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  1. No they didn't. They spent the first half asleep, and in the second half, the defense still let us down. I can't say I'm that upset; with all the injuries, and being a "retooling" year, I was surprised they made it this far. Next year we'll be stronger still.
  2. Football season is basically over, so I'll be there.
  3. Got one of the series one Space Marine Heroes as a stocking stuffer. Already had the sculpt, so out comes the jeweler's saw and bits box.
  4. Snowmen with a flamethrower... That seems like a plan that could... 😎 BACKFIRE!
  5. Nobody wants Land Speeders anymore. They kinda suck in 8th. I still use them. Because they're neat.
  6. That's fair, I suppose. Not refusing, per se, but close to it. Call it a temporary hiring freeze, if you will. As I said in the OP, I'm not going to be printing models wholesale, I just want to bolster the ranks a little bit here and there. And again, I'm not going to show up with whole squads of guys at a store. I might sneak one or two into a squad here and there, but I'm not going to show up to the LGS with half my army coming out of the printer. But you're right. I'm taking money out of the pockets of GW and the LGS. And that's absolutely what I was looking for, was the community's opinion on the matter. No attack or slight perceived. I'm still not even sure how I feel about doing it, so for now, it's off the table. Besides, I have more pressing projects with the printer. But I might sneak the odd marine out here and there when I haven't got time to print a larger project.
  7. I suppose? I already have the filament, and the filament and printer itself were gifts, so my broke ass hasn't put out any money for it. Denying them sales, yes, I'll agree. But boycotting? No, I don't agree with that, because that would imply that I'm never going to buy a GW product again. Which isn't true. I'll probably snag a box or two next month when my student loans come in (because if I'm going to be paying off that debt for the rest of my life, I might as well enjoy a little bit of it.)
  8. And the thing is, I'm not even boycotting GW's products. I still intend to buy kits from them (once I have the money to do so.) I just have a bunch of spare bits laying around that I'm not going to use (and honestly, does the Ordo bits bin REALLY need a bag of a dozen bolters?) and I could use a few more tactical marines. I'm not going to try to pass them off as anything more than that, or even that they're the legit thing. I just want to be able to make use of those melta guns or bolters or chainswords or whatever that are sitting there gathering dust. I'm not printing units wholesale, and I'm not going to stop spending money at the LGS. I just want to reinforce the troops a bit and make use of some waste plastic.
  9. This is pretty much the end result, yeah. But I wanted to get input from other people in the community, get their ideas and opinions. Ours is a cooperative hobby; if I were sitting here playing silly bugger by myself, I wouldn't think twice. But I have other people to consider. How would the owner of the LGS feel? How would my opponent feel, who may not have access to a printer? How am I affecting the company who makes the models specifically, and the hobby as a whole? In the end, I think I may do up a few here and there, but sparingly, or to make the odd custom model.
  10. I will be there with 400 points of... something. I'm not sure what yet. Maybe @dataentity can teach me how to play Tohaa.
  11. So, I'll start off by saying that if this is too close to RoC content, or gets to that point, mods, please nuke the thread. I don't want to be responsible for flame wars. That said, I'm running into a quandary with my new 3D printer. I've found that it's capable of printing in such detail that I can quite convincingly clone parts of my 40k models. Now, printing an army wholesale is out of the question. First off, that's a lot of filament, and secondly, I need to support the stores I play at. That said, I know it's generally accepted to go ahead and print spare bits. My ethical quandary I'm running into is this: what constitutes a spare bit? Here's the specific scenario. A box of tactical marines comes with a crapload of weapons, backpacks, heads, shoulder plates, etc., but only enough legs and torsos to make ten guys. So I buy a box, make my ten guys, and now I have a ton of plastic that's going to waste, sitting there in my bits box taking up space. I know nobody would bat an eye if I printed up a dozen spare bolters, or some custom shoulders or something. But the legs and torsos, being what I guess you could say are the "core" of the model, are a bit more questionable for me. Because really, once you've bought a box of tactical marines, in this case, you don't need more bolters/shoulders/backpacks/heads. You need more legs and torsos, that's what you spend your money for. Now, I'm not saying that GW is going to lose their shirts over a few tactical marines, but part of supporting our hobby is buying products from the companies that produce our games. If I print up a whole tactical squad's worth of marine legs and torsos, even if all the other bits are official GW, that's $45 I'm not spending at my LGS. While certainly better for my wallet, that's not great for the places I like to play. So I'm torn; do I have an ethical responsibility to just ignore the ever-accumulating pile of plastic in my bits box in the interest of supporting my LGS and the hobby as a whole, or do I cheat a bit and at least make use of those extra bits and save myself some money doing so? What is the general consensus among the crowd for a situation like this? Would I be booed off the stage at game night for it?
  12. Ugh. I can't wait until we can afford to get a house I can do that with... super jealous.
  13. Don't feel bad about the first mission, Tyler and I screwed up and thought there were only supposed to be three consoles on the table and removed the ones on the sides. Completely changed the way I played the game. Good batreps, though! And yeah, ironically, Margot is the hammer to Duroc's scalpel. Never forget that MA L2 gives Duroc stealth, as well. Sneaky werewolf is sneaky.
  14. I have a good friend who was a playtester for this game. He had mixed things to say about it. It's pretty faithful to the lore, but character creation seems a bit weird and takes a lot of the power and control out of the player's hands. It also sounds like Corvus Belli kept sticking their noses into the development process and insisting on all manner of changes, they spent a lot of the dev process stepping all over Modiphius' toes. I have pdfs of the books, and I keep meaning to read them at some point. But even as a roleplayer and a hardcore Infinity nerd, I dunno how well I'd enjoy the RPG.
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