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  1. I'm out, thank you though. Between Xmas, my son's birthday (28th), new year's, and plans to get armies/terrain ready for the upcoming BA league I'm going to be buried otherwise I'd be down.
  2. If you've got a team in ordobowl.com I can play a friendly with an existing team if you're interested. Sounds like I'm booked otherwise for tonight in another game at this point, sorry.
  3. @michaels I'm in Seattle until late tonight, plans most of Sunday. Saturday might work or after 6:30 on a weeknight. How's it look from your end?
  4. @michaels bringing back the high elves for another season?
  5. 1000 TV Humans; Tabletop Rage Emulator
  6. Bosco

    Ordo BB2 League

    Sweet! Congrats to the dice? And Burk. How long until the next season starts? I've got my replacement team waiting to join! Ogres were a bad choice. @jollyork planning to get in on this season?
  7. The British airborne are veterans (more points per model) while the polish might not be required to play as such; haven't really looked at the polish army rules? That boxed set is for either army; comes with heads for both armies in different berets. I expect they can be a 1k points list same as the British unless they don't have a veteran level option in their various unit entries. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/table-top-miniatures/warlord-games/bolt-action/bolt-action-finnish.html Definitely a force option with unique minis. Likely only in metals, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since some of their plastic lines can be frustrating to assemble.
  8. Plan is to play @jollyork next week at Ordo.
  9. Sweet! Thanks to @Brother Glacius for pointing you at this thread! I'm not too worried about balance of Axis/Allies forces this time through, so I recommend playing whatever faction/flavor you're interested in. We're likely topping out at 1k points for the end of the league this season so anything you can field in that range is welcome. Painted/based armies are encouraged, but won't be required. We'll have a mix of experience among players in the league and being a first-run of this game system at Ordo I'm encouraging players to aim for lists which are more friendly than optimized since we're hoping to build community for future leagues/games/tournaments.
  10. I'm likely playing Aussies, but might play US Army if I can't get them finished quickly enough. I have blue dice and will have some olive drab order dice as well in case someone needs to borrow a set.
  11. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any comments/concerns, this is a draft of the league rules/format. If you can quote the specific sections outlined below in any comments, all the better. My intent for this league is to serve as a friendly escalation format to introduce a new game system to the Ordo Fanaticus community. I’ve found Bolt Action to be a relatively affordable alternative to 40k with a lightweight rules system and generally familiar game mechanics and saw an opportunity to facilitate game play between potentially interested members. Proposed points schedule by week-of date: Jan 5-Jan 11: 500 points Jan 12-Jan 18: 600 points Jan 19-Jan 25: 700 points Jan 26-Feb 1: 800 points Feb 2-Feb 8: 900 points Feb 9-Feb 15: 1000 points Feb 16-Feb 22: 1000 points Games are not required to be played at the Ordo clubhouse or on Tuesday nights; scheduling for another location or day/night is allowed, but games should be reported to the clubhouse league tracker or posted in the league thread on this forum. Scenarios are to be the basic Battle Scenarios from the main rulebook; the scenario to be played will be announced at the start of each week of play on the forums in the league thread. Players can agree to play another scenario as long as both players are comfortable doing so and agree to do so beforehand so both players can adjust their lists accordingly. Game Scoring will be outlined at the start of each week. Players should declare their prefered faction/nation prior to the start of the league for general reference, but may change platoon lists from week-to-week as they please. Eg. A British Army player could field a Reinforced Platoon from Armies of Great Britain one week and then field a different British Army platoon from another campaign book if desired in another week. Whenever possible, players should also declare their orders dice color to avoid confusion when randomly drawing order dice from a bag to determining activation order during the game. I will try and have some alternative colored sets of dice to be made available for use at the clubhouse in the event that players have matching color of orders dice on a given week. Players are encouraged to play as many different opponents as they can over the course of the league, ideally arranging games in advance via the forums or any other resource they’re comfortable with. There is no restrictions on platoon/theater selector, but all armies should only be built from a single platoon list. Generic Reinforced Platoons from the respective army books are encouraged, but not required. Multiple platoons are not allowed unless a player is unable to field the game points level in a single platoon from their army collection. This is intended to encourage thematic gameplay and avoid the complications of multiple tanks or similar issues seen in competitive lists. Units should be selected from a single source as listed from their army or campaign book where the platoon being used is defined. Universally available units are allowed per their rules which must be made available to all players accordingly. Tank platoons are not allowed. Experimental units or Named characters are not allowed. Players are encouraged to avoid any ‘beardy’ or WAAC lists (Japan bamboo spear hordes, multiple flamethrowers, etc.); the league is intended to be fun and introductory for both new and experienced players. If you’re bringing what you believe to be a strong list, please let your opponent know well in advance if possible to let them try and plan accordingly. The only rule I can think of I want to amend/change for the league concerns artillery crew taking up the entire transport capacity when being towed (p.117 of the compact rule book VEHICLES:TOWING GUNS) and instead have them only consume the capacity equal to their crew count if the vehicle capacity is greater (A US Army 2&½ ton truck towing a 4-crew gun would still be able to fill the remaining 14 (of 18) person capacity per the normal transport rules). IF you are aware of any other rules that defy reason in the standard game, please let me know and I will list them here for feedback. I will potentially have a couple armies available for interested parties to use (I must insist these remain at the Ordo clubhouse if they are available and their use be discussed/approved beforehand) if someone is not yet ready to buy into the game system (estimated $200 for a 1000 point army and all involved rules, etc.).
  12. Bosco

    Ordo BB2 League

    No worries, I'm likely going to roll a Human team so I can experience the full spectrum of mediocrity so there will be at least one in the league to farm SPP upon.
  13. Looking like we'll have the players to get this rig rollin' so I better get to work. I'll draft the league rules/framework and post them here for feedback, etc. If there are any rules in the game that are commonly adjusted in league play that you're aware of, please let me know. At this time I am not planning to do a theater/campaign-specific setting, any army should be usable since we're looking to build player-base/interest.
  14. Bosco

    Ordo BB2 League

    Good regular season all! Looking forward to not playing Ogres next season!
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