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  1. @ninefinger thanks see you around 4
  2. @ninefinger would you mind a teaching game of Kill Team tomorrow? I've downloaded the Army Builder to make 100pt of IG or BA (whatever you think is easier) and will browse the rules. I'm free around 4pm-ish as well
  3. I've played in 3 OFCC, and been to the clubhouse for swap meets, but never actually on a Tues to play. I'll probably check it out this Tues after chatting Bryan at OFCC. Have IG, SW, and BA sitting in my closet. I might like to try Kill Team at some point, any players out there? @Brainling a 1000pt game sounds about right for me, but not sure I can stomach the packing.
  4. I know there's 1001 fancy casters/Shapeways conversion companies, for special models and bits. But is there a place that just sells cheaper SpaceMarine-ish legs, plastic, decent... you know ...for matching up with all the extra heads, arms and torsos we've all got lying around?
  5. Thanks! (better lighting in this one)
  6. I've taken your recommendations (thanks guys @WestRider @Ish and @paxmiles) and built my Death Company with the bits I have, and given them a paint job that, while not an award-winner, is more than adequate and I'm quite proud of. I'm looking forward to a big-time charge soon!
  7. I built these Rage-o-holics with exclusively hand-to-hand gear because it's allowed and it looks fun. These were assembled with 2/3 of DC sprue and additional bits. Chop chop slash boom! 😋 A 0.1-tip pen did the writing on their armor "MORTIS" you can see on his chestplate (and elsewhere on other dudes).
  8. Forgive my ignorance WestRider, but it seems Axes are better at wounding, but Swords reduce the Armor save more, so it's a statistical wash, yes? Where an SM-wielded Axe would be better than Sword is against few things who have high Toughness > 3 but an Armor of 5+ or worse, and that's not a lot of stuff: basically Demons or Ogryns? Wait...with Demons (or Terminators for that matter) it's an 5+ Invul save anyway, so AP doesn't matter as much, is that what you mean?
  9. @Ish that's good perspective, thanks. Given my infrequency of play it really doesn't matter: Swords, Axes or Mauls. I'm not looking to maximize. And the next edition will probably change everything anyway, so the only way to win this game is to make models I like. At least that's my perspective... 😁
  10. @Ish thank you for your wisdom. @WestRider the Chainswords will be extra sauce - thank you much for letting me know that was possible! I didn't know I could double trouble hand weapons with Death Co, that's super fun and exactly what I wanted - chop chop! Since I will likely play my Blood Angels as allies with Guard, I anticipate having plenty of Lascannons and Hellhounds. I anticipate using these Death Co as a counter-charge unit, likely against MEQ. I actually hadn't considered Power Mauls, unfortunately, because I don't have any. (insert sad Rage here) So I think I'm going to go with Power Swords + Chainswords with one Thunderhammer thrown in just in case. Here's my reasoning (please correct if wrong): since Swords are S4 they will wound with the Thirst MEQ on 3+ and T5-8 on a 4+. AP-3 will come in handy against anything from MEQ to Land Raiders. The Thunderhammer will be nice against something with a lot of Wounds.
  11. I just got some parts to make a 6-man Death Company. I haven't been playing much and I'm only familiar enough with the Codex (don't own it) to know that I have a lot of options here, and I have quite a few bits. I was thinking some all-Fighty, no shooty: With jump packs 1x Thunderhammer 3x Powerfist and Hand Flamer 2x Poweraxe and Bolt Pistol But sheeeit, I don't know...is it better to go cheaper with Swords instead of Fists? 😁 thoughts?
  12. Agreed, @Ish you cannot beat the 3-dimensional aspect of a sculpted symbol, and the ability to set washes and highlights, etc to make it really pop.
  13. I've noticed @Ish using decals in 40k isn't very common, at least not in North America that I have seen, for two possible reasons. They're seen by GW hobbyists as non-essential. And even sort of how do I say this, perceived as a "less skilled?" method compared to painting. Whereas in the historical modeling community (where I come from originally) decals are quite essential, and great care is taken to use decals (and Solvaset/Microsol) to make your model as realistic as possible. Different strokes, and I love me some decals. 😉
  14. Cool, good to know thanks @WestRider. It's a campaign (which campaign?) that looks Blood Angely. I was worried it was the symbol of another chapter, but if it's not, I am satisfied it's appropriate enough for my Blood Angels. Thanks guys!
  15. @Ish is correct about that being a larger version of the same symbol, with a thin black outline, on the IG transfer sheet. I applied the smaller un-bordered version you see in the photo that I found from Space Marine Vehicle Transfer Sheet. It looked "Blood Angel-y" but now that I've applied it on my d00ds I'm not sure..... @pretre a 'setting solution' for decals such as Solvaset, let dry, then followed by a gloss coat, then followed by a flat coat... is the way to get deals to nestle into cracks and curves and look natural.
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