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  1. Sand? You were lucky. All of my family, trying to get by on what we could find at the bottom of the pothole in the middle of the road where all 287 of us lived. We all dreamed of one day having even one GRAIN of sand to share between us, let alone the rampant excess of having more than that? Unthinkable. We had our pothole, and we were thankful.
  2. I turned a bunch of plague monks into conscripts with head swaps and arm swaps, scraped down their feet and removed tails. It'll work.
  3. Turns out none of the hobby stores have Magic Sculpt. But Tap Plastic does! So I can get my hands on some when they open on Monday and not have to wait for shipping.
  4. Yes, I've got the molding material like Blue Stuff, but I'm interested in the putty/plaster/2-part epoxy alternative to Green Stuff. In the video you linked to, he talked about EpoPutty from Alteco which is originally for aquariums! Time to check out PetSmart instead of Hobby Lobby... Although I'm wanting a material which cures in minutes rather than hours so I can build what I want over a weekend rather than taking an entire week. Plaster warms up when it cures, so wouldn't be good for the Blue Stuff (or equivalent) molds.
  5. I've got a terrain project which involves a lot of replication of details using Instant Mold molds. (like 50 per terrain piece... yes, I'm insane.) However, the time waiting for green stuff to cure as well as cost has just hit me. Any advice on what to use instead that would be cheaper/cure faster/etc?
  6. PM sent! Hmm, downside to not getting the Battle Sisters Squad, I guess.
  7. Anyone know which kit this (the head with the helmet on and the visor raised) is in? I've got a conversion idea I want to use it for. Or, anyone got a spare one laying about?
  8. But... but what am I going to do with all this Mead and brownies I've got set aside to use for bribes sportsmanship incentives for my opponents? Well, at least I have a new inflatable kiddie pool.... . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ......... .......... ........... waitaminute A + B +C = .......... Nevermind, I'm good.
  9. OOOOH! Paint a curvy capital "Y" on the forehead of the brown dog so he looks like Lockjaw!
  10. Finally opened the Blackstone Fortress I won at Fluger's Fundraiser last year. Kids put all the 'Bad Guys' together Saturday,we primed and painted 'em all on Sunday. Got the 'Hero' models primed on Sunday and painted Monday. Played the first Combat round with an eight year old and an almost 11 year old yesterday, only took several hours while paging through the reference books.
  11. Any use of the Moment of Grace Stratagem? Being able to add 1, 2, or 3 to a hit, wound or save roll AFTER the dice roll seems pretty powerful for 1 CP. I'm intending to use that and the Ebon Chalice "Discard a Miracle Dice and the other is a '6' " ability to keep my vehicles alive with the 6++ save against a couple of nasty shots. Should get the chance at Mugu on Saturday.
  12. How do you find you're using Miracle Dice in the first couple of turns? As guaranteed Advance rolls for greater distance in order to get Celestine in position for a first turn charge? Using low numbers for guaranteed wound rolls from the Exorcist? Etcetera, Ad nauseam... Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. I'm STILL trying to figure out a way to get Immolator Spam to work. Trying to re-live the Witch Hunters glory days... However 2 Exorcists, 2 Repressors and 4 Immolators across 2 Battalions doesn't really reach the threat saturation/target priority confusion level the historical list had at 11 Immolators. So back to the drawing board, I guess.
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