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  1. I wonder what a "looted Necron" themed Ork army would look like.
  2. Thank you for the game Inquisitor66! It was interesting to face stuff new stuff.
  3. Decided not to bring Eradicators. Will take a couple more squads of troops instead.
  4. It would be interesting if feel no pain was changed in the same way. The unit takes the damage, and if it survives the attacks, models can then roll to see if they remain and/or if they regain wounds.
  5. Should lump "living metal" and "reanimation protocols" into reconstruction protocols. Each model could reanimate to 1 wound if the unit is not completely destroyed and/or heal 1 wound. Units with lots of wounds could have a modifier of healing d3 instead of 1.
  6. I wonder what will happen to all of the abilities that currently allow a unit to roll for reanimation multiple times in the same phase.
  7. New reanimation protocols. Making it harder to kill troops and harder to reanimate big bois.
  8. I will be there for 40k. Anything from 500-2000pts. Using close combat focused Space Marines.
  9. The real question about new terrain rules is: Do they provide guidelines for how to alter the "pewpew" and "dakkadakka" sounds I make when rolling to shoot inside their boundaries? It would be embarrassing to mimic the wrong kind of echo for missile launchers in a canyon.
  10. Thank you for the battle. I feel bad that my army countered yours so hard.
  11. Finished the Captain, Lieutenant, and chaplain from the Indomitus box:
  12. if the terrain sets are popular you can expect a Codex: Terrain every year. Primaris terrain will replace it a year later.
  13. I am fine with playing any point level. The list is just the stuff I will have on hand.
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