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  1. @scotthartman I work Sunday. It will have to be next Tuesday.
  2. Frostitute

    Spike 2019

    Already been done
  3. We had a person(Kavin) drop from our six man team. Looking for a replacement. The event tickets have been purchased. I have a two BEDROOM apartment booked with a room open. Please PM me if interested.
  4. Frostitute

    Blitz Bowl

    Heretic. Purge the unclean one.
  5. Go buy this TODAY. It is the most beautiful game I have ever played. EVER. Short but sweet.
  6. Coherently losing is a choice. If Weav chooses a different coherent goal let me know.
  7. I have a wrench in my plan. (and ran into a bug. I guess putting a emote with paranthesis causes the the post to fail and create double spaces and i cant delete it).. so to finish -> ) me against weav. My scheduled record by CHOICE is 1-1-6. Due to unforeseen randomness. I get 2 wins not by choice. I don't move down in the divisions. Deciding is easier. /\ <-----------------------------------------------| | | /\ Dont ever schedule (randomly🙄
  8. We did the pass right. -1 long pass and -1 very sunny. We didn't add -1 very sunny for the catch in the tackle zone. I rolled a 3. And now looking it up. very sunny is only -1 to passes. I did make the catch
  9. I didn't catch the ball. I sober up and remember a roll we both assumed was a success.
  10. Team created. Such Cringe. Lower Division try hards. See you next season.
  11. Don't EVER start a Blood Bowl Tournament at 9AM on a Saturday again.
  12. Yes. I can make it to WOW this Tuesday
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