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  1. I just have to make sure they hit together so they are effective.
  2. I am trying to figure out how to keep my melee together to make it effective.
  3. I thought the wording was the same. I will check when I get home to my book.
  4. It is a 13 point increase per model and I lose an attack from the tusks. I don't have my book, but I thought the WS was the same. Battlescribe has them as the same WS. It was a deliberate choice so I could have more fexen. Battering ram is the same for all fexs.
  5. I totally changed my list in the second post. No 130 man GSC / Tyranids list. Just a 44 bug Nidzilla list. Of which, I expect 32 of them will be semi useful as objective grabbers and screens. I am expecting a LOT of work out of 12 big bugs.
  6. And... any ability that forced a unit to attack last was just hard countered by 2CP. All the more reason to build high CP lists.
  7. Yeah, this new errata they just pushed out now states "For the purposes of this FAQ, Overwatch attacks are not considered to be attacks made as if it were your Shooting phase." So that solves that issue.
  8. the rulebook faq states For the purposes of this FAQ, Overwatch attacks are also considered to be attacks made as if it were your Shooting phase. Does that mean a tfex or exocrine that remained stationary in its last movement phase can shoot twice in overwatch. This debate has been going on over at the Tyranid Hive for some time and there is no clear answer. I sent an email to Frontline gaming and haven't gotten a response. How are TOs ruling on this?
  9. I dug my way through the garage, fighting back many a crazed dianoga. I found my tub of all things Tyranids bits. If it is from a sprue that I didn't use it was clipped off and stored for safe keeping. I proceeded to open the vault and go swimming like Scrooge McDuck in his money. I happened to stumble upon the devourers I was looking for. Not one pair, not two pairs, but 8 pairs of MC devourers. So needles to say, I am good and this thread is no longer needed.
  10. Your inbox is full or something is amiss as I cannot send you a PM @Lord Hanaurabout donations.
  11. The new list: Flyrant, Old One Eye 2x3 rippers, 10 gants 3 fexes with scyth talons 2x flyrant 2x3 rippers, 10 gants 4 devil fexes Tyranofex with acid spray All big boys all fun. It will probably get chewed up and spit out, but it looks fun to me. The melee fexes plus flyrants should give me decent punch in melee if they make it there, and all the dakka from the dakkafexen plus flyrants putting out 120 ish shots should be enough to make people fail saves.
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