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  1. My resolve to only buy Plastic Sisters of Battle this year is wavering... I wonder if these will all be folded into a 2.0 Primaris-only Codex soon.
  2. I've been out of Fantasy for a long time, but that set is very tempting with all the Skaven machines of war. Plus all of those ghouls would be easy to convert into Arcoflagellants, and it's always nice to have batwings for other conversions. But... They aren't Sisters, so I'm saving my pennies.
  3. Old Fantasy Orcs (don't know about current Sigmar variations) were perfect for Tankbustas. Two-handed spear, just snip off the spearhead and add on some plastic tube (I took a spear with me to the train store to get the correct size) and a greenstuff cone for the warhead. Done. I've also taken arms with Stikkbombz and put GS cones on top and put a spare stikkbomb on the front of a Shoota or Slugga. I blame the Rambo movies for the RPG attachments for AK-47's for the inspiration.
  4. You can keep your sculpting tools wet too. Don't forget that you don't have to sculpt the entire thing in one go, either. Some paperclips with an ugly looking coating of greenstuff you can still bend into position before going back in and smoothing out the top layer to what you really want, or incorporate a broken chicken bone to get the realistic broken rib effect.
  5. I want to get these vehicles and kitbash them into Ork vehicles... ...but I can't because I'm saving up for the eventual Sisters releases. (Just $10 a week set aside for almost the last two years)
  6. Hmm.... Have her and the original female Commissar as the HQ's for my loyal 32 of Escher old & new... Tempting.
  7. I hope you put it to better use than I had planned to: as a Grey Knights Paladin for a counts-as Ad Mech army (years before the real Ad Mech codex came out)
  8. Yep, all servo arms and the two left arms and 2 right arms.
  9. I remembered and brought the models to work with me today so I can swing by the post office and put 'em in a padded mailer. How about $20, shipping included?
  10. Six (or five*) Plasma guns shooting from inside a Repressor, or Sisters upgraded to be better in close combat without any options to capitalize on that. I know which unit I'd take. *Why five? Because that way you can have 5 Dominions drive a Repressor forward with their Vanguard 'scout' move with the rear of the tank 11.9" away from another tank the Acolytes start the game inside. Turn 1 the Acolytes disembark from their tank 3", move 6", and because they end their move within 3" of the Repressor they can embark into it before driving off to get their lovely Plasma guns even closer to a suitable target. Not so viable at 21 points each, but had they dropped to 15 then the high strength, -3 AP shooting is just what the Doctor (Dr. Inquisition-Storm-Trooper, that is) ordered. Something I looked into for a 1000 point list coming up Feb 3rd at Mugu in Everett, but with 4 to 8 shots at 84 points, for 1 point more I can pull the disembark-and-re-embark shenanigans with Heavy Bolter Retributors instead.
  11. If they did fold 'em back into the "WitchHunters II" codex, then no one would ever take Celestians ever again.
  12. The grey one on the top left has the same harness, it's just attached to his back. The choice is basically bare head, helmed head, or helmed and with some tech gubbinz over his eyes (or those two older ones top left).
  13. Had to dig down three layers to get to the Techmarines in the Thunderfire Cannon box. Turns out I had a couple of variants as well... So, which one catches your fancy?
  14. Another case where a foolish attention to consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds... I.E., no one plays 'em, therefore no one says that it's a problem, and so no corrective attention gets thrown their way.
  15. Did they ever change the points for Acolyte Plasma guns? Since they are BS 4+ they should be 7 points like in the Astra Militarum Codex, or 11 points with the Chapter Approved '18 updates. Unless there's been no updates at all and Acolytes are stuck toting around 13 point Plasma guns for *reasons*. One *reason* = Hey, let's not have a 75 point unit with 5 Plasma guns able to jump in any Imperial Transport and make Intercessors less attractive...
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