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  2. Bobo has two new friends, Dinky and Charles. Thank you give-a-penny-take-a-penny Ordo bitz box!
  3. I'll be swinging by around 5:30ish with 125pt of Imperial Guard for Kill Team. Or just to watch other games.
  4. True. Unforunatly I didn’t have access to Reiver heads and I was worried cutting the gem or or replacing it might break the wings. So I settled for “close enough”. 😋
  5. You know, that’s a fair point about the skulls. I have some decals for the Jump Pack and a skull bit for the base. @WestRider thanks!
  6. One thing you might not know about me is I love conversions and I’m also a cheapskate. Chaplain models are expensive or metal so I made my own. The Crozius weapon was the trickiest part but I found a Dwarf banner with a top that looks very much like it. Before and after paint photos attached.
  7. He's finished. I'm calling him Bobo. He enjoys eating beans and is very happy to slam Xenos with his new door shield.
  8. Cool thanks @Jay and @ninefinger I've put together a 125pt Kill Team list for my Guard, although this will only be my third game. I'm looking to play earlier the better. That work for either of ya?
  9. What time do folks typically show up on Sundays?
  10. FYI for those still interested... Two years on from this purchase, it's pretty clear that Warcradle's primary interest in Spartan was Dystopian Wars which is aligned/merged with Wild West Exodus. They are still separate games, sort of (it's complicated) but both getting rebooted models and rules. Selected Firestorm Armada models are available again in limited runs via Warcradle directly. FSA 3.0 rules gets an occasional mention but nothing released as of yet. The Halo property was lost in the sale (licensing) and there is no mention of Uncharted Seas yet either.
  11. Thanks @paxmiles here's a crazy-looking bitz conversion that's also historical! 😅 Only one was ever built, and yet it never flew - it was damaged in its hangar before it ever took off.
  12. Nob torso, Termie legs, Fantasty ogre head, mace thingy, silly conehead pot helm, tracks on back, chunks on front. Big door for a shield. Will get a coat of paint, of course. Not there yet. But does pass? 😂
  13. @ninefinger thanks see you around 4
  14. @ninefinger would you mind a teaching game of Kill Team tomorrow? I've downloaded the Army Builder to make 100pt of IG or BA (whatever you think is easier) and will browse the rules. I'm free around 4pm-ish as well
  15. I've played in 3 OFCC, and been to the clubhouse for swap meets, but never actually on a Tues to play. I'll probably check it out this Tues after chatting Bryan at OFCC. Have IG, SW, and BA sitting in my closet. I might like to try Kill Team at some point, any players out there? @Brainling a 1000pt game sounds about right for me, but not sure I can stomach the packing.
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