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  1. Here's my roster, led by the soon-to-be (in)famous Col. Blackburn. 4th Expeditionary Force, C Company, 18th Armageddon Steel Legion 2 RP - 3x Increase Supply Limit Colonel Arman Blackburn - Company Commander w/ Boltgun, Chainsword Lord Commissar Dorian Grenz - Lord Commissar w/ Bolt Pistol, Power Sword 1st Squad, Sgt. Larraman, "Hell's Heroes" - Infantry Squad - Sgt. w/ Laspistol, Chainsword, 9 Guardsmen, Vox-caster, Plasma Gun, Frag Grenades 2nd Squad, Sgt. Quandran, "Ash Dogs" - Infantry Squad - Sgt. w/ Laspistol, Chainsword, 9 Guardsmen, Vox-caster, Meltagun, Frag Grenades 3rd Squad, Sgt. Gortez, "Acheron Rad-Rats" - Infantry Squad - Sgt. w/ Laspistol, Chainsword, 9 Guardsmen, Vox-caster, Grenade Launcher, Frag Grenades Commissar Feodor Silman - Commissar w/ Bolt Pistol, Power Sword Lt. Jakob Endheim - Platoon Commander w/ Boltgun, Chainsword Subdominus Delta-087 Orendik - Tech-Priest Enginseer 3rd Armored Recon Division, 1st Sentinel Squadron, "Dune Dancers" - Armored Sentinel w/ Autocannon, Hunter-Killer MIssile 11th Self-Propelled Artillery Company, 10th Basilisk Battery, "Armageddon Thunder" - Armageddon Pattern Basilisk 8th Light Infantry Artillery Support Company, 3rd Squad, "Glowing Tubes" - Heavy Weapons Squad w/ 3x Mortars 4th Light Infantry Anti-Armor Support Company, 9th Squad, "Emperor's Lances" - Heavy Weapons Squad w/ 3x Lascannons 11th Armageddon Medium Armored Division, 6th Battle Squadron, "Firefly" - Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ Battle Cannon, Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolters 9th Armored Transport Division, 3rd Heavy Transport, "Iron Chariot" - Chimera w/ Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Track Guards 9th Armored Transport Division, 4th Heavy Transport, "Black Steel" - Chimera w/ Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Track Guards 9th Armored Transport Division, 5th Heavy Transport, "Acid Rain" - Chimera w/ Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Track Guards The 4th Expeditionary has been sent to bolster the Indomitus Crusade in the Astaroda System during this most troubling of conflicts. Company Commander Arman Blackburn, freshly promoted to Colonel, has been selected to lead the force based on his logistical prowess and unwillingness to squander that which the Emperor provides. He has received attachments from several Armageddon divisions to ensure that he has a well-rounded force to work with, the better to crush the enemies of the Emperor under the boots of the Steel Legion.
  2. Heh. Nah, I'm testing out Steel Legion to see if I want to invest in them as a second army in the next couple months.
  3. Oooh... must... resist... urge... to play Elysians...
  4. Groovy. They're the same PL for an extra wound and T, which is kind of silly, but like I said, if I'm running Steel Legion, it makes more sense.
  5. Building my Crusade roster, I assume Forge World units are okay? I'll be running Steel Legion, so it's fluffier to have an Armageddon Pattern Basilisk than a regular one.
  6. I know. I'm probably just going to wait for Battlescribe, honestly. It's just easier to build a list with that.
  7. The GW app is trash and keeps crashing on me. I'm going to have to wait for Battlescribe. At least they're usually pretty fast, they had the updated point values for matched play up within 24 hours.
  8. This is exactly how I felt when I first started playing in 3rd ed, because EVERYONE played Marines. It's part of the reason I chose Orks. And now that I have Marines, I really don't want to play them anymore, because they're dull and overpowered.
  9. Serves you right for using that heretical gas to power your grill. Should have been using wood charcoal, like the most holy God-Emperor intended. And none of that match light stuff, that's the path to madness!
  10. I'd have to ask my buddy - it's just an informal thing with some of his locals and myself (he's in Las Vegas.) But I could check.
  11. I'd totally be down to join in, but I can only do TTS. Both myself and my partner are high-risk candidates for the 'rona, so no trips to the clubhouse for the foreseeable future for me. I'm already playing in one TTS crusade, and I've been playing Infinity in TTS for a few months, so I'm well familiar with it.
  12. Thought someone might want to know. Portland Game Store still has six(!) Copies of Indomitus in stock, if I had a spare two bills, I'd grab one myself. http://www.theportlandgamestore.com/catalog/warhammer_40000/warhammer_40000_indomitus/479799
  13. Good to know! To be fair, GW models are beautiful, and readily available, if expensive. They do make it a bit more accessible, especially for factions that are so heavily based on a WHFB faction like Lizardmen. But I'm working on getting my printer dialed in and getting some stuff to finish the models nicely, I only have an FDM printer, so they'll never be as nice as I'd like them to be. I debated Orcs & Goblins, as well, but I'm leaning towards Dwarves at the moment. That could change, though. What's the standard size of most games? Just so I know what to aim for in terms of how many models to have.
  14. So I'm interested in getting into 9th age, so that I have something new to tinker with during this wretched pandemic. I think I want to play Dwarven Holds. Any recommendations in general for a new general looking to start a war? Also, I noticed the 9th Age website includes links to some websites that sell 3D printer files for models, what's the general consensus on 3D printing an army? I know that 9A is model agnostic, but I want to make sure that nobody would be salty if I showed up with a (nicely) 3D printed (and painted) army.
  15. That's more of my point. I know they were canon descriptors, I'm just concerned about the possibility that they might take away the sponson choices. I mean, I've already 3D printed a twin lascannon turret, so I'll still be able to use the hull if they do that, but I'll be pretty peeved about it.
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