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  1. That ends up being me when the PC rolls high on a knowledge check but the canned adventure gives very limited information on the subject at hand...
  2. Don't think I'm going to make it in tonight. Tired after work, and I need some food. Maybe next time.
  3. Yeeessss... exactly that. Thank you.
  4. If anyone finds any good sets of stls for kobolds, let me know. I have an idea for a kingdom...
  5. If I feel up to it after work, I might take you up on that, Ish. I'd be coming from Camas, so I'd be looking at probably a 45 minute trip, but I've been keenly following the developments in the local interest in Oathmark lately. I'll let you know closer to the time of whether or not I feel up to it.
  6. Well fine, make me look silly. I guess I'll just go sit over here with my Marines codex with THIRTY GAJILLION UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM...
  7. And how many of those are for Forge World models? I briefly considered Custodes before I found out just how dependent on resin they were...
  8. That's exactly it. And everyone treats them like they are the only way to play in 9th. People seem to think that the game is "balanced" around these table sizes (which is a joke in its own right, because balance and GW games don't belong in the same sentence) but as far as I'm concerned, the old ways are still best.
  9. See, that's exactly the problem. The 44x30 is too small. I like anything 1k and under on a 4x4 table, and anything over that on a 6x4. With 40k's wonky deployment these days, if you roll the short side deployment, all you have to do is cross that 30" and you're in melee turn one, which is easy to do and exactly what happened to me. If they're going to be screwy with the deployment, then they need to have even board sizes that prevent that kind of BS.
  10. That's good. One of the last 40k games I played before I hung it up was a combat patrol crusade game where I was tabled at the top of two by a bunch of boys in a battlewagon who were in melee in the top of one. I'll probably swing by and at least give it a go.
  11. Question. What size board will the games be played on? In my experience, small sized games on the new GW recommended board size skew so heavily towards melee infantry that it's pretty much not fun for anything else to play on. I'd like an excuse to dust off my 40k and give another go, but while I like the idea of small games, I feel like in the current state of the game, they're hopelessly imbalanced.
  12. Immortality gives you a lotta free time.
  13. Honestly, GW has proven that you can get incredible detail and quality out of thermoplastics. CB has very exacting quality standards. I'm more excited than worried.
  14. https://scenery-forge.com/en/ This looks interesting. I know they use plaster and resin, but I wonder if you could use melted down sprue...
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