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Mythic Realm Games Age of Sigmar League

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Mythic Realm Games Presents




WHEN: Thursdays 6pm till Close

WHERE: Mythic Realm Games – 14313 NE 20th Ave. Ste. A108 Vancouver, WA 98686

START: 8/27/15



This is a story driven league set in the Age of Sygmar world. Each week we will have a new scenario that involves battles within the storyline. Each player will choose a Hero from their list to act as their avatar within the narrative. New command traits can be gained and used in the following weeks by playing on league nights and meeting scenario conditions. The objective of this league is to foster a fun narrative and player gamesmanship. All ages are welcome and staff will be on hand to teach the game for first time players. Players can download the free rules from http://www.games-workshop.com and we will have copies in store as well.


Raffle Points:

Every Thursday during the league, participants will be able to earn Raffle Points (RP). These points will then be used to purchase raffle tickets at the end of the league during our League Tournament for prizes.

1. 50% of models in your army are painted = 1 RP

2. 100% of models in your army are painted = 2 RP

3. The Player speaks in Character for their avatar = 1 RP

4. Newly Painted Models = 1 RP (At least 4 small based models or 2 medium based models or 1 large based model)



In terms of army balancing we will be utilizing a Warscroll point system found here at https://sites.google.com/site/ageofsigmarsdk/pointtables. Army point values will vary depending on players (Starting box boasts two armies of about 900 points each for the Khorne Bloodbound & Stormcast Eternal armies).


In addition to the point system the following house rules will also apply:

1. Auto miss/success – In terms of rolls to hit and to wound, rolls of 1s are always misses and rolls of 6s are always hits with the standard re-rolling rules in effect. This prevents stacking to create indestructible units and so fourth.

2. Summoning: A wizard who has the summon ability may only summon from Warscrolls that have had units in play since the beginning of the battle. IE a Necromancer can not summon a unit of skeletons if the controlling player did not have skeletons in play at the beginning of the battle. Furthermore when summoning, the summoner may only summon up to 20 additional wounds of models per summoning spell. IE a necromancer could summon up to 20 more skeletons as they have 1 wound each. In battles where the objective is to destroy the enemy, summons do not count toward the base number of models that need to be removed from play to win and all hero units must be among the slain. Example: If a Vampire Count army starts with 50 models on the battlefield then the opposing player need only destroy 50 models to achieve victory so long as all hero units of the Vampire Count army have been slain.

3. Reinforcements: Players who have units that are able to reinforce must follow the rules for summoning except they may reinforce with a unit not fielded at the beginning of the battle. However, they must clearly show their opponent which unit is able to bring in reinforcements and which unit they plan to bring onto the battlefield as reinforcements and the unit must be a legal unit to reinforce with according to the Warscroll of the summoner.

4. When in doubt, roll it out! If a die roll or a rule is unclear then simply roll 1D6 with a 1-3 being YES and 4-6 being No or some similar outcome. Be a good sport!


We reserve the right to makes changes to any and all rules at any time (Got to say it for legal stuffs).


Be a good sport! Be nice to your opponent! Shake hands after your game! Don’t be a jerk to anyone!


We look forward to seeing you at Mythic Realm Games.


Mythic NINJA (AKA Chris)

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