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  1. Lazeye89

    Looking for Players - Dystopian Wars

    hey there. I am up in Seattle. do you know of any player bases up here? i have Two very large fleets of Prussia and The Italian states
  2. thanks :) that's a lot of places to check out.
  3. I am not liking the lore changes in the dystopian wars verse that are being perposed by warcradle. Basically, the whole alternative WWI political state is nixed? Africa is a land battle sand box now where every land battle in the world will be taking place? And, all navel engagements have a gentleman's agreement to be fought away from land on the open oceans so that there is no collateral damage? what kind of feel good bumper cars war style is this!? am i hearing this correctly?! what are others thoughts on this change? I hope I'm not just yelling in the wind haha
  4. Lazeye89

    Spartan Games Player Finder

    Who: Jordan Where: Seattle/Tacoma area What: two large Dystopian Wars fleets, Prussians and Italian states. I also have terrain and an ocean 4x6 table mat. Contact: by PM, this board When: moving to the area mid-August so any time after that.
  5. Sorry if there is a page where this topic is addressed but I am brand new to this forum. I am moving from the Midwest to the Seattle/Tacoma area in mid August. I have been googling gaming communities and game shops in the Seattle/Tacoma area and I am seeing a lot of board game/bar and food establishments which look cool enough but not really any mini focused stores with good tables from what i can see, beside the GW store north of Seattle. Are there any communities of stores that you all recommend a big 40k player plus many other mini games should check out? side note: the other games I am playing and looking for a supporting shop or players for include - Battle Fleet Gothic, Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, Monster Apocalypse, and War of the Ring. I know many of these games have gone unsupported for many years and are not very popular but fingers crossed.