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  1. Bellevue is also very much American Suburbia (I was born and raised in that area, it's dreadful.) As a result, everything is more spread out there, consequently, EVERYONE has a car, and they have a parking lot (albeit fairly small.) It's not like living in the city where there's functional-ish public transit, or things within walking distance of other things.
  2. Well, the Space Sharks don't have any chapter rules of their own. It's alluded to in the fluff that they're a Raven Guard successor, but nobody really knows for certain (GW likes their mystery chapters). They also really relish getting into melee and tearing things to shreds, which doesn't seem to be the RG way of doing things. They do have a predilection for being really sneaky until they get to melee range and then striking very violently and rapidly. So maybe RG, maybe not. Space Wolves, on the other hand, seem to have a lot of the elements that fit with the Charcaradon's methods of warfare; a lot of focus on melee and the speed to get there. Grey Hunters, the basic "tactical squad" equivalent, can take chainswords just because, which really seems to fit. I dunno. I've thought about playing Space Wolves, but I'm really not interested in them. I like their rules and the way they play (at least, from what I've observed, never played with them myself), but I'm really not interested in everything having to be wolf themed or be covered in pelts and goddamn wolf tails and crap like that.
  3. That's true about the list creation. I'll have to futz around with it. I know they're supposedly a Raven Guard successor (maybe) but the -1 to hit outside 12" just doesn't seem all that stellar. Although it does make it easier to get into melee, I suppose...
  4. So I'm seriously thinking of building a Charcaradons army and running them as "counts-as" Space Wolves. The Space Sharks are alluded to being a Raven Guard successor chapter, but I feel like the SW have the units and rules that would be more appropriate for them. I know I wouldn't have access to Tyberos, but I'm not real keen on running named characters anyway (for my own fluffy grognard reasons.) Thoughts?
  5. No, GG got sold to an investor who pretty much plans on leaving it the same so he can reap the profits (from what I can gather.) Mox is moving down here as well, and they have a location they're leasing right next to Providence Park (hence my comment on Timbers games trashing their business.)
  6. I work/play at Fate & Fury in Vancouver. Super fun environment, really laid back. A little vulgar at times, but they don't tolerate BS. I also play at Ordo and occasionally at Guardian, if they have an event going on that I"m interested in.
  7. The Seattle location has been around forever, but Bellevue opened I wanna say 6 or 7 years ago. It's been there for a while now. It's bigger and more comfortable, yes, but they still only have 4-6 tables for minis gaming, and there are certain games that the manager has flat stated they're not interested in supporting, no matter what the demand (Infinity comes to mind.) The one in Ballard used to be a shop that repaired diesel ship engines, hence the giant piston out front. It's actually three floors; the top floor is all Magic singles, and the basement is back stock for their retail. I never spent much time at the Bellevue location; I was living in Seattle proper by the time they opened up. In either case, they're pretty much the 800 lb. gorilla of their area. I'd agree that Portland is probably a big enough town for the both of 'em, and I certainly am not saying that Mox *won't* succeed, but they're going to have an uphill battle, and while I'm not betting against them, I'm not betting on them, either.
  8. Mox Portland is going to have some issues to overcome. They have money to throw at it, but GG is an established brand, and gamers are creatures of habit. Once we find a store we like, we tend to stay there, festering in our own juices. Also, the location they've picked is awful. There's no parking anywhere, and on days when the Timbers are playing, it's going to be a damn nightmare trying to get there. Not every gamer drives, but most that do aren't interested in throwing their board games/TCG decks into a backpack, or, god help them, a case full of minis, to take on the bus or the MAX. I used to game at Mox Ballard in Seattle, back when it was still the only store they had and it was called Card Kingdom. It was a fun place, but as they've grown and changed, they've gotten to the point now where they really just want you to spend money and GTFO. They've proven especially unfriendly to minis gamers; last tournament I went to up there for Infinity, they couldn't wait to get us out, and they lectured us about our behavior because Mox was "a family store." They might have some success here in Portland, but I think they're going to struggle for the first year or two, if they make it at all.
  9. I might swing by, if someone wants to play a small game with me. 1k or less, maybe?
  10. That looks like @Exile's NCA colors... Never used the Hexa spit, any good?
  11. My intent is to be there, sometime between 3 and 5. Y'know, cable company estimates. I'll have my Crimson Fists/Militarum Tempestus with me.
  12. I dunno whether to post this here or the kickstarter thread in Warpspace, but this looks super cool, and I'm definitely going to put down some pennies towards it:
  13. I might drop by if anyone else is there.
  14. @Inquisitor66 Running SUPER late tonight. Leaving the house in a couple minutes, should be there by no later than 6:30, assuming traffic isn't too horrid. If you don't think we can fit in a game after that, no worries, I'll just come hang out.
  15. Let's just do that, for now. 1500 points sounds good. I was able to jam out a list while I was taking my MAST permit course tonight (GOD, that was awful.)
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