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  1. thats 8ish... I created a league "Ordo Fanaticus" and competition "Season Einz" Please join. Rules: 1000 level teams (we can use experienced teams in forthcoming seasons round robin play so 8 games. Rounds are flexible. try to get done in a week, but 2 is ok 3 Mins turns (but finish quick for God's sake) Schedule games on Ordo (will create thread once we get everyone in. We might not start for a couple of weeks due to current BB playoffs. 8 teams, so join up now. No dicks. Players: SBR BURK Andregeddon Michaels Savion47 Westrider Weav Scotthartman
  2. Players in: SBR Burk Andrewgeddon Michaels savion47 Westrider Thats 6. need 2 more.
  3. dont worry about it. we will play casual. a game every other week if necessary.
  4. Players in: SBR Burk Andrewgeddon Michaels Thats 4. need some more.
  5. i can make one pretty easily.....sound off if you want in. If we get 8 we can have a league. if not......your losers. 🙂
  6. what colors did you use for the skin tone...really love it.
  7. And that is it. Ordo Crush is sold out......you were warned. 🙂 Please join us for our other Friday events
  8. @kb10r Ill be there around 4:30...you up for our game?
  9. raise the over/under by 1
  10. over/under on how many times I throat punch you this year?
  11. have fun with 2 players 🙂
  12. Burk

    Spike 2019

    I want my 51cents
  13. So pedestrian....pro tip...get as many claw capable players as you can.......looking at you Underworld troll, Yhettee, etc......
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