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After 11 years, the OFCC will be undergoing some big changes. The OFCC 40k and WFB events will be combined into a single weekend this year, moving to a new venue, and expanding the event into a 4 day weekend. The premier OFCC's will still be held on the Saturday and Sunday, but with the additions of Thursday/Friday gaming events.



  • Dates: September 25-28, 2014
  • Location: Doubletree by Hilton Portland (Portland, Oregon)
  • Room reservations: $109/119 per night (1 queen/2 queen)
    • Space is limited. We only have a limited number of room nights at this rate for the friday/saturday. So book early. If you dont get a room at this location, there are many other hotels around.
    • Rate is good until block sells out or August 27th, 2014
    • Parking in on-site garage is extra, so inquire at time of booking as street parking is limited
  • How to book:

Your OFCC Head of Gaming (HOG) for the 2014 season will be:


Thursday Events:

Joel (BigTal) - Infinity

Mark K. (sorienor) - Star Trek: Attack Wing

Jim (Jim Emerick) - X-Wing Individual


Friday Events:

Mike (andozane) - 40k Open

John (Sylvos) - Fantasy Open

Josh (Obscure Reference) - Malifaux

Mark B. (Burk) - X-Wing Team Event


Saturday & Sunday Events:

Joel (BigTal) - 40k Team Event

Eric (Raindog) - WFB Team Event


(More HOGs will be added as events get added)


The HOG's will have posts going up in the next few months to start the team building process/event specific info etc.


Welcome to the 2014 OFCC season. We look foward to seeing you all again. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or PM me.


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Along time ago, back when Games Workshop still ran Grand Tournaments, back in the infancy of Ordo, back in sixth Edition, WHFB players would flock to Seattle and play in the Pro-Football stadium. At the Grand Tournamnet, there were a lot of great people to meet and great armies to gaze on. The geek fest was palatable.


There were two problems with the Grand Tournaments. First, this was well before the Internet created mega lists and offered tools and techniques to play against them. Player pools were smaller. Some gamers brought the models they had. Others brought honed lists that destroyed opponents. The Swiss System helped fix the inequity, but the first few games could be painful. Beat downs were inevitable and ugly.


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Second, for every 20 great guys, there was one person you would never ever want to play against. They were rude. They cheated. They made up rules. They would pick up bad dice rolls and claim they had rolled the opposite They would move models without measuring..... These players ruined the Grand Tournaments.


But since there were so many cool guys, could we run our own event? Absolutely! We started in barn with a handful of clubs. It was called the NW Team Challenge. We made a hobby weekend. Jokes and painting and sportsmanship were valued more than winning. The Shop of Chop hosted the event. Ordo, the Z Games crew, and the WCP from Vancouver, B.C. played. It was a blast.


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The next year, thanks to Karl Gatke, we could expanded to an armory. The Da Mama's Boyz came, players came from Seattle and the Willamette Valley, and the team challenge became a proper event. We rated lists and tried to match armies with armies of equal toughness.


Every year, a committee made of different members of clubs rated lists and made adjustments as books came out and editions changed. There were always hard restrictions. Items and units were banned: No Greater Daemons, No Dragons.... Magic levels were limited. There had never been Special Characters allowed.


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Captains were ambassadors of their clubs. Since the event was invitational, a captain vouched for his team and explained the nature of the event. After Club Challenges, players who were problematic were banned. In some cases, captains went so far to tell people on their teams, who were not banned, to grow up, chill out, and come back a few years later.


Over the years clubs have folded, others have expanded, new clubs like the Black Sheep and Chop! have stepped in to fill the event with beautiful armies and Great Opponents. The Northwest Team Challenge has become the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge. We added sponsors. Later,we moved to a hotel, so we could all stay in one place and game for hours. This year we combine the two events into one and make it a 4 day event with side events.


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The highest honor has always been sportsmanship. As long as Ordo runs the event, it will be a fun event featuring sportsmanship and balanced play.


The Club Challenge is not for everyone, but fortunately, there are many large events. Some have heavy comp. Others don't. Pick the style of event you like. We run a team event where you can stand with your buddies and play people you look forward to each year.


We hope to see you all this year. Last year was amazing. The clubs were great. The atmosphere was electric. We cannot wait until next year...


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