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  1. @dylanator looks like you've got dwarves to kill! I'm free almost all day/evening tomorrow (Monday), most weekday evenings (except Thursdays) after 5:30pm, and weekends in general. What works for you?
  2. All but guaranteeing I lose that piece of paper between when I bought the set and when it's finally available for use...
  3. @Russell Castronovo 9am Sunday it is, cya then!
  4. @Russell CastronovoShall we plan for Sunday morning? Before 10 am is ideal for me, but I can make other times work if that's not good for you.
  5. Sorry, been AWOL on the boards and missed these messages. This weekend work for you? I can also do Monday during the day if that works better with a limited exception.
  6. I'm in, same dwarf team as last season, Balloon-knot bonanza or whatever I called them.
  7. @dylanator looks like we're up, how's your availability this weekend?
  8. Sent a text, let me know what's good. Weekdays I'm busy until 5:30, otherwise fairly free.
  9. Crap, I must have missed this previously, I'll text Monday and see what lines up.
  10. What works for you? My only difficult window is 12-2pm and 6-8pm, can make most anything else work.
  11. Sorry, I completely forgot to set an alarm and spaced our plans while watching the kids this morning. Can try again later today or tomorrow if you're free.
  12. Plan for 10am? I can do earlier or later if desired.
  13. Weekdays after 6 typically (after 8 is better though) and weekends are good for me. This Saturday or Sunday is likely ideal with my current workload. You?
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