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  1. Hi BRVH, While there isn't specific plans to start another league on the heels of the current one, you can always post in the game night thread to setup a game in advance if people are available. Several of us currently playing are planning to play in a blood bowl league that starts immediately after the current league ends, but may still be available to play BA when time permits. I'd like to possibly run a 'less competitive' tournament on a weekend in the coming months if there is interest and may look to run a more formal league again later this year if there is interest. The current league has been very casual to try and introduce the game system to the ordo community.
  2. I'm in, for this year and the next! Blunt Trauma Sponge Bath rides again!
  3. Target acquired! All crew to general quarters! Flood the tubes and prepare to foul! MVP: Most Violently Penalty, in this case his abdomen/neck by a lineman's boot.
  4. As early as 8am is on the table. Preferably before noon.
  5. @Burk Saturday sometime after noon or early Sunday?
  6. @Ish good game, rough luck with the steady KO's and removals keeping you on the back foot a fair chunk of the game. Good luck with the rest of your season!
  7. Eh, we played at 800 points. Next table over had a Hetzer and an M10 (M10 died to the opening shot of the game, but the vet US army came back for a strong showing). IMO, my M4 was my MVP (mobile armored machine gun fortress) despite not firing the main cannon all game and failing an order test at one point. US Army managed to thin out the horde at range despite a few critical setbacks and bunkered in their own deployment to win. Inexperienced Russian infantry was a significant factor, forcing Scott to hunt for 7's a lot more often than I was and his mortar only managed to hit once in the game. That said, it almost went the other way when my infantry completely whiffed at unloading on a 4-man SMG-wielding anti-tank squad early game. Fortunately, I got 1st-dice for turns 2-4 despite being outnumbered almost 2:1 on order dice early on.
  8. @Ish how's your availability?
  9. Doh, I wondered why you didn't Apo the death, sorry about that. Didn't know you were distracted/AFK or we'd have paused/waited. Hopefully the next game things go better!
  10. Good game, brutal luck.
  11. Bosco


    Only Bob Bifford League, as in you don't even consider other star players since you only want Bob Bifford.
  12. Cool, I'll be online and gtg!
  13. Week 3: Scenario 1, 700 points 4x4 tables.
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