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  1. Isn't green the color of love?
  2. they got free publicity and now a bunch of people will order one because fomo GW wins again
  3. If Hodor doesn't have any Necron halves left, I may have the Necron half available. I am not making any concrete plans until the box is in my hands.
  4. yes, because the relic Armor Indomitus would have a troubling interaction... Wait - Armor Indomitus, Indomitus box set... I see what you did there GW
  5. I forgot that the +1 save would give them a 2+ armor save, which would be useful against AP 0. I was just thinking how -2 AP would put it at the same as invuln save. My bad.
  6. las cannons are cheaper than multi-meltas? They better have given the MM 2 shots now.
  7. The shields are now useless for Salamanders who already ignore AP -1. They look cool though, and that is what counts. EDIT: I forgot the lieutenant gets an invulnerable save. That is neat.
  8. Making Forge World rules exclusive to the app would be one hell of a way to get people to buy into it.
  9. those are some fabulous bouncy boys
  10. After rethinking it, 3 HQ was probably too many.
  11. Geeks & Games had a bunch of boxes available for pre-order. So I got setup for mine.
  12. Geeks & Games had a bunch of Indomitus boxes for pre-order when I went in today. Set up my pre-order.
  13. Payment processing failed, then it said "out of stock". good job, GW...
  14. Pe-order sold out while payment was authorizing. Thanks for nothing, GW.
  15. I added some PL for another HQ I like my HQ to be tougher to kill. Wish i could give him a 2nd WL trait.
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