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  1. Alright. I'll go ahead and join with a fresh Norse team, and hope that I can keep up with everything. 😛
  2. I'd really like to join this league, but I'm curious, when do people normally get their games in? I feel like I could probably get my games in around my schoolwork, but I know a morning game is basically a free win for my opponent. 😛
  3. As others have said, Brigadas are so mediocre as to be below average, except in Corregidor. In Corregidor, though, they shine, and they do have a Tinbot option (I believe it's the one armed with a combi? I'd have to go look.) I tend to lean on a linked Brigada in Corregidor, though, as a bully piece. That and the Intruder. If you're going to play Corregidor, though, the Brigada is absolutely worth the investment.
  4. Oh, I'm well aware of the storied history of the famed Crown Royal dice bag. Most of the gamers I knew when I was younger had them, but nobody I knew drank Crown and had one to spare. I don't drink Crown, either, and I can't bring myself to buy a bottle of whisky I won't drink just for the sake of having a dice bag. So I will likely never own that part of gamer cred. But eh, who cares. Dice roll just as poorly from any other bag as from a Crown bag.
  5. Never had a Crown Royal bag. Had several other bag types, and a couple dice chests. Used to store my Shadowrun d6s in a little tin I got... I think it was a pocket watch that came in it or something like that. Currently the 40k dice live in a bag made by @Raindog's wife, and the rest in a little pirate chest.
  6. I've got a set of those designed for Infinity bases. The guy that sold them sold his company, Top Down Terrain. Not sure whatever became of it. They were handy, though.
  7. Oh. Wow. Yeah, that model was before my time. That's... small.
  8. I've got some of the new LOF bases on the way, should be arriving any day now. I can report on them when I get them. If nothing else, y'all will see them at Rampage. That said, if you have a bunch of the old ones laying around, they're perfectly serviceable. There are plenty of ways to get good LOF arcs painted on, from plastic gauges to templates you print out onto paper. Nothing says your bases have to be super fancy; my Nomads are on standard bases, with just little lines drawn on them to indicate firing arcs. It works.
  9. "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeVille."
  10. Not a soldier, and obviously not painted, but here's a bit of scatter terrain I printed today for my Infinity table.
  11. So I'm part of the club now, too. I got a Monoprice Select Mini Pro for my birthday. Cute little thing, small build area, resolution isn't incredible (but good enough for most of my purposes) but it has an automatic bed levelling feature that's super nice and a heated bed that I'm going to put a glass plate on in a couple days. I've already been making some silly fun things with it, some scatter terrain for Infinity, a calcium dish for one of my geckos. I'm in the process of printing a turn/VP/CP tracker for 40k on it (over 3 hours on the print... yeesh.) I'm only printing in PLA right now, but it's a lot of fun, and very distracting from my schoolwork.
  12. Barring unexpected screwiness, I will be there.
  13. That's a good point, like most minis games, the tendency seems to be scale creeping a little bit bigger every year. It's happening with Infinity, too; if you look at the old sculpts, they look preposterously undersized compared to the current (and much better) ones. 40k does seem to have grown quite a bit in scale since I first started in 3rd (though the ork boyz I bought back then are the same ones they sell now...) and I guess I just never noticed it because it was always kind of gradual. When they decided to move Marines to 32 mm bases, though, it became much more obvious.
  14. That seems to be the general consensus I've heard from most people, and I agree, that the old designs just needed to be updated to plastic (and maybe a slight tweak in scale, the older models were a bit smol.) These are a lovely homage to some badass sculpts that were well ahead of their time.
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