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  1. I'm going to try to make it, but as always, homework comes first. And 3D printers are so much fun. I have an Ender 3 Pro that is pretty much always in operation. Printing a Necron for a test paint job at the moment, going to start in on some more terrain once he's done. As for advice, the forum for your printer on Thingiverse (if they have one) and Reddit are both your best friends. YouTube can be helpful, too.
  2. I think I might show up with some Marines if anyone wants to get in a game of 40k. Just finished assembling some Reivers, might as well throw 'em on the board.
  3. You know, something occurred to me. For those of us who are trying to unload our Warmachine and Hordes stuff, maybe we should see if we can announce this on the Portland Game Store's Facebook page or something? I know they have a pretty healthy community there, maybe one or two of them might want to come out. @RobynMM Want to reach out?
  4. I'm also planning on bringing some small 3D printed scatter terrain (little things like jersey barriers, barrels, etc.) Good for basing or table use. Might also bring a few utility items like CP/VP/Turn trackers. If there's anything specific anyone wants to request, PM me and I'll see what I can do. I'm not a particularly great designer, but I might be able to gin something up (or find an appropriately licensed file online.)
  5. Two further amendments: the full rulebooks are available at www.infinitythegame.com, which is a lot easier to read than the wiki. Also, just a heads up, the new edition of the rules will be released sometime late summer, I believe sometime in August. So if you learn everything now, expect there to be changes coming. Not to chase you away or discourage you, just to let you know that things may be different in varying degrees. It's supposed to be a streamlining of the current system, not a wholesale rewrite, so it shouldn't be too bad.
  6. I'm going to be bringing a little bit of Blood Bowl, some Flames of War stuff, some board games, some Magic cards (just a bunch of bulk junk that I need to offload... good for kitchen table games or teaching kids to play. Or Pauper.) Probably some old-school video game stuff. Some pretty old Malifaux models, a few Tempestus Scions. Some random gaming accessories, too. Very possibly a pretty good sized X-Wing collection. Was planning on bringing some Warmachine, but it sounds like nobody wants that anymore... I'll never be able to offload it. >.<
  7. New bases out of the 3D printer.
  8. I want to so badly. We'll see. I have to drive to Olympia tomorrow to help my mom move, so that's a full day's worth of homework getting put off. >.<
  9. Currently burning through Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Great sci-fi that explores the perils of terraforming and playing god. Not for arachnophobes, though. Really well written, especially from the spiders' point of view. Not quite halfway through, already looking forward to reading the second book when I'm done with this one.
  10. Next question: for the sake of making my life slightly easier, vis a vis the aforementioned drill issues, what do y'all think of putting tanks on bases? If I can print bases with holes for my tanks, I don't risk dropping magnets into the hollow sides of my tanks when I drill through the tracks.
  11. That's part of my concern. I got one to drill a hole okay, but I worry about the long term viability of such a strategy. I suppose I'll try to mess with the files a little bit when I get home this afternoon.
  12. I'm not sure where I'd put such a device... Hobby space is at a real premium for me. I'll probably just alter the files for magnets or use my hand drill. Though I do like the concept behind those Squad Marks widgets...
  13. Yes, yes, I get all that. But it's the -ded sound at the end. It feels weird and awkward and stuttery and I don't much care for it.
  14. I'm nowhere near that good with the software. I could try, I suppose. TinkerCad has a function for it, maybe I'll dink around with it later.
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