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  1. Interesting. I will pass on the info.
  2. Where does it say they can't take those units?
  3. A friend is starting into 40k and he decided on Deathwatch as his first army. He was at the game store without me... Just starting into the marine world myself I am looking for any advice people might have to help with building a Deathwatch list that is semi competitive and how list building works. Can he include a devastator squad in his list? Devastators aren't listed on the kill teams and I only glanced through his codex supplement, but I assume so. I told him I assumed all marines could be included in his list, but if he wanted to make kill teams then that was Deathwatch's cool tactic. Als
  4. Has anyone used Black 3.0? I really want to try it for my death company intercessors. It sounds like it should work just like normal acrylic paint, but I just want to double check. https://culturehustle.com/products/black-3-0-the-worlds-blackest-black-acrylic-paint-150ml
  5. That's cheating! 😛 Yeah, I try and paint multiple models too, but maybe I am using too much paint and need to scale back.
  6. Less then an hour?!?!? Maybe I am doing contrast wrong. I find if I don't put a good amount of paint on the model I don't get the contrast feel of the paint. Then I have to wait a good while before I can do the next color.
  7. Getting some cultists in the list isn't a horrible idea. 3 groups of 10 and the tide of traitors stratagem would allow you to hold objectives and help keep the cultists alive.
  8. I have not found a single player that can make GS cult work in 9th ed. So they are totally regulated to the shelf for a while. My boys are starting to learn 40k so blood angels isn't a bad thing for them to start on. I will always have the Bugs and I will play them too, I just wanted to see what the world was like with power armor and being outnumbered.
  9. The imperial armor books seems like it will help the Tyranids a good deal. Having the 'dules moved to HS instead of the Titan tax will be nice. The Dimachaeron has some useful rules that are more in line with 9th. I should never have strayed from my Tyrnaids by starting a Blood Angels army for 9th. But it is what it is.
  10. Salamanders are making a decent case to be in the top. I like white scars too.
  11. I just learned there is a section where you can see who is on the website and what they are looking at. Not sure if that is cool or kind of creepy.
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