team mats, etc. Plus, vinyl is cheap enough to get printed custom too. The kill team mats we got from https://www.aprintco.com/ were a steal.
  3. Meh, it is a dice game... 🤣
  4. Neoprene is superior because it will always lay flat after being rolled. A huge vinyl mat can sometimes have waves after unrolling. Sure it's cheaper, but the neoprene is an invenstment for a reason. I agree, I wish neoprene wasn't so expensive. I also like how neoprene deadens dice bouncing and rolling all over. It's minor, but makes for cleaner play.
  5. I always pictured Disturbed "Indestructible" as perfect for a space marine army. The lyrics are PERFECT... 😅 P.S. Man, whoever edited this video can't spell for crap!
  6. This!! The final trilogy was a pile of [big bad swear word], the last at least ended it decently. All 3 movies were not a Lucas envisioned story.
  7. Apparently this includes Asmodee games too?
  8. I really liked Battlelore on Android. Guess it might not have sold huge amounts. Not sure what huge HIT board games would be good for a mobile platform.
  9. Sad they didn't even keep their digital games crew. Seems like digital board games (at least big hits) are a gold mine?
  10. Hah, i'll raise you one! My 6 year old at the time BEATING me! Yes, I lost that game.The tie swarm ran into a can of raid...
  11. As DC said above, definitely 9-10, our group will be there til before 10, maybe a little earlier at least. We can work out at least 10pm for ya 😁
  12. The corsairs are a separate army from the witch elves, which are a separate army from the core spearmen, etc. My pre AOS army was 2 hydras, 2 blocks of spearmen, cauldron of blood, a couple of sorceresses, 2 repeater ballista, blackguard, harpies, etc. The way the book made it out is all those units are split out across multiple armies now and makes them pieces of a once whole army. That said, haven't dug deeper in AOS, but haven't seen models I can use in Warcry from what i own yet.
  13. My big deal with Warcry and AOS, is my Dark elves have been scattered to the wind. I can't make a faction proper army or warband with the 2500pts I own!
  14. I haven't decided what I'd want to commit to Friday yet. But this would be interesting. X-wing was one of those systems I was sad to stop playing when v2 came out. Re-buying everything I own was crazy. I also like the shenanigan style game design you're suggesting. Since it's short, would you do this main time or evening to allow people to play multiple systems?
  15. Thanks, planning to be at game night on 7th. I'll look for it.
  16. Looks like no gaslands or kill team early takers around 430/445?
  17. Kill team or Gaslands around 430pm anyone? I have a hard stop at 6pm still for D&D. Also, work has been VERY unreliable lately, so there's a chance I might be late or not able to play. However, at this time I'm planning to be there on time. I'll update more when I start work tomorrow.
  18. Interesting question on terrain. I'd say that's a non issue as that can apply to 'any' game and is less brand controlled. However, good question if your intent is to COPY a terrain model and break infringement. Again depends on where, who, etc. Ish makes a good point. I think it's less about impacting GW, and more about keeping our LGS's afloat. Personally couldn't care about GW's bottom line.
  19. Just more informational for Pax. I didn't figure you would. But yes, sent a PM to find out what options we might have for OFCC. Sounds like fun!
  20. Yes, you do need permission to use another company's/group's logo. The reason is copyright infringement. It's a brand the club controls and paid money to have the artwork created. These are things you have to consider when dealing with 'internet' artwork.
  21. Recently my LGS asked a player to stop coming because he was 3d printing HUGE amounts of his army. As in, 3d printing most of a knight, more than 50% of a marine, etc. That seems like a fair ask really. At some point the model becomes a proxy, and is not a valid model. That said, no one has ever balked at kit bashing a model, but this tends to be a slippery slope. The rule our LGS went with was 70% legit pieces, or special conversion reasoning. Replacing shoulder pads, and such no one cared about. The torso & legs, I could see an issue there for an LGS. You could always ask (or beg forgive
  22. I won't make it. Work has me running installs. 😥
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