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2022 New Year's Blitz! DUNGEON BOWL EDITION

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Welcome to the 2022 New Year’s Blitz, sponsored by the Colleges of Magic! This New Year’s Day, we are moving away from The Crush of Blitz Bowl, and instead descending into the mayhem of the Marienburg underground. That’s right, the Colleges of Magic and Ordo Bowl bring you four games of Dungeon Bowl! 

  • What: A Four Game Dungeon Bowl Tournament
  • When: Saturday Januray 1st, 2022 with registration at 10:30AM
  • Where:  
    • Western Oregon Wargamers/Ordo Fanaticus Clubhouse
    • 717 SE Main ST
    • Portland, Oregon USA
  • How: 1M Gold Crown build from the team creation rules in the Dungeon Bowl book; you may apply four chosen primary skills to four unique players (no player may have more than one skill, and no skill may be taken more than twice)
  • Cost: $10/$5 for Ordo Champions (Reaver, Warlord and Emperor only)
  • Why: Because DUNGEON BOWL!

2022 New Year’s Blitz is limited to the first eight ten participants to using the Ordo Fanaticus web store. However, priority will be given to players that own a Dungeon Bowl set and commit to bringing it with them to the event. A minimum of four five Dungeon Bowl sets are needed. Each round, each Dungeon will be exactly the same on each table, but the dungeon will change each round. The room special rules will be active, because Jollyork is cranky and makes a stink about anything he doesn’t like. 

Reserve your spot HERE!

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