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  1. I picked up a big bottle of Vallejo stuff at Guardian tonight. Gonna give it a swing tomorrow, will share results. Mostly, this is just because of what I've heard about the Contrast paints, namely, that they're kinda fragile and they rub off/chip really easily. I don't know if that's true or not, but I'd rather not risk it.
  2. I dunno, even when his dice don't cooperate, he still finds a way to win sometimes. When we played Frostbyte, I was pretty systematically taking him apart, but he played the scenario and still won. He always puts up a fight, regardless of his dice.
  3. I should be there. I may bring some of my new Muse terrain to work on. Or I might game. WHO CAN TELL, I'M CRRRR-AZYYYYY!
  4. What it says on the tin. Anybody know of a good one, or am I stuck with the Testors rattle can and hope for good weather?
  5. Latest installment! Some Nomads for OFCC. Still need to base them, obviously, but this Contrast paint is an effing miracle.
  6. Family in town again. Sunday... may or may not be hungover. Or still drunk. Or drunk again to cure the hangover. Unsure when the in-law and I get together.
  7. ARGH. Family in town this next weekend. Can't make this one, I'm afraid. Wish I could, that terrain won't assemble itself.
  8. Guess what arrived today?
  9. That's for me to know and the ladies to find out. 😄
  10. Woot woot! I will be there with bells on!
  11. Used to be, lived in Wyewood and played in Aquaterra for a while.
  12. Gonna start trying to keep myself motivated by showing off my thoroughly average creations! Spent some time a couple nights ago on this: Knocked out a Knight of Santiago for Infinity tonight with Contrast paints, but I already posted that elsewhere, so I'm not gonna clog it up. More later!
  13. Knocked this guy out tonight. Bare metal to this was about 20 minutes. I'm sold on 'em now.
  14. Welcome to Ordo. I wasn't there, but I would have expected no less than that greeting - it's what I received when I joined the party two years ago. Eric, Pete, Joel, et al, are all awesome gamers and fantastic people. With luck, I'll be there next week, and you can see the more degenerate side of the club.
  15. Not going to make it this week. Family is staying later than expected tomorrow, so I'll be busy drinking beer with the bro-in-law all afternoon. Rough life.
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