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  1. Can try for Sunday afternoon or after 5pm weekdays, except likely Tuesday. Let me know what works for you and we'll get it sorted.
  2. 8:30ish tonight works, I'll be home and available by then. Cya tonight!
  3. Live forever or die trying!
  4. Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon/evening are my best opportunities coming up soon. Otherwise most evenings next week. You?
  5. Did Bretonnians get new armor? 😆
  6. 1pm Saturday good?
  7. Anyone know @Russell Castronovo? Haven't heard back about scheduling our game from my previous post.
  8. Spread your wings and fly!
  9. @Russell Castronovo Looks like we're up round 1, classic Orcs vs Dwarves. I'm generally free after 5pm weekdays (except tuesdays) and most times weekends, though earlier is generally better on weekends.
  10. The div 2 AI team is halflings?!? I'm gonna harvest the crap outta those poor digital bastards!
  11. Michaels knows what's up! Public shaming on internet scale coverage!
  12. I'm gonna have strong feelings if I lose to the AI 2x in one season... with witnesses!
  13. Sorry, a bunch of elf-meanies hurt too many humans. Dwarves are the only appropriate response...
  14. Team created and ready.
  15. I'll get my new dwarf team registered tonight. Sorry, meant to communicate previously.
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