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  1. Green Stuffed Commisar (see above) finished. Cape turned out better than planned. Chainmail jacket not as much but, hey. Commisar “Bloody” Bazinsky is feared even by his colleagues. He misses no opportunity to use his cane as a “motivator” and passes judgement with his Power Axe.
  2. I just love to imagine this, rattle can of spray paint, 'hold still there' on a crazy-a$$ marine frothing at the mouth, then pat him on the back and send him on his merry rageful way.
  3. Yessir! Here he be. He’s metal and well painted. I’d be looking for some bits to replace him and maybe make a plasma gunner and whatever else. Let’s work out a trade. You can see my modest bits box here.
  4. Thanks for your summaries and news, guys! I've been a casual, occasional player since 5th - so much so that I just found out today there's going to be a 9th. 🤣 There's always going ways to optimize your list based on the current rules/codex. That process excites some people, but I find that overwhelming and perhaps most relevant I'm not buying/converting to optimize. Either way is fine and it's personal choice. Some rules don't make sense in any game, and that is unavoidable, but 9th may be trying to mitigate some of that. If so, I think that's good. What's exhausted me out about 40k is that it takes so long to play and so much learning curve that it's like a part time job. If smaller armies are an optional thing in 9th, as well as quicker games, or even a smaller play area then I think that's a good thing. Then there's something for everyone.
  5. Looking for plastic IG Armored Sentinels, up to 3, prefer unpainted/primed/NOS but painted ok. I could also maybe use an IG torso of any kind and a Plasma Gun and Plasma Pistol. For you I have $ but also you can raid my bitz box for other IG schtuff. Items of note: Catachan metal sniper Missile launcher Lots of vehicle weapons: flamers, stubber, multi-melta, Heavy-bolter Some neato dragon wings and tail (metal) Regimental standard/flag Some IG legs? Combi-melta Combi-flamer (shapeways) A bunch of 1/8" magnets We can ship or meet PDX area.
  6. Deals done. Thanks guys! I think I'm squared away for now, enjoy the models for the Emprah!
  7. Hey gang, quarantine has given me time to consider cleaning house on the massive amounts of Imperial Guard that I seldom if ever want to play... and perhaps my Space Wolves as well. I don't play 40k much anymore and when I do I have no need for this amount of Guardsmen! Just some history here, I bought the core of this army from Chappy in 2011. I played in 3 OFCC, the last time in 2015. During this time I expanded the army threefold. Ideally would like to: 1. sell local to keep "in the family" of OFCC and friends. I'm in no rush. I would prefer not to eBay. 2. sell most to one guy who will play it rather than "part this out" 3. keep a small amount of Guard/SW myself for Kill Team or if I want to play them as a ally force with my Blood Angels I've painted 70% of this army myself. I'm not a pro but I rate it "tabletop plus". I have all the formulas and paints you need if you want to continue the color scheme into the next decade! 🙂 I even have a display board if you want it. Lovingly stored in a nonsmoking home. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n9i7eegd1e28o3j/AABlCgsq2n6sktLfp-vbGmtUa?dl=0 Here's what I've got in Guard, in blue grey urban camo with snowy gravel base: around 100 infantry/troops including every single kind of special weapon you could imagine, 8 Melta, 7-8 Plasma, 6 or so Flamers, Heavy Flamers, etc. that includes around a dozen or so Sarge/Leader/Commissar models with various weapon combos 3 flexible chassis for Manticore/Griffon/Colossus 4 Leman Russ with various turrets 5 Chimera, three of which are convertible with off-brand bitz to Hydra 3 Vendetta Gunship with magnetic triple twin Lascannon 9 Heavy Weapons Teams and most weapons except Missile Launchers And Space Wolves, mine are painted alternatively colored, more grey than blue: A couple dozen troops, could be Grey Hunters or Blood Claws A squad of Long Fangs with Missile Launches A squad of Wolf Guard with Combi-Meltas Three Terminator models, could be Wolf Lord, Rune Priest, etc. A Razorback/Rhino model with LasPlas turret Three Drop Pods painted generically grey/black for any faction Let me know your thoughts and interest...I'm intentionally not putting up a 'asking price' because I'm not sure how much someone may want. I'm aware of the basics of pricing these days and will be fair and we can deal if interested. Questions welcome - more photos available upon request. Thanks guys, take care!
  8. Bringing Kill Team (IG) and hope to get a game in thanks
  9. Stoobert

    Ordo Game Night at WoW


    I'll be there around 6:30 with some IG kill team
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