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  1. I'm driving down from Everett, so I can Sherpa 'em for you.
  2. Yes I did, you're one of the three.
  3. Three down, one to go... Still an open slot on the roster, and a roomshare in the hotel as well.
  4. This army is mainly a chance to show off my conversions all in one place. Plus in the case of a bad matchup, the Tank Commander becomes close-combat only and the Dreadknight always forgets to charge as well as his psychic phase and stands and shoots from out in the open.
  5. I'm climbing Mt. Learning Curve right now. It looks like what I want can be done, but with less stuff than I had imagined I could bring. A Knight Crusader with Gatling Cannon and Melta Cannon, with two Armiger Helverins. A Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dread Knight Armor leading three units of 3 Paladins. A Punisher Tank Commander alongside a Company Commander (Mad Donna) and three squads of ten Escher. Then there's about 100 points left to fiddle around with. Probably not going to go with a Sanctioned Operative. Thanks for suggesting Battlescribe. It's like I was a cook trying to decide what spice I should ad to the stew when all it needed was a little salt.
  6. I'm almost to the 'showing pictures' point in my conversions for OFCC, but then I realized I hadn't got a list together yet. And then I thought... what if I make a silly list which uses ALL of my weird conversions? One SuperHeavy Detachment of A Knight titan with Gatling cannon and 2nd shooty arm... Rapid Fire Battle Cannon or Melta Two Armiger Helverins (the shooty kind) Astra Militarum Battalion of: One Tank Commander with Punisher Cannon and 3 Heavy Bolters One Company Commander (Mad Donna, of course) 3 x 10 Eschers as Infantry squads and a Grey Knights Battalion of: Two Grand Masters in Nemesis Dread Knight armor with Greatswords. 3 squads of 5 Terminators One Hvy support choice Nemesis Dreadknight with Greathammer And, if there's points left over, an old school 'Rifleman' style Dreadnought or Venerable Dreadnought with two twin Autocannon arms. Can anyone with the 8th Ed books tell me if this list comes in under 2000 points? Thanks.
  7. Yes we still have open spots on Team Ad Hoc ][ ! I spent Fathers Day weekend getting my latest conversions closer to paint-ready. So PM me, or Brian and we'll add you in as Team member #3.
  8. Besides, there's always procrastinators (LIKE ME) who forget to round up a team until the last minute.
  9. Team Ad Hoc ][ Captain: Todd (Frowbakk) Smith
  10. Team Ad Hoc ][ I'm back to make a team out of anyone who wants to go to OFCC but hasn't got a Team to join. Open invitation to all y'all of you all. To help place the forum name to an 'Oh yeah, that guy,' I'm the guy who brought Mead to share in previous years. I haven't decided whether I'm going to play a Mostly Meganobz list or some kind of mishmash of Imperial nonsense to have as many of my conversions in one place. Or perhaps both. Want to go to OFCC, but don't want to travel with an army? PM me and we can start a discussion. -Todd (Frowbakk) Smith
  11. My resolve to only buy Plastic Sisters of Battle this year is wavering... I wonder if these will all be folded into a 2.0 Primaris-only Codex soon.
  12. I've been out of Fantasy for a long time, but that set is very tempting with all the Skaven machines of war. Plus all of those ghouls would be easy to convert into Arcoflagellants, and it's always nice to have batwings for other conversions. But... They aren't Sisters, so I'm saving my pennies.
  13. Old Fantasy Orcs (don't know about current Sigmar variations) were perfect for Tankbustas. Two-handed spear, just snip off the spearhead and add on some plastic tube (I took a spear with me to the train store to get the correct size) and a greenstuff cone for the warhead. Done. I've also taken arms with Stikkbombz and put GS cones on top and put a spare stikkbomb on the front of a Shoota or Slugga. I blame the Rambo movies for the RPG attachments for AK-47's for the inspiration.
  14. You can keep your sculpting tools wet too. Don't forget that you don't have to sculpt the entire thing in one go, either. Some paperclips with an ugly looking coating of greenstuff you can still bend into position before going back in and smoothing out the top layer to what you really want, or incorporate a broken chicken bone to get the realistic broken rib effect.
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