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  1. @Weav <redacted> Yeah, that sucks. Losing a player with SPP feels like a previous game was wasted. Losing a positional feels like you are behind a curve and it just takes fun away. Bad example, I finished an online league with Ogres... I thought I'd play online just for fun... lose most games but doing blood bowl things. But I had an Ogre killed and another Niggled on game 1. Going into game 2, I had only 3 ogres.... at 140k each, I finally got to six ogres on the second to last game. Man, losing and getting only 10k in cash was a kick in the teeth. It was not as fun as expected. I want to say.. in this edition you get like 50-60k ( maybe 80-90 ) a game, so you'll get your guys back.. but the money just makes it suck for a little less. Lost SPP is just.. lost. I would propose that when a player dies or is retired with a permanent injury the team sets up a memorial wall and you can assign 1 SPP to a player of your choice. This player is dedicated to avenging the loss or is energized by the lost players example. It would take some sting out if you can convert a guy that is ALMOST at a skill to a skilled player. Anyway Weav... good luck.
  2. It will all even out in the long run. Your next game will be fun.
  3. @SigurdBC Hey, we are up. What times are good for you. I can play most evening. Sat/Sun are good as well.
  4. All day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
  5. Let's go for a double header. If time runs out we can arrange a meet during the week.
  6. @MOONEY hey. If your first game is on Tuesday. Let's plan on when during the week we can get our game 2. Maybe 2 games on Tuesday for you? Or a weekend game?
  7. Ok, sounds good. I'll figure out my weekend and give you some times to pick from.
  8. OK, so here I am running some numbers on this, as I was interested. This shows the Net average value of each starting Fan over 8 games. The X axis is the game number. Y axis is the Net return. The color coded lines are the starting Fans assuming the first is free. In all cases the Net break even point is on game 3. So... other than the opportunity cost of the cash in the early game, by game 3 you are net positive in all cases. So... spend away.
  9. @Russell Castronovo I think we are playing next. I can play most evenings or weekend with some warnings.
  10. @MOONEY it looks like we are playing in week 2. Let me know when you can play after your first game.
  11. Sure. @jollyorkYou recovered after your travels and aren't burned out? I can be there around 530?
  12. @Falcon64 hey, you and I are on next. Let me kbow if you have time this weekend.
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