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  1. In a game of dice, there are averages and probabilities, but random is the name of the game. You can build lists to remove as much randomness as possible. But dice are gonna dice.
  2. Who am I to do doubles with? Who is going to back stab my Stompa? You will be missed.
  3. They have lots to do in the command phase, and then a bucket of dice to roll in the shooting phase. I have seen people use cards to help mark what all is going on with their units. But I agree, Art of War and Goonhammer are your best bets. Otherwise Youtube and watch battle reports to see how people handle keeping all the rules straight.
  4. I will be using one of their characters, as they have been playing for a few years. They do not want me to show up with a wooden sword and a pot pan on my head.
  5. Yeah, after looking over the website it does look like a pay to win sort of game. One of my friends invited me to join, so by the transitive property of friends I am assuming I will get along well with his other friends.
  6. Has anyone participated in an True Dungeon event? It is currently an online zoom event. From what I can tell it is a cross between an escape room and DnD. I have been invited to a group to do a run using their character sheet for the party. I was just looking to see if anyone had done this and if they have any tools, tips, or tricks they could teach me.
  7. I don't know where I would find the extra points for infiltrators, unless I cut down on my heavies. Yes it is light, and it needs to castle to survive a round or two, but I think it has potential. I am debating what is better. The 5+ invuln bubble from the librarian, or switching over to texhnomancy for the additional repair, +1 to hit, and +1 to save.
  8. Would you consider the following list competitive or middle of the road? Chapter master on bike, WL, relic: the tempered helm, SS, power sword, WL trait: rites of war Iron Father Feirros Chief Librairan, Veil of time, Psychic fortress, null zone 10 Heavy Intercessors 5 incursors 5 incursors Redemptor Dread: 2x storm bolter, icaus rocket, macro plasma, onslaught gattling Redemptor Dread: 2x storm bolter, icaus rocket, macro plasma, onslaught gattling Redemptor Dread: 2x storm bolter, icaus rocket, macro plasma, onslaught gattling Relic contemptor dread: cyclone ML, 2x twin volkite culverin Relic contemptor dread: cyclone ML, 2x twin volkite culverin Relic contemptor dread: cyclone ML, 2x twin volkite culverin, march of the ancients, hero of the chapter, merciless logic
  9. Stay cool and hydrated my friends.
  10. I am totally stoked to get these together and painted. Austin and Kenneth will be cleaned up and assembled this week. 🙂
  11. Looking good! I like the idea.
  12. I do not have access to BCP app historical data. Would you mind posting Jeremy Chaulsett's list? I would be interested to see what he is running as I am learning Blood Angels.
  13. How many players? How many Drukhari showed up?
  14. Death Guard being near the top makes it a rough match up for Aeldari right now. Who knows what will happen once all the armies get their books. Other options are to go harlequin heavy.
  15. I got talked into getting what I guess are pretty good brushes, I don't know. I normally buy cheap brushes and use them until they are dead and then buy new ones. I was told I should probably get some soap for these kickstarter brushes and treat them nicely. So I appreciate everyone's help. I kickstartered:
  16. What paintbrush soap do people use? I have heard a mix of specialty paintbrush soap to just warm water and dish soap. So now I ask you, how do you care for your paintbrushes?
  17. At what point do we rename this to Raindog's image thread? 😛
  18. For those of you who have games with FFG card sleeves and want identical card sleeves so you don't have to have mismatched cards in your games.
  19. My kids have been to a couple of reptile shows with their uncle @Romans832. Which is why they like the Poison dart frogs.
  20. What reptiles? Skink, chameleon, bearded dragon, snakes? @Romans832 will probably have lots to chime in about reptiles.
  21. We like the look of salt water, but I doubt we will go down that road right away. The kids are torn on what they want, fish or frogs, so we continue going in circles. We have a nice large space for the aquarium that has viewing from all 4 sides. So we have been planning how to hide the equipment. @InfestedKerrigan I love the idea of having fish at the bottom of the tank for the frogs. I will look into that.
  22. We have been talking about getting fish. But I think we may be getting pulled over to poison dart frogs in an aquarium. EDIT: Are any of those salt water? We have talked about a 50gallon, how hard are those take care of?
  23. 3 sets of arms would be amazing. PM me a cost and we can chat.
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