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  1. Anytime I said in the PM i sent you? That you haven't responded to @Burk. Thanks
  2. You are all welcome. That i am attending. The reason you applied.
  3. At any point in time after ANY you mastered the RNG of Cyanide's BB2 or real life Blood Bowl. Lets have a chat over beer about your Major tournament win. "Blood Bowl isn't a dice game." Travis Childs. GL masters of math.
  4. Can someone explain to me the RNG of this game? After explaining it to me. Why am I matched up against Burk for my last game?
  5. Except the Wrong. New Dark Elf. Coach: Frostitute
  6. Saturday morning works for me. Time and place?
  7. @scotthartman I work Sunday. It will have to be next Tuesday.
  8. Frostitute

    Spike 2019

    Already been done
  9. We had a person(Kavin) drop from our six man team. Looking for a replacement. The event tickets have been purchased. I have a two BEDROOM apartment booked with a room open. Please PM me if interested.
  10. Frostitute

    Blitz Bowl

    Heretic. Purge the unclean one.
  11. Go buy this TODAY. It is the most beautiful game I have ever played. EVER. Short but sweet.
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