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  1. I do not have access to BCP app historical data. Would you mind posting Jeremy Chaulsett's list? I would be interested to see what he is running as I am learning Blood Angels.
  2. How many players? How many Drukhari showed up?
  3. Death Guard being near the top makes it a rough match up for Aeldari right now. Who knows what will happen once all the armies get their books. Other options are to go harlequin heavy.
  4. I got talked into getting what I guess are pretty good brushes, I don't know. I normally buy cheap brushes and use them until they are dead and then buy new ones. I was told I should probably get some soap for these kickstarter brushes and treat them nicely. So I appreciate everyone's help. I kickstartered:
  5. What paintbrush soap do people use? I have heard a mix of specialty paintbrush soap to just warm water and dish soap. So now I ask you, how do you care for your paintbrushes?
  6. At what point do we rename this to Raindog's image thread? 😛
  7. For those of you who have games with FFG card sleeves and want identical card sleeves so you don't have to have mismatched cards in your games.
  8. My kids have been to a couple of reptile shows with their uncle @Romans832. Which is why they like the Poison dart frogs.
  9. What reptiles? Skink, chameleon, bearded dragon, snakes? @Romans832 will probably have lots to chime in about reptiles.
  10. We like the look of salt water, but I doubt we will go down that road right away. The kids are torn on what they want, fish or frogs, so we continue going in circles. We have a nice large space for the aquarium that has viewing from all 4 sides. So we have been planning how to hide the equipment. @InfestedKerrigan I love the idea of having fish at the bottom of the tank for the frogs. I will look into that.
  11. We have been talking about getting fish. But I think we may be getting pulled over to poison dart frogs in an aquarium. EDIT: Are any of those salt water? We have talked about a 50gallon, how hard are those take care of?
  12. 3 sets of arms would be amazing. PM me a cost and we can chat.
  13. Anyone have a lead on someone printing inceptor plasma arms?
  14. It is just bonkers. Zoanthropes went up in points because everyone knows they are at the top of the meta charts. But you know, plasmaceptors with their insane guns only went up 5 points a model, yet still shoot 6 shots per model at any squad over 6 models. A chaplain for +1 to hit and a lieutenant for rerolls 1s to wound... Nothing broken about this combo
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