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  1. Burk

    Ordo BB2 League

    @savion47 sorry forgot to confirm the last round. Its done now. Should work. Let me know.
  2. Burk

    Ordo BB2 League

    New Round it sup. @savion47 you have an AI team to play @Weav Let me know when you want to play.
  3. im fine with that......put them in front of me and I will knock them down. /travis
  4. in. prefer regular season, but whatever
  5. Burk

    Ordo BB2 League

    @kb10r This is the 3rd week (of 4) that you are holding up the league. I need you to complete your game by Friday or I am going to remove you from the league. You asked to be in this league but your absences is unfair to the other players. I expect all games to be completed within a 2 week window. Sorry if you dont like it or think I am being an ass, but its time to consider the other players.
  6. Burk

    Ordo Bowl IV

    July 24-26 2020 Vancouver, Washington USA Put it on your calendar now......
  7. I guess I just dont understand why anyone would complain that they cannot understand the stats or symbol meaning in a game that they have not technically bought.....
  8. so your saying the rule book is needed....DAMN YOU GW@!!!!!
  9. Burk

    Ordo BB2 League

    he is tough to get a hold of. have you tried texting calling him? if you dont hvae his number, let me know and I can get a group text going.
  10. that seems like a tiptoe through the tulips compared to some painting for you..... I might need begging......
  11. Seems like that would be too easy.....how are you supposed to suffer if I do that?
  12. we will be packing terrain for OFCC.....
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