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  1. So they mentioned, specifically, on the page for all of this something about putting together the 22" x 30" kill zone boards from Kill Team. I think that's where they're getting the oddball measurements. In a way, it's actually kind of cool, because it means you don't need a fancy battle mat or textured table to play on and have it look decent. It's just a little odd, but now that I've seen that part, I kinda like it.
  2. Okay, I agree with blackvigil, I'm keen on the smaller armies, smaller board idea. But... why such oddball sizes? 44 x 30? Really? I mean, I get wanting a smaller board, but that's just a really weird size. Same with the others, why 44"? I think they kind of derped on that, but thankfully, as Ish says, it's just a "recommendation."
  3. Right? I'm so incredibly stoked about the Crusade bit. And I missed that part about scoring objectives, but damn, that changes the ballgame completely. They really do seem to be putting in a LOT of work, to the degree that I've never seen them do so far. Good on ya, Gee Dubs.
  4. Don't you try to confound me with your newfangled math!
  5. My car gets 40 rods to the hogshead, and that's the way I likes it! Seriously, though, it does look like overall, 9th ed is going to be a massive, sweeping change for the better. And I recognize that having that small attachment of an allied force will present its own strengths, I just worry about fluffy players like me not being as competitive because of it. But nothing has been released yet, so it's too early to judge. Overall, though, I'm excited as hell for 9e.
  6. I don't *entirely* agree. For the health of the game, especially at a more competitive level, it's great, and necessary. But from a personal standpoint, it means that taking a small, fluffy allied force just for funsies isn't practical, and hamstrings me before I even put models on the board. I can't take a patrol detachment of a Platoon Commander and two Armored Fist squads as a fun Rynnsguard attachment without suffering for it. I do hope mechanized armies make a resurgence, because I've been wanting to make a mech Guard army for a long, long time. Chimeras for days!
  7. Churning out those posts! Another new one tonight. I wasn't going to post anything so soon, but the events of the last week or so around the country really got me thinking about this hobby of ours, and what I have to do to continue to enjoy these games.
  8. That's basically my thoughts. I'd rather have an whole table of mediocre or even sub-par paint jobs than a bunch of bare metal/plastic.
  9. I know my last post was fairly recent, but I just threw up a quick bit about how I paint my tiny soldiers. Prepare to be shocked and horrified by the sloppy, lazy painter!
  10. I'm really enjoying the modelling aspect, at the very least. They're easy to paint, they're cheap, and they require less space to paint and store. I'm really keen to start playing actual games with them.
  11. I've put up a couple new posts! More stuff about Splintered Light Miniatures, so if 15mm fantasy is your bag, go read about it.
  12. Bloody damn shame, too. Only place I've found in town that has a WarmaHordes community that isn't toxic as hell. I had intended to go back, but I never got around to it. Too late now, I guess.
  13. Mine isn't idle, but I could pause my projects and help out. PM me if you want, we can work something out.
  14. Okay, I only had three of them that weren't already glued to bases, and no 25mm square bases, but here's three on a GW 25mm round base. As you can see, they'll certainly fit, but you'll definitely want to paint them before you glue them down.
  15. They might. I'll take a poke at them and see what it looks like, and post a pic if it works.
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