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  1. Looking to buy 20 new necron warriors with scarabs for 50 dollars.
  2. Looking to trade the space marines off for necrons.
  3. Starter set is still up for grabs
  4. AoS Army books: Skaven: 20 Hedonists of Slaanesh: 20 Stormcast Eternals: 20 Flesh-eater Courts: 20 Night haunt W/cards: 30 Aos Terrain: Baleful Realmgates bare plastic assembled: 25 Star Wars Legion rebel troopers from boxed set un assembled: 30 Wants: Star Wars Legion Imperial sets Heroscape terrain tiles Cash
  5. Have two Star Wars combat drones: The X-wing and Vader's tie. Only flown once... turns out I'm crap and piloting drone. Looking to get 50 for the set. https://www.zavvi.com/blog/reviews/propel-rc-star-wars-drones/ Mansions of Madness 2nd edition core set Dice pack Recurring Nightmares figure and tile collection Suppressed Memories figure and tile collection Beyond the Threshold expansion Streets of Arkham expansion Sanctum of twilight expansion Looking for 200 dollars for the Lot
  6. I'll buy your Briar Queen set. I don't want the cards, just the figures.
  7. STORMCAST: All Stormcast from the Soulwars boxed set NoS w/ Cards- 60.00 Necrons 220.00 Shipped I have none of the green rods 1 Necron Overlord painted 1 Necron Overlord NoS 1 Catacomb Command Barge/Annihilation Barge NoS 1 Cryptek from Forgebane assembled, bare plastic 10 Lychguard/Triarch Praetorians NoS 10 Immortals/Deathmarks NoS 6 Necron Canoptek Wraiths NoS 3 Tomb Blades NoS 28 modified, assembled warriors with enough bits to make 32 more. 6 Canoptek Scarab Swarms unassembled. Large bag of bits from many necron kits. I will not split the lot of N
  8. I have an Xbox1 with one controller and Kinect. It's In perfect condition hardly ever used. Games: Plants vs. Zombies Star Wars Battlefront The Lego Movie video game Kinect Sports Rivals I'm looking for the new AoS Soulwars boxed set.
  9. Looking to get the new boxed set and I want to collect both armies. If I wanted to take both armies to 1000 points and, have them balanced against each other, what should I buy next? I'm looking to start playing 40K with my wife. I like Necrons and she likes the look of the Ad-Mech. I would like to keep both sides balanced against each other. Thanks! Would like to keep it under 200 dollars after Forgebane.
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