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Northwest Invasion

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12 hours ago, Noland said:

Are you guys in PDX looking to do the NW Invasion or is there something planned I am missing?  I would be willing to come down if we planned it out far enough.

U r not missing anything.

I only planned special events out thru AUGUST, and recurring events thru DEC: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/210317-draft-calendar-for-flames-of-war-and-team-yankee-events/

ZEKE might run TANKS-giving in November.


As for NW Invasion, we can do it in PDX, at GG.

I recommend making the reservation ASAP, for Level Up Home Screen, rent the "room" for the day, $50.

Here are the dates that 1) have that space open, and 2) do not interfere with recurring Flames/Team Yankee events.
Saturday, September 8
Sunday, September 16
Sunday, September 20
Saturday, September 22
Saturday, October 13
Sunday, October 14
Saturday, October 27

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16 hours ago, Noland said:

Well, I have commitments in october over those dates, so I will see about getting a group together for Tanks-G

OK. Let's flip this around. Which weekend dates in SEP & OCT work for you, and I will check rooms and move/cancel a less significant event so we can make NW Invasion happen this year.

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