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  1. I wonder if the place that coats telescopes and stuff with 99.99% light absorbant carbon nantoube would do minis. Although I don't know how it would react with applying paint over it.
  2. Looks interesting and not OP at all. I am frustrated that I built my army to use meltas and then GW made meltas OP.
  3. The previewed battleforce boxes look tempting. Especially interested in the Blood Angel one, because I could use all of the contents (except the upgrade sprues). All the xenos and chaos ones look good, too.
  4. The new boxes have stuff i am interested in, but not interested in paying a tax for upgrade sprues I won't use. GW probably will never release another Marine box set that doesn't have upgrade sprues to inflate price.
  5. I can bring 2000pts of marines. What kind of army would you like to face: shooty or stabby? Also, do you want a competitive or casual game?
  6. Had a bug the last 2 days and was passed out for 30 hours. Probably won't be fit to drive. Might not make it.
  7. Here is a very flamey list running as actual Salamanders: Tried to put flames and/or meltas on everything, because I want to watch the world burn.
  8. I didn't realize my list is treading close to flavor-of-the-month meta stuff. Instead I will bring old marines with only a few primaris. Not going to be "that guy"
  9. The new Space Wolf anti-psyker reivers are interesting. Doubt they ever see play though. Fluffy Wolves are the best wolves.
  10. I will be there for 40k stuff. Any size army up to 2000pts. Will try a close combat focused primaris force.
  11. I only remember 1 Lt being used. Thinking you may have forgot to deploy 1 or mistakenly put it in the assault intercessor squad. The rerolls would have probably killed my captain and stuff.
  12. I was expecting you to use the chaplain to give a 10 man stalker bolt rifle intercessor squad +1 to hit and wound litanies, dreadnought stratagem for reroll 1's to hit, and firing twice stratagem. That combo would be devastating against marines.
  13. Thank you, it was fun. It seems like all games are pretty much over if there is a turn where 1 side rolls hot and the other cold. Could have easily gone the other way.
  14. Sounds good. My army will have: 6x Tactical squad of 5 2x Company Veteran squad of 5 Predator Rhino Captain with jump pack and Burning Blade relic Lieutenant with jump pack and Teeth of Terra relic
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