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  1. Core rules are released: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/02/free-core-rules-new-models-sighted/ Got some reading to do after work 🙂
  2. I have never painted a model while it is attached to the sprue. I always cut it out, clean the lines, glue it together, and then paint. But that then gives me troubles reaching places behind different parts of the model. So I am going to try and paint my next model on the sprue. I am of the painting level of table top quality and maybe slightly better. If you have seen my bugs you know they don't suck but could be better. Can people give me advice on how best to paint and assemble while on the sprue?
  3. That is crazy. Not sure why that was a major point that needed revisiting.
  4. When is the last ti You haven't let me play with you since 5th edition. So of course I have to proxy Ish... Great, I will use a majority of assault Marines for my death company and use the actual DC to have hammers.
  5. I haven't played Blood Angels since 5th edition when assault squads were Troops choices. I was thinking of just painting a unit of Assault Marines black and calling them Death Company since they already have the correct equipment showing. I was just wondering if people would take issue with it?
  6. FLG and it's liquidation sale of mats... Must be nice to have insider info. Oh well, I am hoping the games go a bit faster with less bookkeeping.
  7. Holy rusted metal batman! It is going to be interesting to see how people adapt to the new rules. If they keep the 48 in. as it is just easier and tape off a foot of the mats. Or if they will actually cut the mats down to 44".
  8. I see lots of rage on the internet about the table size changing. Is there general consensus that the tables are going to 4x5, or are people flipping out for no reason because of not complete information?
  9. I did not see that one. I like the idea of swarming, I just cant get proficient enough at it to play in a timely manner.
  10. Always more Nid action! Gaunt carpet for the win.
  11. Gonna miss you awesome nerds. Next year!
  12. Where did my last post go?
  13. We are waiting to hear the results from Saturday's meeting if OFCC is happening. So once that is announced then look at teams.
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