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  1. I'm really curious about Stargrave, too. My biggest issue with Frostgrave was that only two members of your warband ever advanced. I hope that they expand at least a little bit more than that in the next one. I think I missed out on a lot of things. I wasn't given very good teaching, mostly a "here are the rules, let's play a game" followed by the appropriate dick-stomping that a newbie gets (unintentionally, in this case) when going up against an experienced opponent in their early learning games.
  2. Yeah, the campaign is really what draws me the most to Necromunda. I just got so frustrated the first couple times I tried it, because it felt like it was so unbalanced as to be not fun. I'm used to GW's games not being balanced. GW wouldn't know a balanced game if it bit them in the ass. But it just felt like it was so far around the bend that I just couldn't enjoy it. I'm trying to do some research and learn more about it, and maybe give it another shot once all this stupidity is in check.
  3. So I've tried the new Necromunda twice, after missing the boat on the original. And I really, REALLY want to play, because the models GW keeps releasing are so incredibly stellar. BUT... the game's mechanics just drive me bonkers, and I was wondering if y'all could help me figure out what I'm missing. My key complaint is the way combat works (pretty big issue, I know.) So here's what bugs me. Say I have, I dunno, an Orlock with a lasgun (I know, that's not available to them to start, but it's just for the sake of argument.) Just random ganger. He's BS 4+. An Imperial Guardsman in Kill Tea
  4. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4688873 For those brushlickers who use the back of their thumbs as a palette... I just printed one of these today, and I'm going to give it a test run tonight.
  5. Aaaaaand I just realized that I should have put this in the Random Awesome Minis thread. Mods, feel free to move. I'm still working on my first cup of coffee. Don't judge me.
  6. Someone is having fun with Gaslands...
  7. Doesn't go far enough, says I! I say we all go back to the original Force Organization chart. None of these silly "detachments" or "keywords" to muck about with. You wanna play Space Marines? Play 'em. You wanna mix in some Imperial Guard? Tough nuts! Damn kids these days with their "soup"... soup is for eating, not 40k!
  8. It's not the real thing, but I know Victoria Miniatures sells some howitzer shells and crates for them. If nobody has any, it might be worth looking at.
  9. What it says on the tin. I need a set of missile launcher bits for my scouts, but I'm not willing to pay $10 at a bits site for them. Anyone got a spare set? I can kick you a few bucks, or maybe I have something you might want in trade. Ton of SM bits in my box, just not that one.
  10. Get an Ender 3. I got two Monoprice printers to start, they both broke, and MP support couldn't sell me parts, they just said "send it back, we'll send you a new one." Wasn't worth the hassle. My Ender is finicky sometimes, but it's a much better printer.
  11. Sgt. Rock

    Chuck Yeager

    I read about this last night. I want to be sad, but he was a great man who left his mark indelibly on history, and lived for longer than most of us will. He had a good run and accomplished great things, and there's no sadness to be had in a life like that, only celebration. Here's to you, Chuck.
  12. Oh, for sure, but it just seems like an odd business decision, when they're trying to push Primaris as the new normal. Like, they released this nifty new combat patrol box, and none of the models in there can use the SIA, which, again, is a pretty iconic feature of the faction. Just seems weird to me.
  13. I'm kinda curious about Deathwatch as well, but I noticed that they really cut back on the special issue ammunition, particularly that they completely took it away from the Primaris marines. Seems like poor design for a new line they're trying to force down your throat to take one of the most iconic abilities of the faction and yank it away from them. Does that really have a significant impact on the faction and how they play?
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