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  1. Hey guys. I wasn't sure if I should post this here. But y'all are my friends, and I thought you should know. If I make it in for game nights, it'll be pretty sporadic for the foreseeable future. Not just because of football season. My partner, Alicia, was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. It's still early enough that she's got a really good chance. This thing is beatable, and by god, we're going to beat it. That said, I will be working double time as a full time student and taking care of her. I don't have a whole lot else to say. I just wanted to let you guys know. Like I said, you're all my friends, and I wanted to let you know why I won't be around much anymore. I won't be gone forever, and I'll still sneak in now and then when I have time, at least to say hi. But my priorities in life have very suddenly shifted very drastically, and playing silly bugger with toy soldiers really is no longer all that important. Have fun gang. I'll be there in spirit.
  2. Sure. Classes are set to start on Monday, so I may or may not be available on a given night, but I can leave the invite open.
  3. The only reason I'm not in on Sundays right now is because it's football season and I gotta be a loyal 12, but if you wanted, I could probably come in on a Tuesday and run you through a quick demo game or two.
  4. I REALLY wanna come out for this one, but I'm going to have to miss it I'm afraid. Y'all know the drill by now.
  5. Much to my deep chagrin, annoyance, and frustration, I may not make it in today after all. I got about three and a half hours of sleep last night, so I'm a bit torched. Sorry guys. :(
  6. I will be there, one way or another. The Seahawks game is a morning game (so I'll likely be exhausted, especially since tomorrow night is Alicia's birthday party) but dammit, I WILL be there.
  7. Totally unrelated to Infinity, but I don't know the rest of the Ordites well enough to ask. Does anyone have the first season or two of Red Dwarf on DVD or Blu-Ray or something that I could borrow? My GF has never seen it, and that's a situation that MUST be remedied.
  8. Huge point there, Pete. No more hiding behind civvies. Also, I think tactical awareness is going to be helpful for TAGs, even with the point increase. 4 points isn't all that much, really, for an extra order to play with. Having that one last order to get out of LOS or drop into suppressive fire could save a lot of TAGs from the scrap heap. Also, it applies to fireteam leaders, so duo links (like Geckos, or Anacondas in StarCo) can use it without breaking the link.
  9. I'm not a fan of this "Concilium Watch" BS. It basically gives O-12 a free pass to do whatever they want, but severely hamstrings a lot of factions/units. USARF relies heavily on both shotguns and flamethrowers, and Bolts will have all of two profiles that aren't breaking the rules. I get what they were trying to do, and I like it, flavor-wise, but I think that it's going to negatively impact some armies more than others. And I'm definitely not fond of the favored treatment it gives the new shiny army. On the other hand, I dig what they did with USARF. Makes me actually interested in playing them. It would have been nice if Marauders had gotten a little something-something, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.
  10. I don't even remember you taking that picture. I was pretty torched Saturday night, which I'm guessing that was (it looks like that's a cup of Dunderslush in my hand, not water.)
  11. The gang's all here. Ready to rock and roll for OFCC.
  12. That's the biggest thing, honestly. Primaris stuff tends to be overpriced, because they end up bolting all kinds of unnecessary gubbins and gewgaws all over it, and they give it far more firepower than it really needs, which cranks up the both the cost and threat. If this thing can really put out that much firepower, it's worth focusing on over, say, a Predator or a tradtional Dreadnought. A heavy bolter, two heavy stubbers, grenade launchers, and either a 12" heavy flamer or a Heavy 6 autocannon? Yeah, that's worth trying to burn down before it can shoot. Don't get me wrong, it looks really useful, but I worry about the cost-to-survivability ratio on it. Then again, I don't really play enough 40k right now to have a good idea of what's what (not that I don't want to, but time and funds are limited, especially leading up to OFCC.)
  13. That looks super sweet, but T6? Even with 13 wounds and a 3+ save, that seems really fragile. Granted, it fits the theme, but it's definitely a glass cannon. If you're not going first, don't infiltrate it.
  14. Wow. That drybrush REALLY makes it work well. I'm going to have to keep that in mind, because that's one of the colors that I sometimes struggle with getting right.
  15. I use them over metallics. Generally want to use silver, a good bright one. Lighter colors seem to work better. Tried Leviadon Blue over P3 Quick Silver, and it kept the metallic sparkle, but it was pretty dark. I've seen some good gold tones produced, and one guy on YouTube made some Candy Apple Red Terminators that looked really good.
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