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  1. sounds great. 7s as a league would be weird. Aren't there retirement rules?
  2. I agree, this versions MB ( and claw ) are only useable by the person who has a declaired block or blitz action.
  3. I have lots from my warhammer fantasy days. I'll get you a picture of various ones and you let me know what you like.
  4. Thank goodness for the demons update. It justifies why the whole "Psychic Awakenings" thing happened.
  5. No, I'm here. I just haven't posted in a long time.
  6. week 2 battle 2 - Slaanesh is hungry While I was reforming my forces after the Alpha Legion battle, An asylum of Dark Eldar flew toward me. Their open topped hover craft bristling with armed troops. It may be time to curry favor with Slaanesh by returning some Eldar souls to the warp The lithe transports swooped in, but kept away from charging distance. They let loose a barrage of shards that popped Horrors, but so many shots went wide, so many bounced off from the luck of Tzeentch, that my core force was still intact. My forces leaped forward, and the thin armor of the Venom craft b
  7. week 2 battle 1 - Alpha Legion Strikes Back The Burning Chariot didn't hold together enough to appear in the battle, but the Exalted flamer offered a second unit of flamers to compensate for his failure. ( The glue didn't hold , -1 Chariot, +1 unit of 5 flamers ) Hidden away in some ruins we stumbled upon the band of Alpha Legion brothers we had fought before. I did not see their echo in the warp as their Sorcerer was not in this force. A second cursed Nurgle squad was roaming in the ruins and would have to be cleansed. I sensed two squads of the followers of Slaanesh among them. Perhap
  8. I can help anyone making plans for 40k. Any thoughts on how to backstab your opponent? Would you like to know more? Tzeentch will be ready to play a 750 point game.
  9. Week 2 - Beginnings Recon completed. A new world with so much potential. Imperial citizens hidden away, fearful. So many plans being made, so many schemes. I like how desperation brings out the best in humanity. A subtil push here, a glimmer of hope here, and the glories of tzeentch will flow. Foreign forces are setting up bases and stumbling around on the blasted planet. With my base secure on my own world, a poke and prod will get them all fighting against each other as they dream of power. The Herald has reappeared with a Disc of Tzeentch and a new attitude after the sniper bolter
  10. Did Weav just say that he needs a list from Weav?
  11. Week -1 B The horrors reformed into real space and we continued our exploration of the imperial city. In a more industrial area, mostly free from destruction, a bright light shone out in the warp. A fellow psyker was ahead. Hidden forms of Alpha Legion brothers at the edge of sight lurked. These Brothers had fallen so far, the smell of Nurgle was on them, so they must be destroyed. The nurgle infested moved forward to bring their guns to bear, a few horror fell, to no account. I would gather them, or their like, again. Everything returns to Tzeentch to be spawned anew. Ignoring the rh
  12. Week -1 The portal shimmered and the small scouting force spread out into a new world. An imperial world. At least it was. The ruined buildings, and rubble blocked streets, were comforting. Change was all around. The clean and pretty, shifting to something new. The Horrors gibbered and danced around, poking into the nooks and crannies and looking for anything of interest, leaving behind a scrap of the warp. On the far side of the plaza, figures were moving with purpose, green figures, Orks. They are such ugly beasts, with little to no glimmer in the warp. We make do with what we are giv
  13. Week - 0 It felt like an eternity, but the ever changing throne room of the Demon Prince Trakzal Fatecaller made time lose meaning. After elevation there was a time of plenty. Worlds to conquer, the simple minded to twist, it was easy to guide the future on a most glorious path. But all things change. Marine brothers fell away from death, spawndom, treachery. For an age, Trakzal could only see the crystals of the forests, the glinting colors of the clouds, the faces shifting in the walls, the future closed off. Until now. In one moment there was a new chair facing the throne. In the
  14. I'll be there for some 500pt 40k fun. Will I bring the worst army in 40k? Tzeentch says YES!
  15. the Drakwald Beasts will be retaining: O15 Frank Csonka B10 Joe Pollard B61 Darth Zhagdez B62 Darth Tholgoz T33 Matt Perrilloux
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