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  1. Still haven't found the toolkit in the various places I have gaming stuff around BUT... I've reconstituted 90% of the tools from Past Me getting a back-up razor saw or a second set of forceps... Thanks, Past Me. Still need to get a pin vice drill, greenstuff and glue, though.
  2. 2-ish months later, is that a record? Anyway, I was all set to sit down and start converting yet another model when I couldn't find my toolkit. It's a 5" x 9" white plastic case with a big "Ordo Fanaticus" round sticker on it. It holds two pin vices with drills, a short tube of green stuff, plastic and super glue, green handled sprue cutters and pliers, a metal ruler and other odds and ends. Anyone pick it up after I had to bail early to catch a flight on Sunday, two months ago?
  3. I'll grab a table with easy line of sight to the staff table at the center of the ballroom. Look for the fat guy in the I (Godzilla) Tokyo T-shirt. That'll be me. Do you still need a tray to carry your army from table to table? Found a bamboo box which should hold an entire Custodes army.
  4. Hey... you got your pugnacity on my bribes! Or I got baked goods & Mead on your pusillanimousness. How'bout your and my teams Fight? @evil_bryan , @Frowbakk 's Team Ad Hoc ][: Ad Hoc~der challenges @Xavier319 's Team Diversity to fill up both of our challenge schedules.
  5. Pretty good so far. I'm planning on arriving Friday morning, hopefully in time for the start of the ITC thing I paid for, if I'm not finishing painting my army. I'll be the guy in the black Dr. Doom T-shirt for those of you who haven't met me/need a reminder.
  6. Team Ad Hoc ][: Ad Hoc~der loudly proclaims that no team is brave enough to challenge us for our last available challenge. Who among you will step up to the challenge? (Added incentive: I bribe the opposing team with Mead and baked goods) EDIT: I didn't mean bribe, I meant payola. EDIT 2: No, pardon me, my language was imprecise... instead of payola I meant largesse. EDIT 3: Hey, are there any Canadian teams to challenge? Maybe we can get some emolument action happening. EDIT 4: Well, technically it's not graft because all of the items being proffered are homemade and therefore don't have a readily assigned monetary value... EDIT 5: Boy, that Ethics in the Corporate Workplace seminar was unexpectedly useful, wasn't it?
  7. OK, so I signed up for the Friday event, but the outlet mall store I have to shop at on the way down (or else I won't have any shorts to wear) opens at 10. I still want to play during the day, so can I drop in on Games 2 & 3 of the Friday morning round and Game 1 of the evening (4:30) round? (since I'll be playing my OFCC list and not expecting to win any of my games anyway) Assuming I won't have to spend the time furiously finishing painting, despite the four uninterrupted nights leading up to OFCC, that is.
  8. Here's Cap'n of Team Ad Hoc ][: Frowbakk's list: Imperial Knight Lance (Hawkshroud) Knight Crusader (Warlord: +1 CP, one free re-roll) w/ Relic Gatling Cannon & Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, 2 Hvy Stubbers 2 Armiger Helverin each w 2 Helverin Autocannon & Hvy Stubber Grey Knights Vanguard GK Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight w/Greatsword & Dreadfist, Hvy Psycannon & Gatling Psilencer, Rites of Banishment & Sanctuary 2 Units of 3 Paladins with Nemesis Force Swords & Storm Bolters, 1 Paragon w/ Nemesis Dread Hammer, Rites of Banishment & Hammerhand, the other Paragon w/Force Sword, Rites of Banishment & Gate of Infinity 4 Servitors Nemesis Dreadknight w/2 Dreadfists, Gatling Psilencer & Heavy Incinerator, Rites of Banishment & Vortex of Doom Astra Militarum Escher (uses Valhallan rules) Battalion Tank Commander in Leman Russ Punisher w/ Dozer Blade, 3 Hvy Bolters & Hvy Stubber Company Commander w/ Relic Kurov's Aquila (On a 5+ per foe's Stratagem gain up to 1 CP per turn), Plasma Pistol & Chainsword 3 Escher Infantry Squads , one w/ Lascannon only, 2 w/Autocannon, Plasmagun, Sergeant w/ Bolter & Chainsword All of that as a chance to show off conversions Old & new.
  9. Team Ad Hoc ][ Challenges: Goin' Xenos @Dark Trainer Silence in the Warp @peter.cosgrove and... Trigger Happy Panda, since no one has challenged them yet, I think... @splinx
  10. So, should I bring some for @evil_bryan? I can get more since the Root Beer Store is just down the road from me.
  11. I can set the scene... I was chatting with @fluger at his fundraiser, asked him if people suggested B.S. remedies (like Dandelion Tea) to him as a magic cure-all, or just how many books, movies, or podcast recommendations he got to fill his no-doubt copious free time between treatments. Fluger replied noting all the good things which our community has done for him, the warmth and the support which might have brought a little manly moisture to his eyes from feeling all the love. So I asked Fluger, "How would you like to feel some hate for a change of pace?" Caught a little off guard, Fluger inquired to what I had in mind. Then I pulled these beauties out of my gaming bag...
  12. Should there be a scatter dice for each stream of smoke? And how wide is the smoke (I'm guessing 1" wide.)
  13. Should I bring sodas for people to bid on to OFCC as well, do you think?
  14. PM sent. (Hey, a hobby benefit to getting up so early to go to work!)
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