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  1. cryxian


    I need a Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King to slice up for a conversion. If you have one and wish to part with it let me know.
  2. cryxian


    Like the subject says. I am looking for 2 new on sprue ghost ark/ doomsday ark will pay 60 dollars each. do not need the box. Just the sprues and instructions.
  3. Will trade very heavily in your favor. Have: Overload NoS Skorpekh Lord unassembled unit of three Skorpekh destroyers W/ Plasmacyte Ussembled Want 1 squad of nos warrior & scarabs
  4. Looking to buy the Heroscape tiles of any type and water tiles of any type. Shoot me a message and let me know what you have please.
  5. Looking to buy 20 new necron warriors with scarabs for 50 dollars.
  6. Looking to trade the space marines off for necrons.
  7. AoS Army books: Skaven: 20 Hedonists of Slaanesh: 20 Stormcast Eternals: 20 Flesh-eater Courts: 20 Night haunt W/cards: 30 Aos Terrain: Baleful Realmgates bare plastic assembled: 25 Star Wars Legion rebel troopers from boxed set un assembled: 30 Wants: Star Wars Legion Imperial sets Heroscape terrain tiles Cash
  8. Have two Star Wars combat drones: The X-wing and Vader's tie. Only flown once... turns out I'm crap and piloting drone. Looking to get 50 for the set. https://www.zavvi.com/blog/reviews/propel-rc-star-wars-drones/ Mansions of Madness 2nd edition core set Dice pack Recurring Nightmares figure and tile collection Suppressed Memories figure and tile collection Beyond the Threshold expansion Streets of Arkham expansion Sanctum of twilight expansion Looking for 200 dollars for the Lot
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