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  1. Burk

    Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

    They kinda are my jam 馃檪
  2. Burk

    Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

    is this our 1 listener from Aussie? i would get a game in with you. when do you have time?
  3. Round 10 is up. @Spielmannsfluch when do you want to play? @Burk - BB2 team name: But-hole Warriors - BB2 name: Burk @sbr - BB2 team name: Creepin' Death - BB2 name: SBR32 @Weav - BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav @Spielmannsfluch - BB2 team name: Boring Dinos of Eastwood - BB2 name: Spielmannsfluch @Bosco - BB2 team name: Tabletop Rage Emulator - BB2 name: PDXBosco @WestRider - BB2 team name: Tlaxtlan Panthers - BB2 name: WestRider @SigurdBC - BB2 team name: Hold My Beer - BB2 name: SigurdBC @jollyork - BB2 team name: Karnal Rekkage - BB2 Name: Jollyork @Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: Knights of the Stag - BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113 @Ish - BB2 team name: Sweeeeet Transylvania - BB2 Name: Another Ish @savion47 - BB2 team name: Error 53 - BB2 name: Savion47 @michaels - BB2 team name: No Dikks - BB2 name: Michaels @scotthartman - BB2 team name: Smells Like Green Spit - BB2 name: PajamaRed @Frostitute BB2 team name: Except the wrong - BB2 name: Frostitute
  4. totally understandable. keep trying and if you dont see a let up in the next week, let me know and I will do some admin stuff
  5. With the current crisis, some people have to work alot more than normal. Not all have stay at home going on. They are trying to schedule.
  6. @Bosco @Maxwell Christian @Ish @Frostitute please get your games in asap. I want to advance the round
  7. several games outstanding this round. Please get your games in. With the semi-forced home seclusion, playing time should be readily available.
  8. 2 games down. 5 more to go. get em in boys. most of you are likely stuck at home anyway so play some BB. I would like to congratulates @jollyork for having his game done first this round.....first time in history.
  9. Burk

    Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

    sure...why not..
  10. Burk

    Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

    no. you cant be in 2 competitions with the same team at the same time, but a former league team could join
  11. Ordo Fanaticus CRUSH (Braft) 2020 When: Friday July 24th, 2020 Where: Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (Vancouver Hilton) Availability: Max 10 players Tournament Rules: 路 This is currently a Non-NAF Sanctioned draft and 3 round Tournament. Sanctioning is pending NAF approval. 路 We will be drafting teams from all player positions in the official Blood Bowl CRP, the Brettonnians, Khorne, Pact, Underworld and Slann 路 All models will be provided by the organizer 路 There will be up to 12 rounds of the draft. Note depending on draft position (randomly determined), you may only get 11 rounds of draft. 路 After the draft, you will assemble a team of 1,150,000 gold pieces from the players you drafted. 路 All players are changed to 0-1. 路 All re-rolls will cost $70,000. 路 Apothecary can be purchased for $50,000. 路 Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches can be purchased for $10,000. 路 Fan Factor can be purchased for $10,000. 路 Bribes may be purchased for $70,000 (max 2) 路 Argue the Ref is in effect, but no head coach model is required. 路 You may not purchase Star Players. 路 This will be a resurrection tourney. 路 There is a 2:15 hour time limit per game that will be enforced. o Once time is called, the player鈥檚 current action will be finished. Skills 路 Each player may only be assigned 1 skill. 路 Once your team is assembled, you will be allowed 1 normal (non-doubles) skill to be added to 1 player of your choice. 路 After the first round, you may add 2 normal (non-doubles skill) or 1 doubles skill. You may select your skills after round 2 pairings are announced. 路 After the second round, you may add 2 normal (non-doubles skill) or 1 doubles skill. You may select your skills after round 3 pairings are announced. Special Rules 路 Bloodlust 鈥 Any player on your team that would normally be a 0 -16 can be bitten. 路 You鈥檙e a Blood Bowl coach and an untrained Necromancer. o No Zombies will be raised. 路 Everyone is up to date on their vaccinations. Nurgle鈥檚 Rot will not be effective. 路 Regeneration still works. 3 rounds of Swiss Win 鈥 30 Points Draw 鈥 10 Points Loss 鈥 0 Points Bonus Points 路 Keeping it Close: 2 points (Lose by only 1 TD) 路 CAS (you get 1, not both) o Out injure opponents by 2+ : 2 points o Out injure opponents by 3+: 3 points 路 TD鈥檚 (you get 1, not both) o Out score opponent by 2+: 2 points o Out score opponent by 3+: 3 points Tournament Winner 鈥 Based off total Points 路 Tie Breaker 1: Head to Head 路 Tie Breaker 2: ((CAS Caused x 3) + (TD Scored x 2)) 鈥 ((CAS Taken x 3)+(TD Allowed x 2)) 路 Tie Breaker 3: Burks Choice Time Line: Draft starts: 9:00 鈥 10:15 Assemble Teams: 10:15 鈥 10:30 Round 1: 10:30 鈥 12:45 Round 2: 1:00 - 3:15 Round 3: 3:30 鈥 5:45 Tickets available on the Ordo Store shortly.
  12. I had a request to create an Ordo Open Ladder on BB2. I have done so. Open to any team, experienced or new. Note that it is unlikely many teams will be be on and "spinning" up a game at the same time so might be best for those that want to partake to pre-schedule games. It can be found under - League: Ordo Fanaticus Competition: Ordo Open Ladder
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